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Complete guide to gun laws in Maryland

Updated: February 19, 2020

Updated April 6, 2019:


Your guide
mark woodward

Mark Woodward

Mark Woodward

Maryland gun laws operate on a “May Issue” policy at the state level. This means you must show good cause as to why you should have a permit and supply documentation to confirm your reasons for a permit to be issued. Some reasons could be safeguarding cash for a business or working for a security firm. The "May Issue" policy makes obtaining a handgun permit in Maryland fairly difficult but not impossible. Marylands constitution has no provision to protect the right of individuals to bear or keep firearms.

Your guide

Mark Woodward

Maryland gun laws operate on a “May Issue” policy at the state level. This means you must show good cause as to why you should have a permit and supply documentation to confirm your reasons for a permit to be issued. Some reasons could be safeguarding cash for a business or working for a security firm. The "May Issue" policy makes obtaining a handgun permit in Maryland fairly difficult but not impossible. Marylands constitution has no provision to protect the right of individuals to bear or keep firearms.

Maryland gun laws operate on a “May Issue” policy at the state level. This means you must show good cause as to why you should have a permit and supply documentation to confirm your reasons for a permit to be issued. Some reasons could be safeguarding cash for a business or working for a security firm. The "May Issue" policy makes obtaining a handgun permit in Maryland fairly difficult but not impossible. Marylands constitution has no provision to protect the right of individuals to bear or keep firearms.

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Quick facts

Carry In Vehicle SEE DETAILS
Must Notify Officer NO
State Park Carry NO
Gun Signs Enforced SEE DETAILS
Open Carry NO
Restaurant Carry YES
Constitutional Carry NO
See Details
See Details

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total active ccw
licenses in MD
States honoring
MD license
CCW licenses
MD honors
States not
honoring MD license

Maryland Reciprocity Map

  • Issuing State
  • MD license honored
  • MD license not honored
  • MD residential license only
  • Issuing State
  • MD license honored
  • MD license not honored
  • MD residential license only

Maryland reciprocity guide for handgun permits

Maryland does not honor any other states CCW license/permit. There is one exception and that is for armored car drivers if they are on duty and have a valid CCW permit from another state.

A word of caution, there are license plate reader cameras placed around the state. These cameras are connected to various databases including CCW permit holder lists from some states and background check programs. So the chances are good they will know you are a CCW permit holder if you visit the state.

States that will honor a Maryland handgun permit

Resident Permits
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin

Non-Resident Permits
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin

Handgun permits Maryland will honor

Maryland will not honor any other states handgun permits.

States that will not honor a Maryland handgun permit

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, .

Washington D.C.

Overview of the Maryland handgun permit

texas state flag
Maryland state flag
  • Issue policy - May Issue
  • Issued to - Residents & Non-Residents
  • License Fee - $75
  • License Valid - 2 years

Handgun Permit Overview

The Maryland Wear & Carry permit is initially issued for 2 years for a new application but on subsequent renewals that increases to 3 years. It can be very difficult for an individual to obtain the permit if they cannot demonstrate a valid reason they need to carry a handgun. The permit can be easier to obtain if you have a business interest in Maryland. However, the permit would be restricted to only allow carry when you were running the business.

Non-Resident Licenses

Handgun permits are available for non-residents. The application process for non-residents is the same as for residents. Be warned though that is nearly impossible for non-residents to obtain a carry permit. You would need to show good cause as to why you need a permit and supply police reports along with other documentation.

Maryland Non-Resident permit is valid in:

Maryland Code: Public Safety -Article 27 - Crimes And Punishments: Handguns : § 36E. Permits.

Handgun Training

New applicants are required to complete a 16 hour firearms training course, this is reduced to 8 hours when you renew a permit. The course consists of instructions in firearm law, handgun operation and mechanisms, firearm safety in the home and shooting 25 rounds from a distance of 15 yards with a 70% accuracy rate. For security guards, armored car drivers, detectives and special police the distance is increased to 25 yards and 50 rounds will need to be fired with the same 70% accuracy rate.

Once the training course is completed a new application must be made within 2 years from the courses completion date. If you file a renewal application then you have 2 years from the date of filing to complete the training course.

There are exemptions from training as follows for individuals who have;

  • Already completed a firearms training course that has been approved by the state.
  • Completed the DNR Hunter Safety course.
  • Been honorably discharged from the National Guard or armed forces.
  • Have a handgun permit and is an employee of an armored car company or legally owns a regulated handgun.
  • Is an active or retired law enforcement officer from a United states or state law enforcement agency.
  • Is a qualified handgun instructor registered with the Maryland State Police.

