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Florida firearms laws operate at the state level and can be described as being accommodating compared to other states. The states policy is "Shall Issue" for a concealed carry license with the licenses being issued to both residents and non-residents. Florida is one of five states that bans open carry although open carry is permitted in some limited situations. The state has full preemption over all gun laws for handguns and long guns.

Florida CCW Quick Facts

Carry In Vehicle YES
Must Notify Officer NO
Carry In State Parks Allowed YES
No Weapons Signs Enforced NO
Open Carry Permitted NO
Carry In Restaurant SEE DETAILS
Constitutional Carry NO
total active ccw
licenses in florida

Gun Laws

State rating
states that honor
a florida license
florida honors
states not
honoring license

Florida CCW Dashboard

total active ccw
permits in Florida

Gun Laws

State Rating
states Permit
honored in

FL Honors

states permit
not honored
with permit

Florida CCW Reciprocity

  • Permit Honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Residential permits only
  • Issuing state

How Reciprocity Works in Florida

State statutes allow Florida to accept licenses from other states only if that state agrees to honor a Florida concealed carry license. Florida reciprocity law is governed by section 790.015 of the Florida statutes.

Florida currently has reciprocity agreements with 36 other states. A Florida concealed carry license is valid in all these states with a few exceptions as noted at the bottom of this section.

Firearms laws vary with each state and a Florida license holder will be subject to the laws of whatever state they are travelling in.

Florida Reciprocity State's

Resident License
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming

Non-Resident License
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming
Resident Licenses Only
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming
California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Washington D.C. Wisconsin


Florida and other state CCW license holders should all take note of the following exceptions when traveling in any of the states listed below.
Only residential CCW licenses from states that Florida has reciprocity agreements with will be honored. Non-residential licenses will not be accepted even if the state has a reciprocity agreement with Florida.
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Florida Handgun License

Florida Gun Policy

Shall Issue

License Issued To

Residents, Non-Residents
Florida CCW License

The Florida concealed carry license differs from other states in that it allows holders of the license to not only carry a handgun but also other weapons such as electronic weapons, tear gas guns, billies (baton) and knives. Applicants must be at least 21 years or older and have completed a firearms training course.

The age requirement is reduced to 18 - 20 for members of the armed forces. There is also a broad range of other requirements applicants must meet with a full list in our requirements section. Applications can be made online, in person or by mail.

Non-Resident License

Non-Residents can apply in the same way as residents. However, non-residents will need to submit paper fingerprint cards with the prints having been done by your local law enforcement agency. You will also need to ensure the address of the agency has been entered on the back of the fingerprint card, if the address is missing your application will be returned.

Moving to Florida
If you are moving to Florida and hold a valid CCW license in your current state you will need to establish residence in Florida by;

  • Making a statement of domicile.
  • Registering to vote.
  • Filing an application for homestead tax exemption on property located in Florida.

Once you have established legal residence in Florida your out of state CCW license will be valid for 90 days. This only applies if your license is from a state that honors a Florida CCW license.

The Law
790-015 Non-resident license

Handgun Training

You will need to submit a copy of a certificate from one of he following courses to prove you are competent with a firearm;

  • NRA training course.
  • Hunter safety courses that have been approved by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission or by similar organizations in other states.
  • Any firearms safety course offered by a college, law enforcement agency, private or public institution, with instructors that are certified by the NRA, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer services or Criminal Justice Training Commission.
  • A firearms training course with a state certified instructor.
  • Documents from participation in an organized shooting competition.

Military Training
If you are on active duty you can submit a military order or a statement of military service signed by a personnel officer or commander. For former military personnel you can submit a DD form 214 for honorable discharge from military service.


  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • You have completed an approved firearms training class
  • You are a U.S. citizen or legal resident alien
  • You must reside in the U.S.
  • You do not have two or more DUI convictions within the previous 3 years
  • No convictions for a violent crime in the last three years, either misdemeanor or felony
  • Federal law requirements

More Details
These are the minimum requirements to qualify for a Florida concealed carry permit. Full requirement details for a concealed carry permit can be found on the application page.

cost of
Cww permit
Years Permit
is valid
florida concealed carry license

Florida CCW Application & Renewal

application form for florida concealed carry license
Concealed carry license application form

Need More Help?

We have setup a step by step guide with video instructions on the application and renewal process for a concealed handgun permit. Just click on the buttons below to go to the page.

Florida: Places Off-Limits for CCW

florida state flag
Florida state flag

Places Off-Limits in Florida

  • Any police, sheriff, or highway patrol station
  • Any detention facility, prison, or jail
  • Any courthouse or courtroom
  • Any polling place
  • Any meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special district
  • Any meeting of the Legislature or a committee thereof
  • Any school, college, or professional athletic event not related to firearms
  • Any elementary or secondary school facility or administration building
  • Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises
  • Any area of a vocational-technical center
  • Any place of nuisance as defined in s. 823.05
  • Any college or university facility
  • Inside the passenger terminal and sterile area of any airport
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

Places Allowed in Florida

  • State parks
  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicle
  • All areas of the state, except those listed as Off-Limits

Pointers: Florida CCW

When to display a weapon
What to do in traffic stop

Florida Open Carry

open carry in florida
Open carry in Florida.

The Facts on Florida Open Carry

As a general rule Florida open carry is illegal and the law bans handguns from being carried openly even with a valid permit. Open carry has not always been banned in Florida's gun history but currently Florida is one of  five states in the US that ban open carry. The Supreme Court in November, 2017 upheld the ban on open carry in Florida by refusing to hear a case challenging the law.

When Is Open Carry Legal?

There are under Florida Statute 790.25 certain limited conditions in which open carry is legal. Such conditions would be if you are;

  • Traveling to or engaged in camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting or
  • Lawful target shooting

790.25 Lawful Ownership, Possession, and use of Firearms and Other Weapons

  • (h) A person engaged in fishing, camping, or lawful hunting or going to or returning from a fishing, camping, or lawful hunting expedition;
  • (i) A person engaged in the business of manufacturing, repairing, or dealing in firearms, or the agent or representative of any such person while engaged in the lawful course of such business;
  • (j) A person firing weapons for testing or target practice under safe conditions and in a safe place not prohibited by law or going to or from such place;
  • (k) A person firing weapons in a safe and secure indoor range for testing and target practice;

Open carry is only permitted in the above limited situations.

How Will The Police React to Open Carry in Florida?

As seen in the following video clip you will be stopped by law enforcement and questioned if seen open carrying a firearm in Florida. Even if you are engaged in legal activities where open carry is permitted such as fishing, hunting, and camping you will still likely raise unwanted attention from the police who are likely to fire some questions your way (hopefully not bullets)!

Florida Police question teen who is open carrying.

History Of Florida Gun Laws

antique handgun
Antique handgun

Learn Florida's Gun History


Until 1894 concealed carry of a firearm for self defense was accepted in Florida. The original licensing law was enacted in 1894 but was only applicable in the county in which it was issued. These licenses were issued by the various County Commissions with applicants having to post a surety bond or $100 cash. However, the 1894 law did not include concealed carry which was not permitted before the early 1970's.


This changed in the early 1970's when a man that was denied a permit in Sarasota County appealed to the Florida Supreme Court. The Court ruled that carriage of a firearm was a right that the Florida Constitution guaranteed and the various commissions MUST issue a permit. This court ruling forced a change to the 1894 law and it was slightly modified to permit that method of carry, however it was still only legal in the county a permit was issued.


In 1987 the Florida gun laws were updated and Florida became a Shall Issue state. The 1987 law also legitimized open carry without a license, however due to public opposition stoked by the press open carry was then banned again. Up until 1987 unlawful carrying of a firearm was treated as a misdemeanor.


Florida was the first state to enact stand your ground laws on October 1, 2005. More than 20 other states quickly passed similar laws after the introduction of Florida's law.

Florida Concealed Carry Laws

florida state capitol building
Florida state capitol building

Florida Gun Laws To Know

NO - Must Inform Officer

There is nothing in Florida gun laws that states you must inform a law enforcement officer you have a firearm when approached on official business. You are required by law to carry your permit, together with photo ID, at all times during which the permittee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun.

The Law


Any "No Firearms" signage in Florida generally does not have the law behind it. Unless, the sign is posted in an area that falls within the Off-Limits law. The area must be specifically stated in the section of law as being off limits.

Even if the law does not backup a "No Firearms" sign you can still be arrested for trespass if you enter the property. So its best to not enter any property with such a sign posted.

