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The Best 9mm Handgun

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Due to its size a 9mm handgun is now one of the most popular self-defense calibers for concealed and open carry. In this review we will look at a range of 9mm caliber handguns across all price ranges.

If you would like to skip the review and just go to the best compact 9mm handguns then here is a quick list.

The 9mm is a weapon that provides a good balance between ease of firing and stopping power. It is a lightweight pistol that has moderate recoil with less chance of over penetration.

Ammunition can be found nearly everywhere and comes in a variety of configurations, FMJ, hollow point and frangible.

So let’s take a closer look at the handguns in our list.

Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0

There have been some changes made to Smith & Wessons M&P pistol hence the new model number 2.0 tacked onto the name. The changes are added frame strength, additional stippling around the grip with a heavy texture, beaver tail has been removed, small front serrations have been added and they slimmed down the top of the slide.
smith & wesson M&P9 2.0 handgun
Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0

Fully upgraded

Shoots smoothly and solid performer.
$484 at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing
This gun is comfortable and has a good feel in the hand. They shoot smoothly and once again this is a reliable compact 9mm worth every dollar.

Springfield Armory 9mm XD(M)

Priced less than the HK but similar to a Glock it's a great first gun to buy and a solid performing compact.
springfield armory xmd handgun
Springfield Armory 9mm XD(M)

Best value for the money

Solid performer packed with features.
$549 at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing
This handgun will give you the most value for you money. It is packed with features and shoots flawlessly. Great fun to shoot with.

Glock 19

Known for its reliability, the G19 is by far the most popular handgun in the United States. It is a striker fired polymer frame pistol that other handguns in the same class are compared to and sets the standard for this class of handgun.
glock 19 handgun
Glock 19 9mm G5

The most popular 9mm handgun

A favorite with government and law enforcement agencies.
$559 at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing
The gen 5 Glock 19 can be configured with upgrades to the slide, barrel and grip. It also has a rail that allows a flashlight or other accessories to be attached.


The Heckler & Koch VP is an excellent choice for a striker fired weapon. It offers interchangeable backstraps and grip panels and has to be one of the more comfortable and smoothest 9mm pistols on the market.
heckler & koch VP9 handgun

Another favorite with the military.

Rivals Glock for features and reliability.
$633 at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing
Some of the features are a striker fired indicator, ambi controls, luminescent 3 - dot sights and a 5.4 pound trigger. There is also a VP9SK model that has the same features but in a smaller package. The Glock and HK feel different when fired but I cannot say one is better than the other.

Sig Sauer P365

The Sig Sauer P365 has been built to be as streamlined and snag free as possible. This model retains what we liked in prior models such as the flush-fit, 10-round magazine, reinforced polymer frame and stainless-steel slide.
sig sauer p320 handgun
Sig Sauer P365

Unique modular design

Can be customized to your needs, even the caliber can be changed.
$780 at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing
This is an excellent shooting pistol that is known for its ease of use, reliability, modularity and accuracy. It is a compact that can be quickly changed to meet your requirements and give you a custom handgun.

Ruger SR9c 9mm

This compact 9mm handgun comes in four versions. The versions differ in color and magazine size with one having a 17+1 round magazine.
ruger sr9 handgun
Ruger SR9c

Has a 17+1 round magazine

Becoming a favorite with government and law enforcement agencies.
$433 at Brownells
Prices accurate at time of writing
This handgun is at the lower end of the price scale but performs well and gives you every thing you need in a compact 9mm handgun. Only one version has the 17+1 round magazine, the other versions have a 10+1 round magazine.

Video Reviews

Sig Sauer P365 review

Ruger review


Anyone looking for a compact defensive gun will be okay with any of the handguns mentioned in this article. These are some of the best guns in their class on the market. These compacts are about as big as you want for concealed carry, any larger and you will need to start making some adjustments to your clothing, such as an oversize shirt or untucked shirt.
If we have left out your favorite compact 9mm handgun let us know in the comments below and we may include it in our next update to this review.
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  1. Your Sig description is erroneous. At the top of the article you list the P320. In the main section your heading and description is for the P365. But the photo is not a 365, it’s a 320. The price listed seems more like a P320 too.

  2. I would like to see you do a review between the Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm and the Glock 19 Gen 5 9mm. I think that would be a pretty good match up as far as quality and accuracy.

  3. The new Taurus G3 seems to having a lot of buzz about it. Especially when you compare quality to dollar investments. It is very close to the glock 19. What is your experience, if you have tested it? Thanks proud dad of Marines.

    1. Absolutely love this pistol. Never malfunctioned in over 1000 rounds of factory ammo. Easy to rack for this old mans hands.

      1. I’m looking for a gun to be used as CC for a 65 year old woman. I need a lightweight gun that is easy to rack. Ant suggestions?

        1. I recommend Glock 17–9mm. I carry it for personal protection, and as a member of the GSSF. (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation). I am a 70 year old woman and understand that the weight might be off-putting. I like the easy of disassembling for cleaning (5 pieces) as opposed to my .45 (too many pieces and time consuming to clean). Good luck and stay safe.

        2. My wife carries the Sig P238. Granted, she’s not 70, but not only is she just a tiny little thing, her dominant arm has 2 plates and screws in it so to rack a slide or “tap rack and roll “ is difficult for her. She was carrying a Springfield XD9 sub compact with the 3inch barrel but tat slide was too difficult for her. I’ve tried her new Sig and if she can do it easily I think someone your age can too. Congratulations making it to 70. Beautiful life. Also, I’m sorry it seems to be turning out the way it’s turning out. Be well.

        3. I think that a good suggestion could also be the S&W 9mm 2.0 EZ. This was my first gun, and was very easy to rack, clean, load the magazines, low recoil and with enough safety features. Now I love my VP9SK. The ergonomics, accuracy, low recoil and quality is one of the bests in the market. I have an EZ, Hellcat, PPQ 2.0 and Glock 19 Gen 5, and the VP9SK is my favorite for CCW.

          1. The Springfield hellcat is absolutely fantastic. Extremely small and lightweight, yet near full size capacity. Fantastic sights even if you choose not to go the MRD route although I’d suggest to anyone that you at least get the OSP model even if you don’t yet think you’re interested. Due to the fact that, despite its diminutive size, the hellcat has all the features of a tricked out full size handgun makes it a great choice if you’re only going to have one firearm. It’s 9mm, can hold 13 + 1 (and Springfield NOW OFFER A 15 + 1 magazine!), rail for light/laser…. all you need for home defense as well!

        4. I’m older female and love my P365xl. If you put the red dot on t, it is the perfect gun for CCW, easy to carry, easy to shoot and accurate. I also like the S&W 9 mil, solid gun.

    2. I carry the Taurus G3c and every time I go out to shoot can uncap at least 200-300 rounds with nary a misfire. It does like to be clean which every gun owner should do anyway. I always have 3 fully loaded 12 rnd. mags with one in the chamber and the manual safety on.
      The only thing is I am naturally left handed yet can fire equally from either hip so when I am working lefty, the safety becomes an issue. Wish it had double safeties or perhaps a trigger change may suffice. Other than that, Loving my G3c

    3. I had a couple of G2’s and absolutely hated the trigger. Sold both and bought a P365xl and love it!

  4. I never thought I’d replace my S&W M&P compact for conceal carry. Law enforcement friend gave me a 43x . Once I relearned my draw, I freaking love this compact. Smaller, lighter, reliable. Gave up a couple rounds in the clip.

