Indiana Gun Laws

Indiana gun laws allow a License to Carry to be issued to residents and non-residents. There are two types of licenses available, a limited term and unlimited lifetime license. Non-residents can only obtain the four year limited license and they will normally be required to have a business or property in Indiana. Residents or persons in the military who are stationed in Indiana can obtain the lifetime license. The minimum age for applicants is 18 years or older. Indiana is a “Shall Issue” state.

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Indiana CCW Quick Facts

Carry In Vehicle SEE DETAILS
Must Notify Officer NO
Carry In State Parks Allowed YES
No Weapons Signs Enforced NO
Open Carry Permitted SEE DETAILS
Carry In Liquor Establishments YES
Constitutional Carry NO
Shall Issue
See Details

Indiana License to Carry


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Must be resident of Indiana for lifetime license - (non-residents can get the 4 year license).
  • Is a proper person IC35-47-1-7
    "Proper person" means a person who:
  1. does not have a conviction for resisting law enforcement under IC 35-44.1-3-1 within five (5) years before the person applies for a license or permit under this chapter;
  2. does not have a conviction for a crime for which the person could have been sentenced for more than one (1) year;
  3. does not have a conviction for a crime of domestic violence - Indiana Code 2015 (as defined in IC 35-31.5-2-78), unless a court has restored the person's right to possess a firearm under IC 35-47-4-7;
  4. is not prohibited by a court order from possessing a handgun;
  5. does not have a record of being an alcohol or drug abuser as
  6. does not have documented evidence which would give rise to a reasonable belief that the person has a propensity for violent or emotionally unstable conduct;
  7. does not make a false statement of material fact on the persons application;
  8. does not have a conviction for any crime involving an inability to safely handle a handgun;
  9. does not have a conviction for violation of the provisions of this article within five (5) years of the person's application;
  10. does not have an adjudication as a delinquent child for an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult, if the person applying for a license or permit under this chapter is less than twenty-three (23) years of age;
  11. has not been involuntarily committed, other than a temporary commitment for observation or evaluation, to a mental institution by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority;
  12. has not been the subject of a:
  • (A) ninety (90) day commitment as a result of proceeding under IC 12-26-6; or
  • (B) regular commitment under IC 12-26-7; or
  • has not been found by a court to be mentally incompetent, including being found:
    • (A) not guilty by reason of insanity;
    • (B) guilty but mentally ill; or
    • (C) incompetent to stand trial.
  • Federal Law Requirements
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    Indiana Reciprocity Map


    INDIANA CCW License recognition

    • Permit Honored
    • Permit not honored
    • Residential permits only
      • Issuing state
      • Indiana CCW Reciprocity

        Indian Reciprocity State List


        Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

        Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

        states & Districts

        Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

        Districts & Territories
        District of Columbia, New York City, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands


        California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington

        How Reciprocity Works in Indiana

        All valid out of state concealed carry licenses are honored by Indiana.
        indiana State flag

        Indiana state flag

        Indiana Handgun License Forms

        Forms are no longer available

        All applications, renewals, name or address changes must now be made online.

        Pointers: Indiana Handgun Laws

        Indiana: Places Off-Limits for CCW

        Places Off-Limits in Indiana

        • In or On School Property - (locked in a vehicle is OK).
        • On a school bus
        • In or on property that is being used by a school for a school function
        • Private School, Head Start, Preschool program
        • On commercial or charter aircraft
        • Controlled access areas of an airport
        • During annual State Fair
        • Shipping port (Controlled by Indiana Port Commission)
        • A riverboat Casino
        • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

        Places Allowed in Indiana

        • State parks
        • State and national forests
        • Road side rest areas
        • Vehicle
        • If you are transporting a person to or from a school or a school function
        • All areas of the state - except those listed as Off-Limits

        Indiana Handgun Laws To Know

        YES/NO - Without a permit

        If you do not have a permit/license then you cannot carry a loaded handgun in any vehicle, unless the firearm is unloaded, not accessible and secured in a case.

        If you have a CCW license then you can carry a loaded concealed handgun in a vehicle.

        The Law

        NO - Without a permit
        YES - With a permit

        Open carry is legal in Indiana if you have a license to carry. The carry license is valid for open, concealed, and locked case carry.

        NO - Must Inform Officer

        There is nothing in Indiana gun laws that state you must inform a law enforcement officer you have a firearm when approached on official business. You are legally required to carry your permit at all times during which the permittee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun. The Law

        “No Weapons” signs are not mentioned in Indiana gun laws. There are no legal penalties for entering a private property or business that has posted these signs. They have no force of law unless they are posted in areas that are mentioned by the law as being off limits. GunsToCarry recommends that you do not enter a property displaying a “No Weapons" sign whether the law is for or against signage. If asked to leave a property and you refuse to do so then you are breaking the law and put yourself at risk of being charged.


        It is legal to carry in the following areas;

        State Parks:    YES    Except "Falls of the Ohio" State Park.
        State/National Forests:    YES
        State Wildlife Management Areas:    YES
        Road Side Rest Areas:   YES      

        The Law
        DNR Admin Rule 312 IAC 8.2.3

        "Yes" or "No" states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Some restaurants may be posted with "NO GUN" signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. If we have indicated a "Yes" then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.


        “No Weapons” signs are not mentioned in Indiana gun laws. There are no legal penalties for entering a private property or business that has posted these signs. They have no force of law unless they are posted in areas that are mentioned by the law as being off limits.

        GunsToCarry recommends that you do not enter a property displaying a “No Weapons" sign whether the law is for or against signage. If asked to leave a property and you refuse to do so then you are breaking the law and put yourself at risk of being charged.

        Indiana does not have Constitutional Carry.

        Indiana Gun Sales & Preemption

        Private Gun Sales in Indiana

        There is no requirement in Indiana for background checks on private gun sales. It is illegal to sell a firearm to a person that is under the age of 18 or anyone who abuses drugs or alcohol.

        Preemption in Indiana

        State preemption of local gun laws took effect in 2011. Local authorities are not permitted to regulate firearms in anyway.


        Indiana Gun Statutes

        “The people shall have the right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State”

        indiana state capitol building

        Indiana State Capitol Building

        Off-Limits Statutes

        Other CCW Statutes

        Indiana CCW FAQ's

        Indiana CCW Contacts

        Indiana State Police


        Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

        Saturday Closed

        Sunday Closed


        Address 100 N. Senate Ave, Suite N302

        CityIndianapolis IN 46204

        Phone (317) 232-8264



        Updates & Data Sources


        1. Indiana just signed over constitutional carry, so it is now one of those states. Update that on the page sometime soon?

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        3. Everything I looked at still didn’t give me an answer with a lifetime Concealed Carry Permit in Indiana are you allowed to carry One in the Chamber

        4. My 4yr license expires April 11th. The first date available to complete the local portion at the city county building (Marion county) isn’t until July 27th. Can I still carry my handgun after the expiration date if I’ve applied for my renewal one (lifetime)?

          1. If you check the schedule website daily, any cancellations will pop up. I had an appointment for May and check yesterday and there was an appointment available today.

        5. First, I appreciate your blog; I have read your article carefully,
          Your content is very valuable to me.
          I hope people like this blog too. I hope you will gain more experience with your knowledge; That’s why people get more information.

