Overview Of The FOID Card

Illinois residents are required to have a Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) card to purchase or possess a firearm or ammunition. The cards are issued by the Illinois State Police after they have completed a Federal NICS background check on the applicant. The Illinois Department of Human Services database is also checked by the police to confirm the applicant has not been in a mental institution within the prior five years. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and pass all the listed requirements to qualify for a FOID card. For persons under the age of 21 there are a few additional requirements.

Recent changes to the law means purchasers are no longer required to produce their FOID card to purchase or possess a firearm or ammunition if they can supply an Illinois license to carry, although they still must have a FOID card issued to them.

Non-Residents - Do They Need a FOID Card?

The law does not require non-residents to have a FOID card provided they have a valid concealed carry permit issued in their home state. The Illinois Supreme Court confirmed this in a 2011 ruling (People v. Holmes).

Non-residents of Illinois are not permitted to obtain a FOID card, however, there are exemptions if the non-resident is employed in Illinois as a security guard, law enforcement officer or by the US military.

History of The FOID Card

The law was introduced in 1968 at the same time the Federal Gun Control Act was enacted. The federal law was mainly in response to high profile killings of political figures in the 1960's.

Over the years the Illinois FOID law has been subject to a number of revisions both increasing and decreasing its authority. The latest bill in 2017 calls for the complete removal of any requirement for a FOID card, however it still has a long way to go to become law.

How To Get a FOID Card

Application Process

Residents of Illinois can apply for a FOID card via an online application or by mail. The online application is probably the easiest. Before beginning the application process you should check the requirements listed below to make sure you meet the qualifying conditions for a FOID card.

Applicants under the age of 21 will need a parents or legal guardians written permission to obtain a FOID card, the applicant must be at least 18 years old.


To qualify for a FOID card the applicant must meet the following requirements;

  • Minimum age 18 with parents consent, with no consent the minimum age is 21.
  • No felony convictions in Illinois or other states
  • No domestic violence convictions
  • Not subject of protection order
  • No convictions for assault or battery
  • Have not been a patient at a mental hospital
  • Is not an illegal immigrant
  • Not a fugitive from justice
  • Never renounced US citizenship
  • Have not failed a drug test within the prior year
  • Has not within the prior year used or been addicted to a controlled substance
  • Is not intellectually disabled
  • Has not been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces

Start The Application

Congratulations, if you meet all the above conditions you can now start the application. Next thing you need to do is choose a method of application, online or mail?

Select one of the methods below;

Online FOID Card Application


The Process

  1. Visit the Illinois State Police website
  2. Click the yellow ENTER button under FOID card
  3. Enter your User ID, Password, Last name and Date of birth.
  4. If you do not have a user name or password you will need to click the Register Now link. You  will need a Illinois state ID card or drivers license as some of the details on these will need to be entered into the registration boxes.
  5. Follow the directions

Step by Step Directions

Follow these step by step directions from the Illinois state police.

Video Instructions

FOID Card Application By Mail


The Process

  1. Call the Illinois State Police at 217 782-7980
  2. A call taker will ask you some questions and complete your FOID card application over the phone.
  3. They will also request payment with a credit card
  4. Once the payment is verified the application will be mailed to you.
  5. When you receive the application you will need to fill in further questions relating to criminal history.
  6. Now attach a passport size photo to the application
  7. Sign the Application
  8. Mail the application back to the Firearms Services Bureau.

FOID Card Address Change

Name or address changes can be made via the Illinois State Police website and following the directions below;

  1. Click on the Firearms Services button under agency features.
  2. Under FOID card click Enter
  3. Select Name/Address change. Note: The address on your current FOID card must match that on your Illinois drivers license or ID card.
  4. A new card with updated address or name will be mailed to you.

By Phone

Alternatively name and address changes can be made by calling 217 782-7980

Fees & Other Info

  • The fee for address or name changes is $5
  • Your current FOID card expiry date and number will remain the same.

FOID Card Replacement

FOID Card Renewal

  • FOID cards are valid for 10 years after which they will need to be renewed.
  • FOID cards can be renewed via online or by calling 217-782-7980
  • For online renewals follow the application process for a FOID card. Then after logging in select the RENEW FOID CARD button.

Fees & Other Info

  • The fee to replace a FOID card is $11,
  • Lost or stolen FOID cards can be reported by logging into the Illinois State Police website or calling 217 782-7980

FOID Card Appeals

Types of FOID Card Appeals

Who you submit your appeal to will depend on the reason your FOID card application was denied. You can appeal to the following authorities;

  • Director of the Illinois State Police
  • Circuit Court in your county of residence
  • Outside Agency

Director of the Illinois State Police

The following list is the type of appeals that can be made to the Director of Illinois State Police. All forms and documentation should be sent to;

Illinois State Police
Firearms Services Bureau
801 South Seventh St. Suite 400-M Attn: Appeals
Springfield, Illinois 62703

Circuit Court

If your application for a FOID card is denied you should receive a denial letter which will indicate if an appeal should be made to the Director of State Police, Circuit Court or another agency.

Non-Illinois Agencies

The state of Illinois has no authority to grant relief for offenses committed in federal or another states jurisdiction. These offenses must be part of a separate appeal process in the correct jurisdiction.

