Alabama Gun Laws

Alabama concealed carry laws are liberal and allow concealed carry permits to be issued at the county level.  Applications can be made at the local Sheriff's office in your county of residence. Applicants must be at least 19 years or older and meet other criteria although there is no requirement for a firearms training course. The application process in Alabama is fairly easy and the sheriff must either grant or deny your application for a permit within 30 days of your submission. Fees for new CCW permits and renewals vary across counties. Some counties will notify holders of permits that they are due for renewal, however there are also counties that will not contact you at all.

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Alabama CCW Quick Facts

Carry In Vehicle SEE DETAILS
Must Notify Officer NO
Carry In State Parks Allowed SEE DETAILS
No Weapons Signs Enforced SEE DETAILS
Open Carry Permitted YES
Carry In Liquor Establishments YES
Constitutional Carry NO
Shall Issue
See Details

Alabama Handgun Permit


  • Must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Reside in the county where you file the application
  • Have no convictions of violence
  • Must be a US citizen or legal alien.
  • Must not be a drug addict or habitual drunkard.
  • Must be of sound mind and not have been involuntarily admitted to psychiatric or drug treatment facility.
  • Federal Law Requirements
Under Alabama law a person with any of the following convictions are banned from possessing a weapon;
Murder, manslaughter, rape, mayhem, assault with intent to commit robbery or murder, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, any class A or B felony.

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Alabama CCW permit recognition
  • Permit honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Residential permits only
  • Issuing state

Alabama CCW Reciprocity

Alabama Reciprocity List

RESIDENT Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming NON-RESIDENT Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming Districts & Territories District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington

How Reciprocity Works In Alabama

Alabama honors all out of state concealed carry permits pursuant to section 13A-11-85 of the Alabama Code. Any person who has a concealed carry permit in another U.S. state can legally carry their firearm in Alabama. They will be subject to Alabama gun laws while in that state.

Alabama Reciprocity Agreements

Alabama currently has reciprocity agreements with the following states;
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida,Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming
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Alabama state flag


  • Wisconsin will only accept Alabama concealed carry permits if they were issued after the 14 January, 2013.
  • Alabama will not honor a concealed carry permit from New York City.
Reciprocity for licenses issued in other states. (a) A person licensed to carry a handgun in any state shall be authorized to carry a handgun in this state. This section shall apply to a license holder from another state only while the license holder is not a resident of this state. A license holder from another state shall carry the handgun in compliance with the laws of this state. (b) The Attorney General is authorized to enter into reciprocal agreements with other states for the mutual recognition of licenses to carry handguns and shall periodically publish a list of states which recognize licenses issued pursuant to Section 13A-11-75.
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Alabama Concealed Carry Forms

Alabama Form Downloads

Pointers: Alabama Handgun Laws

Alabama: Places Off-Limits for CCW

Places Off Limits in Alabama

  • Premises of a public school composed of K12 grades
  • School bus used for K12 grades
  • Demonstrations at public places
  • University of Alabama
  • Building of a police, sheriff, or highway patrol station
  • Inside any facility hosting a professional athletic event not related to firearms which is sponsored by a private or public elementary or secondary school or any private or public institution of post secondary education.
  • Inside a facility which provides inpatient or custodial care of those with psychiatric, mental, or emotional disorders.
  • Inside a courthouse or courthouse annex
  • Prison, jail, halfway house, community corrections facility, or other detention facility for those who have been charged with or convicted of a criminal or juvenile offense.
  • Building in which a District Attorney's office is located
  • Building in which a county commission or city council is currently having a meeting
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

Places CCW is Allowed in Alabama

  • State parks
  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicle
  • All areas of the state not listed as Off-Limits

Alabama Concealed Carry Laws

YES/NO - Without a permit
Without a permit, you can still legally carry in a vehicle but the handgun must be unloaded and locked in a compartment or container that is in or affixed securely to the vehicle and out of reach of the driver and any passenger in the vehicle. You must have a Permit to carry a loaded handgun in any vehicle. The Law 13A-11-73(b) - Alabama Code
YES - Without a permit
Open carry is legal in Alabama if a person is at least 19 years old and legally able to posses a firearm. You must have a permit/license to carry a loaded gun in a vehicle. The Law 13A-11-75(g) 13A-11-7 13A-11-7(6)(c)

There is nothing in Alabama gun laws that state you must inform a law enforcement officer you have a firearm when approached on official business.