You can search for a qualified instructor on the Maryland Police website.

Requirements to qualify for a Maryland handgun permit

  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Has not been convicted of a felony or of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.
  • Has not been committed within the previous 10 years to any juvenile detention center for longer than one year.
  • Is not an addict or alcoholic nor has ever been convicted of an offense that involves the possession or distribution of a controlled substance.
  • Has not, based on the results of investigation, exhibited a propensity for violence or instability.
  • Must show good cause as to why you need a firearm.
  • Has completed a firearms training course.
  • Federal Law - Prohibits the following persons
maryland handgun wear and carry permit

How to apply for a Maryland handgun permit

Follow these steps to obtain a permit;

  1. Complete your firearm training course, 16 hours of training is required for new applications.
  2. Have your finger prints taken at a Maryland fingerprint processing center (instructions on form).
  3. Applications are now only accepted on a PDF form which can be downloaded from our forms section. Only version 12/2012 is accepted.
  4. Once you have filled out the PDF application form print it out.
  5. You will the need to mail it with the following documents to the address below;
    • Completed application form
    • Copies of firearms training certificate
    • Passport size color photo, taken within last 30 days
    • A money order or cashiers check for $75
  6. Mail to this address;

    Maryland State Police,
    Licensing Division,
    1111 Reisterstown Road,
    Pikesville, MD 21208
    ATTN: Handgun Permit Unit

  7. You will be notified within 90 days by mail if your application has been approved or denied.
Tips on applying for a handgun permit and buying a handgun.

How to renew your Maryland handgun permit

  • A new or initial permit will expire 2 years after it was issued in the month the holder was born.
  • Permits that have been renewed are valid for 3 years.
  • Renewal applicants will need to complete a 8 hour firearms training course within 2 years after filing their renewal application.
  • Renewal reminders are not sent out by the licensing division, it is up to the permit holder to take note of the expiration date on their permit and begin any renewal process.
  • Permits can be renewed within 90 days before the expiration date.
  • According to the MD Police website if a permit is past it's expiration date then a late fee of $5 per day will be charged. There is a maximum limit of $150 for late fee's. However, this conflicts with the info below, also from the MD Police.
  • If the permit has not been renewed by the expiration date then you will need to make an application for a new permit.

Schedule of fee's for a Maryland handgun permit

Application ConditionsOriginalRenewal
Active/Retired law enforcement officer from Maryland
Late renewal fee$5 per day, maximum of $150

Essential forms for a Maryland handgun permit

texas ccw forms

If you have trouble viewing these forms in your browser as we did then click on the download button and save the form to your computer. You should then be able to click on the form and open it, make sure you have a PDF viewer installed.

Days to process
new license

Off-limit places in Maryland for carrying a firearm

Places listed as off limits apply even if you have a Maryland permit to carry.


  • Any property belong to a Public School. The law just says "Public School" but does not indicate what type of public school.
  • Demonstration - you cannot be within 1000 feet of the demonstration
  • In legislative buildings
  • On any aircraft
  • In a lodging establishment.
  • Dredge boats unless it is a 10 gauge shotgun
  • Around or inside any public buildings or grounds owned by the state.
  • Chesapeake Forest Lands
  • In any State Forests
  • In State Parks
  • Any highway rest area owned by the state, unless the weapon is properly secured within the vehicle.
  • Adult rehabilitation centers
  • Child care centers, unless it is a small center inside a residence.
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.


  • State game management areas
  • All areas of the state not listed as Off-Limits

Maryland gun laws & statutes

maryland state capitol building
Maryland state capitol building
Maryland has some strict gun laws so to protect yourself you need to know them. Not knowing the law is no defense if you end up in court. If you just learn the laws below you will be off to a good start.

Summary table

SubjectHandgunsLong GunsNotes
Concealed carry permit requiredYesN/APolicy is May Issue. Permits are difficult to obtain.
Purchase permit requiredYesNoRequires a handgun qualification license.
Registration of firearmYesNoHandguns and automatic weapons require registration with police.
Permit needed for open carry?YesNoRequires carry permit for handgun but usually only police or security guards open carry.
Background checks on private gun sales requiredYesPartialSales must go through a licensed dealer or police.
Magazine size restrictionYesYesLimited to 10 rounds. Possession of higher capacity magazine is legal if purchased out of state.
State preemptionYesYesMost local laws are preempted by state laws but there are a few laws that are not.
Assault weapons banned YesYesThere is a ban on certain models of firearms.

Rating of gun laws

Rates how friendly Maryland gun laws are compared to other states.

