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Missouri became a constitutional carry state in January 2017. No permit is required to openly or conceal carry a firearm but the state still issues permits on a "Shall Issue" basis for reciprocity with other states. There is no requirement to register firearms or obtain a purchase permit and some specially trained school employees are allowed to carry firearms on school grounds. Permits are issued at the local level by county sheriffs to residents only who must be at least 19 years old.

Missouri CCW Quick Facts

Carry In Vehicle YES
Must Notify Officer NO
Carry In State Parks Allowed YES
No Weapons Signs Enforced SEE DETAILS
Open Carry Permitted YES
Carry In Restaurant YES
Constitutional Carry YES
total active ccw
Permit's in missouri

Gun Laws

State rating
states that honor
a missouri permit
state Permits
missouri honors
states not
honoring permit

Missouri CCW Dashboard

total active CCW
permits in missouri

Gun Laws

State Rating
states Permit
honored in

mo Honors

states permit
not honored
with permit

Missouri CCW Reciprocity


  • Permit Honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Residential permits only
  • Only if issued after 8/27/13
  • Issuing state

How Reciprocity Works in Missouri

All CCW permits from other states are honored by Missouri. Six states have written reciprocity agreements with Missouri and 27 states will honor a Missouri permit without a written agreement.

The six states that have a written agreement with Missouri are; Texas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Further information on reciprocity can be obtained from the official state website.


If you are a resident of Missouri then you are permitted to carry a firearm in Oklahoma without any permit. You must have a state issued ID on you at all times you carry a firearm in Oklahoma.

Missouri Reciprocity State's


Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
states & Districts

Residential Permits Only
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Districts & Territories
District of Columbia, Guam, New York City, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands


California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington.

Districts & Territories
District of Columbia

  • Wisconsin will only honor Missouri permits that were issued after 8/23/13.
  • Virginia will only honor a Missouri permit if the holder is 21 years or older.
571.030 and 571.107 - Reciprocity

Missouri Handgun Permit

Missouri Gun Policy

Unrestricted, Shall Issue

Permit Issued To


CCW Permit Overview
To obtain a concealed carry permit you must be at least 19 years old (18 if in the military) and have passed a firearms training course. The application must be made in your county of residence. Extended and lifetime permits are available but are not valid in other states whereas the standard 5 year permit is honored by other states.

Non-Resident Permits
Non-resident permits are only available to persons who are on active military duty or veterans that are at least 18 years old and stationed in Missouri. The spouses of active military personnel can also apply for a permit if they are at least 19 years old and reside in the state.

Handgun Training
One of the requirements for a permit is that you complete 8 hours of a firearms training course with a certified instructor before filing your application. Part of the training can be taken online with a NRA firearms safety course that is at least 1 hour long. The course must cover safe storage, marksmanship and the care and cleaning of your firearm. You would then present the courses certificate to another CCW trainer to complete the other subjects. There is no requirement to do 8 hours with the partial online course. But for those that have not done a online course they must complete 8 hours.


  • Must be at least 19 years old.
  • Citizen or resident of the United States.
  • Resident of Missouri.
  • Have taken a firearms training course.
  • Have not been convicted or plead guilty to a felony.
  • You are not a fugitive or charged with any crime punishable by more than one year.
  • You  have not plead guilty or been convicted of a misdemeanor such as a crime of violence, driving while under the influence, or possession of a controlled substance within the last 5 years.
  • Have not been judged mentally incompetent.
  • Do not have a dishonorable discharge from the armed forces of the United States.
  • Federal Law Requirements
cost of
Cww permit
Years Permit
is valid

Missouri CCW Handgun Forms

Download Your Forms

Missouri: Places Off-Limits for CCW

missouri state flag
Missouri state flag

Places Off-Limits in Missouri

  • Within twenty-five feet of any polling place on any election day
  • Law enforcement agency facilities
  • Any courthouse solely occupied by the circuit, appellate or supreme court, or any courtrooms, administrative offices, libraries or other rooms of any such court
  • Any meeting of the governing body of a unit of local government; or any meeting of the general assembly or a committee of the general assembly
  • Any adult or juvenile detention or correctional institution, prison or jail
  • Any establishment licensed to dispense intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises
  • Any higher education institution or elementary or secondary school facility
  • Any area of an airport to which access is controlled by the inspection of persons and property.
  • Any portion of a building used as a child care facility
  • Any riverboat gambling operation accessible by the public
  • Any gated area of an amusement park.
  • Any church or other place of religious worship
  • Any private property whose owner has posted the premises as being off-limits to concealed firearms
  • Any sports arena or stadium with a seating capacity of five thousand or more.
  • Any hospital accessible by the public
  • Public passenger bus
  • School bus
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

Places Allowed in Missouri

  • State parks
  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicle
  • All areas of the state not listed as Off-Limits

Pointers: Missouri Gun Laws

Lost or stolen firearms
No permit needed in Missouri

Missouri Concealed Carry Laws

missouri state capitol building
Missouri state capitol building

Missouri Gun Laws To Know

YES - Without a permit
A weapon may be carried without a permit anywhere in a vehicle, even concealed on the person. The Law

NO - Must Inform Officer
There is nothing in Missouri gun laws that states you must inform a law enforcement officer you have a firearm when approached on official business.