FOID Card Fees

Application ConditionsOriginalRenewalName/Address ChangeReplacement


  1. hi, my husband and me put in for an renewal card and still have not recevied our cards. it has been 6 mos. we are like most, we are legal citizen and want to buy and defend our selves when need be. please repond. Thank you

      1. I applied for a FOID card twice on August 8, 2020 and I haven’t heard or received anything in the mail. I paid twice the 11.00 and have not seen anything yet. What is the status of my application.

          1. foid card applications are severely backed up. I applied for mine in July last year and people who applied around then are starting to get theirs. some people have been waiting up to a year for anew one sometimes

        1. On my application under US Citizen there is a NO: As I am a US Citizen, what are they asking for or if this is a no, how can I get this changed.

    1. I began an address change for my foid card a few years back. There was a typo on my driver’s license so it rejected my request. I tried to change it again today and saw the rejected status. It said 1 new requirement. I’m assuming the address change. My address is current and there appears to be a “resubmit” button but I can’t click on it. My address is good so why can’t I resubmit it? And I don’t even see the option to start a new request. Any advice?

    2. Hi, Yvonne! I put my request in last October and didn’t receive mine until this past weekend.

  2. How long does it take for you to get your conceal carry license after you have taken the 16 hour course and have submitted the application and paid all fees?

    1. Currently they will tell you up to 120 days, but some are going longer. Contact your state Rep and senator about this matter and the length of time it is taking, also ask them to look at supporter the state’s going to a constitutional carry

  3. Mailed my foid card renewal form and check to the address on the form in Springfield, one month and three weeks later I get it back and the post office marked undeliverable to the address. I checked and the address is exactly what was printed on the form. What gives ?

  4. Hello! Rep, I Antoine Mack would like for you or someone from your astablishment to mail me out an application for a FOID card. You can mail the application to 7334 S. Jeffery BLVD Apt 2. Chicago, IL 60649. Thank you! PS! I can be reached at (312)409-8611. Thank you!

  5. I have been calling and writing for months to renew my FOID card. There was some mix up when I renewed because I was changing my address at the same time, so I canceled my credit card payment in attempt to get everything straightend out. So now I have been unable to contact anyone in any way to finish making my payment. How can I get this thing completed???? Tim Gallagher

  6. Have foid card number from old foid card which is on the ISP web site shows under review and list foid card number that was issued to me in 1978 can i use just the foid card number and valid IL. DL to purchase, this is the actual number on my foid card not a appilcation number. no longer have card ,ISP listed old number on their web site.

  7. I applied for my foid card over 4 months ago. I also had a spelling typo on my application and reached out to the Illinois state police on how to fix it, and have yet to hear even one response. Not one. This is unconstitutional to delay my right to protect myself and my home during these crazy times because the Illinois state police cant keep up their end of the bargin. Frustrated and disappointed are an understatement.

  8. Do not hold your breaths for a FOID crd in a democratically run state. You would probably be better off if you had someone with which you could “live” with in the state of Wisconsin perhaps that has a much lenient view of firearms. You’ll be old and gray by the time you receive one here in Illinois.

      1. I lost my FOID card during a move how do I apply for another one without my FOID #? Please help

  9. I applied for my card on March 31,2020. I have not recieved my card or been able to contact anyone. Why after 5 months, am I wondering what is going on?

    1. I applied a few weeks before you did and I finally received my card first week of September.

  10. I’m 18 and I recently enlisted in the marines. I need to get some shooting practice in before I go to basic training. The only thing holding me back is the written consent portion. My dad is a lifetime felon with a rap sheet longer than the bible. But, my step mom has no record but I’m not totally sure if she could give me written consent.
    Anybody know if she could help?

    1. They will teach you how to shoot at boot camp youngster. Do not go to a range and learn bad habits. I am from Missouri and hunted and shot guns all my life. Bad habits were formed you fo not need to “practice” shooting I was active duty for 11 years and spent many of days on the range you do not need to practice before recruit training!

  11. My husband applied back in Feb and he still doesn’t have it. How do we see what’s going on with it?

  12. Hey, I applied for my foid card 4/23/2020, paid for it and everything. I meet all the requirements and I’m 23 and it’s now June and it’s still under review. I’ve tried calling and can’t get any type of information to handle this.

      1. Call the state police in Springfield il. That’s how I got some info on the foid

      2. I applied the first week of June 2020 and have the confirmation form in my possession. Today is January 30th 2021. No card, no contact of any kind.

    1. My Grandson applied for a foid card his other foid card expired. He did not renew in time. So my question is can he shotgun deer hunt this season on his application that he has done on his phone and saved or should he get his application printed out and have with him proving he applied already for his foid card.

      1. My Grandson applied for a foid card his other foid card expired. He did not renew in time. So my question is can he shotgun deer hunt this season on his application that he has done on his phone and saved or should he get his application printed out and have with him proving he applied already for his foid card.

  13. I moved back to Illinois but with the high volume at the DMV they are not issuing out of state licenses. They are only working with new drivers and expired license. How can I obtain a Illinois ID now that I have been back for 1 year?