Maryland gun laws you need to know

Vehicle carry

(With no pistol license)

Without a permit to carry it is illegal to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle. If you have a permit to carry then there are no restrictions on carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. 4-203 Transporting handgun

Open carry

(With no pistol license)


You will need a permit to carry a handgun either concealed or openly. Although open carry is technically legal it is not advisable in this state. You would most certainly be stopped by the police and your actions could be used as a reason to revoke your permit. The only people who openly carry in Maryland are the police or security guards.

Must inform officer

(On contact by law)


There is no law in Maryland that states you must inform law enforcement you are carrying a firearm. However, there is a law that states you must have a valid carry permit in your possession if you carry, transport or wear a handgun. You would need to present the permit if asked by a law enforcement officer.

Sec. 5-308 Possession of permit.

State park carry

It is illegal to carry in the following areas;
  • State Parks: NO - Admin code
  • State/National Forests: NO - Admin code
  • State Wildlife Management Areas: YES - Nat. Res. code 10.4 Sec. 4.10.408(d)
  • Road Side Rest Areas:  NO - Admin code

No gun signs enforced


We have not found any laws giving gun signs the force of law. However, we advise everyone to abide by any gun sign they encounter whether they are lawful or not.

Restaurant carry


"Yes" or "No" states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Some restaurants may be posted with "NO GUN" signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. If we have indicated a "Yes" then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.

Constitutional carry


Maryland does not have constitutional carry.

Quick overview of the new Red Flag law.
There is no provision for the right to bear arms in Maryland.

Off-limit statutes

Other CCW statutes

Self Defense Laws

There is one statute on self defense laws but in general nearly all Maryland's self defense laws are based on case law and not statutes.

Wikipedia has a full page devoted to Maryland's self defense laws.

Long guns in Maryland

hunter with rifle

Purchasing a long gun in Maryland is much easier than purchasing a handgun. But you still need to meet a few requirements as follows;

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Supply state ID.
  • Have a background check done by a federally licensed dealer.

The only other thing you need to be aware of is that Maryland bans a number of weapons which are classified as "Assault Weapons". If you purchase from a federally licensed dealer in Maryland then you can be sure that what he is selling is legal in Maryland.

Transporting Long Guns

Compared to handguns where there are many laws regarding transportation long guns have only a few laws which mainly cover Regulated Firearms (Assault Weapons). All long guns that are regulated and handguns have restrictions on transporting them into Maryland.

Hunting Regulations

  • You cannot have a loaded firearm leaning against a vehicle or placed inside or on the vehicle.
  • When a firearm is used for bear or deer hunting the cartridges used cannot have full metal jacket bullets, they are required to have soft tips.
  • Magazines used for firearms in bear or deer hunting cannot have more than 8 bullets loaded.

Maryland licensing office

Applications and renewals are only accepted by mail.

Maryland State Police
Licensing Division


Address 1111 Reisterstown Road

CityPikesville, MD 21208

Phone (410) 653-4200


Monday – Friday 8am – 4:30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Frequently asked questions on Maryland gun laws

The research


The information contained on this page is not legal advice but is merely a starting point for your own research. It is up to you to decide what the best course of action is for your circumstances. We are not lawyers, if you'd like individualized legal advice, we'd be happy to refer you to some law practices with known firearm specializations. It is crucial that you understand the law before you carry a firearm. Also, remember that just because a statute may clearly say one thing or another, that doesn't mean all members of law enforcement know it. That also goes for lawyers and even judges too.


  1. The Maryland Constitution DOES provide for the right to keep and bear arms. The MD Constitution states the Constitution of the Unit4ed States shall be the Supreme law of the STATE.

    That means the Second Amendment is the Supreme law of the state.

  2. My employer would like me to either open or conceal carry while at work. They are opened to which ever one is the easiest. Is this even plausible or are we wasting our time?

  3. Moving to MD with long guns purchased after 2013 but registered in another state. what are the regs and laws? Iv read in MSI that any LG purchased after 2013 needs to be destroyed? whats that about?

    1. Could someone send me a link with a list of qualifying reasons for Wear and Carry in Maryland?

  4. Will an Other Than Honorable discharge from the military disqualify an applicant from obtaining a handgun permit for work?

  5. I totally don’t understand this. I Live and have a SC conceal carry permit. I also have a utah ccp. I have relatives that live in Maryland I was going to see them, but I always carry. I see my SC ccp, and Utah ccp is not recognized in Maryland, but if you have a ccp from Maryland, then utah recognizes it? This is ridiculous. They should both recognized each others ccp! Right? What is the deal with Maryland?