You are legally required to carry the permit, together with photo ID, at all times during which the permittee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun.

The Law

YES - Without a permit
Open carry is legal without a permit in Missouri. Local authorities can regulate open carry if a person does not have a CCW permit.

If a person does have a CCW permit then they are entitled to open carry anywhere that is not on the prohibited places list and local authorities are by law not allowed to place any restrictions on them.

The Law
Title III 21.750

Missouri gun laws are a bit confusing on “No Weapons” signs. There are legal penalties for entering a private property or business that has posted these signs. However, according to the law, you only commit an offense if you refuse to leave the property after being asked to do so, or repeat the offense in a set period of time.

GunsToCarry recommends that you do not enter a property displaying a “No Weapons" sign whether the law is for or against signage. If asked to leave a property and you refuse to do so then you are breaking the law and put yourself at risk of being charged.

It is legal to carry in the following areas;
  • State Parks:       YES - 10 CSR 90-2.020
  • State/National Forests:     YES - 3 CSR 10-7.432 (1)
  • State Wildlife Management Areas:     YES - 3 CSR 10-7.432 (1)
  • Road Side Rest Areas:     YES

In Restaurants That Serve Alcohol
You can carry in a restaurant but not if you are intoxicated.

"Yes" or "No" states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Some restaurants may be posted with "NO GUN" signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. If we have indicated a "Yes" then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.

The Law

Missouri is a constitutional carry state, no permit is required to carry a firearm if you meet the requirements to possess a firearm.
“Every person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of himself and the state”
(Art. I, § 6)

Missouri Off-Limit Statutes

Other Missouri CCW Statutes

For information on other states handgun laws please go back to the state laws page and select the state you are interested in.

Other Missouri Gun Laws

Private Sales
There are no background checks required for the private sale of firearms. Buyers must be at least 18 years old and provide some form of state ID to the seller.

No registration or purchase permits are required to buy a handgun or long gun.

Missouri CCW FAQ's

frequently asked questions on missouri gun laws

Missouri CCW Contact

St. Louis County Police Department
Police Records


Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4:30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Address 7900 Forsyth Blvd.

CityClayton, MO 63105

Phone (314) 615-4272


Updates & Data Sources


  1. Missouri has stand your ground laws that do not require a person to retreat if the feel threatened.

    Please proof read… the above should conclude: “…to retreat if they feel threatened.”

  2. I have a Michigan ccw, and I just moved to Missouri to become a full time resident. Will my permit transfer to Missouri or do I have to take classes and get fingerprinted and the whole ordeal again to get a Missouri ccw?

  3. If I live in the State of Oklahoma can I still carry in Missouri if I am only visiting for 3 days?

    1. Missouri is a constitutional state absolutely you can you don’t even need a CCW you can have it on you anywhere in a vehicle including on your person it’s advised you tell the officer you are armed though you do not have to, by any means I would not advise lying to them if they ask which they’re going to, so make sure it’s your gun, but here when we buy a gun we don’t even have to send off the paperwork that it comes with when they do our background checks the gun is issued to our names

    2. If you are not a prohibited person per Federal or state laws, you may, by MO law, carry concealed on your person or in your vehicle w/o a permit. However, posted places or those places where being armed is prohibited by state or federal law are off limits.

      Open carry in MO w/o a CC license is another matter and somewhat complicated ( but I do not fully understand why OC is a consideration for the most part).

      If you hold a CC license or permit from your state, many of those same places while not authorized to carry, are not crimes if you do so ( excepting places that are off limits by federal law.

      Welcome to MO!

    3. Yes if you have a OK CCW or not you can carry in MO.

      Missouri is a constitutional carry state, we do not require permits to open or conceal carry. That being said without a permit local jurisdictions can limit the constitutional open carry .

  4. First, I appreciate your blog; I have read your article carefully,
    Your content is very valuable to me.
    I hope people like this blog too. I hope you will gain more experience with your knowledge; That’s why people get more information.


    1. Call your SD. There is a grace period in the statute.

      571.104 etc.
      4. A person who has been issued a concealed carry permit, or a certificate of qualification for a concealed carry endorsement prior to August 28, 2013, who fails to file a renewal application for a concealed carry permit on or before its expiration date must pay an additional late fee of ten dollars per month for each month it is expired for up to six months.