      1. Definitely not the way they stated it, you’re right. Interestingly though, you can put a P365 slide on an XL grip, or an XL slide on a P365 grip. Both the P365 and the XL fit in XL holsters, and have the same not-so-great rail, so in a way the P365 is modular.

        The P320 caliber change sort of fizzed out as well, so even the P320 is more about swapping slide length and grips sizes than anything else.

        Good catch though. They should fix that.

  5. SR9c – 1700 rounds through it this season so far without a single FTE or FTF. Factory and reloads. Accuracy with iron sights remains as good as any other brand. No problem hitting 14×14 steel at 50 yds seven out of ten shots in fast fire. As a left-hander myself, this gun’s ambidextrous mag release and safety are high points other southpaws may want to key on. IWB carry is so comfortable you forget you are even wearing it. And configured in 17+1 self defense loads its fire power at the max.

    1. I am a little bit puzzled whom ever the “Fire Arms Expert” claims to be he or she is not a firearms expert. The P-320 which is listed above can change caliber but the P-365 can’t change the caliber. I suggest remedial class.

    2. For 3 years, I tried 20 -30 different conceal carry guns to replace this very gun, but none were as accurate, none were as comfortable and smooth. 5000 rounds and it’s just a machine. I graduated Front Sight with this gun, to the jokes of the instructors. It just worked. I added tritiums and finally turned it over to my wife after I picked up and carry a P229 SAO. It her favorite now, and I’m not getting it back, and sometimes…. I just miss it…

  6. Walther P99-AS, yes it is full size but at 5 o’clock in a LH Fobus I never know it’s there. Using my RH Fobus at 7 o’clock as a back up to my Ruger EC9S at 3:30 o’clock, I’m covered in more formal occasions. My ex-wife asked me what I was afraid of? Nothing!

  7. To date, in order, hands down: Springfield Helcat OSP, Glock 43x optic & rail version with 15 round Shield Arms Magazine, CZ P-10s, Beretta APX Centurion or APX Compact, SigSauer P365 or P365XL, FN 509, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. Boom, mag drop. Cleveland Ohio – Westside – out.

  8. Hi. What is a good 9mm for a medium handed guy5’7″ 254 lbs and holster to carry? Any Rec’s?

    1. Im the same height, 200 lbs I currently carry the Springfield xds 3.3 9mm fits good in my hands and shoots great

  9. I’ve been carrying the Taurus G3C 9mm for about a month now,only put a couple hundred rounds thru it but no issues at all.Runs smooth and shoots good.I dont have alot of experience shooting semiautomatic pistols but this one feels good in my somewhat large hands and I’m confident shooting it.$289 with 3 12rounds mags,could have gotten it cheaper.A Taurus M66 357 magnum 7 shot rides in the car.Mom recently got the Taurus 856 .38 special +P hammerless.She loves it,but she shot my G3C today and wants one of them now.

    1. I have both Taurus G2C and 856, love them both! Have fired well over 1k rounds in each with various ammo and never a problem!! Why spend $300 more if you’re looking for reliability and utility?

  10. For a really great pocket pistol I have come to enjoy my Kahr cm9. Only has a 6 round flush fit mag but to extend the grip I like the 7 round mag. The barrel sits lower in the frame to help with muzzle rise when firing, Amother great thing of the CM 9 is it is rated for plus P rounds. Try it! You might like it also. Thanks for your time. Mike T.

  11. Loved the review.
    Been taking the Glock 19, SW M&P 2.0 & Ruger American Compact for test drives. I’ve shot 357, 38sp, and 44 mag for decades. My problem: A few years back I suffered a pretty bad hand injury. My fingers cannot squeeze past 4.5 pounds or so and still be on target. Also, the Glock is hard for me to hold onto. After a box of anything bigger than 9mm and my wrist is on fire. Am considering an aftermarket trigger, but would appreciate any recommendations on a gentle to use (on my end anyway) 9mm as a CCW. Crybaby, I know.

    1. An SRT (Short Reset Trigger [tactical/flat] trigger) is what you need. I have arthritis & trigger finger is pretty shot, as is wrist joint + am 77 y.o. , 5’ female. I have one of first issue SIG 365 + had after market (Grey Gun) triggers put in. SIG makes them that way now as an alternative to standard. I also had one put into my 320c. If it’s still a problem, you’ll have to lighten up on the pull, but that would men GOOD (secure) CC holster & of course lot of practice to get used to it. I’ve been training using a technique used during Civil War and often by Israeli army which is using the middle finger; but that doesn’t resolve felt recoil @ wrist, and you might find getting that middle finger in & out of trigger guard in a fluid movement problematic. I’ve also been training w/left hand—aim is good, but haven’t done it enough to not feel awkward w/grip. Good luck & good shooting. Hope this helps.

    2. I had right wrist fusion surg and both thumbs re-done in 2019. I was R hand dominant. Had to switch to lefty. Dropped down to .380ACP. Went with the Smith & Wesson M&P 380EZ. Easy to load mags with pull-down tabs, easy to work slide, easy to tear down and reassemble. Graduated to 9mm EZ once my left hand strength improved. Check it out.

  12. I like the idea of a short reply to calm a situation and prevent it from going further. “M’am, I have a concealed carry license. It is legal.” Smile and be calm. I know in GA we have a weapons Carry License but this is more clear to the uninformed. Also, IMHO if you carry open you might as wear a big target on your back and chest. US Law Shield is money well spent!

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve went through all the time AND money AND training AND paperwork, not to mention staying out of trouble my entire life to be able to legally own and carry my firearm (which is my constitutional right). And ever since I’ve been carrying I’ve had to deal with 2 special brands of idiot that annoy me to no end

      1. Someone in public who happens to catch a glance that I’m carrying a handgun (which I try to avoid like the plague) or friends I discuss CC with, who instantly shrieks like a hyena and assumes I’m either a Whackjob gun nut, some John Wayne wannabe who’s going to turn any little dispute into the shootout at the O.K Corral, or the Unabomber…

      2. Friends and relatives (All Adults), who think It’s a Freaking toy (All people who …thankfully, cannot buy a gun or get a permit). I’ve had these people ask to borrow my pistol, so they can flash it at someone they are going to go mouth off to. To see if they could spin it around like in old westerns, post photos with it on social media, etc. Of course when I have to tell the Dumb A***s “No” That’s horribly irresponsible and in most cases illegal. I get told if I’m so scared of guns I shouldn’t be toting one on my side… My one liner for that is “Your confusing fear for Willful Ignorance” 😉 The fact I’m responsible with guns does not mean I’m scared of them.

      If anything I’m far more afraid of grown men and women who treat a lethal weapon like a toy. Or those who make sweeping judgements like “guns are bad” or “only the police need firearms” without doing their own research on how low the crime rate is among licensed, trained, law-abiding citizens who carry. Or the danger of taking away those people’s ability to defend themselves, Like it or Not folks bad guys will find a gun if they want one, and when/ if you find yourself on the wrong end of a criminals weapon, even if you can find time to get out a 911 call, the Police are likely at least 3-8 min. away under the best circumstances, and it’ll be longer than that till they get the resources to come inside after you. If your armed bad guys intention is to kill you, you just might wish you had that gun then. I feel so passionately about this issue and feel I have the right to speak on the matter because I was at my job one day and went next door to our warehouse where our new vehicles were stored to find a unit, walked in on a robbery in progress (found later that it was an inside job so alarm was cut off) as soon as I went through a doorway I saw them and was almost immediately shot. I made it to a little side office and locked the door, I collapsed in a corner while my pursuer began trying to bust the door down (no phone, lock wouldn’t hold long, and no window) BUT what I did have was my 9mm w/10 rounds on my side…that’s ALL I had, he made it in and I saw a raised revolver coming through the door and thankfully I was already aimed and nailed him (I did not kill him but I did put him down, the other two fled. I made it through the door and to the road to flag down a car. So to all you who think citizens like us shouldn’t carry. I guarantee if you stand where I stood, and wonder if someone will have to tell your husband and son that you won’t be coming home ever again, you might reconsider your position. I have a slug in my body to this day….but I live on to tell the story.