        6. I live in Indiana and I’m 18 every I have found online says I can own a handgun and carry it if it has been gifted to me and I have my permit I applied for my permit yesterday but all the local gun stores are turning me down saying that it is a felony for me to own one so I am confused if I don’t understand the law or if they don’t understand it

          1. Zach… The gun stores know the laws…trust me. They are turning you down because you cannot BUY a gun due to your age. You may CARRY a gifted gun (one someone else purchased) if you get your permit, but not purchase the gun yourself (nor ammo, I believe) until you turn 21. And keep in mind that just because you’ve applied for a permit, that isn’t a guarantee it will be issued. Until you have the card in hand, you DO NOT have a permit.

            1. Rob, a person under the age of 21 can legaly purchase handgun ammo as there are also rifles chambered in those rounds. Only handgun sales them selves are restricted to persons 21 and older.

          2. Zach,
            I went through the same situation with my son.
            You can legally carry a handgun with a carry conceal permit at 18. But, in Indiana you can not legally purchase a handgun until the age of 21.
            So, Therefore the only way you could carry legally is if someone in your family allowed you to carry their handgun. Hope this helps.

          3. You don’t have the legal right to carry a handgun until 21. You can’t get a permit until then anyway. You can apply for one but you won’t have it until 21.

            1. False I am 20 at the time of writing this and I was 19 when I applied for my ccw and was given it. It is illegal for a gun store to sell a handgun to a person under 21 but they can legal carry a handgun that has been gifted to them.

          4. Someone said it perfectly below, constitutional rights are tricky, you have the right to bear arms as well as Carry at 16 if permitted. Meaning exactly that, you must have a physical card in hand, have your mom or dad purchase the fire arm and then gift it to you.

            A bill of sale is not required in the state of Indiana, meaning you are at no obligation to tell the officer pulling you over where or you got the gun from, or provide proof of ownership. All you have to prove is that you are permitted to carry. Sounds goofy, but I have been in your place before being 17 arguing with cops over laws they protect but are on uneducated on.
            It is not a felony to own before you are 18, only a felony to purchase before 18.
            You answer to nobody, not even a federal judge in the state of Indiana as to where or who you got the firearm from, UNLESS You are under the age of 18 when caught with. Also, if you have any second thoughts or questions and can never find information on line, you can always feel free to contact your local desk Sergeant by searching nonemergency police information in your area. Stay safe, and protect your rights!

            Look up Indiana stand your ground law, here you will learn a lot. And do exactly that, educate yourself so you never find yourself and take them out with law-enforcement trying to convince you that they knew better than you.

            Ultimately, you are free to carry if you have a permit. You are allowed to own at 10 years old if gifted.

        7. I live in Kansas city Missouri and we do not need a concealed carry or permit to carry my gun.
          Im planning a trip to indiana and was wondering how it affects me there, am i still allowed to carry it with me or do i need a concealed carry permit

          1. Wayne, Indiana honors the ccw licenses from all other states, including Kansas. But Indiana does not have constitutional carry, like Kansas. You must have a ccw license to carry a gun on your person – open or concealed. I would check with the local police department where you intend to go in Indiana to find out about transporting a gun in your vehicle trunk and so forth, and to verify that this information I gave is accurate.

          2. Yes, you do need to have a permit or be very very careful and be wise about all decisions and think rationally before actions


        8. I just saw my application for my gun permit has been approved 2 days ago. But I have not received the license yet in the mail. Am i able to carry my firearm? Or do i need to wait until it gets here?

          1. Considering that it does state above that you must have your permit on you while carrying, I would probably wait. When I accidentally let my 4yr expire, I quit carrying until I received my lifetime permit in the mail. Just my 2 cents…Be safe out there.

          2. I’m not a lawyer, but I know the law states you have to have your license to carry with you at all times when you carry a loaded handgun. My suggestion, wait until you receive the actual card in the mail. I was in the same situation not long ago, it was hard to wait, but I did.

          3. You must have the license on you at all times while carrying. You’ll need to wait until it arrives.


          4. Just got mine took about 60 days Wait till you get it, the law is if your gonna carry you must have your permit on you to carry.

        9. I applied for my lifetime back in February and just now getting approved in August. I have moved since then, I updated my address but will I have to apply for a duplicate or will it still be sent to me?

        10. I got pulled over by Indiana state police with my ak pistol and the officer told me that I can’t carry it in my car.He didn’t give me no ticket but Indiana law stats a handgun is 26 in or less.Which it is, but truthfully I think it was because it was chambered in 7.62.


        11. Im permanant résident i live in indiana state i can apply for handgun permit .

        12. Due to Covid concerns various city’s and states are mandating mask to be worn in public. Having a CCW in Indiana is it a crime to ware the mask and carry a CCW hand gun?

          1. As I understand the law and have asked a similar question to numerous LEOs and lawyers, the law states that you arent to carry a firearm when you are wearing a mask with the purpose of concealing your identity. Sense the masking related to Covid-19 is not to conceal your identity, as long as you have your CCW card on you and willfully provide it and any other information that is requested to law enforcement if asked, and you not committing a crime, then it shouldn’t be an issue. With that said local jurisdictions may have their own interpretations and rules so you should check with your county sheriff, police chief, or governing body representatives to confirm. Hopefully this helps.

          2. Negative ISP has already issued a statement saying it is completely legal, they have also updated the website to reflect that


        13. If a person had a felony back in 1987 for possession of a controlled substance can they get a ccw?

            1. This is factually incorrect. You have to apply for an expungement and you will, in fact, get issued a CCW.

          1. is it true that if you conceal a weapon and have the state required mask on that its against the law. Or is it just against the law if you do it in the process of criminal activity.

            1. Cynthia, you may have already seen responses, the ISP has issued a statement that carry while wearing a mask is legal provided you are legal to carry and are not trying to commit a crime. The ISP website actually has the statement listed.

            2. Is it against the law to carry a handgun, lifetime permit, and wear a mask at the same time?

        14. If one has a concealed carry permit, and their firearm remains concealed, doesn’t that render any signage restricting weapons on private property moot?


        15. With the Covid requirements to wear a mask in many places. I’m I legal to conceal carry with my permit while wearing a mask?

        16. What is the legal age tonpurchase a handgun.. i can’t seem to find it anywhere on here

          1. Vincent, Technically if you are the property owner or if you go on private property you only need the property owners permission to carry

        17. I have a CCW from Wyoming. I recently moved back to Indiana. Do i have to file again for an IN permit even though the recprocity is good?

          1. No. The address on your Wyoming permit is no longer your legal residence.


        18. Would I legally be allowed to carry my handgun unloaded, in a case, in my backpack while walking in legal carry areas without a permit? My guess would be no, but I can carry it, unloaded, in a case, in the trunk of my car, just figure there may be something allowing those without vehicles to transport their guns.

        19. Can I carry while waiting for my license to get sent? Like with recept of finger prints and local fees plaid?

        20. I have misplaced my carry permit,can I get a duplicate,and am I still legal to carry.

          1. No, you have to have the license on you. And you can get a duplicate license

            1. Actually now your permit is connected to your driver’s license so you are no longer required to carry the physical permit. During a name and plate search it will pop up if the name or registered owner of the vehicle has a CCW

        21. I have my CCW took from you back in 07 for shooting in my backyard On New Year’s Eve it was revolt can I get it back

        22. I just recently changed my address on my permit. Do I need to get a new permit showing my current address? That wasn’t mentioned when I went through the process.