      1. Missouri is a constitutional state absolutely you can you don’t even need a CCW you can have it on you anywhere in a vehicle including on your person it’s advised you tell the officer you are armed though you do not have to, by any means I would not advise lying to them if they ask which they’re going to, so make sure it’s your gun, but here when we buy a gun we don’t even have to send off the paperwork that it comes with when they do our background checks the gun is issued to our names

  6. So I am still a minor but my dad had gotten in trouble awhile back and get out of trouble just recently and is not allowed to be around any guns at all besides black powder guns so does this mean I need some sort of safe or somthing to keep my guns safe to keep him out of trouble?

    1. Lucas;

      The best course of action for you and your family is to discuss this with a firearm law knowledgeable attorney. Any input on the internet is certainly not risking liberty over.

      The BATFE website probably has links to the law and how it affects folks in your situation, but that is just guidance in general, not “how to”.


    2. Here in Missouri from what I understand of the law if you live with a felon they cannot have access to the weapon which means yes it has to be locked up they are not supposed to have access to the key so like you need to keep the key ring on you if you ask the right questions on Google you should be able to find out how your state runs it, some of these websites are old though like today I saw that you had to have a CCW here in Missouri to conceal carry your weapon as of 2017 that is not the case anyone can conceal carry,then I wondered about my car because I saw a lot of things saying it can only be in the passenger compartment aka the glove box from my understanding that is also untrue you can wear it in your holster and it can be loaded I mean what the f***** the point of having a gun if it’s not ready to go off when somebody’s trying to pull their gun on you? But some Democrats don’t agree with that they would rather you get shot and the criminal lives so that they may be able to pay them to go commit more crimes. And everybody thought Trump’s America was bad s*** only thing he did wrong was signed to executive orders against child trafficking and the Democrats started losing money when they started kicking in doors freeing kids. They slandered the man and did him dirty, Hunter’s got photos of girls chained up for sale on his laptop Biden would look like s*** if he just straight reversed Trump’s child trafficking executive orders wouldn’t he? Well he can allow amnesty for all these illegal aliens, with child sex crime records, for instance one man was deported out of Wichita eight times five of the times he was caught molesting children but he keeps getting back in the to the states somehow just about a month ago a man that had been deported three times stabbed five people it’s just like Trump said they’re not coming after me they’re coming after you I’m just in their way he wasn’t lying. I don’t believe everything q says is correct I’ve seen them be wrong the time or two but I mean they’re predicting stuff so it’s going to be wishy washy but I do know a million kids around the world go missing each year. In Kansas police have to have a warrant to search a locked box or even a locked bedroom in a house chances are if they have a warrant to search the house it applies to the whole house however they do have to stop and call their supervisors to get a warrant for each locked door after they make initial entry such as bedrooms bathrooms etc they may have changed that but I ran with some pretty hardcore people back in the day and that’s what they said

  7. I live in grovespring, mo. Can anyone tell me whether or not it’s legal to posses and wear a shoulder harness for my pistols. I’ve looked but can’t find anything. I only heard it might be illegal. Thank you.

    1. Says above, “Open carry is legal without a permit in Missouri. Local authorities can regulate open carry if a person does not have a CCW permit.

      If a person does have a CCW permit then they are entitled to open carry anywhere that is not on the prohibited places list and local authorities are by law not allowed to place any restrictions on them.”

    2. When you say “shoulder harness” do you mean a shoulder holster? I f yes, then no, there is no issue or restriction, some may say a SH is not the best choice for security, safety, access or usefulness ( me being one), but certainly not restricted.

  8. I have looking for a couple of days and I cannot find a definitive answer on what exactly I need to do/ have to purchase a hand gun in Missouri.

    1. If you are a MO resident, all you need is your MO ID (Driver’s license) and to fill out the federal forms. If you aren’t otherwise prohibited (felon, etc) they do a NICS check from your fed paperwork and you are done.

  9. If congress would pass a law that only allow the Military to process copper/lead/ man killing ammo and only allow civilians and the officers swarn to protect those to possess rubber bullets , our country could see a stronger future.

    1. Youd be a government mule doing what ur told and kissing government A$$ while they tax u to death with no fear of what you could do back.

    2. LOL. “Stronger future”. I love it. Yeah, let’s just let the military have real bullets, while the rest of us are lobbing spitballs. History shows that’s there’s nothing at all dangerous about that proposition.