      1. God bless you that you managed to survive the altercation and that your wits were with you under these extreme circumstances. It is a sad time when women get shot no fault of their own.

        Good to hear that your survived your ordeal. Be safe and be vigilant.

  13. The Walter CCP 9mm is a great way to go too! I have the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 2.0 40 cal. It’s compact enough.

    1. I have a walther PPX 9mm which I use mainly for target practice. A little too bulky and heavy for concealed carry. I use a S&W bodyguard in .380 for conceal carry and the weight is just right. Very accurate too.

  14. I carry a Glock 19 Gen 5. Lately I purchased a less exspensive Tarus G2C 9mm. This Pistol is very under rated. It will be my new CC.

    1. I have been caring a Tarus g2 for over 2 years. I now have a Glock 43 that much thinner and easier to conceal.

    2. I was just wondering if my Taurus G2 c9mm it considered a Luger. I’m looking for ammunition and I don’t want to buy the wrong kind

  15. My favorite is a .38 spc. 2″ S&W model 15, loaded with super vel 125 gr +P . Works real well. Coyotes hate it, LOL.
    6 shots. It’s all you need, unless your a soldier down to his PD weapon. then a 19 or so capacity would be welcome.
    Around town, six should be enough for any Citizen in a jam.

      1. Not anymore! Thankfully the new American made ones are in the pipeline. They should be in regular distribution early next year.

  16. I notice that only one pistol on your list has a manual safety. Sorry Glock fan boys, I have owned and shot a Glock 19. Great pistol, probably the most reliable pistol made, BUT, I cannot justify carrying one in the chamber and no manual safety. training training training, Ok super instructor/training specialists even the best professional auto racing drivers can have accidents (on the track or in their family autos). In over 50 years of shooting, I have evolved to carrying a S&W Shield 2.0 (with manual safety and built on laser). To many reasons to mention why. Just a great, small, well made, easily carried, easy and comfortable to shoot, and accurate (the price is in my limitations also). All my shotguns and rifles have manual safeties and I use them. I have never HAD to draw my weapon, hope I never have to, but if I do, I am confident that I will be trained enough to use it properly (release the safety as I draw, which is a very important part of my training.

    1. Carry in a hard holster like alien gear. You can train all you want, having less steps when you’re fighting for your life is always going to be the best option. That manual safety may save your attacker some day

      1. AGREE!!! I personally think that it’s better to have as few steps as possible if it ever REALLY HITS THE FAN, If you see my reply above you’ll know I’ve sadly already had to find myself in that unfortunate set of circumstances. I trained regularly, made it to the range at least twice a month ( Tried for once a week but worked 10 hrs./day, 6 days/week in busy season. But trust me you can never possibly plan for every potential contingency. I was running with a gunshot wound( shot as soon as I stepped in a doorway, no warning or time to draw. Your mind starts racing, it’s flooding with Adrenaline. And no matter how well you’ve drilled yourself. You’re trying to make all these decisions in mere seconds, and in my case bleeding, in shock, and shaking while being pursued like a wounded animal. I DIDN’T need even ONE more thing to think about. My absolute favorite carry gun was the one that saved my life that day. I know probably NOBODY will agree with my choice here (and it’s not a well known popular model) but I love this little gun more than any other I’ve ever had…….And I owe it my life. It’s my SCCY CPX-2 w/Crimson Trace sight (And No manual safety) It’s heavier trigger pull acts as a Safety FEATURE (not an actual safety though). I always carry it in its custom hard IWB holster, fits it like a glove, and totally encases the trigger. It’s never scared me to have it on me like that. And SCCY is nice enough to include a trigger lock & 2 keys for safe storage in the absence of a lockbox or gun safe. I know it’s not for everyone, but I think a personal carry gun is like many other things people own. They aren’t one size/style fits all, you gotta find the one that you work well with. The CPX-2 is so Perfectly balanced IMHO, good length, perfect weight for me. It feels like an extension of my hand, like it’s just a part of me. And supports a lot of customizations and attachments if that’s your thing. Also supports up to +P ammo (if you’re so inclined). Anyone who’s never actually held/used one. If you get a chance and run across one maybe for sale, just pick it up and hold it, see how it feels in your hand, you may see why I love mine so much.

        1. I too own a SCCY CPX-2. Have kept it in my vehicle for some time now. I own several 9mm’s. The CPX-2 is very compact and the smallest of my 9mm’s. Also has the most kick of them all! It took a little getting used to (recoil wise) even after shooting the Taurus G2C. It’s a great little compact and feels good it your hands. You get a sense of confidence holding and shooting this gun. I agree with all of your comments, and even though it’s compact, it’s still able to hold 10+1 rounds. I carry it with 1 clip loaded plus an extra clip. It’s accurate and very reliable. I’ve shot 200+ rounds without a hiccup. I feel very confident carrying this gun.

    2. That S&W shield is also a good choice. I have the S&W bodyguard in .380 and it has a manual safety. I usually carry it in my pants pocket with one in the chamber and the safety ON. Very easy to pull it out and at the same time turn off the safety with my thumb. All in one motion.

    3. Training under the circumstance that you are not defecating in your pants because of extreme duress. The proper holster will safely carry any firearm without a manual safety.

    4. Agree 100%. I am unnerved about carrying a gun with no safety. On occasion I need to carry in my purse and this would freak me out. I carry a Sig P365 and train with one motion to pull and take the safety off with one chambered, all about the muscle memory. I also know that within a couple of seconds things can go south quickly. I think knowing your gun, carrying what is safe to you and practice as much as possible.

  17. CZ P10-C is hands down my favorite 9mm striker fired pistol. Blew my G-19 out of the water and the only real competition I’ve found to it is the VP9 and P320.

  18. I have a Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm and I love it! I have also owned a Springfield XDm 9mm. They make an excellent gun!

    1. I own a GSG Firefly 22lr 10+1 which shoots accurate and has been a pretty good gun. Does not like to be dirty and doesn’t like certain brands of ammo. Stick with CCI brand using this gun. I also own the Kel-Tec P17 22lr 16+1 rounds that is also accurate and will take just about any brand of ammo. I really like this gun alot! Super lightweight, literally feels like a toy gun! Although 22lr is not the best choice for home or self defense, if you must have a 22lr, I highly recommend the Kel-Tec P17. I have found that shooting a 22lr can give people more accuracy , and with up to 17 rounds you should be able to take down an intruder in your home, or protect yourself with no problem using the Kel-Tec…Although I do recommend a 9mm or higher caliber for home defense and self defense.