The law does state that you need to carry your permit when carrying a concealed pistol on your person or carrying a pistol in a vehicle " person shall carry a pistol in any vehicle or concealed on or about his or her person without a permit..."

The Law
- Alabama Code
Alabama is not a Constitutional Carry state yet. The Senate has passed laws in favor of permitless carry but they still have a few hurdles to go through before becoming law.
It is legal to carry in the following areas;
  • State Parks: YES - Admin Code 220.5.08 (only handguns)
  • State/National Forests: YES
  • State Wildlife Management Areas: YES - Admin Code 220.2 (only handguns)
  • Road Side Rest Areas:  YES
The Law
Admin Code 220-5-.08  
Admin Code 220-2  
In Restaurants That Serve Alcohol "Yes" or "No" states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Some restaurants may be posted with "NO GUN" signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. If we have indicated a "Yes" then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.
“No Weapons” signs are not mentioned in Alabama gun laws. We have not been able to find any further information so advise you to follow the recommendation below. GunsToCarry recommends that you do not enter a property displaying a “No Weapons" sign whether the law is for or against signage. If asked to leave a property and you refuse to do so then you are breaking the law and put yourself at risk of being charged.

Alabama Gun Sales & Preemption

Private Gun Sales

There are no background checks required for private sales of a handgun or long gun in Alabama. However, it is illegal to sell any firearm to a person who is prohibited from possessing a firearm. This raises the question of how do you know the person is not a prohibited person without access to the various government databases. You really only have the purchasers word to go on. To protect yourself you could draft up a document and ask the purchaser to sign it verifying they are not a prohibited person.

Dealer Sales

A federally licensed dealer can only sell handguns to a person that is at least 21 years old. This conflicts with Alabama law that says you can possess a handgun when 19 years old. So if you are 19 - 20 years old you will need to get a person aged at least 21 to purchase your handgun or buy one privately.

Alabama Gun Statutes

"That every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state."
(Article I §26)
alabama state capitol building
Alabama State Capitol Building

Alabama Laws Relating To Concealed Carry

Off-Limits Statutes

Other CCW Statutes

Alabama Concealed Carry FAQ's

Alabama CCW Contact

Jefferson County Sheriff


Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Address 2200 Rev. Abraham Woods Jr Blvd.

CityBirmingham, AL 35203

Phone (205) 325-5728

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  1. I am active duty military, non resident of Alabama, would I be able to get an Alabama ccw?

  2. Why does this site say that K-12 public schools are “off limits”?

    13a-11-72 does not read that firearms are illegal to be carried on public school property.

    (c) Subject to the exceptions provided by Section 13A-11-74, no person shall knowingly with
    intent to do bodily harm carry or possess a deadly weapon on the premises of a public school.
    (d) Possession of a deadly weapon with the intent to do bodily harm on the premises of a public
    school in violation of subsection (c) of this section is a Class C felony.

    If a person does not intend to do bodily harm, this says that carrying a firearm on school property is legal, does it not?

    1. I think what they’re getting at is by carrying a firearm you imply intent to do bodily harm. Albeit for self defence the purpose of the weapon is to cause harm. It’s a catch 22 from hell, only those intending to break the law can be at the school with guns.

    2. Please see Federal Gun Free School Zones Act 1990.

      It prohibits any unauthorized individual from knowingly possessing a loaded or unsecured firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(25).

      1. Please see the permit exception…..the federal law you reference makes exceptions for those with state issued permits….

  3. Is it possible for me to go outside the county i live in and apply for a ccw permit in another surrounding county?

    1. Author

      No, you need to reside in the county where you file the application for a permit

  4. Slight error in the Section. Permits are available in one year increments from one TO five, not one OR five.

  5. I was arrested and felony in 72 …went to court…case thrown out…no record…went in military and no problem…been getting yearly gun permit up until a few yrs ago…went last to renew and was turned down for a felony in 72! Told I have to go back to fl to straiten it out…I am to old and will NOT go there and will still keep a gun in my car and loaded on my property…heck with a license…you try to be a honest citizen and AL screws you so why follow the law!!!