    1. Welcome to one of the absolute most weird and ridiculous states as far as Gun Laws..

      1. I agree-you can have a permit for concealed weapon 1your life is in danger 2 your business takes money out in public to protect MONEY but you can not carry a concealed weapon to protect yourself and family

        1. Which communist country is pro gun?? Open carry, concealed carry in a communist country?

    2. I live in a red county in md. But unfortunately the Baltimore Annapolis DC metro area is a liberal, crime-ridden shithole and that’s where the laws are made.

    3. Hell of a great QUESTION. North Carolina is the same I can’t carry in Maryland, but they can carry in North Carolina.

  6. My husband has been recently diagnosed with anxiety, depression and psychosis. Today CPS called me and left a message to call her back. I have a feeling it is about his guns. We really don’t want to sell them. Can we keep the guns and have no ammo in the house? Or can we have a friend or family member store them for us at their home?

  7. Can a person bring a personally owned AR15 from out of state into Maryland? If not, could the upper receiver and lower receiver be stored separate with out trouble?

  8. Hi everybody, if anybody is looking to get a Maryland permit to carry a handgun I have made multiple videos on the process and clarifying what constitutes as “good and substantial” in Maryland.

    If you haven’t been following the lawsuits that have been making its way through the courts, Maryland and all of the other May issue states are on borrowed time and are holding out till the Supreme Court cracks down on them. What will most likely happen is NYSRPA will get a ruling and then they will GVR the separate cases on hold back to the lower courts if they don’t grant cert. to another case. From there, a lower case Whalen v. HGPRB in the district court will overturn the clause and/or Malpazzo v Palozzi will be overturned in the 4th circuit.

    Also, do not be surprised if the handgun qualification license gets shot down as there is a case open for that as well

  9. Moving to Maryland soon and confused about what exactly I can bring with me. I have looked at the banned firearms list and none apply to me. I have an AK, I’m having trouble finding a clear answer on whether it is allowed or any stipulations attached to it, so any input regard that in the state would be appreciated. As for handguns, they just need to be registered upon arrival? Thanks guys!

  10. We may be moving to Md. I own many handguns and rifles. Would i be able to keep these weapons in my home?

    1. I would call a police station where you are moving to and be sure you get the officer’s name and badge number and ask them what the laws are for MD. They know the rules and regs and you’ll have the officer’s name AND badge number to fall back on!

  11. The problem with Maryland and states like it is US! We allow our government servants to take away our rights by following unjust laws with impunity. Now, they’ve been emboldened by years of unfettered disregard for the constitution, which Is the “ law of the land”.

    1. Maryland is 62% democrat and 36% republican. It is very difficult to get any conservative legislation passed.

  12. I agree with you. We have a constitutionally recognized right to keep and bear arms, and so I will do just that!

  13. Moving from Pennsylvania to Maryland. Maybe one of the worst decisions of my life. Will definitely move back to PA if nothing changes in Maryland. Very unconstitutional of Maryland. Seems like this gun control is working well in Baltimore by the way! Not…

  14. Wow sounds like y’all up there in MD just have to hope some thug doesn’t choose your house to rob, rape and kill in because you can’t kill him or you will go to prison. Vote those idiot politicians out of office and protect your families!

    1. Your just a scary old white boy perpetuating a lie in to thinking some big black man is out to kill you and rape your wife. If anything, they should be scared of old racist cowards like you. Whites have the history of killing black folks and not the other way around. Grow some balls you racist shithole!!!

      1. Who said anything about white or black? Why do you have to make it a race thing?

      2. When 13% of the population commits 78% of the violent crime there is a reason we hang you monkeys at every opportunity. You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the monkey. I see red when I see black.

        1. Another piece of shitty white trash racist. I hope some african monkey fuck your wife in the ass while you watch.

  15. What is required if i move from maryland to PA while owning a long barrel rifle? Do i need to make any phone calls or fill any forms?

  16. I was told that in Md u can’t carry your weapon unless on duty. After reading this page I assume as long as I have my permit i can carry (concealed) is this correct?

    1. Maryland is a “Wear and Carry” state, also called “Open Carry”, so you can walk around with your weapon visible (but probably not a great idea in most situations).

      1. No you cant unless your a law enforcement officer or have the very rare concealed carry license. The HQL License only lets u buy a handgun. Maryland is no where near being an open carry or an concealed carry for everyone kind of state. The only way to get one is to have proof your life is in immediate danger with facts and papers to make your claim. So basically to even take up arms against someone who broke into your house if you shoot them you will go to jail unless you can prove you seconds away from dying. Maryland is one of the worst states to be a gun owning legit law abiding citizen. Because its run by Democrats. There are rules on top of rules.