        23. So, I have my fingerprints taken every 4 year electronically for my HAZMAT. Are they able to use the fingerprints on file or do I need to have them taken again?

        24. Is there a law in the state of Indiana saying you can not carry a loaded firearm i.e. one in the chamber

        25. If a person has a gun on their person is it legal for me to upholster my legal firearm in the state of Indiana?

        26. I have a lifetime Indiana cc permit. Can I carry 2 pistols?
          I hunt with a pistol, but it’s not a good choice for personal protection. Would like to carry a 2nd pistol better suited for personal protection.

        27. This may be a dumb%&# question but haven’t seen it yet. Under Ind. cc how many guns can you carry? Don’t plan on just curious, like 1 on side,1 at small of your back and lastly an ankle gun.

          1. There isn’t a limit on how many you can carry. As long as you have a CCW, you can carry as many as you please.

        28. I have an IN lifetime permit but plan on moving to another state. I’ve seen that for non-residents, IN only issues a 4yr permit. Just wondering what that does to my lifetime permit when I move out of state, is it still a lifetime permit or does it start a 4yr countdown on the date I move?

        29. I live in IL and have a property in Indiana. My IL CCW is under review for renewal, but my FOID is active. Can I travel to IN and carry in IN while on my property or in my house?

        30. I applied for my license and got the hunting/ target when I applied for the personal protection.. is there a way I can change it?

        31. I need to know the rules on Indiana CCW when traveling through Illinois on the way to Missouri

          1. It’s called the safe passage law. You’re allowed to carry in your vehicle. I printed out the law and carry it in my vehicle with me.

        32. What are the rules for Indiana CCW when traveling through the State of Illinois on your way to Missouri

        33. I live in Indiana have all my life im disabled and have a carrying permit if I’m on my property doing nothing to anyone and someone comes on my porch and threatens me or starts to get violent what bye law can i do ?

          1. If you can prove self defense against a hostile threat then you are within your right to defend yourself. I would not suggest a fatal shot with the first round. Also its about who can prove what so just remember that.

          2. We have stand your ground laws in Indiana. If you really feel threatened and it is at your place of residence, you have the right to defend yourself as well as your property.

        34. This map needs updating. Virginia no longer accepts indiana LTCH .

        35. Under what conditions can a LEO demand to see permit if you are open carrying? Do you have to show the permit even if there is no articulable reasonable suspicion?

          1. Yes. An officer asking to see your permit is the same as an officer asking to see your Identification Card. They are within legal rights to detain, not arrest, until proper documentation can be provided.

            1. They still have to have a reasonable suspicion that you have or are about to commit a crime.

              1. The suspicion would be that they are illegally carry a firearm in public and may pose a danger.

        36. I’m going to Florida in June and I have my Indiana permit does Florida honor my gun permit

          1. Yes, Florida will honor your permit provided you are a resident of Indiana. In other words, if you have an Indiana permit, but you are not a resident of Indiana, then you CANNOT carry in Florida. If you have an Indiana permit AND you are an Indiana resident, then you CAN carry in Florida.

          2. If you are a resident of Indiana with a residential permit, then yes, Florida does recognize your permit. If you are not an Indiana resident and have a non-resident Indiana license, then no, Florida does not recognize your permit.

        37. May I move into a brand new living apartment, however, the building owner just now states in his new lease that was provided this past week. I had made a deposit of four thousand seventy dollars approximately 5-6 months ago. Now I’m told I can’t have my weapons in or near this property. We have been given permission to move into the apartment beginning in April.

          I believe I have two questions; (1) can they keep me from living at this location because I will not give up my weapons? ; (2) they said they would return my $4,000.00 but not the $70.00 because that amount was for a background check of my wife and myself.

          5-6 months ago when we put the money down to hold our apartment, I never would have written the check and they would never have had the back ground check done, and we would have moved on months ago if only we had been told regarding the new lease!

          Please give me the answers to the two above questions ASAP, thanks again. Bob T.

          1. First and foremost I am none of the following: a legal authority, an office of the court, a past or present member of law enforcement, nor a currently enrolled law student. Also, I have no affiliation with any tenet rights organization or advocacy group. • Ha, so now we have established that my input is nothing more than a personal opinion based on various legal proceedings that I have, in some fashion, previously been involved with or a party to in addition to the near dozen legal classes I completed during my 8 year collegiate career. Moving on… •

            One could argue, depending on several factors not addressed in your question, specifically, what was the deposit for; what did the deposit entitle you to? Simply holding the property from other renters until eligibility could be determined, or the property be prepared, etc. or had a lease already been signed? Depending on these details, again, one could argue that the payment of the deposit and subsequent acceptance of the payment satisfied the conditions of an offer and acceptance by both parties. If the offer were to suddenly change – in this case by the owner – then you should be afforded the opportunity to accept or decline the new offer where a decline would leave you in the same position you were in before the original offer had taken place. Let’s say for example that you want to buy my purple Honda SUV. Unfortunately my purple Honda is in Ohio, bummer, I know. I (the seller) offer to go pick it up and deliver it to you if you agree to put half of the asking price down up front as well as cover the travel costs of $100 for me to get there and back. Well, 5 months later, it’s time for me to adventure to Ohio for your new purple Honda. I return a reasonable time later and your excitement is replaced with confusion and grief as I hand over the keys to a pink Smart Car. Terrible, I know. Obviously you throw a fit and demand your money back. You wanted – and paid for – a purple Honda and definitely didn’t get one. I agreed to provide it, and again, definitely did not provide. Now I return your money but demand that the trip still cost $100.

            I think in this situation I should eat the $100 as the original offer was altered enough to provoke a change of heart, and that change of heart was my due to me.

            If you never saw a lease yet handed over the money on the assumption you could have guns, then this one is on you. If the terms and conditions of your tenancy were agreed upon Then resulting in the payment of the deposit and background check expense, then it’s on the owner.

            Maybe you should offer to split the difference and move on – but I am stubborn and if a lease had been agreed to, I would either 1) require my money back in full, expenses included or 2) allow a reasonable time to elapse, claim to be a new man, say you sold the guns – or melted them – or gave them to children – or whatever – but they’re gone. On your first day, sitting on the couch, in your new apartment, clean those damn guns, get them shiny and oiled, and bathe in the satisfaction of knowing that if push comes to shove you’d rather be evicted than dead.

            Just my meandering opinion. ? ?

        38. So Question, : What if I am was on my property but stepped off my property and had a guy at gunpoint that was on my property trying to break in ???

        39. Is it permissible to carry a handgun in Indiana without a permit if you are on your own property or on private property with the permission of the owner?

          1. “(a) Except as provided in subsection (b) and section 2 of this chapter, a person shall not carry a handgun in any vehicle or on or about the person’s body, except in the person’s dwelling, on the person’s property or fixed place of business, without a license issued under this chapter being in the person’s possession” looks like you should be good as long as you are not a prohibited person.

