Hawaii Gun Laws

Gun laws in Hawaii operate on a county level with Hawaii using a “May Issue” policy towards issuing concealed carry permits. However, permits have only been issued to the public on only a few rare occasions. Mandatory county reporting was started in 2000 and since that date only four permits have been issued. Two were issued in Maui in 2001 and two on Kauai, one to a local judge in 2006 and another in 2013 to an active military member for 12 days. There is currently a case before the federal courts to try and force Hawaii into issuing permits however this will take years to resolve with no doubt many appeals.

Florida concealed carry permit info state seal

Hawaii CCW Quick Facts

Carry In Vehicle NO
Must Notify Officer YES
Carry In State Parks Allowed NO
No Weapons Signs Enforced YES
Open Carry Permitted NO
Carry In Liquor Establishments YES
Constitutional Carry NO
May Issue

Hawaii CCDW Reciprocity

Hawaii 2018
  • Permit Honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Residential permits only
  • Issuing state

Hawaii Handgun Permit


  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must be a lawful resident of Hawaii
  • Must be able to show reason to fear injury to your person or property.
  • Able to possess a firearm under Hawaii law.
  • Not have been judged to be insane or incapacitated under Hawaii law.
  • Qualified to use a firearm.

134.9 Licenses to Carry

Pointers: Hawaii Handgun Laws

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henry smith
henry smith

will I need permit to have hand gun in Kauai

henry smith
henry smith

if I am traveling to Kauia for work for 6 months can I have my handgun that is registered to me here in floida if so can I carry I also do not a a CCW


Even as a visitor you must register your gun. I’m not sure if your conceal and carry will work here. My dad had the same question. I live in Hawaii and from Missouri.


No reciprocity or Hawaii CCW permits issued either to anyone.


You have 5 days from entering the state to go to the police station and register the gun. Also enroll in “RAPBACK” that’s a FBI data base. Hawaii doesn’t honor any other CCW permits nor issues any to anyone anyways. You can legally carry any way you want inside your home/business. Hawaii has a places to keep law, guns kept only at residence, business, sojourn (where you sleep), police station, gun store, range, gunsmith. And only transported to and from these points. So straight from point A to B. No stopping for coffee with gun in car or picking up… Read more »