  14. I had just turned 18 and was arrested for marijuana possession, that was over 40 years ago, it was expunged after I did 12 months probation, I was turned down for a foid card cos its on the federal record, Can I still fight this???????

  15. How do I get a sign in and password to apply for a Foid card

  16. How do I get a sign in and password to be able to apply for a foid card

  17. I have a felony on my background is a traffic felony because someone in my car got hurt Will they deny me of my foid card it was eight years ago

  18. My fold card was denied. How do i find out why it was denied and what steps do i need to take next?

  19. My Card doesn’t expire until 10/21 do I have to wait until it expires?

  20. My Card doesn’t expire until 10/21 . I would like to renew
    Do I have to wait until it expires?

  21. So i applied for a FOID card and was denied for mental health they said it had to be longer then 5 years and listed the date i got out which was in 2010… I’m pretty sure me waiting 5 years is up

  22. I am E2 working visa and legaly work in IL.
    I am legal resident and have my 2019 W2.
    can I have a FOID card? I applied it for a year.

  23. How can a FOID card be revoked without notification to me? I purchased a gun is was shipped to dealer, I went to pick it up, come to find out the transfer is denied, and my card is revoked. Mind you I have no criminal background, no mental health issue, not imprisoned etc. Simply just revoked. How is that possible? To make it worse it seems I have to ask FBI to investigate it. Something is not right. Please advise.


  24. So I got denied due to mental health for more than 5 years ago, got cleared by a psychiatrist, then 3 months later I finally got the Request for FOID Appeal, Request for Investigation, Waiver of Liability (waiver of HIPPA rights for the next year). I sent it to the address listed and my stupid account STILL doesn’t say under review. it still says denied from when I first tried applying years ago. And there’s literally no way to get in contact with them because their number is turned off and so is their email. so do I need a lawyer? it says they have 60 days to approve or deny appeals and its been like 3 months. and has anyone had to go thru this before? hoping I can get some responses considering this is an older thread.

  25. I tried to apply for my foid card but it wont let me get past the identification verification process. I’m not able to fill put the application or submit payment.
    Any idea why?

  26. Will I be able to get a Foid if I have a Class A misdemeanor (UUW)

  27. So do I understand that law change that I can purchase a firearm or ammunition in Illinois with just Illinois driver’s license,
    But to carry I need FOID card ?

  28. I have a FOID card but when I tried to buy a gun, I was told I failed the IL State Police background check. I have no record at all but I do have a medical marijuana card, which I had prior to getting my FOID card. Why can I have a card but can’t have a gun?

    1. your medical marijuana card voids your foid card because it a drug,The state see its that way only way to get your card back is to get your marijuana card voided and you will still have to wait a year for it clear

  29. Ok so i attempted my application back in 2016. Problem was my drivers licences address didnt match my mailing address. Fast forward to now. My account is still active and i have a new licence with accurate information but i cant find a way to fix my account and update my photo. I see my payment is still on file which is nice. Help

  30. Started my husband’s renewal on line got interrupted and when I tried to start again it wouldn’t use his email as it was already used. What do I do now?

    1. That happened to me. I called my state representative Dan Brady. His staff called Springfield numerous times until it was sorted out.

  31. I accidentally clicked address change but do not need it. What to do its asking for $5 and I dont need nothing changed? Will I just cancel after 30 days?

  32. Hello! Rep, I Antoine Mack wanted to know could you mail me out an FOID GunCard application. To 7334 S. Jeffery BLVD Apt 2 Chicago, IL 60649. Thank you! PS! If you need more info my contact number is (312)59)-3389. Thank you!

  33. How long after I mail a paper appl. Does it take to get a card. No rush just wondering.

  34. Have been trying to renew my card. The system won’t let me. Even when I go to change address, there is no renew button. Card expires in November, when is the earliest date I can apply for renewal.

  35. Been trying all week to make contact to renew foi card. Retired P.O….. cant believe system is so enept. Please make contact or pick up the phone.

  36. Hello! Rep, I Antoine Mack would like for you to mail me an application for a FOID gun card. You can mail the application to 7334 S. Jeffery BLVD Apt 2. Chicago, IL 60649. Thank you! PS! If you need more info my contact number is (312)599-3389.

  37. Hello! Rep, I Antoine Mack would like for someone from your company to mail me an application for a gun card. I had my gun card once before but, I let it expire on me. I wanted to know could someone from your astablishment mail me an application to 7334 S. Jeffery BLVD Apt 2. Chicago, IL 60649. I would appreciate it. If you need to contact me my number is (312)599-3389. Thank you!

  38. terrible system. tried for 5 hours and did not get through. Also dated system to get into the portal. get some
    professional people to put it together.

  39. Hello. I’ll be moving to Indianapolis soon and I’m coming from Illinois and I’m trying to get my FOID Card to carry a gun.. I want to know what all do I have to do

  40. Where do l go to upload a photo to complete the registration process?

  41. Are owners of an heirloom antique firearm required to have a FOID if it’s only to be stored in the home and never transported anywhere?

    1. Answer-probably as long as it’s serviceable. This is Illinois trying to repeal the second amendment; it’s not just infringement and $11. They can charge whatever they want now and in future, I heard average cost is $200. Might want to consider moving.