  19. Of the guns on this list, the S&W M&P 2.0 line is by far the best in value, accuracy, reputation, and customer service. The grip texture is aggressive, no need for a stiple job, 19° grip angle is like the 1911, size and weight are great for IWB or OTW and 15+1 or 17+1 is just fine. The trigger for a polymer striker fire is excellent, mine breaking at just over 4 lbs and the short reset makes for great follow-up shots on the range or in a combat situation. The fact that you have steel sights that you can rack off your boot, belt, pocket, or whatever means great value. Steel insert in the frame pretty much mitigates or eliminates flexing. The backstrap is easily changed and the tool also serves as a detent for the slide for easy field stripping and maintenance. The fishscale slide serrations make for easy manipulation and a witness hole let’s you know if you have a round in the chamber under optimal conditions. An other words, M&P won me over with this line and will be on my hip for the foreseeable future as my primary, secondary, and the Shield is my tertiary with the M&P 15 Sport 2 over my shoulder when the zombie apocalypse comes, LMFAO. Sorry Glock fanboys but M&P Rulz.

  20. I would love to see/hear your review of the FNS-9C. I have done my own personal side-by-side “bake-off” against the M&P, Sig and Glock (in your review) and Im still in favor of my FN.

    1. Sorry man, glock is overrated. Not a bad gun by any means, but definitely overrated.

      1. I own a Stoeger STR-9 and a Stoeger STR9-C 9mm. The STR-9 holds 15+1 rounds and the STR9-C holds 13+1 rounds respectively. They have been compared to the Glocks on numerous occasions and have nearly identical internal set ups to the Glock, as well as the triggers. I have shot over 300 rounds in these and the will eat up just about anything you put through them! Very accurate and reliable and they feel awesome holding and shooting them! I highly recommend these models as they are literally a fraction of the cost of a Glock! I recommend the STR-9 for open carry and the STR9-C for concealed. I promise you will love these guns for accuracy and reliability, and you WILL feel confident carrying either one of these!

    1. I own a GSG Firefly 22lr 10+1 which shoots accurate and has been a pretty good gun. Does not like to be dirty and doesn’t like certain brands of ammo. Stick with CCI brand using this gun. I also own the Kel-Tec P17 22lr 16+1 rounds that is also accurate and will take just about any brand of ammo. I really like this gun alot! Super lightweight, literally feels like a toy gun! Although 22lr is not the best choice for home or self defense, if you must have a 22lr, I highly recommend the Kel-Tec P17. I have found that shooting a 22lr can give people more accuracy , and with up to 17 rounds you should be able to take down an intruder in your home, or protect yourself with no problem using the Kel-Tec…Although I do recommend a 9mm or higher caliber for home defense and self defense.

    2. I own 2 Taurus G2C’S 12+1 9mm’s. That shoot very well and are very accurate. I have shot at least 400 rounds through each of them using various brands of ammo without any issues. It is light and compact, and an EXCELLENT choice for open or concealed carry!

  21. Ok amith and wesson m&p shield was one of the top guns. But whats wrong with the smith and wesson sd9ve ? How is the m&p so mych better than the sd9ve? Both made by same company!

    1. SD9 have a bit of a heavier trigger pull than the m&p. Around 8 lbs. That what gets most ppl. M&p is around 5.5 lbs.

    2. The SD9VE, to me, is a great, reliable gun. I mostly like it, but the two I’ve shot have triggers that are crunchier than a box of corn flakes, are hard to pull with moderate grit. Accuracy (for me) was only fair due to that. Besides the trigger, the gun is super solid.

  22. Sig Sauer P225-A1, single row 9mm is an excellent hammer fired, sa/da option.

    1. I agree! Any Sig Sauer hand gun is a great choice. My Sig P 250 9mm SC is a perfect Carrie piece and peace.

  23. You didn’t include the new SS P365 with 10+1 and 12+1 magazine capacity.

  24. Why no Walthers ? In my experience they are very accurate at the range and ergonomically they fit very well. The two models that come to mind are the PPQ and the CCP M2.

    1. PPQ is Almost the same gun as a H&K VP9, but with a better trigger. I agree it should have been on the list.

    2. Walther p.i.ia to take down for cleaning. SIG, HKvp9, Glock all have same take-down procedure. Very easy.

  25. I read all the comments. There were almost no comments on the xdm and it was reviewed as the best value for the money among these 5 guns. Do no understand why.

    1. I agree. I own am xdm , and I can tell you that what was raved about on the other guns, is on the xdm. I’m not sure about the trigger pull being compared, but I can tell you that my husband can nail his target at 100 feet regularly. How’s that for accuracy?

  26. Ruger SR’s are discontinued and are getting scarce. Suppliers and dealers are running prices up and down like a rollercoaster. Found some for just under $300 and others for over $430, but not as much as the 9mm American Pistol.

  27. I like the s&w sd9ve 9 mm hand gun. I have a larger hand and it fits much better than some of the others. Would like it added to the list, Paul

  28. Sig 365 is not mentioned.. Just bought one, shot 4 boxes ammo two white box and two remington 115gr. Sold Glock43
    to buy this one. I like the feel and trigger better than the Glock. My wife can rack slide but had difficulty with Glock..

  29. What about the High-Point 9mm…?
    It may not look like a designer hand gun
    but once it’s broken in, you can abuse the
    Hell out of it like a Glock and it will keep
    Also, there is no way that you can beat its
    price either…!

    1. Guys, this is confusing as hell for a female who doesn’t want to spend a lot for a gun used for protection. I live in AZ and guns everywhere. Maybe I should find a gun store? Stop laughing.

      1. Find a store and poke with some of your questions to the folks behind the counter. Take some time to hold some to see how they feel if your hand. If it doesnt feel good or worse than another, then it isnt the gun for you. One that feels nice in your hands is one you’ll practice with and correct practice is what will keep you safe. — There are some low priced ones I wouldnt purchase due to the low quality (Bersa, High Point, Zastava) If a gun is $350 or more the quality should be there. If you’re paying $600 you’re paying for the brand or features you wont need for a defensive weapon in the home or “everyday carry pistol”. Wait for Black Friday as so many pistols in gun stores go on sale. Best bang for your buck. Hope this helps! 😀

      2. Hey Laura, I’ve owned over 100 pistols and find the two best: SIG Sauer 365 for warm or any weather concealment or the Smith and Wesson 6906 for cool or cold weather. Both super reliable, affordable, and excellent capacities. Got them each for $400 – $450 new or like new. Hornady Critical Defense offers 3 or more 9mm cartridges of varying power levels. Stay safe, good luck.

      3. Smith n Wesson M&P I think is a good gun for a man or woman. It’s small, thin and weighs 20.8 ounces. It fires smooth and accurate and has a full size grip when using the 8 round magazine.

      4. Go to a range/gun club where you can rent pistols and shoot all the ones you want to shoot. Decide based on what feels best/ works best for you.

      5. Try the mossberg mc1sc inder $350 I have 2 love teen

      6. Pump shotguns are easy to use, cheap ($200 will get you there… Mossberg Maverick 88, Stevens 320, Pardner, etc.) and reliable for home defense. For personal protection, it’s hard to go simpler than a hammerless snub nosed revolver. Not sure what expensive means, but you’re probably looking at $400. If you want a semi-auto, some folks swear by the value of a Taurus ($220 for a G2S single stack 9mm). Palmetto State Armory had been selling G1 Shields in 9mm for $250. Hell of a deal.

      7. I took my GF to a range that has rentals, and let her actually shoot the gun she wanted before purchase. Because of that, she decided on a .380 instead of a 9. I recommend shooting as many options as you can, before purchase, they say the best gun is the one you have on you when needed, but if you can’t manipulate your tool correctly, it’s no longer a tool.