    3. What about us who hunt to eat, use rubber bullets, you obviously waste your money at the grocery stores buying your meat while I smarter ones use our Firearms to fill our freezers and feed our families you are the dumb one and if you truly like the government controlling your movement why don’t you to a communist country this country was built on a republic we the people protect our rights the government workers work for us seems like people like you have change that around you should be ashamed of yourself

  10. I once had a gun registered in Missouri (1970). However, my wife disposed of the gun (pistol). Can that be traced back to me if the gun is used in a crime?

    1. BATFE follows firearms from maker to seller. MO state back then had a permit to purchase requirement so perhaps your county SD has a record. Also, the final transaction from your dealer to you is recorded in the sellers bound book and Form 4473. From there, the trail gets complicated. every time a dealer sells or buys a firearm, it gets recorded, but that record is kept in the dealers books. Unless the LE folks have the firearm and its serial number, tracing may get difficult.

    2. What do I show out-of-state now that we have permitless carry in MO? Do I still have to go through training and pay the local sheriff and wait 45 days to get a card to show to an officer from another state?

      1. Forrest;

        If that state also has permitless carry, you show him whatever ID he askes for. If not, then you likely would be in violation of that states weapons laws. Good thing is MO has reciprocity with a bunch of like-minded states. Look at the map on this page to see what states recognize a MO CCW and those that do not. Also, look at states with permitless carry, they may allow nonresidents to so do as well, or they may not. I simply avoid states that do not recognize a MO CCW license. In MO, a person with a CCW License has so many more protections and noncriminal exceptions than a person w/o a CCW license. It makes so much more sense to have a MO CCW License than not to.

  11. On your map, when you click on Washington state it takes you to the Washington D.C. info page. I was able to delete the “dc” portion of the url and get to the Washington page.

  12. I understand parts of the Missouri open carry laws but the one thing that I have a question about is can you have your firearm loaded while either on yourself or in your vehicle without having a conceal to carry permit

    1. I’m coming from Oklahoma where we have open and concealed with no permits, what do I need to do to visit Missouri with my gun . It’s a 9mm.

      1. Welcome to MO! MO permitless carry applies to anyone who is not prohibited by federal or their own states’ laws. I advise you be familiar with MO weapons laws to insure you will not be operating on OK law mentality and step afoul of any MO law….

  13. 30 years ago i got a dwi in california , then moved to missouri fifteen years ago. i applyed for a personnel pin number so i dd not have to get cleared on my background check every time i wanted to purchase a new fire arm.i was denyed that and told that even though it was a misdemeanor there it was considered a felony here. well it did not happen here.so how can that be legal

    1. Completely untrue. They cannot decide to make changes to charges from another state. Nor would a single DWI be a felony . I’m not sure how to clear it up. The highway patrol does The checks. Contact whatever troop is for where you live. You should get the conviction information from California if possible. I know that will be difficult but maybe they can send it directly the troop. I cleared someone’s background check this way several years ago. Good luck

      1. Some single DWI’s can be a felony! My husband would be a felon, had we not paid an attorney to represent him and get the charge reduced!

    2. A felony is considered to be a crime that has a penalty of MORE THAN 12 months in jail. If your charge in CA included a POSSIBLE jail term of MORE THN 12 months, it is felony per firearms law.

  14. How old do you have to be to concealed carry a (take down) rifle in Missouri?

  15. Can I Open Carry my long gun While Peacefully Protesting on Public Land In St.Louis Missouri?

  16. Hi im 18 and im wondering if i could keep at home a fire arm or in my vehicle that was given to me by a family member. Ofcourse for safety purposes.

  17. If you have a CCW and are carrying a firearm is it illegal in Missouri to wear a mask?

    1. No statute that I can find. Wearing a mask is not a crime, carrying a firearm lawfully is not crime. doing either simultaneously is not a crime.

      It matters not if a robber etc is wearing a mask at the time of a crime, it is the action of the crime that makes it unlawful. At least in MO as far as I can determine.

  18. In Missouri is it legal to openfriendly carry 1,2 or 3 hand guns hip holsterd and a shotgun OR long rifle all at same time as long as all visible ???

    1. Sure may seem to passers-by as being beyond the norm. Last August, a young man entered a Springfield WalMart open carrying a carbine and a holstered handgun, wearing external body armor. He was held at gunpoint by a CCW person, then arrested by city police. He wound up pleading to a misdemeanor crime of making a terroristic threat…..

      Personally, I recommend concealed carry of a fighting caliber handgun ( or two) but OC is not in my list of preference unless in the field or range- I want not be attracting attention, but rather be a real surprise to anyone who meets the lawful requirements for response to a lethal force threat…. Some argue the ‘deterrent” effect of OC, personally I think that is not a real attribute of OC.

    2. Good luck. Not illegal but certainly not something I would encourage. Carry multiple concealed handguns, extra mags, a flashlight, cuffs, 1st aid kit etc. Concealed. OC is lawful (where lawful) but not necessarily wise, IN MY OPINION.