  6. I was denied a permit in Montgomery County because of a misdemeanor marijuana charge that happened thirteen years ago, when I was in college. Is this legal?;The law says “a drug addict or habitual drunkard” which shouldn’t apply to a single incident from well over a decade ago.

    1. i got arrested at 18 on multiple felony charges. upon completion of my plea deal they were dropped to misdemeanor charges. i have to provide some paperwork to the sheriff in order to get my permit and to have it renewed. my suggestion would be to speak to the sheriff. tell him your story and then ask him exactly what you need to provide him with in order to be granted a permit. you may have to spend some time with the county clerk in order to get your paperwork but if it’s truly a misdemeanor charge, you will be able to get a permit after you provide the sheriff with the proper paperwork.

    2. They told my 20 year old that he had to wait till he turned 21 but not my niece. We all filled them out the same day.

  7. Can someone provide the state statute that says it is (a) okay or not okay to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in a car? (b) can the shotgun or rifle be within reach of me (the driver)? (c) If a magazine is inserted in the rifle, but a round not chambered, is it considered to be loaded? Thanks in advance for correct information.

  8. the map seems to be correct , but in the drop down under “Alabama Reciprocity List” states that will not accept alabama ccw permits . it seems south carolina has been left off the list .

  9. Do you have to have a valid driver’s license in the state of alabama to get a CCW?

      1. No , I have GA driver’s Lic. and still got my CCW. You have to have proof that you live in AL. Example: Car registration, or utility bill.

  10. Can i get a gun licenses or a permit if i don’t have any felonies in the state of Alabama.

  11. I’m a little confused on the age restriction at 19. I was granted a CCW at 18 and have had absolutely no problem since then. Also in the county I applied it was either $50/60 for a 5 year hard copy permit and less for a shorter period of time.

  12. I’m 51 years old when I was 17 I had a felony selling marijuana I made the youthful offender act which I was told my rights would be reinstated after completing all things sentenced to me where completed why I’m I still denied can’t buy a gun at a store

  13. I recently moved to Alabama on march 14, 2020. Can i get my concealed permit now? Do i need a permit to purchase a pistol if i get a concealed carry permit?

    1. Johnny, as long as you have a “residence “ and a driver’s license you can purchase a firearm before you get a CCP. You can apply for the permit anytime at your county sheriff office

  14. With my pistol permit i want to carry my pistol where police can because police are not always around if anything goes wrong I need to be able to protect my self police always get there when everything is over

  15. Quick question! I am super new to all this but it seems from what I have read here so far that to just own the gun you dont need a permit? Only if you want to be able to conceal carry/ have it loaded in your car? Please correct me if I’m wrong and sorry if you have answered this question before!

    1. You are correct. You can purchase and carry in you car as long as it is out of reach and the ammo and weapon is separate. Also you can open carry without a permit.

      1. What I read was to legally carry in a vehicle it had to be unloaded & in a locked container out of reach of driver & passenger. That is a lot different from merely separating the pistol from the ammo ?

  16. I had a warrant for not going back to court for a traffic violation when I went to get my pistol permit renewed I was booked and given a new court date and was told I could get my permit once I was released well I went back the next business day and was told by the clerk I had a open case bc I was just in jail for that warrant and she couldn’t give me my permit. Is that accurate the police and bondsman said I should be able to get it

  17. I live in Tennessee and plan to drive to Alabama tomorrow to take a test for my job. Tennessee law allows us to carry a loaded weapon in our vehicles without a permit. Would I also be able to carry it into Alabama?

    I saw the Alabama law is that Alabama residents can only carry in vehicles without a permit if the gun is unloaded and locked away such as in the glove box where the driver and passenger can’t easily access it. So does Alabama recognize allow for reciprocity so that I can just keep it loaded in my seat? Or do I have to abide by the way Alabama law reads?

    1. In Alabama, You cannot carry a gun inside the vehicle without a permit. You can put your unloaded gun in the trunk of your car and carry it that way without a permit .

  18. I recently was meeting someone at a populated area to make a vehicle exchange. Because I was not familiar with the person I had my gun on me. Visible to the officer that that person had with them. I also had in my hand my permit to carry that weapon. He physically took the gun from it’s holster and proceeded to empty it. He then took it to his patrol car and ran the serial number. When he returned my weapon to me, he insisted on putting the bullets in the back of my car. My question is, did that officer have the right to physically take my weapon from me like that? I was not waving it around or pointing it at anyone. It was in the holster where I have the right to have it.