    2. Maryland doesn’t really have a concealed carry permit. The only way you can have one is if your an officer or you have shown substantial reason (witness testimony, police records) to the overlords that your life may be in danger. Living in a dangerous city or neighborhood such as Baltimore does not count.
      All other permits only Grant you the ability to carry when you are on the specified job that they granted it to you for such as real estate, security etc.
      It’s crazy because technically they can label you as a felon if you were pulled over and just came from work with your handgun in the car.

      1. Not True !!! If you are a business owner you can apply and chances are GOOD you WILL be able to obtain a wear and carry .

      2. Incorrect! If own a business , take the 16 hour course, qualify on the range and pass background you can be approved for conceal/ carry in MD

  17. I’m getting ready for a trip to Alaska and i want to take my hand gun for protection in the bush with my bear spray. I have a Utah carry conceal permit that is good up there. Can i transport the gun in a locked case to the airport BWI.

    1. Yes. Ammo in a separate container (originall box or a magazine) in the same locked container

  18. So the reporter says “only a handful” of people can report a red flag on a gun owner:
    1) Law enforcement – Ok I suppose
    2) Health Professional – Ok if they really see potential for harm, and are not anti-gun
    3) Spouse or family member – Well this opens a real can of worms and welcomes abuse from disgruntled relatives
    4) Someone you are dating, previously dated or have children with – This is wrought with potential abuse to lawful gun owners by ex-girlfriends for malicious reasons or any other reason the former relation may justify in their mind!
    5) A current of former care giver…Granted some of these givers are tireless caring souls, but us with with elder parents know some have no business being in this field.
    Lastly, the reporter states IF abuse and a false report is filed, the person COULD face perjury charges (no mandatory punishment). Also, the gun owner would get their property back in “a couple of weeks” Newsflash Mr Reporter, in a recent case it took 6 months and attorney fees for a MD resident to reclaim his confiscated firearms.
    Folks, if you live in MD, are a 2A advocate my advice is to move out of the state if you can. otherwise support GOA and local MD gun rights groups.

  19. Hi everyone. I just have a comment on open carry in general. I have always worked with the public. I have to tell you when someone comes in with a gun in his or her pocket, people are going to get freaked out.

    I know people carry concealed weapons. I just have to live with that. However I am asking you all to be nice to other people and don’t walk around a building open to the public, such as a library or retail store, with a gun sticking out of your pocket. People are terrified of being shot, for obvious reasons.

    So please be respectful of others and don’t walk around with your gun sticking out.

    1. Maybe be respectful of my constitutional rights and mind your business. If it scares you don’t look.

    2. You might not want to come to Colorado Springs, CO if seeing someone open carrying a firearm scares you. If someone intends do commit violence with a firearm they are going to do so and a criminal will usually hide their weapon until they are on their intended victim(s)

    3. Technically if you have CC in MD, it’s against the law to have the gun”sticking’ out of your pocket. Hence the term Conceal.

  20. Just went through the process for MD W&C permit. Overall, I didn’t have a bad experience like some. Yes it takes some work and research to understand what it takes for training and justification requirements in order to obtain a permit, but it’s not impossible. For those that live in MD and believe they have reasonable justification to carry, go for it now before Hogan is out of office. The appeal board is already being scrutinized by anti-gun officials. Who knows whats going to happen in the coming years. This attention will only limit options for rightful permit to carry with appropriate justification and fair evaluation. The recent trend I’ve seen is that restrictions are applied that make almost no subjective or legal sense so permit holders are limited to when and where they can carry.

    Do your research! This isn’t a Utah carry state by any means.

  21. I’m traveling from NY to NC and would like to carry my pistol w me. I have a NY State concealed carry pistol permit. Can I carry pistol in a locked box w ammo in different locked box?

    1. Every state should have the same laws on open carry and concealed carry, our forefathers wrote the constitution, guns don’t kill people, people kill people!!! Ridiculous !!! Come on people, I do have the right to defend my person and family !!!

  22. Is there still a 7 day wait if a family member from another state gifts a gun? If so, can I initiate the transfer 7 days before he brings it to me, and then go see the FFL to complete the transfer?

    1. Yes. You do not require a permit to carry a handgun how you see fit on your property. Also there are limited events and which you can carry a handgun in the state of Maryland without a permit such as trapping.
      If you were to be able to get the permit open carry is not banned but since it is so rare none of us permit holders do it because they give you this permit as a privilege and it’s a whore trying to get it back if they take it away.