      If we recall, last August, a young man did pretty much as you describe in Springfield MO- he was held at gun point by a CCW type, arrested and finally pleaded to a misdemeanor charge of Making a terroristic threat ( 3rd deg). He did nothing but enter a Wallyworld armed openly with a carbine ad pistol and tactical vest armor etc.

      Snowflakes are plentiful, they will and can make one suffer even if the law is not violated.

  19. So am I allowed to buy a hand gun without being approved by someone

    1. Well, unless you consider a NICS check as “someone”. No.
      Until 2008 if I recall, one had to get a “permit to purchase” from your county SO. That was repealed.

  20. Do you need to be 19 for open carry, concealed carry, or just 19 for the permit? Also if there’s isn’t any required paperwork for purchase and carry how can you prove you lawfully own the gun?

    1. Federal Law prohibits possession of handguns by people under 19 yoa w/o adult supervision.

  21. I live in Missouri, but still have a Texas ID, is is still valid for me to purchase a firearm so long as I have proof of residence or will I have to get a renewed ID?

  22. If a relative is a danger to himself or others, has charged for pulling a gun on law enforcement and charges have been made…. how can his CAC permit be revoked.

    1. State law provides for revocation CCW license by the issuing Sherriff. certain violations result in disqualification from possessing weapons period. If you contact the county Sherriff office in the county in which the license was issued ( should be his county of residence) you can check on the status of such license or at least remind the SDO that your relative is a risk etc.
      Be careful, if you attempt to disparage an otherwise innocent person, you could be subject to negative outcomes yourself. If you do contact the SDO, best to have all the pertinent information at hand- full legal name address, charges pending dates etc.

  23. If one has already obtained a CCW from another State, and at that time required 16 hours of instruction,
    does one still have to go through Mo. CCW training to obtain a MO license to carry concealed.
    The State I’m referring to is Arizona. I’m considering relocating to MO.

    1. Greg,

      In short, yes. Since every state’s laws vary, the training required is both weapons related as well as firearms/lethal force law focused.

      Hope the low cost, good jobs and firearms friendly people factors help you decide. Welcome to MO, if you do decide.

    2. I don’t know if it was true or not, but when I got mine, I was told that the CCW class had to be in the county you live in.

    1. The Greene CO PA charged him with making a terroristic threat. Otherwise, I do not think he violated any firearms laws. He is not charged with any other violation as of this time….

  24. You people are crazy. No wonder we have mass murders all over this country. For God’s sake; where are your brains? Maybe you just don’t have any. You give 19 year olds the right to carry weapons just about anywhere. Not to mention the mentally ill. Sure glad I live a long long way from Missouri.

    1. Frank,

      Glad you live far from Missouri. We want you to feel protected and safe. As far as this situation goes, the carrying of his rifle, wearing of dark clothes and body armor, and carrying ammunition, one or one hundred rounds, are all legal in many states and not even prohibited by ANY federal laws.

      While this young man did something that I personally would not recommend nor approve of, the facts of his actions do not violate laws. However, the Greene County PA sees fit to charge him with a felony; making a terroristic threat, which means he will have his day in court. If you want, you can look up the specifications of that violation but in a nutshell, unless someone ( the PA) can prove his intent to communicate or create such a condition as required, he likely will walk. I see young men and women in local settings in public places like WalMart etc open carrying handguns all the time, occasionally a long gun. I would prefer they conceal for many reasons, but legally they are well within their bounds to so do. I am glad no one knows whether or not I am a capable person by glance, I’d like to be able to choose my time and place if need be. But that is a tactics, not a legality consideration.

      As far as a 19 YO and guns goes, they shoot, hunt and protect themselves and families everyday all over this country, with some exceptions I suppose. if they can vote, die for their country sign contracts marry etc, they surely are fully enfranchised citizens with all rights privileges and immunities of any other adult otherwise fit.


  25. Are there any restrictions on open carry of any long guns? I did not see any listed here, but I am in a bit of a rush

    1. In a nutshell, no. Firearms are firearms, unless specifically discussed as concealable firearms, then they are weapons with barrels of less than 16inches in length.