      8. Yes, Laura. Rent as many as you can first. Also, go to TWAW – The Well Armed Woman website & join. It’s women so shooting organization, started in AZ , chapters all over the US, especially AZ. Committed to Educate, Empower, Equip women about all things shooting related.

      9. Laura, personally I would recommend the Taurus G2C or G3C, and also the Stoeger STR9-C. They are all reasonably priced and have good test reviews. I feel very confident holding and shooting these guns also they are very reliable. Check them out at your nearest gun shop and search around for the best price. Hope this helps

    2. I wouldnt buy a High Point due to experience. My wife acquired one that was passed down to her with a couple hundred rounds through it. We put 700-800 more over a couple years and the High Point .45 started failing around 1000 total. Even with cleaning after every session the strike-fire mechanism started becoming loose, which affected the slide from operating properly. We started having more and more jams/misfeeds. The safety/slide lock started failing as it wouldnt stay, because it was so loose and worn. After 1200-1300 total I no longer felt safe having either of us shooting it as part of the strike-fire assembly was about to come off from the frame and was interfering so much with the slide the gun jammed almost every round. In the world of guns you do get what you pay for. If it’s over $600 you are paying some for the name too.

      1. Hi piont has an unconditional life time satisfaction guaranty they will fix or replace their guns

    3. I own majority of all the guns above even the ones in the comments (Xd, sdve, Taurus, Glock 43, Etc). All good guns but I bought a hipoint as a joke but it is a beast. When I go hunting and don’t want to bring high priced guns I bring a hi point. Its a clunky bulky bad mama jamma. If we play poker too late and it gets left in rain Ooo well Shiste happens. I know first hand it shoots. And the day it breaks I’ll buy 2 more for the price of the of my hk and fns. It’s not the gun it’s who is pulling the trigger. Happy shooting guys!!!

    4. The high point is a great gun for the price you can’t beat it tough as nails!

    5. They shoot just fine —- years ago late 80’s quality suffered but todays guns are very well built.

  30. I am very satisfied with the Taurus 617 compact 7 shot revolver in 357 mag or 38 special. It’s a very safe and reliable handgun and compact enough for concealed carry. With 38 +P rounds it has very reasonable recoil. The 357 mag has significant kick and you need to be well trained/practiced with this round, but stopping power is well proven.
    Read more at cách làm trắng da

    1. Didn’t have the money to spend on a PPQ, so I went with Walther Creed…it is as if the PPQ and the (discontinued) PPK had a baby. Excellent shooting gun with meticulous accuracy. Not easily concealable in the warm months…but I bought a Diamondback DB9SE Gen 4 for that.
      If you’re thinking about a DB9, make sure you get Gen 4, they worked out ALL their issues and added a slide stop on empty clip. VERY reliable, and the smallest 9mm I’ve ever seen. Trust it with my life

  31. I have an H&K VP9 and love it. Traded in a Sig P229 and never looked back. Have Walther CCP for my wife.

  32. My wife and I both carry Kimber micro 9 they shoot great low recoil very accurate and the lasers are dead on right out of the box nice shooting in any light conditions

  33. FN509. One of the nicest shooting pistols I have used. Beats the heck out of my MP9

    1. My 1st gen PPS is my all-time favorite 9mm handgun. I was surprised it didn’t even get a mention here, except in comments. Its ambidextrous trigger guard “paddle” magazine release is great for identical use in either hand, and it’s just an all-around great carry piece.

      1. The PPS (in my case the M2) is one of the most underrated carry pistols, especially in the states. Fantastic, accurate little gun. There was a drop safety recall on some M2 batches a few years ago (mine wasn’t one of them) but the pistol is damn reliable and really accurate for such a small weapon.

  34. If you are going to review a S&W M&P 2.0, you can at least show a picture of the correct gun. The picture depicts a S&W Compact.


    1. I also have one, great pistol but grip is a little fat for me. I also have a Wilson Combat EDCX9. While it is a little pricey, has very narrow 1911 stile grip and is a very nice shooter.

    2. What about the HK-USP. I have had one for 20 years and it has never jammed once.

    3. If we are going that big, don’t leave out the Browning HiPower. Super solid shooter.

  36. I am very satisfied with the Taurus 617 compact 7 shot revolver in 357 mag or 38 special. It’s a very safe and reliable handgun and compact enough for concealed carry. With 38 +P rounds it has very reasonable recoil. The 357 mag has significant kick and you need to be well trained/practiced with this round, but stopping power is well proven.

    1. It is a great firearm but very bulky to carry. It does not however have the rotating barrel such as the compact and full size version.

  37. I have to throw the CZ p-10c. Into the mix. This is definitely the equal or better then any gun on your list.

    1. If you have big hands the nano is a no. I had one and sold it because it just felt too small in my hand. It was a nice little gun, but I would say try before you buy to make sure you like it.

    1. I too have the Sig P365 which came with the XRAY3 Day/Night Sights, but mine came with (2) 10 round mags and (1) 12 round mag. We’re allowed to use the 12 round mags. I found and ordered 5 more of the 12 round mags. I put well over 200 rounds through mine the first time I took it to the range, after I had received the additional 12 round mags, so all of the mags were tested. I had zero problems.

  38. I just bought a Ruger Security 9. So far, I have no complaints with it. I bought on a black friday sale for $300 bucks. It’s accurate, compact, holds 16 +1 magizines, and has a quality build. I’ve put over 1000 rounds through it with no problems. So, if your looking for a “cheaper” gun that performs like it’s more expensive counterparts you can’t go wrong with the Security 9.

    1. I also picked up a Ruger Security 9 ($280 at Gander) and couldn’t be more pleased. It is well made and more importantly, well designed. Ruger didn’t throw away what they know in order to make a cheap pistol. All their ergonomic design features are incorporated: smooth edges, accessory rail, excellent sights… It is a large midsize or a small full size, ideal for bigger folks, hard to hide if you are petite.

  39. For concealed accuracy, cz75 p-01. 15 rds. Aluminum frame. NSN serialed. Although a bit on heavy side, reliability is ridiculous (NATO and independant certs have knocked out a lot of big companies from contention). Also, bear in mind that higher velocity ammo with lower weight have similar impact compared to heavy grain…and contribute to lower the carry weight. Polycase arx will cut 30% off your mag weight and it has nasty ballistics…. walther ppq m2 is a great lightweight firearm with fantastic trigger and slim carry as well.

    1. Join The CC 75 or its clones have always been my favorite for the 9 and the 1911 for the 45. Strictly steel and no plastic with external hammer and safety. Very excellent choice nobody.
      I’m now considering moving to the Knoxville area.

    2. kind of expensive compared with some of the other better handguns. If I wanted to pay that much I would by the Sig or Glock before the CZ

  40. What’s wrong with handguns made of metal? I suggest the Kimber Ultra and the CZ 2075 Rami for CC.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with metal framed handguns, but they tend to cost more and they do weigh more than polymer framed handguns. Polymer framed handguns are better suited for concealed carry, because they weigh less.