    1. That would be considered an unconstitutional search and seizure.

    2. he was just protecting himself. I would do the same if someone showed up to a buisness meeting with a gun displayed or I would have to unholster mine. I was always taught to never show a gun unless your gonna use it.

      1. Open carry in Alabama is legal for one but having a permit in hand should have been all he needed to see if you stepped out of the car with a loaded weapon in a holster. Sounds heavy handed! The other party came with a loaded cop, you were in your rights to show up with a weapon with a permit. Most of us can’t carry a cop in their pocket. I suggest a concealed holster for your weapon and that way nobody has to know you are protected.

      2. No it was a crooked cop. That’s why the public is so against them today. Power hungry. That’s how accidents happened some fool takes weapon out of someone else holster, not knowing loaded or unloaded. Need to be removed from public service.

  19. Hello I recently moved from Maryland to BIRMINGHAM. I am a holder of a Utah ccw. I haven’t changed my address on my permit yet but have a Alabama driver’s license am I still able to carry until my address change goes through?

    1. Once you change your residency to Alabama, an out of state gun permit is no longer valid. I almsot found this out the hard way. I retired from the military and moved here from Virginia. I had a VA Gun Permit, but my VA license was “Voided” when I changed my license to Alabama. I have a neighbor who is a police officer and he told me, that he would not arrest me if he found a gun on me with an out of state gun permit but another cop could if found. I went ahead and switched to an Alabama gun permit. It is really easy anyways. Go to the courthouse, fill out a piece of paper, give them some money, they run a quick background check and you walk out with a gun permit that looks alot like your drivers license. 10-15 minutes tops.

  20. If I have a warrant can I still get my CCW license? It’s not a moving violation or criminal warrant it’s a expired tag.

    1. I went to get my permit and was arrested for an outstanding warrant, The sheriff bailed me out and I went ahead and got my permit as I no longer had a warrant, sheriff said, Now don’t go shooting anyone before court or I will have to arrest you again. True Story,
      Prattville Alabama.

    2. durrell williams

      no you can not and on top of that you will in all likelihood be arrested once they run your license. you get your permit usually at the sheriffs office but in any case it’s definitely a building full of cops. if they run your name and you have a warrant they WILL arrest you for sure.

  21. I’m from baldwin county and currently working in Florida, an officer at a store just told me I can’t carry my handgun because florida doesn’t respect alabamas pistol law. Wtf?

      1. Resident only means that the person with the Ala permit must be a resident of Ala. Ala will issue a permit to a resident of another state when the are living in Ala but not claiming Ala as their resident

      2. Maybe you don’t understand what you read …. or you don’t know what the term “resident only” means in reference to respiratory CCW laws.

  22. I’m located in baldwin County al and I have a question about concealed permits. Does it cover a shotgun in my truck. I’m having trouble finding any specifics regarding the law with this. I was stopped,searched, my ammunition confiscated, then charged with hunting/discharching a firearm over a public roadway. He said because it was within arms reach he “believes” thats what I was doing. Completely bogus accusation! It was unloaded and with the search he found 1 shell under the seat. Any info on the subject would be great. I thought even if it was loaded my permit protected me. Thanks for any info

    1. Your ccw permit covers your handgun. not long guns. Your rifle or shotgun must be unloaded and out of reach. I had same problem a few years ago

  23. Is there a capacity limit to which you can not carry a firearm in a mall that holds up to a specific amount of people?

    1. Your question doesn’t make sense, please restructure your question and ask again. BUT, with that said, most malls are marked as No Carry Zones.

      1. EDIT: If you are referring to carrying in a vehicle , you must have a CCW to have a loaded firearm.

  24. Is it illegal to open carry in a shopping mall, with no signs, or postings of ( no firearms, or guns allowed)?

  25. Please update info on obtaining permit at 19 in Alabama. I went to the county on my 18th birthday in 2015 and was awarded my permit one month later.

    The age is 18 for concealed carry, although 19 is considered a legal adult in Alabama.