      (4) “Concealable firearm”, any firearm with a barrel less than sixteen inches in length, measured from the face of the bolt or standing breech;
          (8) “Firearm”, any weapon that is designed or adapted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive;
      21.750. Firearms legislation preemption by general assembly, exceptions — limitation on civil recovery against firearms or ammunitions manufacturers, when, exception. — 1. The general assembly hereby occupies and preempts the entire field of legislation touching in any way firearms, components, ammunition and supplies to the complete exclusion of any order, ordinance or regulation by any political subdivision of this state. Any existing or future orders, ordinances or regulations in this field are hereby and shall be null and void except as provided in subsection 3 of this section.
        2. No county, city, town, village, municipality, or other political subdivision of this state shall adopt any order, ordinance or regulation concerning in any way the sale, purchase, purchase delay, transfer, ownership, use, keeping, possession, bearing, transportation, licensing, permit, registration, taxation other than sales and compensating use taxes or other controls on firearms, components, ammunition, and supplies except as provided in subsection 3 of this section.
        3. (1) Except as provided in subdivision (2) of this subsection, nothing contained in this section shall prohibit any ordinance of any political subdivision which conforms exactly with any of the provisions of sections 571.010 to 571.070, with appropriate penalty provisions, or which regulates the open carrying of firearms readily capable of lethal use or the discharge of firearms within a jurisdiction, provided such ordinance complies with the provisions of section 252.243. No ordinance shall be construed to preclude the use of a firearm in the defense of person or property, subject to the provisions of chapter 563.
        (2) In any jurisdiction in which the open carrying of firearms is prohibited by ordinance, the open carrying of firearms shall not be prohibited in accordance with the following:
        (a) Any person with a valid concealed carry endorsement or permit who is open carrying a firearm shall be required to have a valid concealed carry endorsement or permit from this state, or a permit from another state that is recognized by this state, in his or her possession at all times;
        (b) Any person open carrying a firearm in such jurisdiction shall display his or her concealed carry endorsement or permit upon demand of a law enforcement officer;
        (c) In the absence of any reasonable and articulable suspicion of criminal activity, no person carrying a concealed or unconcealed firearm shall be disarmed or physically restrained by a law enforcement officer unless under arrest;

  26. I had a full order of protection 10 years ago wich is no longer in effect and have been told by local law enforcement i can posses a firearm, but federal law says i cant? so can i or cant i?

    1. What federal law? A FOP is a prohibition for the duration for the FOP…. Unless you were convicted of a crime that qualifies for Lautenberg in addition.

  27. Without a permit that is. I just want to know if I’m walking around in permitted places of course or driving with it on my hip, loaded, is this okay?

  28. I couldnt find anything on loaded or unloaded, on person openly or concealed, driving or walking around. Can anyone clarify this aspect?

  29. No permit is required to carry concealed in Missouri, what happens if I leave the state, even if the state I’m visiting grants reciprocity?

    1. MO laws pertain to MO jurisdiction. Step across a state line and their laws apply. Know the basics of their laws before your enter.

      For example- go west to KS- open/constitutional or permitted carry is fine for residents or visitors unless otherwise prohibited. Go east to IL, step out of your car with your pistol, CCW in MO or not, felony crime. stay in your car, drive happy, leave it in your car secured, happy.

  30. Michael;
    Jaycen is correct regarding handguns and age restrictions ( Fedlaw) but anyone otherwise not prohibited from firearms may buy long guns and possess them at 18 YOA, so 18 YOA is the magic number for long guns. Hang in there, get Dad or Grandpa to take you regularly- they need practice too!
    Ref: 18 USC 922

  31. NO. You guys will just have to wait until you’re 19 years old. Unless your parents own property where you can safely shoot.

  32. I live in Springfield mo. and I’m having issues with the neighbors dog, he’s a pit. I’m a pit lover but this dog obviously has bad owners and he’s very aggressive, he has also showed us he has the ability to jump the fence. I’m just afraid he could do some real damage to my dogs or my girlfriend one day. Would I be putting myself in any bad situation if he came into my yard causing problems and I defended myself with my sidearm?

    1. Missouri supports castle doctrine, so I’d say “no”. But honestly, call the cops every single time the dog jumps the fence. In many municipalities your neighbor will be forced to give up the dog after a certain number of times he fails to control his animal.

      Get the police involved. File a formal complaint. Shortest path to legality on your side, and if it means your neighbor hates you, what’s worse? Mauled girlfriend or annoyed neighbor?

  33. Can i open/conceal carry at 17 with patents permission

  34. Hi there, I’ve always been raised around guns and taught to respect them. I would like to get my first handgun with the help of my dad (I am 16) but was wondering if I could take it to the range by myself? I would have to have it in my truck to get there and was wondering if that was a issue.

    1. https://www.atf.gov/file/58806/download

      Jared, Missouri law does not have a specific restriction on minors and possession of handguns, but federal law prohibits possession of handguns by minor with a few exceptions ( see the above link).

      So, if you mean can you take your handgun in your vehicle to a range somewhere else by yourself? Probably not legally. On your families’ property? With permission from your parent, yes. Hope this helps. Welcome to the firearms owners society at large ( soon), be safe!