YES - Without a permit
It is lawful for a person 18 years of age or older to possess a concealed firearm or other weapon for self-defense or other lawful purposes within the interior of a private vehicle, without a license, if the firearm or other weapon is securely encased or is otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use. "Securely encased" means in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access.

The Law
790.17 Minimum age to transport Firearm 18

NO - with or Without a permit
Open Carry is illegal in Florida even if you have a permit/license. Under section 790.25(3)(h)(j)(k) of the Florida statutes there are some limited situations were it is legal to open carry such as traveling to and being engaged in lawful target shooting, fishing, hunting, and camping.

The Law

In Restaurants That Serve Alcohol

You are not permitted under Florida law to carry in a bar area that serves alcohol. The law states that "any portion of an establishment that dispenses alcohol.... which is primarily devoted to such purpose".

So it is widely interpreted in Florida to mean that you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol, as its primary purpose is to dispense food and not alcohol. However, if the restaurant has a bar area you cannot enter that area while carrying a firearm. And you certainly cannot enter a fully licensed bar. That is classed as a misdemeanor with a possible 60 days jail or $500 fine.

If the restaurant has posted a no firearms sign and you enter then you could be charged with armed trespass which is a felony.

The Law
790.06 (12)


It is legal to carry in the following areas;

State Parks:    YES
State/National Forests:    YES
State Game Management Units:    YES
Road Side Rest Areas:   YES

The Law
State Park Rules

"The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and of the lawful authority of the state shall not be infringed, except that the manner of bearing arms may be regulated by law."
(Art. I, § 8)

Florida Off-Limit Statutes

Other Florida CCW Statutes

For information on other states handgun laws please go back to the state laws page and select the state you are interested in.

Other Firearm Laws

Private Sales
Private sales of guns in Florida are legal and the transaction does not need to be processed through a licensed dealer as in some other states.

Florida law allows counties to require background checks and a 3 - 5 day waiting period when firearms are sold on property the public have access to such as a gun show. However, these local laws cannot be applied to concealed carry permit holders.

Florida Constitution, Art VIII Sec. 5(b)

Florida CCW FAQ's

frequently asked questions on florida gun laws

Florida CCW Contact

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Miami-Dade Office


Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Address 7743 NW 48th St. Ste. 100

CityDoral, FL 33166-5407

Phone (305) 639-3500

Updates & Data Sources


The information contained on this page is not legal advice but is merely a starting point for your own research. It is up to you to decide what the best course of action is for your circumstances. We are not lawyers, if you'd like individualized legal advice, we'd be happy to refer you to some law practices with known firearm specializations. It is crucial that you understand the law before you carry a firearm. Also, remember that just because a statute may clearly say one thing or another, that doesn't mean all members of law enforcement know it. That also goes for lawyers and even judges too.


  1. I am concerned about leaving my handgun in the car while at a place that doesn’t allow them. I have a handgun safe with a cable attached under the seat where I can put it but if the car gets broken into or stolen then the gun will be in the wrong hands. I have looked in the regulations but can’t find an answer to this question. What if I carry my pistol but no ammo into a place and leave the ammo in the car. I don’t care if the ammo gets stolen. Or any other suggestions would be welcome. Thanks Bud

  2. Can a husband buy a gun under his name and give it to his wife to carry it as a conceal in the state of Florida?

  3. Do you know, if “The MORE Act” passes,[] if someone who uses Marijuana medically or recreationally… legally by Federal standards, would no longer be prohibited to obtain a license to purchase a gun?
    Thank you in advance.

  4. My question is, “Do people with open carry guns have the right to in Convenience Stores, especially considering the long history of robberies that have happened over the years from people that brought guns in that weren’t legal?” This sets a really bad ruling for the safety for those workers if one of these people just suddenly snaps.

    1. I believe open carry in a convenience store would be prohibited as it does not meet one of the exemptions in 790.25(3) F.S.

      Based on your question, I assume you are an employee or owner of a convenience store. If someone walks into the business openly carrying a firearm you would be more than justified in calling the police and asking them to leave. I believe the article alluded to the fact that this would be considered armed trespass (810.08(c) F.S.)

      *Not legal advice*

  5. I have recently had my Gun rights restored in Florida. Do I have to wait 10 years to apply for a ccw?

  6. What is the process if any to legally be able to CCW my polymer 80 G19 in Florida? I would like to serialize the lower. So I the later future be able to sale it.

  7. I have a concealed carry weapon’s permit and it expired on 11/27/2020. I resubmitted it in 09/03/2020. I received a letter in Nov saying my finger prints could not pass and they required another one. They told me if the next set of finger prints do not pass they will turn them over to the FBI to see if they pass their standards. Again, I resubmitted new finger prints and haven’t heard form Florida. They can find my finger prints in the military database. I called again to day and could not speak to anyone. Asked to call again sometime. How can I get my renewed license?

  8. This page says that Florida does NOT enforce “No weapons” signs on businesses. That was my understanding, but my friend, who just took a CCW class from a retired LEO this weekend, was told that those signs bar you from entry even if you are lawfully carrying concealed. There is nothing about private businesses in statute 790.06(12), so I’m just a little confused. I know that a business owner can ask you to leave and have you trespassed if you do not comply, as long as it is not discriminatory and not based on race, gender, etc, but does that sign on the door constitute that warning?

    1. We have to go with what the law says, not an LEO. Even Judges and lawyers sometimes do not fully understand a law. Best approach is to do what the sign says even if it is not legally binding. Ignoring the sign will only result in conflict with the owner and a possible trespass charge.

    2. The sign DOES NOT constitute as a warning. In Florida, the warning must verbally come from an authorized person of the business AND you must have the opportunity to comply with the request to immediately leave the business. If you do not comply, then you can be arrested for Armed Trespass after Warning. The authorized representative of the business does have the right to have Law Enforcement issue you a trespass warning preventing you from returning to the business for up to one year.

  9. If were are to wear masks due to covid but the florida statue 876. 06 states anyone with a CWP shall not wear a mask, would this be a contradiction of the statue?


  11. With a few does the requirement to wear a mask supersede the requirement to be able to be identified

    1. I do believe this would fall under the state of emergency status where you are still allowed to carry during state of emergency

  12. Living in Florida and there’s talk of NOT being able to wear a mask with CCW. True or false? Can I lose my CCW permit (or worse) if the county/city authorities mandate wearing a mask and I carry in approved areas?

  13. Hello, I love in Florida. The mayor just announced that citizens are to wear face masks now. How is this supposed to affect ccw card holders? I believed it was illegal to wear anything that concealed our identity while being a card holder.

  14. I just want to keep a hand gun in my home. I never want to carry it outside of the home. Do I still need a carry conceal permit?

  15. Hi all. I live in Georgia and have a CCW permit. I will be vacationing in Florida soon. Is it lawful for me to enter Florida with CCW? Is it lawful for me to carry during my stay or just keep it in the condo? Thanks.

  16. Is there law or statue regarding carry while wearing a mask or face covering?

  17. Can i carry in florida? I live in new jersey with a new jersey drivers license however i used to live in florida full time but now only live here part time. I am a homeowner in florida and have a florida concealed carry permit from when i was a resident full time with a florida drivers license. Am i still able to carry even though i have a new jersey drivers license now? Again i still have a residence here and live part time here but i needed to change drivers license to new jersey for job purposes.

  18. Can i still carry in Florida?? I was a florida resident most of my life with a florida drivers license and a florida concealed carry permit. I own a home in florida but I moved to new jersey in 2016 and changed my drivers license to my new home address in new jersey. I have also obtained a firearms license in new jersey and still have the physical concealed carry license in my possession for florida. If i am a homeowner in florida who spends part of his time in florida but only have a new jersey drivers license, is my florida concealed carry permit still valid? Am i able to still carry in florida using my florida concealed carry even though i now have a new jersey drivers license? Thanks

  19. Is the Florida background check for a firearm purchase thru a FFL the same as the background check done for a CCW application and renewal.

  20. can you legally carry a concealed weapons with a shirt long enough to conceal it as long as you have an inside waistband holster

  21. How many firearms are you allowed to carry? I’d like to carry my full sized with a compact backup.

  22. My church wants to purchase a firearm for security purposes. The firearm will be kept on the church property and used solely for security. Does Florida allow churches to purchase firearms or must the purchase be made by an individual (leadership) so that a background check can be made?

  23. Are residents/legal citizens permitted to purchase /own a sig sauer mcx semi auto rifle? Or is it only permissible for law enforcement?

  24. In Florida are you required to disclose to a homeowner When you enter their home that you are a CCW holder and have a gun on your person?