  42. we are having problems getting my husbands F OID card renewed online. is there a physical address we can go to get it renewed. thank you His email address it

  43. I applied for a renewal on my FIOD on January 15 ,2019 and still no new card , call over 30 times and no one answer the phone . My application number is 001531839 and it expired on April 1 , 2019 . They have my $ 11.00 and it says its under review , the State of Illinois is slow . I got a real ID in less than 6 days ??

    1. This is Illinois trying to repeal the second amendment. Might want to consider moving.
      Same in California (LA), there are 6.5 million people but only 137 weapons carry permits issued.

      1. No one in IL is trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment. It would be nice if the Supreme Court would correct the earlier incorrect thinking that “well-regulated militia” was just extra words the Founding Fathers included, but no, no one is trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment in IL.

  44. my FOID card expired on April 1st, I renewed it in January, still haven’t heard anything. Can’t get anyone to answer my many calls or emails. I was told that I am still legal to own and transport because of the 60 day extension. But try buying ammo with an expired FOID card. Maybe its Illinois way of taking away our rights

    1. Same…Applied and well over their 30 days(45 +days) no response, no way to talk to anyone, their phone cuts you off…. No response from ILL politician. I support Illinois Law Enforcement Officers but, seriously this is embarrassing. kinda seems like a game.

    2. This is Illinois trying to repeal the second amendment. Might want to consider moving.
      Same in California (LA), there are 6.5 million people but only 137 weapons carry permits issued. After the FOID initial fee they can charge whatever they want in future, until people cannot afford it and give up their weapons; I heard it costs around 200 bucks now.

  45. I originaly sent in a renewal and received back 23 days later. I HAVE TRIED RENEWING ON LINE TODAY BUT WITH NO SUCCESS .My card is now out of date and can not get through by phone or internet. Please advise how i can complete process Raymond m Jorns 95060179

  46. I’ve been trying to renew my Foid card for a month now & when I call they say call back later, when I call back it’s the same response. So who do I get in touch with so I can renew my Foid card?!$

  47. What are the hours they answer the telephone? I get a message saying to call back later. I wait until later and call and get the same message?


    1. Me too! No answer until 1700 hrs the : disconnect after 50 minutes ( 5: 50 P.M.) TW DAYS IN A ROW: JUST TO CHECK STATUS! THEY CHARGED MY VISA JANUARY 2 , 2019 + 60 = MARCH 3? ITS THE 23RD – SO THE LAW SAYS : IT MUST BE ISSUED? NI CARD – THEY CAN TAKE YOUR GUNS, AMMO AND YOUR BODY!


  48. I called the legal dept in the Illinois State Police Directory simply because no one will return email nor can you reach anyone by phone in the FOID dept. When I sent my renewal in on Feb 8, 2019, the automated email I received stated 30 days. It’s now Mar 21 and I have heard nothing. My status still says pending. The lady I spoke with in the legal dept, stated that they have extended the time to 60 days and they are working overtime (since last July) due to the huge number of renewals because of the 10 renewal cycle. Really??? They didn’t see it coming? They had 10 years to figure that out. She took my information and said that she would forward it to the FOID dept. Not holding my breath for a call but at least I was able to speak to a human being.

    1. I filed for my FOID card on March 1st. I paid the $11 fee. They stated they will send out app I had to call again 2 weeks later. They told me the same thing we’re sorry will mail you out one app. It is now March 21st I have called 183 times and not got through. It seems to me this is a money grab. There is a lawsuit against the State Police involving FOID card rejections. They are collecting interest on all of our money. To fight the lawsuit. This is illegal they had no intention of sending the form out. This is due to the new medical cannabis cards. Since the state is calling it medical cannabis. They have no right to reject you under present laws. People can walk around not knowing what day it is because they are so disoriented from opiates and drinking alcohol and the state sees this as legal. But apply for a card and you get the runaround

      1. This is Illinois trying to repeal the second amendment. Might want to consider moving.
        Same in California (LA), there are 6.5 million people but only 137 weapons carry permits issued. But the sheeple there are defenseless just like ill-li-noise. Try Florida and some state without communists.

  49. I recently did a address change and it is under review. Can i still use my current card to purchase a firearm? Or will i have to wait into the review is complete

    1. As far as I have herd…. Address must MATCH to legally purchase a Firearm. However, pretty sure many do not mention a different address and still proceed with the sale as long as your FOID Card is still active and valid.

      1. Follow up… It might trigger a “delayed approval” if the system see’s a request for address change and another request for a new firearm purchase. Aways best to do things legally!

  50. Reapplied for my Floyd card back in January $11 was deducted from my credit card but no FOID card what does one do next this was back in January


  52. On Feb 12 2019 I renew my FOID card on line and you took the $11.00 out of my account> as of March 9th I have yet to receive my new card I cannot go the range without it. Please send it. FOID# 94620853

    Thank you

  53. So I logged in to check my status about my food card and it says active and it gives me my issued date and expiration date and my I’d number but I haven’t got the card and I think it just hit a month .i haven’t got nothing in the mail or a email can somebody tell me what’s that mean

    1. While it sometime takes a month and days to receive. They don’t mail out ever day of the week nor on weekends and holidays i have herd.