        40. I live in Indiana and have lived here for about twenty years. Can I get a hand gun without the carry permit. I don’t want to carry it I only want it for target shooting. I have allot of friends that do it and would like to join them without have to shoot their guns

            1. If you mean where to apply for a carry permit, I got mine through the City County Building. But now, it’s a bit easier. Mostly online, but you have to go in for your fingerprinting and things. There is a list of agencies that process permits.

          1. In case you haven’t gotten an answer. You don’t need a carry permit if you aren’t carrying. There are laws on transportation to from the range. You should be able to go to any place that sells and they’ll do a background check.

          2. The purchase of a firearm is under federal law. The license to carry is under state law. If you want to own a gun you do not need to apply for a carry license. Just simply pass a background check from federal law to purchase the firearm. Carrying the gun unloaded and in a case not readily accessible meaning in the trunk. It is legal without a carry license.

        41. Iam coming to Indianapolis next month . I have Ohio ccw . Just like to make sure that I can carry in your state

          1. Indiana honors these state ccw licenses
            STATES & DISTRICTS
            Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

            Districts & Territories
            District of Columbia, New York City, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

            1. States that honor an Indiana ccw license
              RESIDENT LICENSE
              Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

              Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

        42. It is 3-2-19 and I have a Indiana drive license and have applied for my ccw in Indiana but until that arrives I have a Florida ccw but I thought I had read somewheres that if you have a Indiana addr. then my Florida ccw is no good can anyone tell me am I correct????

          1. No your permit from Florida is NOT good if you have a permanent resident in Indiana if you have an Indiana Drivers license you are a resident so reciprocate law does not apply to you and if caught carrying with your Florida permit it’s unlawful possession of a firearm and automatic disqualification for Indiana gun permit.

            1. Right. Florida permit is valid in Indiana, and it is reciprocal. But as was stated, Florida permit is valid for Florida residents only. Your new Indiana address invalidates Florida license in Florida and, hence, Indiana. Get an Indiana license before you carry again.
              (I’m an Indiana resident.)

          2. Indiana gun laws allow a License to Carry to be issued to residents and non-residents. There are two types of licenses available, a limited term and unlimited lifetime license. Non-residents can only obtain the four year limited license and they will normally be required to have a business or property in Indiana. Residents or persons in the military who are stationed in Indiana can obtain the lifetime license. The minimum age for applicants is 18 years or older. Indiana is a “Shall Issue” state.

          3. We honor all states ccw here in IN. They do not honor ours, keep your FL permit , add IN

          1. There is no statute specifically barring it. So no. It is perfectly legal to be drunk and carry.


          2. It’s a paradox of Indiana law. It’s unlawful to provide a firearm to an intoxicated person, but it’s not unlawful to provide an intoxicant to an armed person. The end result may be the same, a drunk person with a gun, but the path to get there is what makes it lawful or unlawful. Oh, and even when the drunk person is provided a firearm, they are not the one who committed the unlawful act, the person who provided the firearm is.

            In the final analysis, it’s perfectly legal in the state of Indiana to be strapped and sloshed. Just don’t be stupid.

          3. Yes it is against the law to carry under the influence. It falls under reckless endangerment.

          4. It depends, on yourself, what you’re doing, how you handle the booze, and the officer, and how drunk you are. Also what part of Indiana you live in, Big city is different than small town as far as officers and mentalities go. Public intoxication is fine for example around me, if you’re acting respectable and not being a bother and just walking home no cop will care, I do it all the time. Sometimes they will give me a ride. The bar I frequent has a lot of carriers also, and no one gets plastered to the point of recklessness. Getting buzzed and walking home while carrying, with no history of violence and still very much able to be aware of your environment? Go ahead. Getting blacked out drunk, or emotional and yelling or being an over-all dumbass, they will add as many charges as they can. It can be used as extra punishment for something if they want, and if you’re not a problem then its no issue. Its all a grey area based on the officer and how a person acts, leaving it up to personal responsibility.

        43. I seem not to be able to find this exact question…..Is it illegal to carry a firearm while under the influence?

          1. Considering one is carrying a loaded weapon while intoxicated, it certainly isn’t safe. Having that been said, I personally have searched this question myself, and was never able to find an answer either.

        44. I am originally from South Dakota, age 24, and have my SD CCW. I am now “living” in Indiana although I do not have a permanent residence as I recently graduated college and have been staying with a friend’s family until I land a career. I saw somewhere that I would be unable to to purchase a gun from places like Cabela’s since I am not an Indiana resident as the rules say that you could only purchase if you were from Indiana or a neighboring state. Is this true or would I actually be allowed to purchase a gun?

          1. Do you have an Indiana drivers license?
            If so, who’s address is on it?
            If it’s your friends, where you’re living
            now, then yes you can apply using the
            address on your Indiana drivers license
            if you have one.
            If you do not have one and don’t want to wait
            until you get your own place, you can apply for
            an Indiana drivers license using your friends parents
            address as your residence.
            Once you get the license, same day issue from BMV,
            you can then use it to apply for your Indiana CC permit.
            I hope that this helps.

        45. I saw that I was approved for the permit on the licensing portal. Does this mean I can still carry my weapon even though I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet?

          1. Unless you have a paper from the State Police stating that you are authorized. If you don’t then no your going to have to wait a week to get your license.

          1. Under Federal law, people under 21 cannot buy a handgun from an FFL, but they can buy one from a private individual. Also, people under 21 can be gifted a handgun. … Federal law prohibits the purchase before age 21 from a FTL, but allows possession of a handgun if you are over

        46. Is it lawful to canceal/carry into church if your church is on school property?

          1. Indiana law says to carry in a school or church, you must have permission from that board of directors. In addition, any property rented or used by a school counts as school grounds.

        47. I’m headed to Boston for work. Can I take my firearm with me? Thanks

          1. Assuming you have a valid Indiana carry permit, then NO! IN, OH, PA, WV, VA will honor your permit, however, other states you may need to travel through, such as NY, MD, CT and Massachusetts itself will not honor Indiana’s permit

        48. Do we have information on shooting on private property in Indiana? I’m wondering if there’s designations like how far I have to be from a road or such.

          1. I believe I read somewhere that discharge of a firearm in City limits, unless at a designated range, or in self defense, is illegal. But don’t quote me. Call your local police

          2. It is illegal to fire across a road or waterway. I’m not aware of any regulations regarding distance from a road. If you are found to be irresponsible with your firearm and put others in danger, you could face criminal charges

          3. Outside city limits you must have ricochet protection at 45 degrees in all directions around targets and be 50 or 100 feet from house’s other than your own and the road.

        49. I applied for a replacement carry licence because I lost my old one. Its been three weeks and I still haven’t received it. My status says approved but waiting on duplicate process. How long does it usually take?

          1. They have 60 days to reply. Usually takes 2 weeks but they have 2 months

        50. I’m an Indiana resident and my 18th birthday is on the 6th. I’m going to apply for my carry’s right when I turn 18. Am I allowed to give my mother money to buy a handgun for me?

          1. As long as the gun is a gift to you then it is okay. I am also 18 and that is how I acquired my handgun. It was a gift from my late grandfather when he passed. So when you’re buying the gun, have your mom buy it with her money and then the gifting can be done at home.