  23. I am 17 and looking to be a shotgun when i turn 18 soon , so from research im not able to purchase a handgun but i can purchase any kind of long gun , which from my understanding include , shotguns , and hunting rifles . Can anyone tell me if its possible or , if ive been doing bad research

    1. Hey Henry i just bought my first shotgun when i turned 18 not to long ago, but you cant buy a handgun when you are 18, you must be 21 and have a HQL (Handgun Qualification Licence) to buy a hand gun in the state of maryland. But yes you can buy any long gun as long as it is not banned buy maryland and is not an AR-15 style, so just hunting rifles and shotguns for now.

      1. At the age of 18, you can buy basically any long gun in the state of maryland. That includes shotguns, hunting rifles and even ar-15’s. If it was illegal to own an ar-15, than no gun stores would be allowed to sell them.

    2. As long as you are 18 at the time of purchase you are ok. You have to have a background check and fill out a form but other than that you can go to your local Walmart or gun dealer buy anything from a shotgun to a rifle as long as it’s legal in the state where you reside. Hangs you must wait till you are 21.

    3. I’m from out of state and am going on vacation in ocean city… I havent seen anything illegal about having long gun”shotguns,hunting rifles” in the vehicle other than they cant be loaded which makes sense… am I missing any other parts of the law?

  24. My husband recently applied for a gun carry permit. I had no idea until a letter came in the mail from the State Police. . His plan is to work for an investivgative group and then eventually start his own investigation buisness. I’m not out to ruin his dream. I am aware that we have had a gun in the house. I have concerns as to why I wasn’t questioned by the State Police at all about a carry permit. Not even notified. Shouldn’t I be a character reference and asked questions about such things as psychological , drug, alcholol and anger issues? I’m curious as to why I wasn’t contacted and I it makes me feel uneasy. Of course I will call and ask myself but I wanted to here others thoughts on the matter. Thanks

    1. No, absolutely not should you have been contacted!! This isn’t a criminal trial!! You’re husband clearly needs to rethink who he’s married to if this bothers you!! SMFH!!

      1. Yes they normally do. I got my permit through my job and when I went for my State PD interview for it they called my wife questioning my alcohol use my relationship with my children even any of them feared me physically or if I imposed myself on them in that way. Do I emotionally abuse them. Would she fear me carrying a firearm. Lots of questions. So keep shaking that head because yes it happens

    2. Maybe because it’s his right and not yours. Why should they contact you? That’s like saying anyone can bad mouth u and then your rights are taken away without proof. That’s CRAZY. If he has no record and is a law-abiding citizen then he has a right to have it and police have that information already. People lie and people like to character assassinate others.

      1. Unfortunately now with the new Red Flag law in just out on the books, MD residents need to be aware of who they associate with. The new allows anyone to lodge a complaint stating you are a danger to others or yourself and if the complaint is believed to be credible, law enforcement can the get a warrant to remove your firearms.

    3. My wife and all 3 of my references were called when I applied for my concealed carry permit. This is how they weed out those unstable individuals that have been causing all the uproar. I have no problem with the State Police doing this. I do have a problem with mentally deranged individuals getting guns. Not a perfect system but certainly better than blanket approval.

      1. Dave – I noted how few permits MD issues from the start – Only 17,414 through March 16, 2017 — Not even one-half of ONE percent of the population in the state – 0.34 to be exact.
        Did you get your permit — and how long did it take from the time you sent your Application?

    4. Glad i am not your husband, poor guy. On the other hand, if it is illegal to have a gun in the house, without a permit, you should be arrested for not notifying the authorities

    5. You weren’t asked because you don’t decide anybody’s constitutional rights. And Maryland shouldn’t either. Commies.

      1. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered. Any effort to disarm the working class must be frustrated, by force if necessary. -Carl Marx. You’re opinion is more in line with what communists believe than Maryland’s.

    6. Typically, MD will contact the spouse in addition to the three references. I had my interview 2 weeks ago and the investigator called my wife immediately after. Personally, I have no issues with this because my wife and I discussed this prior. I also think that there is nothing wrong with the State Police doing their due diligence. Ultimately, I received my permit a week later with no issues.

      Sounds like there are some communication issues within your marriage beyond anything else.

    7. If a spouse were disgruntled permits would be denied for too many reasons. Your husband may have not listed you.

  25. I simply don’t get it. The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right to keep AND BEAR arms. Granted there are things that can disqualify an individual from this but how can state law pre-empt a constitutional right? Just moved to the people’s republic of Maryland after holding CCWs in the past two states in which I’ve lived and even took training including range qualifications when it wasn’t required. Now I have to do it again in a Maryland approved program. I am not 100% against the idea of a training requirement to obtain a CCW but have mixed feelings on it. As far as purchases are concerned, luckily I brought all of my firearms with me and don’t have a near future need to make a purchase. I’ve seen where judges have ruled the “good and substantial reason” an unlawful requirement so how is it still in effect?! Sorry for the rant but wanted to get it out in a single post.

