Editors Picks: Guns & Gear

This list of our staffs top picks for guns and gear will ensure you buy only the best products available, we have done all the testing for you. We think these hand-picked products have qualities that make them stand out from the competition. And that is why our staff use this gear every day.

AK Upgrades

Best Value Muzzle Brake
ak muzzel brake
From my own experience the Epsilon EG6 has a major impact on recoil and muzzle rise. Versions are available for AR15, AR10 and the AK. Really good value at this price and you won't regret getting one of these. Defenitely needs to be on your list!
Best AK Handguard
mossberg shotgun
Designed to increase cooling around the gas tube to protect your hand and gun. Gives you the option of M-Lock on the side or bottom and Picatinny on top.
Best AK Safety Lever
There are a few things the AK design lacks, the safety lever is one of the most glaring. No bolt hold open and hard to reach, and the stock safety lever is not that great. Kerbs Custom replacement for the AK safety lever fixes both of these issues in one easy to replace part!


Best Long Range
american eagle .45 acp ammunition
We use this ammo for target practice on the long range. Shoots clean and gives good accuracy. You get 200 for the price.
Best .38 Defense Ammo
horandy ammunition
You can't go wrong with this ammo, has proven itself to be reliable many times. Will cut through heavy clothing and stop any attacker in their tracks.
Best 9mm Range
american eagle 9mm ammunition
Perfect for punching paper at your favorite indoor or outdoor range. Good performance at an economical price makes this a must buy.

Flash Lights

Best Pistol Light
surefire pistol light
Trusted by professionals all over the world this is the most widely used pistol light. Provides 600 lumens and mounts on Universal and Picatinny rails, will even fit railess handguns with Surefires adapters.
Editors Pick - Tactical
trunite torch
This is what I use and it has proven it's worth over the years with a good weight and lumen output. Maximum lumens are 1100 and it is night vision friendly. Uses the latest Cree chip.
Editors Pick - Laser/Light Combo
I have thrown everything at this light/laser and it still has an accurate laser after several years. Can't fault it, does what it says and worth the money.


Best Pepper Spray
Kimber Pepper blaster
Saved the day when my friend needed to repel an aggressive dog. Works just as well on people. Spray travels 13 feet in 1/10th of a second and will get past sun glasses or other obstacles.
Best Shot Timer
Essential for competitions and handy to have around when training. Solidly constructed, reliable and will just get the job done without any hassle. Certainly has helped us when in training mode.
Best Clay Pigeon Thrower
wheelybird clay thrower
This fully featured clay thrower does it all. Even has a remote control. Plus a fast cycle time of 1.75 seconds between throws will keep most shooters happy.

Gun Belts

Editors Pick
bullbelt gun belt

This is just a well crafted and beautifully finished leather belt that meets all our requirements for a top quality gun belt. It has a steel core, changeable buckle with Chicago screws, bull hide leather and at 15oz weighs less than the Hanks gun belt that we also like, plus it's got a better price. There is heaps more info in The Best Gun Belt review.

Best for Tatical Gear
hanks steel core gun belt

The fact you get a 100 year warranty with this belt should tell you it's not your average belt. This is the thickest, toughest gun belt on the market. You can load it up with all the tactical gear and it will not break. There is heaps more info in The Best Gun Belt review.

Best Belt without insert
double tap gun belt

For those that want a belt without an insert then this is the one to get. Double leather with double stitching gives this belt a classy look that is wearable anywhere. Handmade in the USA from top quality bridle leather in four different colors. You can find more gun belts in the full review The Best Gun Belt review

Gun Safes

Best Hidden Gun Safe
gun vault sv500
Keep this safe discretely under your desk or bed and you will have quick access to a full sized handgun. A digital key pad prevents any unauthorised access to the gun.
Best for fast Access
hidden gun safe
The biometric version can scan your fingerprint for even faster access to your gun. Great for keeping your gun safe from unauthorised persons while giving you fast access should you need it.
Editors Pick
fort knox gun safe
This is my choice for fast reliable access. No need to worry about batteries going flat and solid construction will keep your gun safe. This has been my favorite safe for many years.
Best For Multiple Guns
vaultek gun safe
One of my favourites due to the good build quality and functionality. Will hold up to 8 handguns. For a few more dollars you can get another model that has Wifi and biometrics.
Best Travel Safe
vaultek biometric gun safe
Great light weight carry anywhere safe. Waterproof and floats on water when loaded with a 2 pound gun. When I am flying or just out in my boat this is my first choice. Meets all TSA guidelines and is available in 16 colors.
Budget Gun Safe
gunvault gun safe
This will get the job done for minimum cost. It will keep most people away from your gun. I find it useful for securing my gun in the car and you certainly can't beat the price. If your on a budget then try this one out.
Best Rifle Safe
A biometric fingerprint scanner allows an authorized user to open the safe with the touch of a finger. Has a 3-Point Steel Dead Bolt Locking System and can store four rifles.
Best All Purpose Safe
stack-on gun safe
Want to store jewellery, cash or other valuables with your gun? Made with thick steel and four locking bolts on a 2.8 inch thick front door. Just tampering with it will sound an alarm. Great classic design that will deter most people.
Best Drawer Safe
sentry gun safe
Biometric safe that easily fits in a drawer. First of all it's hidden but if discovered the gun is still inaccessible. Very strong and handgun is quickly retrieved via the fingerprint reader. Available in sizes for one or two guns.