  54. I had my FOID card taken away for a misdemeanor DUI and 2 years conditional discharge in 2016. What do I have to do to get my card back?

    1. First I would go fuck yourself you shouldn’t even be allowed to have a driver’s license you’re an irresponsible prick

  55. I was denied my foid card for being in kettler when I was 16 years old. I’m now 25 years old. I applied for an appeal. I’ve gotten no reply. I’m not sure what to do.

  56. where do i go to see why my application was denied , thinking maybe i didn’t sign it or scroll down far enough to compete the application . looking for help to see why it was denied .

  57. I applied for my FOID card and made a payment I need to upload my current if card to match my address, but it’s not giving me that option what do I do? If I reapply will I have to pay again although I never received a card?

    1. It means they are reviewing your application. It is normal. Expect your process to take the full 30 days.

  58. So I was revoked about 4 years ago due to going to the hospital for alcohol. I guess that counts as mental health. Now they want me to do all of this stuff to appeal it. What happens if I just wait the 5 years. Can I just get it reinstated?

  59. Trying to renew my FOID card. Of course like everyone else I can’t get through after over 50 calls. So trying to do it online. When I log in there is no tab to “renew Foid Card” as it states it should in the instructions. Anyone else having this problem renewing online? I expire in September so perhaps thats why, but can anyone provide some information?

    1. I have had the same problem .Try e-mailing them . Do it quickly because I was told they are behind with their printing of the cards

  60. Apllied for FOID card over a month ago and still saying under review, any updates please?!

    1. Yes, it is not against the law to have a FOID or CCL but you will NOT be able to purchase a firearm once you fill out the 4473 form the question specifically states ““Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” WARNING: “the use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medical or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”” The loophole being you can purchase a firearm through a transfer from another person you just will not be able to buy one from an FFL gunshop, online, etc.

    2. Wont happen here yet because the federal laws still considering Marijuana illegal.

  61. Is the 217 782-7980 phone number actually connected to something?

    Applied for Foid 2 months ago and the picture was rejected a month ago have uploaded a new one but never any status change and no one to talk to?

  62. I’m trying to renew my husband’s (Ernest Sheriff) FOID card on line and I have no idea where I went wrong I guess I will call and order a form. Please send me a form.

  63. How long does it take to receive it? I’ve had one before and I let it expire for years. I just reapplied 30 days ago.

  64. Is there a way to up load the parent affidavit online, or can it only be done through the mail?

  65. Hello! Rep, I Antoine Mack would like to renew my FOID Card. Would you mail me out an application to 7334 S. Jeffery BLVD Apt 2 Chicago, IL 60649. Thank you! PS! I will send in my money order or check to the Illinois State Police when I get the money. Thank you! PS! You can call me at (312)734-0075.

  66. I called 217-782-7980 about 20 times and they never answered once! The automated system is broken as well. You said you called other ISP numbers and finally got through, what number did you use, I want to try. I renewed mine online, they took my money and it’s been almost 30 days and I haven’t gotten my card yet? I have no Outstanding or previous priors, Hell, I didn’t have a ticket in like 20 yrs…

    1. I need the foid application and have no credit or debit cards.please send me the application i will send it back with $10.50 money order. Rex Carl foid # 16010680.

      1. they aren’t going to see that or let you owe them. Anyways, your local police stations, at least they used to, carry and give you one just for asking for it. When you return the application with your picture send them a check for the application process fee.

  67. It’s been 5 months and some change. I filed an Appeal to the Illinois Director State Police to challenge my record..for a felony charge which was expunged in another state. Mailed them proof and supporting documents and still nothing. I have called, emailed and logged on every week with no luck or help. …sad to say this but Illinois is in no rush to process appeals. If you ever had a wink of trouble be prepared for a long delay. Sorry folks …its the real truth.

    1. I waited a 1yr and 3 months for an appeal for mental health from when I was a minor. I had a state representative call down there and within 3 days it was unrevoked. Still have not received by mail a week later though.

  68. Someone please help!!! I’m having a problem with my application online. Im in Illinois and currently 20 years old and that means i have to have one of my parents sign for me in order to get my FOID since im not 21 yet. I put in her info and it keeps telling me her license is expired or her birthday doesnt match. I’ve been retyping the info everyday for about 3 days now and its still saying the same thing. Her license expires in 2020 which is whats confusing me and im putting everything in correctly. She doesnt have a FOID card of her own, could that be why it wont let her sign for me? And my father has had run ins with the law when he was younger so he cant sign for me either since he has a record. If my mom got her FOID could i get mine then? Im not sure what the problem is and its becoming frustrating. I hope someone can help me out on this, thanks!

    1. Why on earth are you so anxious to get hands on a firearm? Are you crazy terrorist or mad dog? Go get some help, please!

    2. Call the number provided. GRANTED you’ll have to call them like 45 times in one day to get a person. I was able to get in touch with them to fix an issue on my application *wrong zip by accident* and I had to call a bunch of times. Eventually I got a hold of someone. Just keep calling until the pick up.

  69. Interesting you say they are mailing renewal notices, my FOID card expired 10/1 and I didn’t get any renewal notice in the mail. Unfortunately I didn’t realize it expired and not my CCL was revoked for not having a current FOID card. I thought the two cards expired on the same day but that isn’t the case lesson learned. I am not sure if I will automatically get my CCL reinstated or how does that work.