  41. I don’t know much, definitely not as much as others, but here’s the reasons I love my Taurus 9mm (PT111 G2, but it’s almost the same as a G2C):

    It’s smaller framed. I have normal palms, short fingers, so finding something that I can grip is a chore, and the Taurus does.
    It has support. There are makers that like it and have made things for it such as the Alien Gear holster kit, that I was gifted for Xmas last year. The plate is mounted in my truck, the paddle gets switched to the current pants I’m wearing, and I’m carrying all the time, conveniently. Why do they companies like the Taurus…?
    Because it sells. When I bought my second one (I had a 2nd Gen) I had to order it in. It wasn’t in stock like Kimber, S&W, Sig, etc. It wasn’t there used either (Cabela’s). I was told as soon as they come in they’re gone.
    It’s cheap, $200.
    It works, have fired hundreds of rounds, hasn’t jammed once.

    Yet, it’s not on this list. Which makes me then wonder and start looking at the ads…

      1. I have the g5 g19 and g5 g26, as well as a vp9 tactical and I’d have to say H&K wins that battle, hands down. The VP9 is more work to clean, but it’s more crisp in every way I can think of. I swapped the barrel, springs, trigger, and disconnect in the 19 and the vp9 still fires better w/ and w/o a suppressor.

      1. I meant the Walther PPS M2. It already is a compact. It is being recalled by Walther.

  42. Walther PPQ M2 is as good or better than every model mentioned here. Few if any have a better trigger than the Walther.

    1. I have the PPS M2 which has two features that are now my ‘must haves’; no magazine disconnect and an exposed striker that I can feel if it is has cycled and if the trigger is being pulled while being inserted into a holster.

  43. The Glock is comparable to the VP9 as far as features? Glock has plastic sights and no replaceable grips. It does not compare to a HK.

  44. How is the VP9 and a couple others considered compact? VP9sk gets closer to that but everyone knows the vp9 is a full size handgun.

    1. The vp9 isn’t much bigger than a glock 19..and the sk is a “sub kompact”.. I can’t say the vp9 seems “full-size”. I own both and my wife carries a vp9sk. I would consider my HK45T to be “full-size”.

  45. All of the handguns you mentioned are striker fired. I’m not sure how many are double stack for 12 to 15 rounds, I’d have to research it. Why didn’t you mention any of the hammer fired pistols? Like the sig 2022, HK P30, Beretta PX4 Storm.

    1. All of those pistols have double stack magazines. They posted an incorrect picture for the Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0. The picture they posted was the Smith & Wesson M&P9C with a 12 round mag (S&W makes mag sleeves for the 17 round mags). The Smith & Wesson M&P9C shown preceded the 2.0. The 2.0 has a longer barrel/slide and comes with 2/15 round mags and two magazine sleeves for the full sized 17 round mags. The Smith & Wesson M&P9 2.0 has a much better trigger than the previous models.

  46. Loving my Sig P938. Surprised it didn’t get a mention. Full power chambering, 1″ wide and at 17 oz loaded, it’s very light in the pocket or on the belt. It’s night sights alone are worth bringing this S/A Sig work of art to the top of your list. Oh….and did I mention it is a Micro-Compact!?

    1. Awful field strip, muzzle flip excessive, trigger poor, hand gets sore after 100 + range rounds and pricey to say the least.

      1. Then you are doing it wrong. My 100lb wife carries and trains with this gun. If your hands are too big OR you haven’t trained with it, I can understand most of your worries.

  47. I love my Glocks, I have a 17G4, 19G4, 22, and a 43. My wife has a 19G4 and 43. I am a 1911 convert.

  48. Got a Walther p99c 9mm for carry bought it at shoot straight in Tampa costed 330 dollars 366 dollars out the door new on sale great trigger short reset love this gun

  49. Being a ccdw instructor and a range safety officer I have a lot of contact with different makes and models, and my own personal weapon of choice are Glocks. My grab and go favorite is the 43, its light weight, reliable and easily concealed with minimal imprint. Having moderate arthritis in my hands i find the 43 has minimal recoil and a very comfortable ergonomical design, which makes it easy to rapid fire without readjusting grip. This goes for almost any Glock.

    1. If you have to readjust grip after rapid firing any 9mm you have a bad grip and you are no instructor… at least you shouldn’t be.

      1. Easy there, brother… If you would’ve read his post, you would’ve seen where he said he has arthritis.

    1. I was looking at and listening to what people had to say about. The bersa— they sound like they are good to me

    2. Not my favorite but is my carry at this time. Inexpensive but well made and very accurate. Like the double stack 12 so no need to carry extra mag. I have many more expensive guns I regularly shoot and on occasion carry but my G2 does the job comfortably and effectively 95% of the time.

    3. That is an extremely racist, bigoted remark. I have to believe that Hell will be packed with Democrats.

      1. Whoa Brother…. which remark are you referring to?!?
        Personally to be a gun board I think most of the commenters here have done a pretty excellent job keeping politics and personal insults out of the conversation. And even if there was a racist remark I missed, how does that equal Democrats being condemned to Hell?? I am 100% AGAINST Racist, Degrading, Bigoted or Hurtful Speech in any form but I don’t see any and I sincerely hope you’re not trying to incite some.

  50. I carry a SCCY CPX-2 everyday and I’ve put thousands of rounds down range and I couldn’t be happier with it. And you can buy one of them for less than $250 brand new with a second clip included along with the only fully transferable lifetime of the firearm warranty in the business.

    1. Hi Point carries a No Question warranty on all of it’s products, unless you use Pro-mag mags in them. They’ll more than likely replace than fix according to comments that I’ve seen.

    2. Devin Thank You so much my man. I was hoping someone besides me would send some well deserved love the CPX-2’s way. It is my absolute favorite gun that I own by a mile.
      It’s my daily carry, and I have already mentioned above the many features that I just love about it so much. But my personal favorite is just got to be the feel of it in your hand it is such A perfectly balanced, nicely weighted, ergonomic little weapon. And it fires well despite the fact that I had a serious injury to my shoulder which required quite a bit of metal implants. The same accident also cause nerve damage in my right arm, and I still find that this works well and does not irritate my injuries. Also for those who don’t know SCCY makes their guns right here in the USA and offer a lifetime warranty, they back up their products with excellent customer service as well. And as already stated above one unfortunate day when I was shot during a robbery and was chased down buy one of the robbers who was coming after me for the kill shot, this little beast saved my life. So I know personally when everything was all laid out on the line, my baby proved itself. So Devin I agree with you man, it’s absolutely a good choice you’re talking to someone who has actually had to use it to defend them selves (and I’m still here)

      1. Brandy,
        I went to sportsman wearhouse about a month ago and they had a CPX-2 in their newspaper ad that was on the counter, I pointed to the ad $189. He said they sold out quick but he had a silver/gray one from $30 more. I had him show me it and you are right. I’m 6’5 with large hands and it just felt freakin great, solid, and well made. I have shot about 400 rounds at the range…only one tiny hiccup when the case was caught, other than that super accurate, reliable, and it feels great. Cleaning tonight for the first time…For the price you can’t go wrong…also there is a You tube video of a guy that puts it through a stress test….drops in mud and even puts peanut butter in the barrel and it still worked flawlessly. Even if the pistol was in the 400-500 range I would still have awesome things to say about it. The gun just works for me. If you are reading this give it a fair shot, no pun.

  51. The Springfield xdm xd and xd. Sub compact is what I carry also have a 1911 Springfield too 40000 rounds and. No jams check it out on the net

  52. You obviously know absolutely nothing about the Ruger SR9C. I carry one. You can carry it with a 10 round magazine but it will also accept the 17 round magazine from the full-size SR9.
    Please don’t write about guns that you know nothing about.