  25. If you get a gun permit how many guns can you Carrie legally at one time.

  26. If I get pull over by an officer and I have my permit along with my handgun and the officer ask me if I have weapon in the vehicle? Can I say yes or should I just say I have my concealed permit?

  27. Can I bring into FL (as a legal Resident of FL) a rifle gifted to me by a family member from another State? Are there any rules on transporting it in an Open trunk like a Jeep?

    1. Yes, you can transfer your firearm property into the state. So long as you are eligible to posses firearms, and should that item be regulated by the NFA and is classified as a class 3 item, you must have your required stamp and trust and notify the local CLEO that you are in possesion of a class three. If you are transferring firearms in your vehicle, it must be encased and not readily accessible.

  28. Here’s is a interesting question, can you conceal Carry a long gun with a conceal weapon permit?

    1. In FL a CCW allows permit holders to conceal any type of lawful weapon (with the exception of NFA and Class 3 Items). But beware, a LEO will highly scrutinize you should they find you concealing a long gun.

  29. My condo is on the bay. I know it’s legal to open carry when fishing, but can I open carry from my door to the water on condo property. There are no HOA gun rules.

    1. Its best not to confuse your boundaries and limits on open carry. Although the COA is private property and does not dictate rules on firearms, I would recommend concealing your firearm until you are on your vessel or at the pier. But beware, open carry at a pier and open carry on the water are viewed very differently by LEO. The purpose of the Fishing, Hunting Camping provision is too allow citizens the capability of defending themselves in remote and otherwise less populated areas. Please see case law on this to protect yourself from any prosecution.

    2. “going to or returning from a fishing”

      This means yes, but the questions is….do you really need to.

  30. My concealed weapons license has been misplaced. Im waiting on the replacement. Can i carry my gun on me ? I have the details of the permit ( nunber and expiration date)

    1. No. In order to conceal, you must have on your person the CCW and your FL ID. You must wait until your replacement arrives. You can however carry your gun in your private conveyance.

    1. Yes you can. There is no limit as to how many guns, magazines or bullets. I get this question a lot.

  31. I have my CWFL is it illegal to have a round in the chamber while you are carrying concealed

    1. Yes, and please do. No one, and I do mean no one can rack a slide fast enough to beat a person whom already has a gun ready to do bad.

    1. If you have a concealed license as long as it is concealed I believe you can

    2. Yes you can. Banks are private entities not federal like some would think.

  32. If an employer bans concealed carry in the work place for employees, what forms must/documentation must the provide to the employee?

    1. Simply having it in the S.O.P. (standard operating procedures) manual or employee handbook is all they need for you to be not able to carry at work.

  33. I have a CW and pocket carry my weapon and a friend of mine is a convicted felon.Can I carry when we’re together such as riding in the car?He has no idea I carry and I’ve gotten several different answers to this even from police.

    1. Being a felon means they can’t possess it. To the best of my knowledge you should be able to carry the weapon on you but should avoid putting it into the vehicle within his reach because it could be perceived that it is his. It’s a bit of a grey area.

    2. If it’s in YOUR control or possession it doesn’t matter whom you are around.

  34. Can I carry or have a handgun easily accessible to me in a vechicle if I have a CW? Like in a magnet attached to the dash or a holster on the side of my seat?

    1. in your vehicle the gun may not be in plain view. If you have a CWFL you can cover the handgun with a towel or a magazine however if you do not have a CWFL the handgun must be “securely encased”. Covered with a towel or magazine is not securely encased.

      1. The magnet can be both good and bad. Jason brings up a good point that keeping it in plain sight is risky. However, it is very convenient if you have to drive longer distances which can make it a lot more comfortable then in a IWB holster. I usually get into my car with my gun concealed, then put it on my magnet if I have a long drive.

    2. The law states you can have it concealed on you with a permit or it must be “securely encased, or otherwise not readily accessible for use.” This has been interpreted to be in a latching compartment like a glove compartment or a center console or snapped in a holster.

    3. BIG NO on that stupid magnet setup lol. That makes the gun easily accessible and is also in plain sight. Same with the holster on side of seat. Easiest way to stay legal is out of sight, and not immediately accessible for use.

  35. what is conceited concealment.if you can see the out line of my gun under my shirt ect is it still concealed ?
    if i have a hostler with a fully enclosed top,no gun showing, is it ok

    1. If your firearms outline is visible through your clothing but the firearm itself is not visible that is what we call “printing”. Printing is not illegal in Florida. Technically if a holster COMPLETELY hides every part of a firearm, that is technically concealment and meets the requirement of concealed. I would not push that though. A fanny pack is okay, there are some holsters that are made to be in plain view but do not look like gun holsters. Those would be alright. Just keep in mind no portion of the firearm can be visible.

  36. Can I carry or have a handgun easily accessible to me in a vechicle if I have a CWP in Florida?

    1. Yes, however the handgun must not be in a location in the vehicle where it is in plain sight. If you have a CWFL the handgun is not required to be securely encased, just out of view through a window. Non-CWFL Floridians who have a handgun in their vehicle must keep the firearm securely encased in the vehicle.

    1. There is no law specifying this, however the statute says, “It is unlawful for any person to own or to have in his or her care, custody, possession, or control any firearm, ammunition, or electric weapon or device, or to carry a concealed weapon, ” This has always been read as having a firearm in the home being a violation to this law. Although there is nothing that prevents you from owning and concealing a firearm, it is in your best interest and your spouse’s, in order to prevent any prosecution, to make obvious that the firearm is yours and only you have custody of it. You can do this with a trust, which is very effective. But, heres the kicker, If you are driving together and are pulled over with your gun, there’s a good chance he may be arrested. Cops arent lawyers and wont care that you have a trust and permit etc. But the Judge will and you will most likely prevail in court. Cops deal with felons all the time and will assume that a firearm in his immediate area could be his, and would be probable cause for an arrest, but again I believe you would prevail 99 out of 100 times.

  37. Is a concealed weapons license required for a non lethal pistol?

  38. Do you need a concealed weapon license for a non lethal pistol?

  39. Why does it take so long for fdle to do a back ground check? The Reason i ask is because i had to pawn one of my hunting rifles due to a expensive truck repair. When i went and paid my loan off at the pawn shop a background check was called into FDLE which is customary. Well I and the pawn broker have been waiting for the approval from FDLE since April 5th to be able to pick what is rightfully mine. It’s been 2 months, I’m NOT a felon! I have NO violent criminal record. I just want to get my hunting rifle back. I’m beginning to feel that my constitutional right to bare arm’s is being violated.

    1. You should have gotten it within 15 minutes or so.Every time I’ve gotten a weapon here in Florida the shop calls them and stays on the phone with them until its cleared.Have them run it again.

  40. If getting chased by car or truck scared for your life and you try your best to get away and they’re still on your trail is ok to shoot or let off warning shots?

    1. If you are legally carrying the gun, then it’s self defense in fear of your life. Warning shots might end you up in jail .

    2. NEVER fire warning shots. It is illegal. You must really be in fear of your life to defend yourself using deadly force. Owning firearms carries with it immense responsibility. Please seek training.

    3. Being chased does not give the right to use deadly force. If they ram you or otherwise attempt to run you off the road, they’re now using a deadly weapon which can be considered aggravated battery which you can indeed stop with deadly force. Best thing to do is to drive to the nearest law enforcement station and call 911 and request a cop.

  41. I’m 19 Years old no criminal record of ANY kind clean record and I’m trying to buy a pistol but I’m not sure if it’s legal or not people tell me yes it is and then some say no because of a new bill that just passed


    1. Yeah us under the age of 21 cannot buy anything gun related from shops. You can buy them from private sales though so look out for that.

    2. I believe with the current Florida law concerning those under age 21 (betweem 18 and 21), the only path to ownership is being gifted a firearm. I do not believe a private seller is permitted to sell a firearm to a 19 year old in FL now. Look to get a gift from a close relative Jonathan.

  42. I know that before I received my CCW, it was against the law to carry my rifle loaded in my car to the shooting range. Is that still illegal, or can I leave the magazine in it during transport for convenience sake?

    1. It is legal to carry a loaded handgun in your vehicle without a CWFL, so I do not believe it was ever illegal to carry a loaded long gun in your vehicle, especially to or from a gun range (for target practice). In fact, it is legal to carry a handgun openly when travelling directly to or from a place where you practice target shooting in Florida, no carry permit required. You may also open carry while fishing or going to or coming from your fishing spot, but don’t stop at stores or take any detours, travel directly to and from the fishing location. Same goes for hunting, and camping. Given this I believe loaded long guns may be carried in your vehicle to target practice. Please double check the Florida statutes yourself though. They can be found online and are easy to read.