    2. If you can’t get a permit to carry until you’re 19 in Missouri, then parental consent is meaningless in this regard. Unless your parent is with you, you cannot legally carry at your age.

      I appreciate that there are many young people who have the maturity to handle the responsibility, but you’d be outside the law, so you’re taking a big chance at a very young age.

  35. I don’t have a felony and I never been convicted of any crime but when I go to try and purchase a firearm from a dealer ,,when they run my name and I always get denied.. what can I do to find out why?

    1. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/28/25.10

      Here is a citation of the CFR- basically the AFTE deny/approves based on other sources data. You must challenge that data and get it corrected. Contact ATFE and request the information, they will tell you who/what, you take it from there. It could be similar name, DOB, SSN or an actual error in a record.

  36. If I live another state can I carry in Missouri without a permit

    1. Residents of Missouri ONLY can Open Carry. The answer is No, you cannot.

      1. All you had to do, Sam, was to read the page above for the correct answer. Or applied a tiny amount of common sense. If Missouri residents can Constitutional Carry, that automagically means anyone else can, too.

        The only exception would be if you would normally be barred from possessing a firearm (felon, domestic abuser) or trying to carry in a prohibited area, such as a bar.

    2. Per 21.750 RSMO There is no specification as to residency regarding open carry of weapons.
      The only restriction is that local jurisdictions can regulate OC, except that state law preempts local ordinance when the OC is a CCW permittee ( from any state), so any non-prohibited person can OC or CC in MO, with the exceptions noted below and in 571.107 etc.

      3. (1) Except as provided in subdivision (2) of this subsection, nothing contained in this section shall prohibit any ordinance of any political subdivision which conforms exactly with any of the provisions of sections 571.010 to 571.070, with appropriate penalty provisions, or which regulates the open carrying of firearms readily capable of lethal use or the discharge of firearms within a jurisdiction, provided such ordinance complies with the provisions of section 252.243. No ordinance shall be construed to preclude the use of a firearm in the defense of person or property, subject to the provisions of chapter 563.
      (2) In any jurisdiction in which the open carrying of firearms is prohibited by ordinance, the open carrying of firearms shall not be prohibited in accordance with the following:
        (a) Any person with a valid concealed carry endorsement or permit who is open carrying a firearm shall be required to have a valid concealed carry endorsement or permit from this state, or a permit from another state that is recognized by this state, in his or her possession at all times;
        (b) Any person open carrying a firearm in such jurisdiction shall display his or her concealed carry endorsement or permit upon demand of a law enforcement officer;
        (c) In the absence of any reasonable and articulable suspicion of criminal activity, no person carrying a concealed or unconcealed firearm shall be disarmed or physically restrained by a law enforcement officer unless under arrest; and
        (d) Any person who violates this subdivision shall be subject to the penalty provided in section 571.121.

    3. Yes. You may carry when you are in Missouri. Regardless of CCW or not, we are Constitutional Carry. You’re fine, so long as you aren’t legally barred from possessing a firearm (felon, etc) or trying to carry it in a restricted area (see above).

  37. I am not a resident of Missouri, I will be passing through the state. My question is how do I legally transport my handgun in my vehicle? I don’t have a conceal carry permit as I am from Kentucky and we do not require one.

    1. I assume just like how I will have to when flying from Florida to Illinois to go visit Missouri. Enclosed in a locked box unloaded.

    2. I am about to turn 18 and am researching laws about possessing a firearm inside of my vehicle. Where does the age factor come into play and would the handgun that I am in possession of via my father as a gift need to be unloaded?

      1. Unless you are in the military or honorably discharged, the age factor comes into play at 19 years old. You may not legally carry in Missouri unless you are 19 years old or older (unless active military or honorably discharged).

        Once you are of age, then you can carry loaded, unloaded, whatever. I recommend strongly that you carry loaded with 1 in the chamber and train, train, train.

        And how you acquired the weapon is irrelevant to anything, unless you stole it. Good luck.

    3. Any way you please. As a Constitutional Carry state, you can carry in your car as you like. I carry place mine in the middle console, unless it’s my AR-style pistol, which I carry in the trunk.

  38. Is being able to carry concealed without a permit in Missouri, valid in other states?

    1. Ken, Do you mean can a MO resident carry w/o a license/permit in some other state? Only if that state allows permitless concealed carry. Best to know the laws of every state you intend on travelling through/to.

    2. No, you can Only Carry Concealed in Missouri, you need a CCW Permit to Carry in States that Missouri has a Reciprocity Agreement with.

  39. Can a town in Missouri not permit the open or concealed carry of a firearm, going against the laws of the State of Missouri.?

    1. If you have a CCW, local laws are superseded by the state law. No locality has the right to limit where and when you carry that’s different from outside the locality if you have a CCW. They can if you don’t have one.