      1. I bought a gun in Oklahoma approx 30-35 years ago. After I had it for awhile I sold it to my grandfather. When he passed away my mother and her husband got possession of the gun. Finally after many years I have decided that I need the gun. Where I live isn’t that safe so I want to make sure I can protect myself. I am older now and I woulfd not carry it our side my home. What kind of permit do.i need to keep it at my home?

  26. My son was told that if he has,a permit he could not open carry . True or False

    1. There is no law against open carry in the state of Alabama. Therefore it’s not against the law.

    2. For the average individual, “open carry” is not a smart idea by any means. With open carry you are “advertising” the fact that you have a firearm. This tells the criminal that he is going to have to take care of you before committing the crime he intends to carry out. This could be as easy as grabbing the gun out of your holster. I saw a video of a guy that went into a McDonald’s with an open carry. The guy inline behind him grabbed his gun and was out the door before the gentleman even realized his gun was missing. The whole point of concealed carry is that nobody knows you are armed, and you can make your move when you want…

  27. Is a concealed carry Fanny pack legal in Alabama? As a parapalegic, traditional holsters aren’t the most comfortable of most efficient. Thanks!

  28. Can someone please tell me if someone in another state has felony convictions on their record from the 1990s but move to Alabama can they register to vote and can they get a permit to carry a concealed weapon

    1. That depends on the state where the conviction occurred. If the rights have been restored, then they are good in AL. If not, then those rights are restricted in AL.

    2. If he or she is a convicted felon they can not own or be around any firearms in any state. their conviction covers all 50 states.

    3. I am now a “permanent resident”. Can I open carry in Alabama without a permit?

  29. So my father in-law and I had the conversation today of Alabama’s gun laws. He stated that it is against the law for me to carry my pistol with a round chambered even though I have a ccw permit. I have looked several places to see what I could find every thing states that you can carry a loaded weapon with a ccp. So I gues I should ask how is the term loaded defined in the state of Alabama?

    1. Okay, retired LEO here, firearms instructor, and the guy who used to cover firearms laws and such at my previous agency (ergo, I have some idea of what I’m talking about here). When carrying concealed legally with a CCW or openly with or without a CCW, it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to carry with a round chambered. Most self-defense shootings occur near arms-reach and there is so seldom time to chamber a round. Also, I’ve seen trained professionals blunder manually chambering a round (not pulling the slide back far enough, riding the slide closed with the support hand, etc., etc.). There are enough things to go wrong in that moment of horror, why further hamper your chances of survival? Now, a caveat, if you will: If you weapon is not considered “drop safe” then having a round chambered is not a good idea. If you are not comfortable with and very familiar with your weapon (hey, EVERYONE is a novice at some point) then in those cases, chamber-empty is a good idea as well. In the first instance, it’ll do until you get a safer weapon (i.e. one that won’t go “bang” when [not if .. when] you drop it or bang it on a table or you fall down while carrying it). In the second instance going chamber empty is only temporary until you are comfortable (comfortable, not cocky) and so familiar with your weapon that you can manipulate it under stress as well as draw and re-holster without your finger touching the trigger.

      Short answer: When otherwise legal to carry it is PERFECTLY LEGAL to have a round chambered.

    2. there is no law prohibiting carrying concealed with a round chambered that is the only way I ever carry. an unloaded gun isnt much use think about a situation that might actually call for self defense will you be able to use both hands to draw and chamber a round? Ive had 3 or 4 dealings with police while carrying and my pistol is always loaded I always make sure they know one is chambered if they ask to secure it or check the numbers.

    3. You father might have read or be referring to : IT IS ILLEGAL to carry a loaded weapon in a vehicle IF you do not have a CCW. In a vehicle, Without a permit, handguns must be unloaded and locked in a compartment or container that is in or affixed securely to the vehicle and out of reach of the driver and any passenger in the vehicle.

      1. I bought a gun in Oklahoma approx 30-35 years ago. After I had it for awhile I sold it to my grandfather. When he passed away my mother and her husband got possession of the gun. Finally after many years I have decided that I need the gun. Where I live isn’t that safe so I want to make sure I can protect myself. I am older now and I woulfd not carry it our side my home. What kind of permit do.i need to keep it at my home?

      2. In Fla snapped in a holster satisfies the “locked in container” requirement. Anyone know for sure where Alabama stands on “locked container” ?