    2. You may keep your rifle in a zippered case, loaded or not, no matter the presence of a CWFL. Best thing to do is to keep it out of reach but there is nothing that says you you can’t.

  43. The statutes seem unclear but if I read them correct, a CCW holder from a state that does not allow CCW permits from Florida will not have reciprocity for Conceal carry . My question is, Can out of state CCW holder have a loaded handgun anywhere in the vehicle other than stashed away in the appropriate container or glove box (not ready for immediate use), as any Florida resident must do that does not hold a CCW permit.
    While traveling though Illinois for example, a non resident with a CCW permit, can travel through the state of Illinois and can conceal carry as long as the loaded handgun remains in the vehicle. The odd thing is in Illinois a resident can not do this. They have to unload and case. I somone could elaborate on this it would be greatly appreciated!

    1. In Florida, if you have a concealed carry permit from a state which has no reciprocity with Florida, you may not carry concealed in FL. If you have a firearm in your vehicle in Florida and you do not have a CWFL the firearm must be “securely encased”.

  44. My husband is a LEO in Mississippi and is licensed to conceal carry by Mississippi laws with being an active LEO. We are traveling to FL for vacation and would like to know if reciprocity is granted for members of Mississippi law enforcement to conceal carry.

    1. Florida does honor a concealed carry permit from Mississippi. If you have any other questions, you can look up the concealed carry laws for Florida or call your local sheriff or police department. Since your husband is active LEO, he shouldn’t have any problems finding out this information.

  45. If you are a small business owner with a tax receipt are you exempt from needing a CWP?

  46. In Florida can you carry a weapon without a permit isn’t there a three step rule?

    1. No, there’s no such thing as a three step rule. Its a myth.

    2. There are occasions where you can open carry a handgun in Florida without a CWFL (permit), fishing, hunting, camping and target practice plus traveling directly to and from such activities. There is no three step rule. If you lack a CWFL (and you are not a “prohibited person”) you may have a handgun in your vehicle but it must be securely encased, not on your person.

  47. Is there a list I can check to show me what guns are legal in Florida?

    1. All firearms are legal in Florida unless federally regulated. These would include fully automatic guns, short barrel shotguns below a certain length, etc. No firearms are banned by make or capacity.

    1. Manny, the general answer is yes, however there are complications; for example if you rent in an apartment complex (or condominium) in FL, you may only open carry within your apartment, you are not permitted to open carry in the “common areas” like common hallways, parking lots, laundry rooms, etc. Furthermore it must be your domicile (where you sleep and get your mail delivered). You may not open carry on property you rent which is not your domicile, such as 10 acres of rented land which isn’t your domicile. You can open carry on such land you rent which is not your domicile as long as you are engaged in one of the exempt activities Florida has such as hunting, camping, legal target practice and fishing. It is a bit complicated. The FL statutes are available to all online.

      If you are asking if you can open carry on property you rent at which you operate a business then yes you may open carry at your place of business, so may your employees. Please research the FL statutes for more info..

  48. If I had a expungement and sealed record from Indiana to i have to legally disclose that when applying for a Florida CWP? Am i allowed to mark no under Have been convicted of a felony?

  49. Can you car two guns on your persons in Florida with a ccw

    1. So long as it’s concealed and you have a ccw license, the answer is yes.

      1. If I had a expungement and sealed record from Indiana to i have to legally disclose that when applying for a Florida CWP? Am i allowed to mark no under Have been convicted of a felony?

  50. I’m currently stuck living with someone who has what appears to be an assault rifle-are these legal too?

    1. The “AR” in “AR-15” rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle, after the company that developed it in the 1950s. “AR” does NOT stand for “assault rifle” or “automatic rifle.” AR-15-style rifles are NOT “assault weapons” or “assault rifles.” An assault rifle is fully automatic, a machine gun and those were banned in 1986.

      Different States have different laws regarding AR’s. In Florida it is legal to own an AR for home defense.

      1. The statement ” as long as its semi and not automatic” is not true in state of florida. You can own a full auto and still purchase these types as long as it a preban 86 legal firearm , go thru more rigorous redtape of legal full auto purchase , not to mention the high cost of gun

  51. Can I fly into Florida with my gun in my checked luggage? Or will that violate the ban on guns in the airport?

    1. Yes. As long as the gun remains in the locked container until after you leave the airport, you’re ok. Florida prohibits concealed carry in an airport, but there is a provision for transporting a firearm secured for air travel.

  52. I currently have carry conceal permit in NH but I am Moving to Florida. What’s Is required of me to get my carry conceal permit in Florida? I know NH and Florida reciprocate licenses so is it a easier process to my license since I already have one?

    1. Google – Florida CCW Licensing Office find your local office and call for information.

    2. I just read on that from above. Here you go:


      Non-Residents can apply in the same way as residents. However, non-residents will need to submit paper fingerprint cards with the prints having been done by your local law enforcement agency. You will also need to ensure the address of the agency has been entered on the back of the fingerprint card, if the address is missing your application will be returned.
      Moving to Florida
      If you are moving to Florida and hold a valid CCW license in your current state you will need to establish residence in Florida by;

      Making a statement of domicile.
      Registering to vote.
      Filing an application for homestead tax exemption on property located in Florida.
      Once you have established legal residence in Florida your out of state CCW license will be valid for 90 days. This only applies if your license is from a state that honors a Florida CCW license.

      The Law
      790-015 Non-resident license

      1. if he’s moving here, presumably becoming a Florida resident, why would he want an NON-RESIDENT permit? He can just go into the local Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, where he can fill out the application, get fingerprinted electronically, and get photographed all at no additional cost above the standard application fee.

  53. Can a convicted felon by and own a CO powered pellet/bb gun?

    1. No. Sorry dude. Just holding one is a federal felony. Any form of gun ownership by convicted felons is outlawed. Any person convicted of a felony or sentenced to at least one year of punishment for a felony offense in another state may not own or possess a firearm of any kind. In addition, statutes prohibit convicted felons from owning or possessing any type of ammunition, even in the absence of a firearm capable of firing that ammunition. Statutes prohibit convicted felons from owning or possessing any type of electric or chemical weapon as well.

      1. WH did not ask about a FIREARM. He asked about a CO2 powered Pellet/BB gun. They are not firearms.
        According to your response, I guess he could not own a water gun, a grease gun, a rubber band gun.

  54. I have a Florida concealed carry permit but I am not a Florida resident, this means that I can carry a handgun but cannot purchase one in the state. (Which doesn’t make too much sense to me.) How would I legally obtain a gun that I can carry in Florida? Would I have to purchase it in my home state and transport it there?

    1. That would make sense since you can’t buy one here. You can guy a shotgun or rifle in FL as a non resident, but you can’t buy a handgun. Before I was a resident of FL, I had a CCL from another state. It reciprocated. I brought my gun with me that I purchased from my home state.

  55. In Florida can a convicted felon live in the same house with a CCW holder

    1. Yes, but they must not have access to it. Must be kept in a safe away from the reach of a k own felon

  56. A guy at my job in florida brought in a gun and not only is it open he leaves it is unattended laying in the kitchen of the the restaurant im working at

    1. This has to be illegal and makes me very uncomfortable having a firearm out in the open for anyone to pickup

    2. Ok if the owner lets him, or he owns the restaurant. Owner better have good

    3. Firearms should never be left unattended. If the guy at your job is an employee of the business (as I assume you are) and the business owner does not prohibit this employee from bringing a firearm to work, then it is not illegal. No firearm should be left unattended accessible to others.

  57. Can I utilize my 43 years retired law enforcement (elected Sheriff) and 20 years retired military. To obtain a Florida CCW? I’ve been utilizing a section of federal law that allows retired LE to carry as long as I qualify each year, which I’ve done.

    1. I don’t see why not. As stated in the requirements: Any law enforcement firearms safety or training course or class offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or any division or subdivision of law enforcement or security enforcement; Also, Former military personnel can submit a DD Form 214 reflecting honorable discharge from military service.
      I think you more than cover it…LOL.

  58. Hi
    I drive a Tractor and trailer and don’t leave Florida, is it agains the law to conceal while operating a commercial motor vehicle class A .

    1. Is it yours? If so, then it should be legal. If not, does your company allow CWLs to carry in their vehicles? Ask your boss or the appropriate authority in your company.