  70. My foid expires in December. Early November I renewed online. It’s now November 28th, and my dealer is holding a gun for me because my card is under review. I get it if the process takes time.. but to make my current card invalid BEFORE the expiration date is nonsense… it would still be valid right now if I DIDN’T RENEW IT?! What kind of bureaucracy is that?

  71. For those of you who have recently applied online, how long did it take to receive your FOID card?

    1. it took me to over 30 days and I was renewing after it expired. 28 days to have them approve and additional 4 days to get it in the mail.

  72. I have tried numerous times for months, by pressing 0, for a simple name change. For 4 months, I have received the same voicemail message, then it hangs up. Can never reach anyone. I have pressed different numbers for different options, hoping to speak to someone, and no answer.

  73. They stated i have a feeling but I don’t. I was charged with a felony charge , them it was lowered to a mistaminer , then the case was dropped. Only trouble I ever been in. They say the numbers or letters I was charged with indicates a felony.

  74. Yes ur right Jim me either I’m still waiting for my foid car it’s been 2 months already and I haven’t receive any reply yet……I try to call them but nobody answering the phone

  75. Who do I call to see where my FOID card is at I have been waiting for 3 months for it

  76. Is Springfield still there?
    We’ve been trying to call 217-782-7980 many times over the last two weeks… unsuccessfully.
    We did manage to get put on hold one time. Waited 61 minutes and then could no longer tie up the business phone.
    Maybe things changed somehow? I really don’t want to make a 7 hour round trip and find it has been disbanded.
    If anyone knows how to successfully contact the correct ISP office for this, please email me at

  77. I am needing to change address and name on FOID Card. I sent in application with check and was returned. Where can I go to do this in person?

  78. I am unable to continue the online FOID application because when I started the process I did not copy the information I had entered assuming that I could use my email to recover anything that I needed to recover. So currently I have an incomplete online FOID application that I am unable to access. How do I either remove this incomplete online application so I can restart it or recover sufficient information to continue it?

    1. So type your username in first and then hit the question part. It’s going to pop up different questions. When you put in the right username the right security question will pop up and you will be able to change your password that way That’s how I did it

    2. That’s OK! Send the application to 7334 S. Jeffery BLVD Apt 2 then. My name is Antoine Mack.

  79. my grandfather is currently 88 years old and is physically unable to do much anymore. he has several firearms and wants to transfer them to me. my grandfather no longer has a valid foid card and wont renew it. i have printed out the person to person firearm transfer forms. by law a seller has to have a valid foid card to transfer or sell them.
    long story short would it be legal to just state on the form that he is 88 years old and is transferring them to me so that they are accounted for and because my grandmother doesn’t have a foid card?

    1. No, he has to have a FOID card in order to transfer or sell you the firearms, otherwise it is a illegal action not to mention a Felony.

    2. Try going through your local sheriff’s office and request an inferm relative inheritance transfer. I have known of this being done but it was years ago

  80. My fiancé got a felony in Arkansas over 20 yrs ago and the only thing he has now is a DUI on his record he now lives in IL can he apply for a foid card again? And how or where would he do so? His a great guy just made a bad decision earlier in his life.

  81. if I want to get a stun gun and my husband already has FOID card do I need to get a FOID card to to carry it to my job

  82. Dear State of Illinois. You could save US a whole lot of time and aggravation and YOU a whole lot of labor if you simply put notice online on the FOID page after you log in that you can’t apply for a renewal of your FOID card until 60 days before it expires. I ttook me quite a while to figure that out and I bet a lot of people are trying to call you phone number to ask why. No wonder nobody can get through.

  83. My foid card is valid the only issue is I’ve moved twice in the last 3 years so my foid card has a different address then my license and my license isn’t my current address. I did update the dmv online with my current address just haven’t gotten it physically changed on my license. But I’ve been trying to do an address change online through foid and it keeps saying that my address is invalid. A. my foid card is valid just needs an address update so am I still ok until i get my address changed?

  84. My 18 year old son wants to go squirrel hunting by himself. Does he need a FOID card if he will be using my firearms?

  85. Wanting to get my foid card. My address hasn’t been changed on my new license yet. Do I have to get it changed before getting my foid

  86. I need my foid card renewed and I have called a few times and it keeps saying the lines are busy and I cant remember my login info, any idea of what to do?

  87. My 1970 felony conviction was appealed in 1992 i won i received my foid card no problem. Now they say that was a long time ago and need to appeal again

  88. How long does it take for the State of Illinois to update their database after you complete a FOID address change online? I understand that it could take weeks to receive the physical card, but the State should have it updated on their end sooner than that…..I would think! This is for FOID only, not Concealed Carry.

  89. I had a felony conviction for aggravated battery 17 years ago in Illinois. I then served 9 years in the US Army 82nd Airborne, served a combined 41 months in Afghanistan and Iraq. Was in President Bush’s security detail in Pakistan in 2006 and served 2 years as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning Ga teaching basic rifle marksmanship. I was honorably discharged in 2013.