    1. what are you a clinton ass licker .. who gives a shut about this crap

    2. Hatter served ice cream and other supplies as a clerk. The miniature golf war only had/has <1% combat MOSs, so shooters and heroes are very scarce. Nobody on here is going to save the day with a high capacity pistol, unless they plan on spending time serving ice cream in prison.

    3. Hatter served ice cream if he did even serve in the “miniature Golf war” theater. A lot of Navy people thought they were heroes for serving in Vietnam (sea jungles??), and they run the VA hospitals, so get used to boys bragging and flaming on gun sights. I am surprised he is not claiming to be a Navy Seal, who do not perform much on land either, and must have 6 years into the Navy to be a Seal = Mostly propaganda and misinformation is their mission level = No Shootouts or Bin Laden stuff. Period.

    4. Have you spoken to your therapist lately about your hate issue? You are most likely a little boy, trying to sound like a man (without effect) with a face full of pimples, who cannot understand why none of the girls at your school won’t have anything to do with you. It’s your attitude and your hatred for others. Then on top of that, you hate Jesus and Christians. I really feel sorry for you.

      1. LOL….Well Said……..AhhThe Internet: Where you go to rant when even your Therapist and your Mommy say they can’t take listening to you anymore ;P

    5. Don’t much like 9mm. Just bought a SR40C. If you want ANY Ruger SR’s, you had better hurry. They are discontinued and are getting hard to find

    1. I’ve got to say that my Taurus has performed well and have never experienced a jam with it.

    2. Since it is small and light does it “travel” on you when shooting multiple rounds??

  53. As a newbie to the handgun field I was wondering how the Canik TP9 FS-Elite fell into your review? I was leaning in that direction as my first purchase for home defense/cc/target shooting. Comments appreciated!

    1. The Tp9 line is a leader in value. Great pricing along with utter reliability and durability make for a tough to beat pistol. The only knock on them, is that they are made in Turkey. If you’re looking something made in the United States, definitely not the pistol for you. Other than that it’s an all-around winner

      1. I just bought mine last Thursday. I paid extra the black slide. I am a proud owner and fan of the Canik SF Elite. Feels good in the hands and the trigger is said to rival that of the PPQ. I haven’t tried the Walther but I can speak for the TP9SF Elite when I say its the best trigger I’ve tried to date. Same size as a Glock 19 Gen 4, so if you can cc it then you can conceal carry the Elite as well.

    2. If you haven’t yet shot one, I’d highly recommend the Canick. One of the BEST shooters I own.

    1. Kimber is in my opinion the best 1911 platform. I love the old slabside. Carried a Springfield model . 45 during my military service. The Baretta was introduced as the replacement . I liked the extra round capaciy but still missed my 45.

  54. Surely you meant to include the Fn FNS-C 9mm. Magazine capacity+chamber comes in 10+1, 12+1, and 17+1. The grip can be adjusted by the inclusion of 3 rear grip panels. Included are the 3 dot night sights. Also, a bottom rail to the barrel allows for the mounting of a light, laser, or other features.
    These features make it a top candidate for one of the best 9mm compacts

    1. My shooting instructor handed me his FN to try and I fell in love with it. I have a Ruger EC9s but may have to add the FN to my profolio. The Ruger was more in my price line at $259

      1. Price may not be very helpful, but if you get a chance at an FN 509 or 509 Tactical I highly recommend it. 509T is now my carry gun as it comes with two 24 round mags and a 17 round mag. I prefer a full-size gun and I believe a well aimed shot is almost as good as two well aimed shots, so I carry the largest amount of ammo I comfortably can.

      2. Also have Ruger ec9s very good shooter also canik tp9 sa and Taurus g3 full size all so shoot good but I feel I could defend myself just as good with my Taurus tx 22 because I shoot it the most it’s very light has 16 round mags can get to munch quicker.

  55. I have a Remengton R-51 9mm 7 round magazine. It has a safety like the 1911 ( on the grip) My Ruger LCP does not have a safety and I have to be careful with it. The R-51 has the three dot sight and like the Glock will fire without the magazine. I carry it with an inside the belt holster. I carry under a suit and no one sees it. good trigger pull.

    1. Really wanted an R51 when I first handled one. But then came the recall and another year or so. Finally got a chance to shoot one and soon decided I’d pass. Had a bit too much bite to. Maybe if it were slightly heavier, it wouldn’t have so much bark. Also don’t care for the plastic trigger.

    2. To date, in order, hands down: Springfield Helcat OSP, Glock 43x optic & rail version with 15 round Shield Arms Magazine, CZ P-10s, Beretta APX Centurion or APX Compact, SigSauer P365 or P365XL, FN 509 compact, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. Boom, mag drop. Cleveland Ohio – Westside – out.

    1. I love mine. Great gun. I’ve had no problems and being a Walther I expect none. It’s easy to handle and shoot. It is a large gun and a bit heavy, but that’s what I like about it. Not as easily concealed carried as other smaller frame 9 mm’s, but it works for me. I like that it came with two 16 round mags. Plus extra mags are reasonably priced. Great gun for the price. I got mine for under $300 on sale.

    2. Terrific gun. Creed is so easy to shoot and deadly accurate. Feels molded to your hand. So easy, almost like shooting a .22. And a really nice price. No FTEs, FTFs through more than 500 rounds.

      1. I just bought a creed. haven’t had a chance,to shoot it yet. what can you tell me about it.

  56. Got my Glock 19 in 1994. 24 years, thousands of +p rounds later, the gun still looks and feels new. It is accurate, never failed to fire or eject a round, never had any issue other than the night sights dimming. Have several handguns, fired many pistols, this is my number one choice. With 15 round magazines, and 1 in the chamber, it is hard to beat. Sits flush against the body. No rusting or pitting. Have to say this is close to a perfect weapon.

    1. For the same reasons, I like my Glock17 G4. Never had a jam after thousands of rounds, not one. Confidence is priceless.

  57. Vp9sk, great summer carry and it takes the full size magazines. Best trigger and sights out the box

    1. Sig P226 is fabulous gun. Accurate and smooth trigger. Little big for carry though.

    1. I cant believe they left off the P07! Easily the sweetest shooting stock pistol I’ve fired. All the ones they picked were striker fired though so I’d imagine that’s why. Never fired a P10c

  58. If you are comfortable with no external safeties, then the Glock 19 is the way to go. I love mine. Light weight simple and clean, thin 1″ profile. When carrying mine concealed I hardly know its there. And accurate? Wow! If you have not seen it, go to the Hickock 45 You Tube and watch him do a review on the 19. He absolutely loves the gun and shoots it at his farthest targets and hits consistently like he was shooting a rifle. For those that feel more comfortable with an external safety, there is now an aftermarket replacement trigger for the 19 that features a push button safety for around $50.00 that comes with the installation tool and instructions for the do-it-yourselfer. Fantastic pistol!

  59. The best 9mm hand gun I have ever shot is the Canik TP9 SF Elite made in Turkey. It is very accurate and will shoot any type of ammo without jamming. I have fired it very fast and the recoil is very low. It is concealable and comfortable to carry. Also it has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

    1. I’m really leaning to this one, but am comparing other 9mm right now. My plans are home defense/CC/ target shooting.

    2. My stepson bought the Canik 9mm. I was impressed at how well it shot. We were hitting mini pumpkins and squash at 45 to 50 yards. On a target 15 rounds in a 9″circle at that distance. Very little muzzle flip. Easy to get back on target.