          2. As far as I can tell from the law, this is not legal. At age 18 you can lawfully purchase a handgun from a private individual but not a dealer

          3. Federal Law states you cannot purchase a Handgun yourself, however State law states that you can. This mean that you are unable to purchase a handgun from any LICENSED DEALER. If you were to buy a handgun from your neighbor, you must have ID stating your 18, that is perfectly legal. The law is a bit weird, I’d suggest talking to State Police.

          4. No. Your mother can gift a handgun to you but you can not pay for it or pick it out at store if salesman thinks she’s buying on your behalf she could get arrested for felony.

        51. Are Indiana teachers and other administrative staff at schools allowed to have a gun with them in their classrooms?

          1. Absolutely not. It’s a state law that no one other law enforcement is allowed to possess or obtain a firearm on school grounds.

          2. Local communities can decide if teachers can carry in schools. It has been on the books for years.

          3. That’s up to the School Board, but its rare to find a School Corporation that allows it.

        52. I am a resident of North Dakota and I will be traveling to Indiana for Christmas. I know I can carry a handgun in the trunk of the car; however, am I able to shoot it at a gun range in Indiana?

          1. Indiana honors all 50 states permits. If you do not have a permit, IN law allows a person to carry a gun at a gun range without a permit.

        53. I am 18 years old. My mother and I are looking into getting our Personal Protection Licenses and I am wondering if I would be okay to conceal and carry a handgun as long as my parents are the ones who purchase the firearm for me? Can someone help me out with this? Thanks.

          1. I would say when you go to the gun store ask one of the “knowable staff” there; they should be able to answer your question.

          2. You must be 21 to purchase a handgun from a dealer, however you can do a private party transaction if you are at least 18. If you are inexperienced with firearms I recommend that you do not purchase from an individual. Your parents can buy a firearm from a dealer and gift it to you, but they cannot “purchase it for you”. The dealer you buy from should be able to help you with this.

          3. Your parents cannot purchase your gun. You must have the license to carry.

        54. I am a non violent convicted felon in Florida over 10 years ago. I am now a resident of Indiana and have no record here. Can i own a firearm?

        55. So I am an Indiana resident with a carry permit and am getting ready to retire. We are going to sell our IN house and move to our cottage (smaller) in MI. Will my permit still be valid? I know people have permits for many different states so they can carry most everywhere.

          1. Not all states honor other states permits, however Michigan and Indiana both honor each others permits. So after you move you should be able to apply for a MI permit.

              1. In Michigan they only honor resident permit, so even with a lifetime Indiana permit, legally once you sold your home you would need to tell Indiana State Police “address change” and then apply to Michigan for their resident permits since you would no longer be a resident of Indiana.

        56. If you have your concealed carry license is there another license or permit you need to get for indiana

          1. Indiana will honor a carry permit from any state in the US. There are no laws regarding manner of carry in Indiana; open or concealed is legal

          2. If you have a valid Concealed Carry permit from out of State or a License to Carry from Indiana, you’re good to go. Indiana does not issue CCWs.

        57. What is the difference between the hunting and target license and personal protection license? Do I have to get a Hunting one to carry a long rifle to go shooting on hunting territory that is not private? Is the personal protection one just Hand guns?

          1. Indiana does not require any licenses or permits for long guns.
            And you don’t need a hand gun license when carrying while hunting.

        58. im not sure what your Indiana permit says but mine says personal protection permit need to quit this ccw b,s,

        59. If one is a member of the precinct election board is it legal to carry in the poll on Election Day?

          1. Call Indiana State Police and selet the option for handgun licenses. Ask them.

        60. why do I have to have a background check after having a lifetime permit for the last 5 years I needed a address change on my license iv paid my $ and it’s been a week today I haven’t gotten my duplicate license I have no arrest record has my civil rights been violated

        61. Your information regarding gun laws in Indiana is inaccurate. There are several errors of which just two are that you do not need a proper reason to get a license to carry and it is allowed to have and leave a loaded handgun in your vehicle in a school parking lot. There is no excuse for inaccurate information.

        62. Can a felon get denied a chance to just look at guns? I only ask cause I know someone who was just wanting to look at them. Not to buy or anything but just to look. Thanks

          1. Join the discussion…My Desert Eagle with 300 grain hollow points is waiting for you, Hillbilly!

          2. Come try it tough guy. Bring your family and friends too. 76 birds with one stone.

        63. Is it legal to carry at a racetrack? I see horsetracks are not but im talking about car tracks.

        64. Hey everyone,
          Does anyone know if it is legal to carry my 9mm CCW while deer hunting during archery and firearm?

            1. If I’m not mistaken, you are legal to carry a sidearm during hunting season, even if you do not have a CCW. I would recommend checking the hunting regulations on the webpage for certainty.

          1. Indiana law states that if you are hunting, you may carry a handgun with or without a license for protection. Provided you follow the vehicle carry laws to and from the hunting spot. Look into Indiana DNR hunting guide and regulations.

          2. Jon: In IN, you may carry a sidearm while hunting IF you have a valid hunting license AND you are not on Federal land or other lands that prohibit carrying, as described in IN Code. You don’t even need a carry permit if you are legally hunting with a valid hunting license. Just make sure you transport locked, unloaded, and out of reach if you don’t have a carry permit.

        65. Hello! I have no criminal history at all! Never been arrested and I don’t drink or do any type of drugs except melatonin for sleep. I applied for my CCW and it told me I’ll need to pay $32.61 payment pending. Waiting till I get paid. When I pay it. You guys think I’ll be approved I’m 27 years old and in good mental health/ physical health. How do you know if you’ve been approved for it? I’m also approved to buy firearms at rural King and walmart/ gun shops without license. Any answers would be really nice.

          1. You’ll have no problems acquiring your permit. You can also check the status of your application through the online portal.

        66. Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but, what are the Indiana laws, if any, concerning shooting on ones own private property. I have been searching, but cannot find the answer. Thanks

          1. From what I understand, it is legal as long as it is done safely and is not in violation of local laws or ordinances. Check with the town/city/county in which you reside. My city does not allow the discharge of firearms within its limits. You also may not be able to depending on how close you are to other homes and businesses.

            1. Thank you. I know one cannot discharge a firearm within city limits, and I have heard people shooting. I was just wondering if the state had restrictions. MI for example, will not allow one to shoot across roads or within 150 feet of another residence.

        67. Hi everyone I am 21 and I have psychosis. I have a fear of people trying to kill me although I don’t act on it. I carry a hatchet in my bag everywhere I go and I’ve never used it I just have a fear of getting shot. I want to be able to protect my family and the people around me. I’ve had a short stay in an inpatient for 5 days only because they don’t release on the weekends. I went vonaltary altough they put me in handcuffs. Any idea on how I can get an ak47 for the house in a safe?

            1. I just want it for sport now I talked to my fiancé and I just wanna know why I shouldn’t have one

              1. An ak47 is definitely not a weapon for Sport! Especially if you have psychosis and zero experience handling a firearm. Please take gun safety courses, and find an instructor!!

          1. I’m glad your seeking help but unfortunately with fear of being fired at I would highly recommend taking some gun safety courses etc before even considering buying a firearm- mental instability & a firearm = disaster. We had a soldier in basic training with similar issues and was more of a danger to himself and us than anything else , luckily he was processed out.

        68. I heard the Indiana law had changed and if police ask you for your permit, you’re required to show it to them,, even if you committed no crime. Is that true?

