Inside The Waistband Holsters - IWB

The main advantage Inside-the-Waist Band holsters offer over other types is that they conceal a firearm really well. A light shirt can be worn over the holster with virtually no printing of the gun outline showing through and the design keeps the gun close to the body reducing any chance of a bulge.

The holster can be brought closer to the body by simply tightening the belt. There can be some comfort issues with the holster being pressed against the body. In the hotter climates sweating can cause a problem and you can sometimes develop a rash where the holster contacts the skin.

These days most of the good quality holsters now come with a sweat shield that acts as padding between your body and the holster. So if you do live in warmer climate a sweat shield is probably a must have feature you will need to make sure your holster has. Some of the new hybrid type holsters from Stealth Gear and Crossbreed feature a large sweat pad.

You may also need to wear pants that are one size larger to account for the holsters and handguns bulk.

If you decide to try an IWB holster then you need to make sure the holster you purchase has a rigid insert at the opening.  If the holster does not have a rigid insert at the holster opening the holster can collapse when a gun is withdrawn from it. This makes it harder to reinsert the gun if the holster has collapsed so make sure your holster has this feature. Not every model has this feature so double check before you purchase.

The Pros and Cons of inside-the-Waist Band carry.