    I moved back to Illinois have had a clean record ever since. Have worked a good job since returning to civilian life and have 2 sons and a wife. With all the craziness in the world i considered getting a firearm for home defense.

    From reading the foid laws it appears that i will never be able to use or posess a firearm. Is this right?!?!

  90. I apply for my foid card and it’s been a month and it’s still saying under review

  91. I am not permitted by the state police or the ATF to purchase guns; however, I am allowed to own a gun and I have a valid foid card. does anyone know why this might be?

  92. Can you defend yourself in someone else’s home with a FOID card from another state with a gun that is not yours

    1. If it is a self defense to save your own life or someone else’s life then I believe so as it to allow you to continue living or to prevent yourself from getting seriously injured.

  93. I just got my renewed FOID card and it has the same expiration date as the old one. Is this correct?

  94. What happens in the case of you applied for the food card but didn’t have the right picture and you’ve been calling to see how to fix that so that you receive your card?

    1. You should get a reply saying that that field was not properly filled out.

  95. Does my parent have to be an Illinois resident to obtain a food card. When I enter my parents ID it says that it is invalid. I’m not sure what I should do.
    Thank you

      1. No you do not unless they are employed as a security guard or a job that requires you to carry a gun on you in a premises in Illinois.

  96. I’m having major issue trying to renew foid card, I have an illinois concealed carry license, do I still have to renew foid

    1. Yes, dont ask how I know. You will get a letter advising your CCL was revoked because the FOID went overdue, actually it came with a blank where there should have been an explanation but that was the reason. Then the CCL has to be surrendered to the local PD within 48 hours and you have to transfer all weapons to another FOID holder or the police. Then the state makes you appeal, wait several months, and then charges you another $75 to get it back.

      1. Hi, I just got my letter Saturday exactly what you said… Do I need to those things.. I have my brother in law picked up my guns… And I’m been trying to call the state always say do to their high calling volume call again later… And you mention 75$ how??? My FOID is expired July I for got….. pls help

    1. Author

      Sorry we cannot answer everyone’s questions, just not enough time and sometimes we just do not have the answer. Anyway what did you want to know?

  97. I recently moved to another state, do I need to change the address on my foid card or is it now invalid?

    1. Author

      Yes you need to change the address, whether or not this makes your card invalid I do not know, maybe another reader can answer that.

  98. My FOID card says that it was issued on 5/3/2018 ( I had to change address and last name after getting married), anyway it says active expires 2028 but here it is June and I still have not received it. I am starting to wonder if it got lost or stolen and if I need to report it. Any advice?

    1. a medical card for what? I think the only reason they would deny on medical health is for mental health issues/prior hospitalizations for these issues or illnesses of the brain like, dementia or alzheimers etc.,

      1. I Applied For A Medical Disability Card. The Dr. Put On The Form Mental Health A Number 1 Issue And Chronic Back Issues As Number #2. I haven’t been In A Phys. Hospital Since 1993. It’s Depression due To My back. I requested A New FOID Card And Have My Deceased Son’s 22 Rifle. It Is Registered In My Name. I’m not To Much In Guns. Do You Think Their Is going To Be A Problem? I had To get A Disability Card For Proof Of Property Taxes. They Are Kind Of Stepping On My Civil Rights. I haven’t Even had A Traffic Ticket In Over Twenty Years. I Wouldn’t Hurt A Flee.

  99. I am wanting to get a FOID card. I have not been in trouble since I’ve turned 18. However, when I was 16, my mother called the police and lied to them, telling them that I hit her. I got arrested for some domestic charge while nothing happened to her. Will I be able to get a FOID card, being that I have a domestic charge on my juvenile record?

    1. Most likely not, I have the same issue only I got in a fight with my brother when I was 16, I plead that to simple battery. Its been rejected once 15 years ago. I think it’s dumb that something you did as a juvenile can affect you almost 20 years later. All I want to do is go hunting but nope can’t pass the question portion. It was all supposed to be expunged also.

    2. For one the charge was while you were a minor and should not have any bearing on you receiving a FOID card. A second thing would be if you were convicted of the crime of domestic battery. Most of these type of applications are looking for only convictions on your record.

  100. I have an FOID card but but since I received the card I became a Florida resident. However I do spend several months in Illinois. Am I allowed to keep the FOID card for use in Illinois during the time I spend here?

    1. I’m not a lawyer, and this is just my opinion/research; but this is the best way i can answer.
      Technically since you’re no longer a an IL resident, you do not even need your FOID card if you’re able to possess a firearm in FL. But since you have it, keep it, unless ISP mails you a notice stating its revoked.

      In 2011, in the case of People v. Holmes, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that non-Illinois residents who are permitted to possess a firearm in their home state are not required to have an Illinois FOID card.[15][16] Non-Illinois residents do not qualify to obtain a FOID card.

      “Unless you receive a notification from the ISP there is no requirement in the law to do anything.”

      “(430 ILCS 65/9) (from Ch. 38, par. 83-9)

      Sec. 9. Every person whose application for a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card is denied, and every holder of such a Card whose Card is revoked or seized, shall receive a written notice from the Department of State Police stating specifically the grounds upon which his application has been denied or upon which his Identification Card has been revoked. The written notice shall include the requirements of Section 9.5 of this Act and the persons’s right to administrative or judicial review under Section 10 and 11 of this Act. A copy of the written notice shall be provided to the sheriff and law enforcement agency where the person resides.