          1. Try again. The officer seeing the gun is irrelevant. Having a firearm on your person or in your car is not inherently breaking any laws whatsoever. The same applies to open carrying. No officer can legally force you to show it. If so, there will be an immediate violation of one’s 4th amendment rights. Furthermore, such as openly carrying, Indianapolis and nearly all other cities have adamantly insisted their officers do not merely assume having a firearm in one’s car or openly carrying to be a crime. A potential crime, sure. Nearly everything is a potential crime. It simply doesn’t work like that.

            1. Incorrect.
              As Indiana law states, it’s illegal to carry a firearm on your person or in your vehicle loaded, unless you have a valid permit to do so. Same with driving a vehicle. It’s illegal to drive without a license on public roads. If stopped by law enforcement, you must provide a license. If an LEO sees a firearm, since it’s against the law, you have to show that you have a license/permit
              A “Permit” is exactly that, it permits you an exception to the law that forbids you from carrying a firearm on your person or in your vehicle-loaded on public streets.
              The Supreme Court ruled on ‘District of Columbia v. Heller’ that the intent of the 2nd Amendment was self defense in your own home and that it’s not an unlimited Right and is still subject to regulations.

              1. KevMeistah, you are incorrect. Pinner vs Indiana ruled that public possession of a handgun is not enough, by itself, to justify stopping and questioning someone.

              2. Hello,
                Im permanant résident i have green card i can apply for handgun permit or not.
                Thank you.

        69. So I was accepted and all for my permit. They were supposed to have sent it out quite a while ago. I never received it at my address. Who could I contact a out this?

          1. Ben,
            My permit took forever to get. My wife got hers in less than 2 weeks and we both applied at the same time. You need to call the State Police and get the number for Indianapolis. Don’t even bother trying to talk to the person who answers the phone. Ask for a supervisor right off the bat. They might have to call you back and if you don’t get a call back within a day, keep calling until you reach someone. The supervisor I talked to, said she had no idea why mine took so long and she finally told me she was issuing it. 3 days later I had it. Just keep trying. Best of luck to you.

          2. Your Nearest State Police Headquarters, usually where you applied to In the first place for your CCW Permit.

          1. It is not prohibited by state law so you should be good unless the church prohibits it.

          2. Robert: You may carry in a church ONLY IF the church does NOT have a school attached on property or a licensed daycare on property. Plus, the church can POST no weapons, but Indiana does not enforce as direct law. So, as long as they don’t ask you to leave with a posted sign, then you’re okay. If they ask you to leave private property and you refuse, you are subject to Trespassing charges.
            If the church has either a school or licensed daycare on property, then it is expressly prohibited from carrying on church property. This applies EVEN IF the school is not in session (say, Sunday).
            Bummer: because my church has a school and makes me a sitting duck.. I hate it. They almost got this amended last summer, and then there was a school shooting–ended all discussion during session.

            School zones, churches with school or daycare, airport areas, Army Corps of Engineer reservoirs, Courts, State fairground (during state fair only), penal institutions, federal facilities, etc. Don’t carry into buildings or on reservoir waterways of ACofE–you’ll be toast.

            See Indiana Code 35-47-1 for more detail on where it’s prohibited.

            1. I was under the impression Indiana law forbids church carry unless you have permission from the church board. Also, I believe IN law says you can carry in a school if you have permission from the school board.

              1. On the first part, no. No restrictions in a church unless it has a school or daycare.
                On the second part. Yes. With permission.

          3. Bill 1422 says you can carry in a church without a school on its property… No questions asked.
            AND in a church WITH a school if you are authorized to provide security to the church.
            (Only don’t forget about the trespassing laws of they ask you to leave.)

        70. I’m an Ohio resident about to be 18 the Ohio law won’t allow me to get my ccw until i’m 21. If i get my license in Indiana will i be able to legally carry in Ohio seeing how Ohio recognizes Indianans concealed carry licenses?

          1. It’s Federal law that prevents you from owning a handgun, let alone be licensed to carry, if you’re under 21. So there’s no state that will issue a CCW to you until then.
            Plus, you have to own a business or be employed in Indiana to get an Indiana Non-Resident CCW permit.

        71. At 17 I was found guilty of possession of a loaded firearm since I had a legally obtained (my mother gave it to me) pistol loaded under my bed. I’m 19 almost 20 now would this charge hinder me from getting my concealed carry permit?

            1. Author

              Not sure, you need to look at the requirements section. There are some things in there that they could possibly use against you such as, Be of good character and reputation, Be a proper person to be licensed. What they mean by those phrases is unclear but they could potentially be used to deny you a permit. Only way to find out is to apply. Let us know how you go.

              1. I’ve already applied because my lawyer told me that at 18 my record would be sealed, which was a lie. It was the only time I had been into trouble through my juvenile life. I just hope this doesnt screw me over

              2. Well, all I know Is If In doubt, definitely list those things on your application for the CCW Permit.
                They are also looking for you to be %100 Honest with them, too…

          1. Best thing to do is contact an attorney .their are many and they can also speed up the process .leave such questions to the professional s

          2. Your age prevents you from getting a CCW under federal law. You have to be 21 to even own a handgun. CCWs will not be issued since you’re a prohibited person until you reach 21.

          3. contact Relford Law Offices in Carmel. He’ll know. probably depends on details of judgement (domestic violence vs. simple possession, misdemeanor or felony in judgment, etc). But, he’ll know for sure if you can give him details on your judgment.

        72. I’m 18 and just got approved for my carry license. As an 18 year old how do I go about legally obtaining a handgun. Can my brother gift me one of his handguns? Also, can an 18 year old conceal carry in Indiana or does it have to be open?

          1. Anyone over the age of 21 can buy you a gun and give it to you. It’s legal for you to carry, once you have your permit. You don’t have to register a gun in Indiana, so you can have someone 21 or over purchase one for you.

            1. “Anyone over the age of 21 can buy you a gun and give it to you. ” ONLY if they are an IMMEDIATE family member, spouse, parent, etc… not just “anyone”. That’s called a straw purchase.

        73. My son was just arrested for mishandling a firearm. Has license to carry, was pulled over after leaving work, he didn’t know what for…. Had hands on steering wheel, followed instructions, was told to get out of the vehicle, a narcotics dog came and sat. However, no drugs or alcohol were in the vehicle, nor were any find by the four other cops that showed up. They are saying he failed to tell them he had gun in car. He told them before they found it. But, he did not tell them immediately upon them walking to the truck and asking him to get out of the truck. How can they do this?? We now know Ohio has an inform law. His license was issued in Indiana and he lives in Indiana. But, he works in Ohio and he was stopped in Ohio.

          1. Author

            If he was arrested will be going to court so you will need to find a good lawyer that knows about gun laws. Sorry we cannot offer legal advice but sounds like the arrest was on some technicality by over zealous police, you would think they would just give him a warning.

            1. Yes, was stopped for “failure to display tail lights from a distance.” I thought warning, nice reminder of Ohio law also. But, 1st degree misdemeanor!!?? Thanks for the information!

              1. Indiana is a no obligation to tell unless asked state. If they never asked, he had no legal obligation to tell unless he lacked his license to carry.