Inside the Waistband - IWB

Editors Pick
shapeshift iwb holster

If you are looking for a IWB holster that you can wear all day then this is the one to get, body sweat is simply wicked away by the neoprene padding. It also has the best retention of any IWB holster on the market that we have tested. Read the full review The Best IWB Holster.

Best Leather IWB
galco kingtuk holster
You simply cannot beat the luxury feel of the top quality leather this holster is made from. Even the back of the holster has a quality leather finish which makes it easy to mold the holster to your body shape. Plus it's available for nearly 600 models of handguns. Check out the full review The Best IWB Holster.
Best With Ammo Pouch
galco kingtuk 2 iwb holster

All the benefits of the standard kingTuk but the KingTuk 2 goes one better and adds a fully-adjustable magazine carrier making your ammunition readily accessible. Has the same high quality leather found on the standard model plus adjustable belt clips. The Best IWB Holster review will give you the full story.

Outside the Waistband - OWB

Best OWB Holster

This leather holster from Masc Holsters, is made from premium leather with top quality workmanship, and all for a reasonable price. It has the correct tilt for concealed carry and a fast draw. If you can't handle the IWB holsters then this OWB holster will keep you happy.

Best beginners OWB Holster
galco owb holster

For your first holster it’s hard to beat an outside-the-waistband leather holster like this Royal Deluxe Holster from Galco. This design is simple and comfortable, it just works.

Best for Retention
If you need a bit more retention then this holster will do the job. It's always a concern that a person could come up behind you and grab your gun. This holster will stop them in their tracks giving you enough time to react. Very reasonable price too.

Shoulder Holsters

Editors Pick
Miami Classic shoulder holster

Great value for a premium handmade shoulder holster. A rugged and functional design that offers excellent gun retention, comfort, and a top quality finish. The Miami Classic holster is available for the widest range of handgun models. Check out the full review The Best Shoulder Holster.

Best Vertical Holster
Galco vertical shoulder holster

The vertical version is slightly more expensive but still good value and offers the same ammo pouch and similar styling to the horizontal shoulder holster. It also performs just as well. See all the holsters we selected in The Best Shoulder Holster.

Best Hunting Holster
great alaskan chest holster

This holster has a strong reputation among hunting enthusiasts. If I was out hunting or tramping and came face to face with a bear then this could be a life saver! This holster fits large-framed revolvers with barrels up to 4" and large frame autos. We have a full review in The Best Shoulder Holster.


Best Classic Multitool
swiss army knife
The classic multitool that all other multitools try to copy. Quality craftsmanship ensures years of use, in fact it will probably last your entire life. There is not much to say about this classic, the name and reputation say it all.
Best for hipsters
Looks a bit different to other knifes and may be considered less of a threat due to that. Folds for easy carry and has a nice sharp blade. Plus check out the great price.
Official knife of the USMC
Issued to the United States Marine corps since 1943 so you know it must be good if trusted by all those thousands of servicemen and women. It is one of the best knives out there and has the proof after being tested in dozens of wars.


Editors Pick
celestron spotting scope

Celestron Spotting Scope

If you are hunting or just on the range this is all you need. Have used this many times and it's just a great all round 80mm spotting scope for a decent price.
Editors Budget Pick
sig sauer red dot sight
For the price this is an excellent red dot aiming solution. Reliable and robust it is best suited for home defense, light use, or a recreational firearm. Solid design with a lot of great features.
Best Budget Scope
We would not usually recommend a scope this cheap. But surprisingly this has proven to be a very handy and reliable scope to have around. In fact I will be buying a few more of these. Perfect if you have a lot of rifles and you want to save a few dollars.
Best Budget Night Binoculars
Built-In Infrared Illumination with 2 times magnification will get the job done and at a reasonable price compared to other more expensive night vision gear. These work and are great if want to save a bundle of cash and are new to night time hunting.
Best Entry Level Green laser
sig sauer red dot sight
I had never heard of these, however when I tried it out I was pleasantly surprised. The green laser was definitely brighter than other ones I had tried in the same price range. It has a range of up to 1000ft at night and 300ft during the day.
Editors Pick
If you want the best long range scope and you can afford it then look no further. Used by the police and military snipers it has earned the reputation as the best of the best over the years. It must be close to 10 years now that I have been using this scope. Great durability and adjustments.


Hardest Target
mgm spinner target
These are well known to be the hardest target to hit. But if you want to get good at target practice then get good at hitting this and you will be at competition level.
Best High Caliber Target
sig sauer legion handgun
What to shoot when you have a .50BMG or other large caliber rifle? You can only hit a tree so many times before ceases to exist! This gong will handle all those large caliber rifles.
Best Precision Spinner
Precision spinner target
Shoot Steel is our top pick when it comes to targets. Steel is great for target practice, easy to clean, hits are confirmed by ding, and the targets are portable. Plus you don't have to clean up the mess left by water bottles or what ever else you used as a targets prior to having this.