Constitutional Carry Trend Getting Hot

Permitless carry states rising to 16?

The trend is clear, constitutional carry is gaining momentum in the US. By the end of 2017, we are likely to see 15 -16 states with constitutional carry. Last year we had Idaho, West Virginia, Missouri and Montana all pass constitutional carry laws. The Montana bill was later vetoed by the Governor. However, they still allow permitless carry in 99.4% of the state, permitless carry within cities or towns is banned. So far in 2017 New Hampshire has legalized permitless carry with more states to come. This brings the total to 13 states that now allow permitless carry.

It looks like 2017 is going to be a record year with Kentucky, Indiana, and North Dakota set to pass Constitutional carry laws. South Dakota’s permitless carry bill was vetoed by the Governor and the state House failed to override the veto. Indiana’s bill for permitless carry has passed the state House but has been restricted to only persons who have an order of protection and then for only 60 days. While permitless carry in North Dakota becomes lawful on August 1, 2017.

Furthermore, other states such as Colorado, Minnesota, Texas and Utah are all considering permitless carry. However, the reality is that these laws would probably be vetoed by the Governors in these states.

The state of Tennessee has stated they will consider changing their laws to allow for open carry without a permit. There is also strong support in Iowa to remove licensing requirements for firearms.

It’s too early to tell if permitless carry will have any effect on crime statistics due to these laws only being recently introduced. Although if you look at Vermont, they have had permitless carry dating back to 1791 with very little impact.

2020 Constitutional Carry States

map key

  • Unrestricted
  • Unrestricted (limited)
  • Shall Issue
  • May Issue
  • No Issue

The following states have all passed laws eliminating their requirement for a concealed carry permit/license.

VermontMarch 41791
MontanaSeptember 151991
AlaskaSeptember 92003
ArizonaJuly 292010
WyomingJuly 12011
ArkansasAugust 162013
KansasJuly 12015
MississippiJuly 12015
MaineOctober 152015
West VirginiaMay 262016
IdahoJuly 12016
MissouriJanuary 12017
New HampshireFebruary 222017
North DakotaAugust 12017

States with full constitutional carry

  • Alaska

    No Restrictions

  • Arizona

    No Restrictions

  • Arkansas

    Disputed, see state page for details

  • Idaho

    Residents only

  • Kansas

    No Restrictions

  • Maine

    No Restrictions

  • Mississippi

    No Restrictions

  • Missouri

    No Restrictions

  • New Hampshire

    No Restrictions

  • North Dakota

    Residents & Concealed carry only

  • Vermont

    No Restrictions

  • West Virginia

    No Restrictions

  • Wyoming

    Residents only

Limited constitutional carry states

  • Montana

    Only outside city and town limits

  • New Mexico

    Unloaded firearm & loaded magazine, vehicle carry legal

  • Oklahoma

    Only residents of unrestricted states

Concealed Carry history

Essential maps covering 30 years until present showing the dramatic trend to constitutional carry states

Map Library

More Info

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  1. California SUCKS! Been here over 50 years and have watched the state turn to over-zealous Democratic asses.
    Every year the gun laws get stricter yet there are more murders and more crime. I’ve had it. I’m on my way to Texas as soon as I sell this over-valued home.

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