    2. No its not. As a CDL driver (me) unless is not open carry, you can still have your firearm with you.

    3. It is not against Florida State law BUT if you lack a CWFL (permit) the handgun must be securely encased in the vehicle. You cannot have the weapon on your person (unless you have a CWFL). If you are driving a truck belonging to your employer, they may have a anti-gun company policy but violating that isn’t violating FL law, the most that could happen is you get fired.

  59. I will be traveling to Florida from Illinois. I know Florida does not honor Illinois CCL. Is it illegal to have the gun in my car or hotel room?

    1. You might be okay as long as the weapon is-not where you can grab it easly. Yoh don’t want to gamble in the-event you get pulled over in any state where your CCW is not legally accepted.

    2. Sure, but I wouldn’t get caught with it! I’d follow the rules of FL on that one. You need it in your glove box, locked or unlocked, or in a case if in your vehicle. As far as in your hotel room, if you end up shooting someone, you could be in a bit of trouble because I’m afraid that you aren’t protected in a state that doesn’t honor your license.

    3. The gun cannot be on your person, it will have to be securely encased in the vehicle per Florida statute. It is not illegal to have the gun in your hotel room but if a maid or other hotel worker learns of it and the hotel has a no gun policy, you may be asked to leave. If you are asked to leave you must not refuse or you could be trespassed, you could even be charged with armed trespassing which is very serious. If you are found in the hotel to have a firearm and they ask you to vacate, just leave promptly without any argument. Find a new hotel.

  60. Hi, I have a Florida permit is it against the law to have reload ammo in your weapon or factory hollow point ammo in it . Thanks

    1. There are no laws specifying such. It’s highly recommended that you use a nice hollow point to stop a threat as quickly as possible.

  61. If you served in the Military and was honorably discharged and was assigned duty was Base Police that went through firearms training and carried sidearms 24/7 do you still have to take the firearms training course if you have a DD214

    1. Yes you do , i ETSed January 14th 2019, no class had to be taken, only DD214 and valid ID

      1. I’m sorry buddy, meant to say no, no classes have to be taken for you !!

    2. In Florida-as long as you were honorable discharged, then you can use the DD214 in place of the class

    3. no you don’t in Florida and many other state. Contact the issuing agency in your area.

    4. No. BUT, Know what the laws are. Having a DD214 only helps you get the permit. But if you don’t know the laws, you might find yourself in trouble. We teach the laws in Florida.

      1. Brian Doyle, right on. The course is ~3 hours covering FL firearms laws and if given by good instructors is time and money very well spent IMHO.

  62. Is it legal to purchase alcohol from a package liquor store while carrying concealed?

    1. yes….they are selling it ,,, not ‘dispensing’ (pouring/opening) it

  63. I am going to be vacationing in Florida. Is it legal to ccw in Florida with a ccw permit from Montana

      1. With reciprocity, just be aware that while in Florida you must obey Florida gun laws, not those laws you are familiar with in your home state.

  64. So if we own a daycare / pre school, can we carry or not carry in the business?

  65. are the only constrictions for a felony, is they have to be 3 years old

  66. Do u have to register a side arm to carry it ? even if u have a ccp .

    1. You may but guns are not mandated to be registered, don’t know where I got that, I’m old, but I think so

    2. No, the State of Florida has no registration of firearms of any kind including pistols, rifles and shotguns. But yes you do need a conceal carry permit to conceal carry a firearm in the State of Florida. I suggest you do your research on gun laws of the State of Florida. Don’t listen to other people. Take the time and do your research. Every gun owner should.

  67. I’m going on a vacation to Florida and I live in Kansas. Would it be legal to ccw with a Kansas permit while I’m in Florida?

      1. There are exempt activities in Florida which do permit open carry. Those activities are target practice and while going to and from target practice, camping and going to and from, hunting and going to and from, and fishing and going to and from.

        Assuming Kansas has concealed carry reciprocity with Florida you are okay but remember that while in Florida you must obey Florida firearms laws, not the gun laws you are familiar with in Kansas. Educate yourself on Florida gun laws before you get to FL.

  68. I will be traveling to Connecticut soon. Some states don’t recognize Florida cwp. What do I do with my handgun when passing through those states. Going up and back about 7 days round trip. Ty.

    1. Before reciprocity I had licenses in 7 states. As an example Georgia required locked away. South Carolina required it be in plain sight. North Carolina in the trunk. Virginia was locked in the glove compartment. Federal law for now allows you to transport interstate if your legal at home and where you are visiting. But you must be aware of the transport laws of the states you are passing through.

    2. Federal transportation laws allow you to carry over state lines. But, must be in a locked box. No ammo in the box no ammo in the car

  69. I just got my CCW in Florida. I am a bit confused by the laws with concealed carry in vehicles. I have heard that it is legal to have the gun on your person as long as it is concealed, or is that under the readily accessible?

    1. It’s “Legal” to have your gun locked and loaded w/ your CWP/CCW.. for non CWP/CCW holders, the transportation of a gun for drivers over the 18 is where the gun cannot be readily accessible. Though is not required in FL to inform an officer that you’re carrying I usually do.

    2. Any car carry not on your person is open carry whether it’s in plain view or not. Just be compliant with the detail of the law, snapped in a holster, in a closed box or zipped case, etc. Any carry on the person is a concealed weapon and requires a CCW. However if it is in plain view on your person you could be charged with brandishing or improper display. If it’s in a holster with a strap and snap as a CCW you can carry it on your body out of sight or on the seat in plain view. On your body it doesn’t have to be snapped /secured. So carry as you usually do, or put it in the console or glove box, or secure it in the holster and place the whole shebang on the passenger seat( not recommended) and you’ll be in compliance. The only difference your permit makes is you can carry on your person in the vehicle.

      1. The handgun cannot be in plain view in your vehicle unless you are traveling to or from one for the exempt activities defined on FL statute, camping, hunting, fishing, target practice. Just driving around not traveling to or from one fo the exempt activities, the gun must be securely encased (not on your person) if you don’t have a CWFL and must be concealed from view if you do have a CWFL.

  70. Can my condo association restrict me from concealed carry in the club house if i have a CCW.

    1. Not if they don’t see it , if they see it, they can then trespass you if they so choose.

    1. Im sorry i could be wrong. You may need to write out a bill of sale, have it notarized, and possibly even take that to a tax collectors office.

    2. Florida has no laws requiring registration. However, the laws of other jurisdictions would apply outside of Florida. For example, I can give a handgun or other firearm to my cousin (or any other person), if we are within the state of Florida, without restriction. If the person leaves Florida, they are subject to any regulations that apply in another state. If they are otherwise prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm, they are liable under the applicable law, even within Florida, but I am not UNLESS I transported it into a prohibited area in order to give it to them (a jail, mental facility, etc.).

  71. What does it mean when you are denied a Florida CCW license in Florida Statute 790.06(2)(n)
    Iam now a Florida resident moving here from Indiana which I hold a lifetime CCW out of Indiana.

    1. I would like to know the answer to that question . I have not applied for a Florida license yet but will be moving there soon

    2. If your application was denied, it states that, “if applicant fails to qualify under the criteria listed in subsection (2) or subsection (3), the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will deny the application & shall notify the applicant in writing, stating the ground for denial and informing the applicant of any right to a hearing pursuant to chapter 120.” Subsection 2 or 3 both refer to taking an NRA safety or training course. Did your denial letter state anything? It says that the letter will state why the denial. Did you take the required safety or training course by the National Rifle Association, Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, or the Department of Agriculture or Consumer Services?

  72. I’m just a little confused here.
    I moved from Indiana with a life time Carry license.
    I take a class here in Florida, receive my certificate, go to the tax collector & do what they need & pay.
    3 days later I receive a denial notice for my CCW, citied reason,
    Florida Statute 790.06(2)(n)
    Can someone explain to me what is this Statute & Denial?

    1. Statute below…I coped section (n) at the bottom for you. In summary, you’re prohibited because you have some other federal law or Florida provision restricting you. Call Tallahassee and ask. They’re real easy to talk to…Good luck.

      790.06 License to carry concealed weapon or firearm.—
      (1) The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is authorized to issue licenses to carry concealed weapons or concealed firearms to persons qualified as provided in this section. Each such license must bear a color photograph of the licensee. For the purposes of this section, concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or device, tear gas gun, knife, or billie, but the term does not include a machine gun as defined in s. 790.001(9). Such licenses shall be valid throughout the state for a period of 7 years from the date of issuance. Any person in compliance with the terms of such license may carry a concealed weapon or concealed firearm notwithstanding the provisions of s. 790.01. The licensee must carry the license, together with valid identification, at all times in which the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed weapon or firearm and must display both the license and proper identification upon demand by a law enforcement officer. Violations of the provisions of this subsection shall constitute a noncriminal violation with a penalty of $25, payable to the clerk of the court.
      (2) The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall issue a license if the applicant:
      (n) Is not prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm by any other provision of Florida or federal law

    2. 790.06 (2) (n) states that [The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall issue a license if the applicant:]

      (n) Is not prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm by any other provision of Florida or federal law.