      (Source: P.A. 97-1131, eff. 1-1-13; 98-63, eff. 7-9-13.)

      Upon revocation of a person’s Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, the Department of State Police shall provide notice to the person and the person shall comply with Section 9.5 of this Act”.

      “(430 ILCS 65/9.5)

      Sec. 9.5. Revocation of Firearm Owner’s Identification Card.

      (a) A person who receives a revocation notice under Section 9 of this Act shall, within 48 hours of receiving notice of the revocation:

      (1) surrender his or her Firearm Owner’s Identification Card to the local law enforcement agency where the person resides. The local law enforcement agency shall provide the person a receipt and transmit the Firearm Owner’s Identification Card to the Department of State Police;”…57&ChapterID=39

  101. Hello, I applied for a foid card April 10, I got denied because my currently address didn’t match my ID. I resubmitted my application once I fixed that issue.
    I received a denial Satus on my application.
    They didn’t explain the reason why I got denied.
    I am assuming the reason behind that is because I was admitted to a metal institution over 7 years ago.
    How would I appeal that?
    Or will I receive a letter in the mail explaining why I got denied?

  102. Hey all. My foid car was revoked due to an order or protection. It expired last month, does anyone know how to get my foid card and conceal back? Thanks

    1. You will not be able to get them back due to the fact you caught the case.

  103. I just logged on for the 1st time. I wanted to renew my FOID card. I have a year left on my current FOID card. But after posting my FOID card number I was notable to proceed -three Boxes appeared one with the FIOD card but no apply button, one box for conceal carry with a apply button, and another box for fire arms instructors with a apply button. How do I proceed?

    1. Turns out the “renew” button doesn’t show up until you are within 60 days of expiration, shich, based on the timeline for FOID process seems really short, but that’s the deal.

  104. My license and foid address are not to date. Do you know if id be able to purchase a firearm and keep/register it at the place i live currently without changing both right away?

    1. Author

      As long as your FOID card and license are still valid I cannot see any problem in you still using them for purchases. I’m not sure on registration as I am not from your state but the shop you purchase from should be able to tell you.

  105. My FOID card shows Revoked on the Illinois state police website and I’m trying to understand why? I had 410 probation that I completed 10 years ago without any issues have have been a perfect citizen not even a traffic ticket since. It was NEVER a conviction, the computers should obviously be linked together if they can revoke my FOID card immediately after being arrested but for some reason their computers don’t want to give it back to me after no conviction?
    1. Why is my card Revoked?
    2. How do I get it back? Do I just put another regular application in?

    Thanks, I’m trying not to sound like a blow hard here lol

  106. My question is my FOID card expires 9 of 18 when I go to the website there is no renew button but I am still active am I just too early to renew?

    1. I have the same issue as well. Expires on 09-01-2018 but no RENEW button

    2. I surfed some other websites and found one person actually called and got though to the agency –

      “Finally got thru to ISP district desk officer & was informed that you can’t apply for renewal more than 60 days prior to expiration. The application won’t process but it doesn’t tell why. Why put out notice to file early then restrict it to 60 days? “

  107. My application was recently rejected due to the address on my ID not matching my current address. I’ve updated my ID with my current address and resubmitted my application. I was wondering how long would I have to wait again for an approval?

    1. Author

      Other people have stated it is taking around 30 days for a regular FOID application so you can probably expect to wait a similar period for the updated application.

  108. I put my app in on March.7th and haven’t gotten anything back yet record clean and all no run ins with the law or anything thought this would be faster.

  109. My address has changed since my FOID card was issued. I have requested a new card with my new address.. can I still purchase a firearm while waiting for my new card

    1. Author

      Yes you can, new regulations now state that those in possession of an Illinois License to Carry do not have to have
      their FOID Card in their possession to buy firearms and ammunition or possess firearms and ammunition

  110. Actually, there is no minimum age to receive a FOID card. A 5 year old can have one. As long as the parent or legal guardian is eligible for one. You must use the call-in method to obtain one for someone who was born after 2000.

  111. I just got approved for my foid card on the 12th my spouse is a felon can i legally posses a fire arm as long as its locked up in a safe in my shed that they have no access to?

    1. Author

      If your spouse does not have access to the gun it sounds feasible. But I would consult a lawyer to be on the safe side. Any replies on this site should not be regarded as legal advice although we do read the laws and give our opinion.

  112. What is the time frame to renew my FOID card mine expires 7/01/2018

  113. My Illinois foid card expired at least 25 years ago. I just forgot to renew it. I have an old rifle that I haven’t shot in decades. I know I am breaking the law. I just want to get right with the law. Can I apply for an foid. On the online form, it does ask if you have ever had an foid. Even getting on the online site, it says the ISP is reviewing my new user request.

    1. Author

      If you previously have been issued a FOID it should help you get a new one, just explain the situation to them.

    1. Author

      If I am correct all FOID cards come with your address printed on them. Whether the address is current or not probably would not be checked by the person selling to you.

  114. my foid card broken application # 1299040 re done my address have not heard back.

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