Best Carry Methods

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What is the best way to carry a concealed firearm? Is a question we all must deal with at some stage. We want the best method for our situation which can vary in many areas, gender, job, comfort, accessibility etc. You will need to try out different options when carrying a concealed firearm. The method you decide to use is going to depend on a number of factors such as those above, the type of gun and what your intentions are while carrying the firearm. We will review the different options available to find a suitable concealed carry method for you. These are the six most common techniques of concealment while carrying in public.

Pocket Carry

This has been the most frequently used option for concealed carry. It is a good choice if you spend most of your day in an office and are for the most part seated. It also makes sense for a person who is wearing a suit and does not want their firearm to be visible.


  • Easy access.
  • Well concealed.
  • Works with all trousers.


  • A firearm that fits in a pocket is going to have diminished firepower.
  • Can only carry a smaller firearm that fits in pocket.
  • A smaller firearm will have reduced fire power.
  • It is often awkward to draw a firearm while seated.
  • Regular cleaning may possibly be required if there is a buildup of lint.
  • Larger pockets can result in the holster shifting making a draw more difficult.
  • With a firearm in your pocket you will be prevented from putting other items in there.

Appendix Carry

The firearm is positioned in front of the hip. A mostly new option that can take a bit of getting used to.


  • If you are standing then this method gives good concealment.
  • Will work with a tucked in shirt.
  • Good method to use when walking.
  • Suitable for larger firearms.
  • Draw times can be faster that other methods.
  • Firearm is easily accessible while in a seated position.


  • Can be difficult to bend forward.
  • Takes some getting use to, not the best method for everyone.

Small of Back

This is currently the most popular concealed carry option. The outcome is pretty much the same if you carry within or outside the waistband. However, some people may find that carrying within the waste band is annoying.


  • The firearm is well concealed and no noticeable from the front.
  • Drawing from this position is easy and natural.
  • It is easy to draw from this position.
  • Walking with this method is comfortable.


  • Can result in a noticeable bulge in your back when bending over.
  • Drawing a firearm is difficult if your shirt is tucked in.
  • Would be challenging carrying a backpack.
  • If you are seized from behind then drawing your firearm would be difficult.
  • It can be uncomfortable if you are in a seated position.
  • Would be uncomfortable while sitting in a vehicle and awkward to draw.
  • Holstering a firearm would take longer.

Strong Side Hip

This is a position mostly used by the military and police. The firearm is attached to a belt on the strongest side of your body.


  • This position allows for an effortless and natural draw.
  • The firearm is easily covered by wearing a jacket.
  • Walking and running are unrestricted.
  • Much easier to holster a firearm.
  • Free to sit down without any uncomfortableness.
  • Having the firearm near your elbow allows for greater control.


  • Very visible to most people that there is something on your waist.
  • Depending on what side you are carrying the firearm car seat belts can cause discomfort and restrict your drawing.

Fanny Pack

If required a firearm can be carried in this position although it is not very common.


  • Has mostly the same benefits as pocket carry.
  • Very easy to conceal.
  • Can wear any type of clothing.


  • Only suites a smaller firearm.
  • Cannot make a quick draw due to the zipper and other possible items in the pack.

Ankle Carry

This technique was promoted by Hollywood but can be useful for some people.


  • Excellent for concealing a firearm.


  • This method will only work with smaller firearms.
  • Can be uncomfortable for some people.
  • You will need to bend down to draw the firearm resulting in a slower draw.

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