      You would need to contact the Department of Agriculture directly in order to determine why they believe you are disqualified from receiving a license and then pursue any remediation of the situation on your own. They are not required to research it, but merely to determine your qualification under the applicable statute.

    1. “(n) Is not prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm by any other provision of Florida or federal law.”

      It means you were denied because you are prohibited by some other Florida law or Federal law from purchasing/possessing a firearm.

      It may be that the law violation or incident occurred after the issuance of your Indiana license and was discovered in the background check when you applied for the Florida license.

      It could be anything from: a simple restraining order that was briefly issued, a fight in a nightclub that resulted in a conviction for battery, almost anything involving mental health that was documented, receiving formal probation terms due to an incident in your past…and it didn’t even have to occur in Florida – just be something that conflicts with a Florida or Federal statute, even if it didn’t create a preemption for your Indiana license.

      Not saying any of the above about you personally, just giving off the top of my head example for the answer.

      1. You left out the easy answer. How many Michael Smith ‘s are there in Florida. Was it an outright denial or a conditional to see why or who there is a restriction on?

    2. It might be as simple as you have such a common name someone else might be restricted. You have an appeal process which will correct the inconvenience. IF YOU HAVENT RESOLVED IT already contact the Department of Agriculture, Division of licensing. Since I am seeing this 28 days later you are probably passed the 30 day period that your Indiana license is acceptable.

      1. The grace period is 90 days from the date of established residency.

    1. No, there is no such thing as a firearm registry for pistols, rifles and shotguns within the State of Florida. The serial number is there for tracking purposes on when the firearm was manufactured, where it was purchased from, and on who purchased the firearm. Only a handful of States require a firearm registry.

  73. What is the leagal way to carry a rifle on a motorcycle? I have a concield carry permit from Florida.

    1. Um. You can’t! It would be considered open carry. You cannot possibly conceal a rifle on a motorcycle.

  74. I moved out of Florida and have a resident permit. Can I change this to a non-resident permit?

  75. I am a retired NYPD police officer in good standing and have a valid NYS carry permit. What documentation and procedures do I need to follow when I move to Florida. Thank you

    1. It is not possible to transfer another state’s concealed carry permit/license to Florida.

      If you currently have a concealed weapon license from another state that honors Florida concealed weapons permits and are moving to Florida, then you permit is valid for 90 days by establishing your legal residence via one of the following methods;
      Registering to vote
      Flordia drivers license
      Making a statement of domicile s.222.17
      Applying for a homestead exemption on property located in Fl
      BTW: Flordia does NOT recognize ANY LEO’S from other states.You have to a take I hr CCW safety course by a Certified NRA instructor at Many gun shops,to obtain a Certificate of Training( LOL)and pay $85.00.There are many to choose from.
      You will have info to apply for license at the Dept of Agriculture..Divsion of Licensing in your area.You MUST make an appointment to this.It is a very easy process and won’t take long…LIKE NY!…BTW: Retired LEO NYSP. Good Luck.

        1. LEOSA works fine IF (1) You have an ID from your (former) employing agency (some don’t like to issue them) identifying you as “Qualified” under LEOSA and (2) You have qualified with your weapon within the last 12 months. After he moves to FL, assuming he has the ID, he still needs to meet the qualification requirement every year. As a FL resident this means having an instructor certified by the state (not NRA, etc) certify he has hit 32 of 40 shots and issuing him the qualification card. A couple of notes: His (NY) LEOSA ID, if it lists an address, should show his new FL address. And if he wants to carry a revolver and a semi-auto, he needs to qualify with both. Many Sheriff’s Depts will run an annual qual for retired LEO’s. Lastly, when traveling should still pay attention to mag capacity limits in states going to/through just to be safe. As to getting a FL CWP, not a bad idea. It’s valid in a few dozen other states, is good for several years, there’s no annual qual requirement and covers a pretty broad range of weapons. Plus, it avoids the waiting period if he purchases a handgun in FL. With just a LEOSA ID and no FL CWP he’s still subject to the waiting period.

      1. If you have a certificate of training or a DD Form 214 they are acceptable proof of training.

    2. This is not legal advice I am not a Lawyer, you should do your own research on this issue, its pretty simple to find out this information.

      Florida has minimum standards you will need to find a quailfied CJSTC-approved firearms instructor.

      The firearms qualification standards for a concealed firearms permit are much less demanding than Florida’s minimum standards for active law enforcement officers.

      The federal law is the sole source of providing federal authority to carry a concealed firearm. The federal law requires those carrying under its authority to qualify either at a former agency employer using that agency’s active officer standards, or to qualify under the state of residence’s standards for active officers. There is no option to demonstrate compliance with the state’s concealed firearms law. Since Florida has statewide standards, these are the only two alternatives to qualify under the federal law,

      Having a Florida concealed firearms license has no bearing on LEOSA status under the federal law but it would allow you to carry in 35 states that recognize Florida’s CCF license.

      PS- Florida has a pretty simple qualification course which includes 6 stages, the first two stages are 1 to 3 yards, 3 stages from the 7 yard and the last stage from the 15 yard which is 6 rounds in 30 seconds you couldn’t ask for an easier course of fire and you only have to do it once a year (40 Rounds total).

      Here is a good read:

      About me,
      I am a retired LEO and Firearms Instructor, I qualify retired LEO’s in New Jersey.

    3. To the NY cop,it is the determination of FDACS
      to approve or dis approve a cert of firearm proficiency. That being, said you may submit several different documents that are accepted by the D.O.L.
      1) a letter on your former (or current ) NYPD on their letterhead ,certifying your firearm training.
      2) any class or training that was given by a NRA certified firearms instructor
      3) long form DD214 if you are a veteran.
      There are several other acceptable documents if you visit
      you will see them. BTW,I’m not trying to come off as an expert I just work at a tax collectors office as a CWIS agent.

    4. The only thing that I want to say to you is, “thank you for your service, ” and I’m SO glad that you got out of NYC! Good job!

  76. I was convicted of 784.03 did I lose my gun rights ? If so how do I restore them

    1. Your biggest concern of the statue is 790.06 section 2(3);

      “The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall deny a license if the applicant has been found guilty of, had adjudication of guilt withheld for, or had imposition of sentence suspended for one or more crimes of violence constituting a misdemeanor, unless 3 years have elapsed since probation or any other conditions set by the court have been fulfilled or the record has been sealed or expunged.”

      Did you conviction lead to a felony? If so, then you’ll have the larger issue of restoring your rights as a felon. If it led to a misdeamenor then you’ll need to allow at least 3 years from completion of your probation to apply for a CCW permit.

  77. your allowed to carry in parks, unless they have a no weapon policy. some parks are private property for public use. As of February 22, 2010, federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws, to legally possess firearms in this park. It is the responsibility of visitors to understand and comply with all applicable state, local, and federal firearms laws before entering this park. <- state of florida

  78. Can I conceal carry my handgun in a public library?

    Now I don’t feel like I need one in a library, but I’m a stay at home mom and my husband and I only have one vehicle which he takes to work with him 5 days a week. I would like to bike or walk places while he is gone. Like to our local library and I want to take my gun with me for the walk/bike ride. If I’m not supposed to take my gun in the library and I don’t have a vehicle with me to put it in, where am I suppose to put it while I’m in the library of it’s not allowed in there with me ?

  79. CCW permission from Chicago IL, Have moved to Orlando Florida USA 2018 Would I have to take CCW classes again Illinois 16 hour .Orlando classes are cost and hour’s CCW permission.

  80. I am a veteran who was honorably discharged. I am currently awaiting the arrival of my Florida issued CCW and will be attending college in a few weeks. I would also like to be able to stop by the range either before or after my classes. My only mode of transportation at the moment will be motorcycle and on some occasions public conveyance. Typical travel will be home -> school -> range -> home or home -> range -> school -> home. What are the best legal practices for these aforementioned scenarios? Would disassembling/assembling the weapon in the parking lot be viable? Trigger lock/cable lock be considered conforming to legal statutes?

  81. One question I can’t find an answer to or get a the same answer from multiple LEO’s, for non ccw holders who are Florida state residents. Is it legal to have a loaded handgun (one in the hole) in your vehicle? I understand the rules pertaining to glove boxes and holsters. But no where does it mention loaded or with a loaded mag being in the firearm. Thanks.