                1. He was in Ohio at the time of the stop…

          2. Always provide license with id when pulled over then if asked where gun is the provide information

              1. If we have this many questions about how we can or cannot rightfully carry arms for protection My friends then what is our remedy I ask

        74. I am planning to move from Illinois to Indiana and am currently qualified under IROCC – Illinois Retired Officers Concealed Carry and LEOSA – Law Enforcement Officers Security Act. Once I leave Illinois I lose my IROCC. I do I qualify in Indiana to continue my LEOSA? Does anyone know?

          1. Sounds like a question for the state police. But to be safe you may just want to pony up the $150 for the lifetime CCW once you become a resident and you will be good for life.. But if you hold a VALID ccw in any state pretty sure Indiana accepts them all. If you plan to travel to back Illinois you should check to see if they issue non resident permits because Illinois won’t honor Indiana’s ccw license.

        75. looking to move to Muncie area soon, and have a few questions as I am also a Concealed Pistol instructor in my home state of W.V
          1 does Indiana have a parking lot regulation law?
          2 and where can I get a complete firearm law list for the state

        76. I travel to Chicago often and at the boundary of two rival gang territories. I have to go here, I do not want to disclose why. It says illinois does not honor Indians permits.. I want to have a gun on me for protection. I know martial arts, I have a taser and etc but those are all close range. I’d rather they not even get that close. What do I do? Do i need to get one for both states? How do I even get one for Chicago?

          1. The legal answer is of course, you may not carry there. My personal opinion, I’d rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. No one should ever know you have it anyway. If you’re not doing anything illegal and do not tell anyone you are carrying, no one will be the wiser. I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Carry at your own risk.

          2. You should probably check on the laws if you carry a taser or stun gun… Many states require you to have a CCW to carry one now

          3. actually it is illegal for you (citizen) to own a taser in Indiana. personally I would find a different job, the one you have sort of sucks.

          4. I believe Illinois will allow vehicle carry only if you have a permit from any other state. Or you can take the training and apply for an IL non-resident permit

            1. you’re a dumb fuck.

              in fact, this entire comment section is full to the brim with guard house lawyers, feebs, dipshits, dickheads, and waterheaded smooth-brains.

        77. When carrying a hand gun in Indiana with a concealed carry permit, does the gun have to be registered to you? Or registered at all? For example, could I carry a gun registered in my sons name or one that was given to me by a relative many years ago? I have no idea if it was registered in his name or not?

          1. Indiana does not issue concealed carry permits. We issue a license, which carries with it a greater right and privilege than a permit and is an important, legal distinction. There is also no gun registration in Indiana. Federal law requires registration of automatic weapons and you must have that with the automatic wespon at all times.

        78. If a person have a charge of domestic battery in ny can they still apply for a gun license in Indiana which they live here in Indiana now. I heard of several people who used to live in Illinois they had all kinds of charges from felony to domestic battery then come to Indiana and get a permit to carry however they can not pass a NCIS background to buy a gun however they still purchase a gun through the gun show from a private dealer just want to know if this is true and is this a loophole

        79. Can you carry a handgun if licensed and dot pulls u over in the weight station

        80. Traveling from Indiana to Florida, just wondering what the process would be once I get to Florida? Would the firearm just have to be locked away and inaccessible?

          1. If you have a valid Indiana CCW and you take i 65 south to Florida, every state along the way honors Indiana’s CCW… I just did it 3 months ago for spring break but as a rule of thumb when traveling anywhere out of state I would check every state’s CCW laws that you intend to travel through just to be safe. If you cannot find a resource online call that state’s state police office and they can guide you in the right direction.

        81. You can apply for an Indiana lifetime permit and they will issue a lifetime permit! No expiration date!

        82. I know I need to carry my permit whenever I’m carrying my gun, but does the permit need to be on my person or can it be in my purse nearby?

        83. Can you carry a firearm into a church or on a church bus. I know a church bus and a school bus may look the same but there are some differing between them as far as Cdl obtainment and when calling a bus a school bus or church bus.

          1. A church bus is not a school bus. You should be fine as long as the church is okay with the carriage of firearms.

          2. A school bus is a specific type of vehicle, which requires a school bus license or a CDL with a school bus endorsement to operate. A church bus is a passenger vehicle, which would require a Class A or B CDL with a passenger endorsement to operate. However, the license required to operate these vehicles is irrelevant. That applies to the operation of the vehicles, not possession of firearms. There is no federal or Indiana laws in regards to carrying a firearm in a commercial vehicle. Indiana law requires permission from the church board to carry a firearm in a church. To be on the safe side, I would apply the same principle to the church bus and get written permission.

        84. My job causes me to travel so I do not have a set address can I use a family member’s address that has been in the same location for many of years

        85. Can you carry your handgun with a round in the chamber or do you have to carry without a round chamber

          1. It is completely permissible to carry ready to shoot otherwise what you have is a small club or hurling object. I am assuming, Of course, you have a CCW.

        86. Is it legal to walk around with my 12 gauge shot gun on its sling in Indianapolis with out it registered in your name. And do I have to register my shotgun in Indianapolis

          1. Legal yes… Practical no… probably not really a good idea … You might get some unwanted attention and have some people panic and call the cops thinking your about to go on a shooting spree or something… but if you do and the cops do show up it would be wise to set it down very slowly… lol Also if it is under a certain length and has a pistol grip it is considered a handgun and you would need a CCW to legally carry or so I’ve been told. Do your homework

          2. If you’re legal to own, you’re legal to carry it in this manor. It would be foolish and impractical to do this though. If you’re legal to own that shotgun, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting an IN license to carry handgun. There are no registration laws for firearms in Indiana, and IN state preemption laws prohibit local governments from creating their own laws.

        87. I am 19 and I am wanting to get a handgun. I have my license to carry, and I was wandering if it is legal for me to buy a hand gun form a private party?

          1. private party, yes. It is not required for a private individual to perform and background check on you before they sell it to you, however, be mindful of any private party that you purchase a handgun from. It is recommended that reciepts are kept with full name of both parties, phone numbers, addresses and State issued ID or OLN #’s for proof of record just in case. For example, you buy a firearm from aquintance Joe down the road, he seems like a good guy but, he just sold you a firearm that was used in a homicide and now you’re the one holding the bag.

          2. absolutely NOT! if you want to purchase a firearm you have to fill out a federal form 4377 at a dealer. on the form it asks if you are purchasing the firearm for your self. if you say yes or no and are buying for a third party person that is concidered a STRAW PURCHASE AND IS ILLEGAL! it’s a federal felony to falsify a form 4377. so don’t t
            even think of buying a gun for another person. let that person fill out form and make purchase. if you get caught buying a gun for another person you’ll go to prison!

            1. sorry i miss read your question. i thought you were asking if you could buy for a third party. so yes you can purchase from a private third party individual. my mistake

          3. Nathaniel,
            By federal law, you’re not allowed to buy a gun from anyone if you’re under 21 years of age. Someone can buy it for you and gift it to you, but you have to be 21.

        88. I was denied by my local police department a few years ago but was never told why. At the time I applied, everyone and there mothers were also applying. I was told by others that alot of people are denied their first time. Is any of this true? Can anyone answer these questions for me?

          1. People are not denied without a valid reason. If you, or anyone you know, were denied a license to carry than contact your local PD to find out the reason, if the reason was not stated on the denial letter.