  60. Beretta Nano is my favorite. Fits very well in my hand and in a waistband holster. Have fired several hundred rounds without a stoppage.

  61. I like the TP9V2, I think it’s a VERY manageable 9mm, I also like the 18+1 so I know at any emergency I would have 37 rounds available.. then 3 seconds another 18 rounds.

  62. You’ve left out the finest handgun I’ve ever had the opportunity to fire. Love the Walther Q5 Match and prefer it over any other firearm I own.

    1. I wish I had access to most of the 9’s on here, ONE DAY..I guess.. one day. I have held a TP9V2 and it felt good (my hands aren’t very large), and if & when I can afford, it comes with 2 18 round mags & I would hope to have 4 extra mags… that would give me 109 rounds!

      1. You should try Walther Creed. Great gun, extremely accurate and easy shooter. Also 16+1. You can get it for around $300. Also love my Sig P320. Super gun. Accurate, great shooter, great for carry. Really smooth trigger. Only thing is, it’s a bit pricey? Around $500, $550. But worth the money. Another economical gun is the Ruger Security 9. Great shooter and Ruger has terrific customer service, if ever needed. Never a hiccup in mine after about 600 rounds. Compared with Glock 19 by lot of folks, at half the price — less than $300.

  63. I think you left out a very reliable little gun. It is the Taurus 709 Slim 7+1. I bought one in stainless for $275.00 and had to add a second clip for $28.00. So for 303 bucks I got a very well built/reliable cc weapon. It is not finished (buffed and pollished) as nicely as some of the 4-600 dollar guns but it is definitely as reliable, if not more. That is all I wanted. reliability first and price next. I have now put 1000 rounds through the gun and it has been flawless. A Gun Digest review rates it very highly. Take a look.

    1. Bruce makes a good point. Taurus Slim is pretty good gun. Easy to carry. Economical value. Reliable.

    1. The gun itself feels really in the hand. Very accurate. Negatives are the trigger. Pretty grainy with an Extremely long pull. Also, I really dislike the mag release.

    2. Hands down the best handgun especially for the price of it feels great in hand I have a larger than most hand and it fits absolutely perfect where most pistols i have to mod a grip etc out the box I fired ten rounds out of the G2 hitting target bout fifty percent a quarter turn adjustment of the sight fired ten more for 9-10… Taurus was bought out but they kept the name the newer ones made are way better than older ones perfect carry size as well I think… hope this helps

      1. absolutely love my PT111 G2. Feels great in the hands, perfect size. 12+1 capacity. The long first trigger pull is perfect for a self defense weapon. I love my Taurus!

    3. I love mine, bought it in December 2017, added a laser and it is very accurate

    4. Failure to Return to Battery, and Poor Customer Service are repetitive complaints that kill it as a choice for me, despite a long list of positives: weight, capacity, optional manual safety, SA/DA. If not for the reliability issue, I would buy it.

    5. It’s a great gun for what it is. The slide may be a bit tight for a person of lesser hand strength, and the sights are simple painted dots. However, the gun is accurate to 20 yards, has a manual safety, and a loaded chamber indicator. Budsgunshop has them around $200, and I feel as safe with it as I do my glock 19.

    6. Taurus G2 is nice gun, dependable. I like the 12+1 in the 9mm, brother likes the .40 S&W with 10 +1. Deep trigger pull, probably 6-8 pounds, but has a quick reset. Good gun for economical cost. Mine is pretty accurate too.

    7. had 2 Taurus G2’s at different times — got rid of both — HATED the trigger — second G2 was worse than first — Ruger SR9C took their place and I never looked back

    8. I have the Taurus G2 and a Taurus g2c the G2 has 3500 rounds through it not one flaw ever carry my G2 for EDC love the gun smooth can’t even tell it’s on my hip so if you’re thinking about buying it pull the trigger you’ll love the gun

  64. You left out the Walther PPQ M2. Best trigger and ergonomics of any handgun I’ve ever shot and they are laser accurate and run like a clock. They now make a compact version which is probably the best concealed carry gun on the market.

    Also, though the M&P 2.0c is a nice pick but the Shield should also be on the list. Perfect concealed size, the 9mm is super controllable and accurate enough to make a head shot in competent hands. Put an Apex trigger in one and you’ll never need another CCW.

    1. HK VP9 and VP9SK are more ergonomic and customizable than the Walther PPQ. HK is know for its outstanding quality and reliability.. shoot one before you say another word. Lol!!! You’ll love it.

      1. The VP9 is not more ergonomic its only more customizable because of the replaceable side panels but the actual ergonomics are almost identical and because of the replaceable side panels the grip gives when squeezing hard for 2 and 3 shots bursts. Having shot both the trigger is better in the PPQ and it has a far better reset. Everything else with the 2 guns is so similar its not worth even bringing up. The price however is a difference where the PPQ is quite a bit less and a much better track record of reliability makes the PPQ the better option.

    2. I bought the PPQ 45 and love it. Trigger is light and predictable. Also have the M&P Shield 45. Great size for CC and accurate right out of the box. I know we’re talking about 9mm here, just saying

  65. Hello, I am ex Military and former Police Officer. I love my Ruger LC9S Pro. Shot hundreds of rounds. Slow and rapid fire. Easy to disassemble. No problems at all. Very compact. Feels good in the hand. Easy to conceal. Does NOT have a safety switch ( I prefer no safety). Price is right!

    1. +1 to Ruger LC9s. The trigger is excellent making it much more comfortable and accurate to fire in my experience than the Shield, it has smooth rounded edges making it comfortable while concealing, and it’s LIGHTWEIGHT so you don’t even notice it’s there. The option of a safety means it’s legal behind enemy lines in MA.

      1. I’d have to agree. I’ve come full circle with the lc9. I started with the hammer fired version but the looong trigger pull made me nervous if I encountered a real threat. Otherwise, I thought it was the perfect balance, and even with the trigger, I was accurate. Next, I went to a Glock 30s. Love the knockdown power and capacity, but concealing it was a chore, and it was uncomfortable. Next, was the 40 S&W Shield. Tried to convince myself I loved the gun, but the grips weren’t right for me, the 1st gen trigger sucked, and talk about recoil. All three were reliable, of course. Now I’ve gotten the lc9s pro. It cures everything I disliked about my first one. It’s easy to carry, summer or winter, and to me is the perfect balance of power and concealability.

      2. Love my Ruger LC9 Shoots fantastic, have the extended magazine, takes a while to get used to but fits my hand very nice. Have custom holsters for inside the waist and never feels uncomfortable nor shows through shirt.

    2. Have the same gun. First and only gun I bought so far after much research. Absolutely love it. Seriously, almost don’t even know it’s there. Never had an issue and not one of those guys who is always cleaning the gun. Run it hard and made to take it and keep on working.

    3. I carry the Ruger LC9s as my EDC but recently purchased a Security 9. I need more range time before making it my EDC but doning dry practicing, it feels GOOD!

      1. Let me know what you think of the Sec9 compared to the LC9. My son(21)was eye balling the Sec9 as his very 1st purchase and wants to CC as well. Thanks from Virginia.

        1. had the SR9C for about a year — got the LC9S for summer wear — both pistols GREAT — bought the Sec9 — had it about a month — got rid of it — the SR9C was much MUCH better — felt better — shot better — had zero feed problems with any of the Rugers but the Sec9 did not outdo the SR9c at all so I felt no reason to keep it — my 2 cents only

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