    1. I’m not a lawyer but I have never seen a distinction between loaded or unloaded in FL, with or without a ccw license.

    2. Yes, in the State of Florida section 790.25 paragraph 5 it is legal to have a loaded gun in the vehicle even without a carry permit as long as the firearm is securely encased and not readily accessible.

    3. As a former LEO and Trainer you can have your firearm loaded and securely encased. Glove box Center console, a zippered bag or a shoe box. Use common sense most LEO’S are clueless and believe in phantom law like the 3 step rule. There is no such thing. Remember as LEO’S we are not special citizens. 90% of cops Qualify cold once a year. My personal opinion is that a DD FORM 214 is not acceptable nor are Gun Show Training Classes. Neither give you the reasons or purpose of the State Statute. That’s how you get murderers like George Zimmerman. I’ve signed off 2 to 3000 certificates and to the best of my knowledge none have ever been caught violating Statutes. I am not including LEO’S IN THAT FIGURE.

      1. Without getting into a debate about Zimmerman, I do agree that some qualifying classes leave something to be desired and the quality of instruction is largely dependent on the instructor. A DD 214 shows that at one time a person was taught safe handling of a firearm, likely a rifle for most. If that is as far as the state wants to go, that’s fine. I don’t think everyone who gets a FL CWP needs to know the reasons and purpose(s) behind the laws. Like why is the speed limit in an area 35 instead of 45? Don’t really care, just need to know what the law is and obey it. For some, taking a “check the box” class may be fine. Others may need more personal instruction. It’s really something each individual needs to decide for themselves. Personally I’d want students to feel confident they can safely handle and if needed employ their firearm. And if they want to know legislative intent unless you are a lawyer or just want to quote what the statute says I’d hesitate to offer a personal explanation.

    4. Loaded mag with one in the pipe is okay in Florida. Without you possessing a CWFL the handgun has to be securely encased in the vehicle. Look up the Florida statutes on this topic.

    1. In Florida? as long as you are not a prohibited person, yes you can, but i has to be your domicile or a property where you might exorcise one of the exemptions for open carry such as camping, hunting, fishing or target practice.

    1. Yes but not on a right of way or common areas of a deed restricted community. My back yard was 75 feet with an extra 50 yards of common area down to a canal.

  82. If I am 19 and want to purchase a pistol through a private sale from a friend am I allowed to own the gun legally ?

    1. To my knowledge, you cannot legally own a pistol until you are 21, regardless of how you bought it. The sale itself might even be illegal. There might be an exception if you are military, but I haven’t heard of it.

      1. Through private sale you can purchase any firearm at 18 from an unlicensed dealer

        1. That is no longer the case. Must be 21 years of age. Rick Scott signed new restrictions after the Orlando shooting.

        2. First there is no such thing as an unlicensed dealer. There are private collectors who buy sell and trade legally. But thank Piglet and company for you inability to own any modern firearm until you are 21.

    2. No,only allowed to transport hand gun from point a tob and it must be in car not ready for use you may purchase a long gun/ rifle at 18 and always use extreme caution because each officer interpret the law differently, just becareful

    3. Depends on the state you live in. Check for your state’s information.

    4. An EMPHATIC NO. And thanks to your fellow Millennial Piglet Hogg you can’t own a long gun either.

    5. The only path for you at the current time is someone gifting you a pistol.

  83. Can a resident non citizen (I am from UK and in FL on an E2 investor visa) get a CCW?

    1. If you have been issued a green card and are a lawful permanent resident then Florida will issue you with a concealed weapons permit.

    2. Yes if you have a valid green card and is a lawful resident you may apply

  84. With the Florida concealed carry permit can you carry more than one gone on your person

    1. Yes Florida has no limit on how many guns you may carry on your person as long as they are LEGAL weapons guns knives,stun guns .

  85. I have a Florida non-resident CCW and live here 5 months during the winter. I was looking at guns at Top Gun, Volusia County. I was told I cannot purchase unless I have proof of where I live. My S.O. bought our place and everything is in his name. It was suggested I get something like a water bill with my name on it tp prove residency. It has to be a governmental, or federally issued bill as I recall. Not even sure if the water dept would do this even with my S.O. with me. All my U.S. mail from NY is forwarded to our address here. I have a NY CCW permit but know that won’t offer me anything. Most of our NY bills are in my name.

    1. Federal Law states you can only buy handguns in your state of residency, but you can buy a handgun out of state and have it shipped to a FFL dealer in your home state also the firearm has to conform to your state laws.

    2. My personal opinion is the person made a personal decision not to sell to you which is his right, I have never had an issue making a purchase while in another state because the background check is a federal check which is Nationwide I travel around the country in search of rare firearms he may have been suspicious of you in some way and instead of telling you that he chose to blame it on your out of state identification

    3. I believe if you register to vote in FL with your FL address that is “one” acceptable proof of residency.

      1. She stated a non resident Florida license…. So not registered to vote here…

    4. You should change your residency to Florida even if you are a Snowbird. You would not only be able to purchase anything you can own legally and we don’t have a State Income tax YET.

  86. I have my concealed carry license here in florida em i allowed to carry one in the chamber?

        1. So you have a 7 shot .357 I’m not a revolver type of guy so I’m not sure if they are six shots or seven

        2. Good for you. Don’t listen to the “you need to do like I do” comments. Go with what works for you. Yes, modern revolvers have transfer bars, rebounding hammers etc to make them safer to carry with all the holes filled. But it still comes down to doing what feels right for YOU. At least with a revolver you won’t get the internet commando’s telling you that you HAVE to carry one in the chamber in a semi-auto.

    1. Yes you can legally carry with a round chambered. Just make sure you have your firearm in a good quality holster and that the trigger is covered so theres no accidental discharge.

  87. I have a question. Am I allowed to have my handgun in the car without a license? It was put in the glove compartment and not loaded… I’ve got pulled over and they asked if I had a firearm, I said yes. They asked for license, I said no, I don’t have one. Long story short… They let me off with a warning and we’re going to ticket me. Then they told me, I have to keep it in the trunk… it was a .380 .. why would I keep something so little in the trunk anyways? But yeah…

    1. Brandon that depends on the state you are in. In the state of Florida.

      “It is lawful for a person 18 years of age or older to possess a concealed firearm or other weapon for self-defense or other lawful purposes within the interior of a private vehicle, without a license, if the firearm or other weapon is securely encased or is otherwise not readily accessible for immediate use. “Securely encased” means in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access.”

      1. Not true 21 is the age for a handgun and has been for over 30 years. The new law no longer allows possession of long gun until 21.

    2. My understanding is, you can only have a firearm in your home if no cwp. A gun is a gun no matter what caliber. They just didnt see you as a threat, so they let you put in the trunk at the time. Also, if you are going to a range you would transport in trunk UNLOADED if no permit.

      1. Read section 790.001 and they indeed saw him as a threat because they purposely misinformed him of the law and made him they they did him a favor by giving him a warning instead of the other option of jail he do not have to place his firearm in the trunk when going to range please read statue so you will also be informed of the law and also become a member of the NRA so you can have updated laws at your finger tips just words of advice from a man who has legally married for 25 years without zero marks on my record because I consistently educate myself on the law with the NRA’s assistance

    3. Florida law says not ready for immediate use meaning in a zipper closed case glove box brief case ect. It is not required under Florida law that you must put it in the trunk and read your warning carefully it may have been worded as if you had it displayed illegally and they cut you a break with a warning Florida statue 790.001 they just wanted your gun as far away from you as possible.

      1. Remember the old days , had to be 3 moves.
        That was our rule to be safe 30 years ago for the glove box

        1. The three step rule is an Urban Legend.
          I would be happy to match my Certifications and experience anytime.

    4. If you are in Florida I commented as a LEO Trainer 90% of cops are clueless when it comes to firearms. Let’s use NYPD as an example. When they transitioned to Glocks they had 100’s of revolver fused to the holster leather.

  88. CC in Florida. Can I carry my weapon inside a belt pouch! No outline of weapon visible.

    1. If you have a valid CWFL you can carry on your person any way you wish (hopefully safely). It doesn’t matter if the handgun “prints” through fabric. Printing is not a violation of the concealed carry laws. As long as the handgun is completely covered from view, a non-transparent fanny pack (belt pouch) or other non-transparent vessel is legal.

  89. New to the CC. I know it is illegal to carry while intoxicated and in bars, however can I have a drink if I’m out at dinner or have a beer while fishing if I’m carrying concealed? Thanks in advance.