    Democratic = referring to form of government system or the processes and practices associated with democracy (the US is a Republic)

    Democrat = political party, refers to liberals and their agenda to make the people dependent on them

    1. Not only do you have to take another class that’s not even close to getting one as 95% of applications are rejected outright, even after you pay through the nose to find out. MD has issued only 17,000 or so CCW’s total or about 1/2 of 1% of the population.


    1. I’ll be leaving in few few years. Maryland is way to strick with gun laws and high taxes.

        1. No, we just have your standard gang stuff and the occasional sniper.

  27. I am a travel nurse, I don’t have concealed weapons permit. Can I keep weapon in my home for protection.

    1. IANAL: Yes, but to purchase a handgun in the state of Maryland, you must take the HQL class with fingerprinting and submit an application to Maryland State Police. Once you’ve received the HQL permit, you can purchase a handgun. There is a 7 day waiting period when you purchase a handgun and the FFL can transfer the gun to you on the 8th day. Note that Maryland castle doctrine says while you may stand your ground in your own home, your degree of force may not be excessive.

    2. Yes, and if it’s been purchased out of state legally you don’t have to register it

      1. Doug, could you cite an authority on that? Maryland Code 5-143 says, “A person who moves into the State with the intent of becoming a resident shall register all regulated firearms with the Secretary within 90 days after establishing residency.” 5-101 says, “‘Regulated firearm’ means: (1) a handgun; [followed by a long list of rifles]”

  28. I have a ccw license from Mi. I am going to visit National Harbor for a week, According to the state police licensing bureau I can posses my gun if its locked in a case and stored in the trunk or wheel well.

    1. Not for regulated firearms. Maryland has similar restrictions to New York City on the transportation of handguns. If you are driving through then it is considered federal law but you will fall under state law if you hang around. They only allow you to take your gun to a gunsmith, range

  29. State gun laws in Maryland are antiquated, unrealistic, and adversely affects gun owners that obey the law. Maryland state profits money by keeping concealed firearms carry illegal; forcing its’ citizens to rely solely on the police for protection at all times, which is simply impossible.
    Unless Maryland citizens vote OUT legislators not willing to change concealed carry laws, and vote INTO office representatives who support concealed carry rights, only two groups will be armed in Maryland: criminals and cops. Citizens obeying the rules out of fear of criminal prosecution for illegal concealed firearms carry will be defenseless while outside their homes and easy targets.

    1. I am a disabled veteran and live alone with major injuries and numerous operations and I live alone. I want to know why is it so hard for me to receive a CCW permit because by the time a police get to me I could be seriously hurt or worse, I can handle myself and I want to feel safe at all Times!

      1. Same thing for me, in a way. I am a former MP and I have an HQL. The HQL is a bit ridiculous because once you are vetted for the HQL, you then get vetted again with that 7 day waiting period. If I really wanted to buy a gun to shoot someone when I was angry, why wouldn’t I just use one of the guns that I already have? So dumb in my opinion. Going back to David’s remarks, I have had cataract surgery in both eyes. I cannot adequately defend myself now since the surgeries were done because if I get hit the eye, I could lose my eyesight. This should be considered a justifiable reason for a permit.

        1. How long were you an MP? You may qualify to carry under LEOSA if you were an MP for 10 years and if you were in the MP MOS when you were discharged.

    1. Technically yes. But I would suggest looking at the local county laws on that or calling the local sheriff’s office and asking. Better safe than sorry

  30. Crappy democratic state, need to get the laws changed, how do we protect our self with all the scum

    1. I am an ardent denfender of the Second Amemdment. I own handguns and I cannot wait to move to MD so I can buy a Henry rifle (or 2) an go on a wild boar hunt in WV! I am also a Dem. I do understand your frustration and I share it as well at times. We all have differing opinions, and it takes courage to say what you feel especially without resorting to dogma. So thank you.

  31. Now I’m confused.? ???? On the map it says Maryland honors Virginia’s CCW permit because it’s if colored blue. But Under “ Maryland honors permits from these states” it says that Maryland does not honors other states permit/ license. Am I ready this correctly? Which is it?

    1. Author

      Maryland does not honor any ccw permits. However the states that are a blue color on the map will honor a Maryland permit, hope that helps.