    4. Your father in-law is wrong, use your head, if that was true all revolvers would be illegal to carry in Alabama because they always have a round chambered and only require that you pull the trigger, just like a semi-auto with a round chambered.

  30. My wife and I have been spending winters in Baldwin County . I like to target shot and would like to bring one of my hand guns with me. I live in up-state New York , am a retired police officer and veteran and re certified my permit this year. I have read that Alabama honors the up state N.Y. permits but what I read of information about issues like this I take with a grain of salt. One, is it true that my permit would be honored, Two , would it be best to get a C.C.P. from Baldwin County, Three, are either one good in the whole State?? Thank you

    1. 2. Likely it is the same process at all the sheriff offices, so not likely much of a difference.
      3. A CCP from any sheriff is good statewide. I doubt permits are issued to nonresidents, so call first. The price used to be set by the local sheriff. That might have been standardized with the 2013 law change.

    2. Unless you are a resident of Alabama, you cannot get an Alabama Pistol Permit. However, your NY permit is valid in Alabama.

        1. Incorrect. Alabama law recognizes and honors New York state CCW permits.

          Alabama does not however legally recognize CCW permits issued by New York City.

    3. If you are indeed a retired officer then you don’t need to worry about any state honoring your permit.. your protected by leosa

    4. AL honors all permits from other states. No need to purchase a permit here, besides AL does not issue non-resident permits. All firearm laws, conceal carry laws, open carry laws are the sole domain of the state legislature. No local authority can place limits not imposed by the legislature.

      1. The only non-resident permits issued in Alabama, are to active duty military assigned to an Alabama location.

  31. Just being entirely sure here, but today is Thursday May 24th. When was this last updated? I’m currently 17 and next month on June 15th I will be 18 and am wanting to take the CCW test to get my pistol permit. I asked a local officer the age requirement and he said 21, even though I know multiple people and know of others who got theirs at 18 excluding the special benefits, such as military. This site says 18. I just want to be sure and not embarrass myself if I go in for it and am turned down because of age. Also, as a side note, this is Clanton in Chilton County.

    1. You can get a cc. You must be 18. Go to the sheriffs office and apply for it. Like I said you must be 18. But the being 21. Is to purahace ammunition and a handgun

    2. Author

      The info is checked at least every week so is still current. You can legally carry at 18 years but no federally licensed dealer will be able to sell you a handgun until you are 21 years old.

      1. Do you know the legality of buying a pistol through private sales in Alabama. I’m about to turn 19 and thinking about buying a handgun through private sales if it’s legal. I don’t want to get pulled over and have an officer run the number on the gun and charge me with god knows what for. There isn’t a lot of information about private sales online and I can’t interpret what there is. Thank you

        1. You can purchase a pistol thru a private sale at 19 in Alabama. FFLs cannot sell to you if under 21 per Federal law. To carry in a vehicle does require a pistol permit.

          1. The legal age to possess a pistol in AL is 18. I know that the wording of the law changed a little in 2016 and went from 18 to “not a minor,” but when you look at every other criminal statute, you stop being a minor at 18. The only exceptions are tobacco (19) and alcohol (21) possession. Only AL civil law says you must be 19 to enter into a binding contract. Oddly, at the age of 16 a minor can consent to sex with anyone of any age above 14.

            I have gone with many of my nephews and Scouts to get their permit so that the gun carried in their passenger compartment is legal because of my permit. We have gone on 18th birthdays several times.

    3. 1. There is not a test to take in Alabama for a Pistol Permit.
      2. The legal age to possess a pistol and get a Pistol Permit in Alabama is 19 by state law.

      1. The age is 18 in alabama for a pistol permit. How do I know? Because my son went and got his 2 weeks after he turned 18.

  32. Alabama pistol permit fee is listed here at $100, which is wrong. Including the processing fee Alabama permit cost per year is only $13.

    1. Author

      Fees vary by county, we quoted Shelby county fees as an example. For 1 year is $20 or 5 years $100

    2. That price is for 5 years which it shows in the next box. One year is 20 dollars not 13

    3. Join the discussion…I am pretty sure that the fee is regulated by the Sheriff in the particular county where one would be applying at.

    4. Jefferson County is $7.50 a year with the option of paying for 1-5 years at a time.

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