          2. in indiana local law enforcement doesn’t have anything to do with gun or carry permits. everything is applied for and handled through the indiana STATE POLICE in indianapolis.

        89. I received a gun from my mother-in-law as a Christmas gift. Am I required to do some type of registration of it before I can carry it. I have my lifetime card.

        90. If i’m going through states that honor my ccw license and i come to one that doesn’t, can i put it in the trunk for that state?

          1. Author

            Yes, you are covered by the Federal safe passage Act. New York is the only state that will not abide by the federal law.

        91. My police officer friend says you shouldn’t have your gun on you or in your car while drinking. If you want to take the chance of losing everything you ever worked for if something happens, than lawyer up.

        92. Can I carry my gun on me at a bar? Or if I’ve had some drinks? What about leaving it in my car while someone else drives and I’ve been drinking?

          1. Try reading the advice above instead of expecting someone else to do it for you. It’s quite clearly laid out above. Don’t even bring it. Leave it at home if you even think there’s a chance you’ll have even one drink, unless you want to donate it to a local officer in exchange for a cot and cold breakfast.

          2. I carry mine when I have been drinking and someone else was driving and was pulled over and of course the officer says you should not do that but it’s not a crime nor can you be arrested for that. Now as far as a bar Indiana does not have laws on this and is really unclear on this as well but it’s not totally a good ideal to carry in a bar.

        93. It says that I’ve been approved for the CCW. Can I legally carry my firearm before license reaches me in the mail?

          1. Yes you can legally carry for 60 days once approved for the permit, as in carry without a permit on you. Once you receive the permit you must have it at all times when you are carrying. If for some reason you pass 60 days and still do not have a permit you must no longer carry until it arrives, I’m not sure if anyone would know how long you have carried it without, also I can’t imagine not receiving your permit within that time, I’m just going by the law on the books. Also just extra FYI, if you get ran by a police officer, your CCW permit status will usually come across the radio before they repeat your full name and DOB, so the officer will know immediately you have a license to carry. Hope that helps.

            1. This is some very dangerous advice, as you’ve left out a specific stipulation to carrying before your issued permit has arrived. Namely, it is ONLY legal if you have filed for a protective order, and ONLY for 60 days from the issue of that order or until your permit arrives before 60 days has passed. Very good way to get some anxious new CCW arrested with poorly researched advice.

          2. No you can not carry until your permit comes in. The only way you can carry before the permit comes in is if you have a active protection order filed against someone. If you get caught before your permit comes in you will be arrested.

            1. thats not totally true advice either. if you apply for a caryy permit you will get and have a copy of your application. you can carry with your application as long as you carry your application on your person. i did this when i applied for my life time permit. was told as long as i had copy of my app on me i could legally carry until my permit arrived.

              1. Been practicing law for over 25 years. You are misleading people. You can not carry a gun just because you have a gun application in process and have a application. What if you are denied. Absolutely makes no sense what you wrote. There are a couple exceptions to this rule. i.e Court Protective Order. But you have to wait to have your gun permit in order to carry. Do not take legal advice unless you have paid for legal advice or are current with the Indiana Gun Law Legislations.

          3. short answer – NO WAY. Indiana requires you to have your state issued ID and your Indiana license to carry handgun permit on you. The excuse, “I have one just don’t have it on me” is not valid

        94. Under Vehicle Carry it states that loaded firearms cannot be carried in a vehicle without a license. This is only true for handguns. Any long gun can be carried in a vehicle or on ones person without a license.

          1. So i can drive around and groundhog and coyote hunt with my AR or 22 lr. and its legal? I do not drive with a loaded clip in the gun and do not shoot from the vehicle or the road or toward houses or roads, people etc… I absolutely practice gun safety and know what my guns are capable of. Just curious of the actual law!

          2. Author

            I believe the correct wording we have in that section is “loaded handgun” please read the section again.

          3. In Indiana, if you are legal to own a long gun, you are legal to carry it, vehicle or otherwise, loaded or unloaded, with no permit

        95. Can you get a Gary and conceal permit if your felony conviction is over 25 years old?

          1. Author

            How long ago the felony occurred does not nullify it, it’s with you for life.

        96. Ive been denied once already, they said i lied on my application, but im not sure why? Is there anyway to find out what exactly i lied about to see how i can clear the confusion?

          1. Author

            I suggest you lodge an appeal by writing to this address;

            Firearms License Unit
            Criminal Justice Data Division
            Indiana State Police
            Indiana Government Center North
            100 N. Senate Avenue, Suite N302
            Indianapolis IN 46204

          2. I Would Suggest you to a formal request of your criminal back round check just to make sure you don’t have anything in there that would disqualify you. Maybe you missed something that you possibly forgot about. anything is possible.

          3. Before applying or appealing, run a background check on yourself through the Indiana State Police website. You may have a conviction of a minir crime that you forgot about and did not put on the application. Then when you reapply or appeal make sure to put in on the application and everything should be fine.

          4. Just call the permit office and ask why you were denied, and they’ll tell you specifically.

        97. Is a conviction for a non-violent felony (CC Fraud) a prohibition for a CCW Permit? It is 30 years old

          1. Author

            Could be a problem under federal law. The time span does not affect anything, these convictions stay with you for life. I would put in an application and see what happens but you need to tell them about your conviction.

          2. you will be denied for any felony charge if you were convicted.

          3. The comments below are true, but given the age of the conviction and assuming you don’t have any other notable charges, you can easily have an attorney seek an order to convert the charge to a misdemeanor, thus restoring your gun rights. You’ll then need to apply for permit. You’ll most likely be denied, and then need to file an appeal and show record of the conversion. You may also have to go through this process again when trying to purchase a firearm, as gun purchase background checks are federal and not state, and may take longer to update.

        98. What about caring in a radio station? Is it allowed or not if it has no sign that says no guns allowed. I’m a maintenance guy that services units in there

          1. “No Weapons” signs are not mentioned in Indiana gun laws. There are no legal penalties for entering a private property or business that has posted these signs. They have no force of law unless they are posted in areas that are mentioned by the law as being off limits.

            GunsToCarry recommends that you do not enter a property displaying a “No Weapons” sign whether the law is for or against signage. If asked to leave a property and you refuse to do so then you are breaking the law and put yourself at risk of being charged.

          2. No gun signs have no force of law in Indiana unless you are on state or federal property that legally forbids firearms. It is however, private property, and if you are asked to leave the property for any reason, and refuse to leave, you are trespassing, which is a crime. And could possibly be charged with committing a crime (trespassing) while in possession of a firearm (an additional crime). If you are going to carry a firearm at work and while visiting clients properties, I would recommend you deep conceal it or keep it in your toolbag.

        99. Can I keep a gun in my car, in a gun safe on School property? I am a teacher and I would like to carry it every I go. I understand I can’t “carry it” on or in school property.

          1. I am also a teacher and keep mine in my locked car in the parking lot.

          2. Actually from what I read Indiana does not have a non firearm rule on school grounds and Indiana teachers,can, with school board approval carry or possess a firearm on school grounds but double check that with appropriate people.

          3. Indiana allows it if you keep it locked in your vehicle and out of sight. IN law allows you to carry on and inside school property if you have permission from the school board.

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