  32. Why are the lives of law abiding citizens from another State not important to Maryland? I think it’s BS that other states honor their CCW permit but they won’t recognize other states like Virginia. Maryland is the worst states in the nation.

      1. Actually CA issues CCW permits by county so in SOME CA jurisdictions it’s easier to get one. In MD the whole state is one big NO

      1. But you need an HQL license because good old Socialist Maryland views a Shockwave as a pistol. So no HQL no Shockwave.

  33. So I have a md ware and carry permit through my business “carpet cleaning “ it’s restricted to my work only but no one seems to able to give me exactly what that means my vech’s have logo on them like if I go to store with my plaquerd vech can I have my firearm etc…

    1. I’m no lawyer, but my guess would be that if you’re on the clock, or going to or from work, then you can carry. In MD I wouldn’t want to push your luck.

    2. Having reviewed a number of cases based on restricted permits… it will be your requirement to PROVE you were doing something for work or you will be charged. You will initially be arrested, depending on the officer, and you will need to contact your lawyer. Restricted permits are a scary thing given the HUGE grey area and the MDSP despise of permits.

    3. If your permit is only for work then that’s when you can carry.. You can not go to the store or out to eat

  34. The yes/no for carry in vehicle is not clear. Seems what they are stating is for those without a license to carry.

    1. Author

      Agree, but the MD laws are themselves a bit confusing on vehicle carry. The Yes/No was because there are some exceptions when you can actually carry with no permit. We will try clear that section up.

    2. Just keep this in mind when traveling through the People’s Republic of Maryland. The place where the Star Spangled Banner and the battle that it was written for took place. Make sure that your firearm is placed in an area that is inaccessible to you during an emergency (think locked trunk or locked saddlebag if on a motorcycle). The cylinder or magazine(s) must be empty and the ammo must be separated from the weapon. Ammo should preferably be located in the manufacturer’s box from what I have read (I live in the Republic). The weapon should be in its own locked box or at least have a lockable device on it that would prevent it from being loaded and/or accidentally discharged. For good measure, have your locked weapon sealed in a concrete vault and maybe a couple thousand dollars in small bills to bribe the officer with . Just my 2 cents.

  35. I’d like to know why a lot of states recognize Maryland’s CCP but Maryland won’t recognize the other states? Kind of ignorant of Maryland to do that I think

        1. Join the discussion…Why don’t you spineless liberal/democrat slaves stand up for your rights for once in your pathetic lives ?..Or get out of MY country,,,because Americans won’t miss you.

        2. Just moved here four months ago and from NYC. Had home health aide assistance because I am disabled with multiple sclerosis but this backwards ass state feels that my social security disability income is too much for me to qualify for Medicaid here. Really?: A lousy grand is considered too much monthly income here… How f’n pathetic! I came to this area to be close to my daughter in Pennsylvania and be able to see her graduate high school.
          Time for me to become a Pennsylvania resident again, I guess.

          1. He at least created the permit appeals board that is not driven by the democratic agenda coming out of the State Attorneys Office. There is not much he can do when the democrats of the slum known as Baltimore keep a mostly anti-gun government in power.

        1. a Republican dealing with a Maryland State Legislature controlled by a bunch of spineless, anti-gun politicians.

      1. Go back to Russia, Cuba or China then! Yes Maryland has huge problems. And ignorance is one.

    1. Because not all states base their reciprocity on other states laws. The idea being to promote 2A rights rather than limit them.

      1. What benefits the 2nd by adding limitations on the law in Maryland when in AZ there’s all this

        I get each state is different but as of an hour ago by now probably there’s been 5 or more shot dead and others wounded in a newsroom shooting in Maryland, something could have been done a long time ago to help prevent what’s happened now, maybe I’m wrong idk but if there were AZ type laws over there what are the chances of the severity of this latest shooting being less? Shoulda woulda coulda is all it usually amounts up to in gun law-strict states it seems.

    2. It is due to the fact that MD requires a ‘Good and Substantial’ reason to carry in the state and is one of the most difficult to get a permit. Because of this other states trust MD permit holders while MD refuses as they were not the ones to make the decision of Good and Substantial.

    1. I saw part of the code and I believe you just can’t open carry there because it says the presentation of firearms. However, you are not allowed to conceal carry anything other than a handgun which requires a permit.

  36. Maryland is the worst state to be a gun owner. Even DC improved their gun laws. I might’ve to move to DC soon.

        1. thegreek is your typical anti gun pos. You should move to the middle east or anywere in Mexico and tote your anti gun bs in either of those places and then see how that works out for you.

    1. I know! Lol. It’s ridiculous when DC away even stricter than MD

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