    1. You want to be at 100% One drink will take you out of that zone. Don’t put yourself in that position.

    2. Absolutely never drink and carry a firearm everybody that’s around you lives are depending on you to make the right decisions, look at it as your heart surgeon only had one drink while playing golf right before your heart surgery would you be ok with that? You have a very big responsibility when you carry a firearm.This is a big deal…

    3. It is not illegal to imbibe at dinner or fishing while armed but best practice would be to not do it.

  90. Please correct ‘your’ at top of page and change to ‘you’re’ or ‘you are’.

    1. Sue, if you are referring to “Your one stop shop for all the gun laws in Florida.” this is the correct form of the word that should be used. It is being used to describe something as belonging to you

      1. I believe that she means

        If you need to know anything about Florida’s firearm laws your in the right place.”
        I could be wrong. I mean, I never have been… One time I thought I was wrong, but i was mistaken…

        1. You must smell shit all day long because your nose is so far up your own ass.

  91. Question my great grandmother passed away and didn’t sign her hand gun off to anyone. My mother would like to have the weapon placed in her name but there are no papers for this weapon we found it in her possessions how can I get my mom’s name on it so we don’t have anything to worry about?

    1. If your are a resident. Within the state of Florida. Then the legal transfer of that property through the estate would be handled by your attorney. But the firearms itself doesn’t require official paperwork beyond the transfer of property through the estate.

    1. Not in Florida,you may carry as many weapons as you like with a valid ccw along with a valid ID/drivers license

      1. When I wear my MAGA HAT OR SHIRT I carry my EDC a backup and 4 automatic knives. I’ll stop there.

  92. I had a similar situation. I’ve had my ccw since 2014 and have purchased fireams several times before. I purchased a gun back in June and was held on “pending approval” until October. While I was not denied I had to wait 4 months for final approval. The reason was because when they did the background check it showed that my ssn was compromised, meaning that someone else commited a felony and gave a random ssn that happened to be mine. They didn’t use my name or date of birth, so it is not considered id theft, so I had to request a UPIN and submit my fingerprints to FBI again. I also submitted my fingerprints to FDLE, as per the sherriff’s office suggestion. I highly suggest hat you go for the UPIN to avoid that same experience again. Hope this helps.

    1. There is no such thing as “registered to someone else”. with the exception of automatic weapons (machine guns), guns are not registered to anyone. The law only regulates a person’s right to carry a gun, any gun, concealed.

    2. Yes hand guns are only registered when purchase from a gun shop it is not required to be registered to you.

  93. Have you been arrested in the past? If so this is what the problem is and they see you have a previous arrest record and this flagged you for approval. Or someone else has same name and they have to verify with that county on local level before approval. I suggest you get a UPIN number like I did it will speed up the process of approval and you will not get denied again. Look up UPIN and you will have to fill out a form and finger print card again but it was worth it for me.

  94. The comment in regards to being stopped and hopefully no bullets flying your way, is unnecessary and non-humorous. We support the Second Amendment unequivocally – in today’s atmosphere where the climate is anti-let’s enforcement such puns are ridiculous.

  95. If you have a concealed weapons permit in Georgia and your permanent residence is in Georgia do you have to have a Florida concealed weapons permit to carry a concealed weapon while in Florida

    1. No, you can use your GA permit. I live in Florida and use my Ga permit, until expires

      1. If you live in FL, meaning your are a resident… Your GA permit is only valid in FL for 90 days after becoming a resident… You must get a FL CCW in that time.

    2. As long as your are a resident of a state that recognizes FL CCWs, then FL recognizes theirs. GA is fine.

  96. I have a non aggressive felony on my record, from Alabama, and im trying to get my concealed carry license in Florida where I reside. what do I have to do or who do I have to go through to accomplish this?

  97. I have my PA CCW. I’ve been doing some reading and it says Florida recognizes PA with residency restrictions. I can’t find the resident restrictions listed anywhere. Can anyone help me with that?

    1. Bradly I called a PA sheriff to ask about residential vs non for PA because I now have PA non resident but am moving to PA. The sheriff told me that PA does not have a difference between in and out of state permits. So here’s my guess: if your PA permit has a PA address then FL will honor it. I’d call FL state police to be sure.

    2. Check the states that reciprecate with Florida ccw contact NRA they have all of the answers

      1. I believe it needs to be hidden from view in FL, as well as have the holster with snap/bail or as noted above, in a glove box (locked unlocked), zippered bag (locked or unlocked, etc

        1. Yes, you’re right, no open (vissiable) carry in Florida unless you’re going or coming from fishing, camping or hunting.

    1. Even with a ccw you must use good sense not common sense when dealing with the police because 99.9% of them all react in a manner that would cause you harm or death when they see a gun regardless if you are with a permit or not because a ccw permit is for concealmeant not open display on seat, Mr.Cornell don’t play with your life

  98. Hey everyone, so I am having a bit of a problem and am highly confused about the situation.. So about 3 or 4 months back I purchased a handgun, at the time I did not have my concealed carry license, so I waited the 3 days, and went and picked up my gun, no issues, and began the process of getting my license. So catching up to current time, I now have my concealed carry license ( have had about a month now) and I went to purchase a hand gun tonight and I was denied the sale.. So what is going on? I’m having trouble understanding the reasoning for this. I have been approved and finally have my license, fresh brand new, so I clearly passed threw all the checks and requirements, but yet I came back denied to be sold a firearm.. This does not make any sence to me. So I was sold and given a hand gun prior to be registered to carry it and now that I am, I am being denied to purchase one…?! Has anyone else had this issue? And what do I do from here? I need help please, this is highly frustrating and need to know what to do from here. And would really appreciate some feed back from anyone else who this has happened / is happening to. Thank you!

    1. Eronious denials are not uncommon. I don’t know what or why this happened to you, but people to get a denial from time to time that occurs due to an NICS glitch. If you meet requirements you can appeal and overturn denial. It takes some time to get done, via postal mail only I think.
      Good luck

    2. Have you been arrested in the past? If so this is what the problem is and they see you have a previous arrest record and this flagged you for approval. Or someone else has same name and they have to verify with that county on local level before approval. I suggest you get a UPIN number like I did it will speed up the process of approval and you will not get denied again. Look up UPIN and you will have to fill out a form and finger print card again but it was worth it for me.

  99. I live in Florida i have a ccw permit-Whats. Subchapter H chapter. 411 of the government code. if someone could help id appreciate it.

  100. Why is it so hard to find out about new laws pertaining to exposure of holster/gun not being a crime?

    1. It used to be a ticket but not anymorefir example your firearm accidentally gets exposed when you stand up it’s not considered an open carry which is in violation of Florida law it is your responsibility to make sure your firearm is concealed as described in the law but you are not penalized for an accidental exposer

  101. I hold a valid ccw in Florida. If I build a Polymer80 pistol is it valid to carry with my ccw or do I have to have a serial number assigned to it first?

    1. Weapons are NOT registered in FL and there is no “one to one” connection of a weapon assigned to your CCW.

  102. Question I am moving to Florida and have a cpl license in my state that I live in now I have recently taken and pass a cal nra approved class that is valid for 5yrs do I have to take another class in Florida, or is it not required

    1. If the course had a shooting component (some shooting at the range) and not just classroom training, FL will accept that.

    2. Only thing that is required in fl is a hunters safety course far as I know that is all I had to have to get my ccw

    3. Florida accepts conceal carry permits from many states. You can simply find your answer on google.

    4. Your other state CCW permit is good for 30 days once you obtain residency in Florida. When you apply give them a copy of your ccw training certificate and they will honor it. If you’re a veteran all you need is a copy of your DD214 and honorable discharge.

      1. valid for 90 days because it takes up to 90 days once you apply for a Florida ccw

    1. By what I was told by law enforcement was you can carry any where’s but if they ask you to leave you must leave or at least lock it up in your vehicle

    2. Yes. Just as long as you do not enter a facility that serves alcohol as it’s primary purpose.

  103. Question: In Florida can you carry into a preschool or church grounds if you have a concealed weapons permit?

      1. To answer the question, I have come to find out you CAN carry on a preschool campus. The law does NOT cover preschools. Elementary, middle or high school you can’t carry but a preschool you can.

    1. Where is this law? Cause it seems it was changed and you can now carry on church grounds

  104. Is there any list of doctor prescribed meds that are considered a reason to keep you from having/using a concealed carry permit

  105. Just moved to florida and currently i have a florida non residents florida ccw. Besides at local range what other place can u set up target practice legaly?