  40. I have a son that is an addict that has threatened to punch me in the heart and stop it I have a bad heart as it is I pulled my firearm on him I didn’t know if he was going to punch me or not what are my consequences.

    1. Larry;
      Sad to hear that your son is addicted. Since this is after the fact, I can only advise you to discuss this with an attorney. Best not to discuss the incident outside that protected relationship. Prayers for you and your son.

    2. You were Defending yourself and Missouri does Not Require that you back away first. Missouri is a “Stand Your Ground State”.

    3. If you legitimately fear for your life, then you are within your legal right to shoot an attacker. If you are in your home, you are within your legal right to shoot an attacker. You do not have to back down or attempt to flee.

      I disagree with people who suggest a “non-violent solution”, because that means precious seconds are wasted while the other guy kills you. It is tragic that your son is lost and might never be found, but in the end it could come down to him or you.

      Most importantly, if someone is attacking you, especially inside your own home I would make sure that when it comes time to talk to the police that there is only one story to tell.

  41. can you tell me to what effect, a conviction of assault 3 , would have on obtaining my CCW? I recieved a ticket for Assault 3 with no weapon or threat of life involved. My children’s drunk biological father tried to push past me into my home and I physically shoved him back out. Do I have an attorney lower it, or is it safe to see the judge if there’s no risk of affecting my future CCW application?

    1. It’s only a misdemeanor. It’s not domestic violence so that’s the good news. However two things apply. First, you’ll be disqualified if you’re convicted of a crime that results an excess of 1 year in jail. Second, you’ll not be approved if you’ve plead guilty or been convicted of a misdemeanor relating to violence in the past five years. It’s not the end of the world though since you can generally carry without one now.

      1. You are Wrong sir, Third Degree Assault is a Felony in Missouri. See below:
        2. The offense of assault in the third degree is a class E felony, unless the victim of such assault is a special victim, as the term “special victim” is defined under section 565.002, in which case it is a class D felony.

    2. I believe that a Third Degree Assault is a Felony so you would be Turned Away from Gun Dealers and you may not have any weapon on you or in your home. Including Ammunition.

    3. Was the conviction an SIS or SES? An SIS is not considered a conviction after successful completion of probation or staying out of trouble for a set amount of time. They’re often automatically updated and require proof of completion and documents provided highway patrol.

  42. can you tell me to what effect, a conviction of assault 3 , would have on obtaining my CCW? I recieved a ticket for Assault 3 with no weapon or threat of life involved. My children’s drunk biological father tried to push past me into my home and I physically shoved him back out. Do I have an attorney lower it, or is it safe to see the judge if there’s no risk of affecting my future CCW application?

    1. Conviction of a Third Degree Assault is a Felony and it prevents you from having any weapon including ammunition. This includes anywhere you are, your home, your car other peoples homes and cars. Sorry

  43. So does the Missouri law override the federal no guns at schools law? Confused at how these two layers interact.

  44. I, recently, relocated from TN to MO. I have a TN gun permit. What steps should I take now that I am a MO resident?

    1. Get a MO CCW license. Laws of TN and MO differ enough to be in your best interest to obtain the certification and license. Plus, your TN license may even be invalid now that you are no longer a TN resident…. Some may encourage you to carry via the “constitutional carry” provisions, however, a quick read through the CCW laws will tell you that there are many benefits of obtaining a license vice not that is well worth the $100-200 or so to get the CCW license.

    2. Depending where you live go to your local sheriff’s office and they will gladly help you.

    3. Jaycen;

      True, reference CC, but there are so many more benefits, tangible and legal, that possessing a CCW license provides. NO GUNS Allowed signage? ;>) uh huh, fine, thanks for the head’s up proprietor, but I doubt you have my back, so I’ll just carry my own security. 17 other restricted/prohibited places- have to run in to the school with your kid- CcW licensee- not a problem concealed, non Licensee- big time felony! I see so many practical benefits not to mention the fact that I am certified by the county sheriff.

      I appreciate your follow up comments on several of the questions posed.

  45. Do I have to give up my 2nd amendment right because my girlfriend is a felon? My guns are under lock and key at all times and I have my ccs.

    1. The short answer regarding your question is … it depends. Since it is a felony to provide a felon arms/ammo, it is also a felony to allow access- intentional or incidental; so how do you assure that she has no access to any weapons or ammo? Combination locks?Keys? Already proven in court to be nonprotected undeterminable restrictions to access ( hint hint wink wink these really my gun safe keys/ you don’t know the combo right, right?) Biometric locks-maybe

      1. Sir, your answer is wrong. Look up the Missouri Laws and Statues. If the GF is staying there even part time there should be No Weapons or Ammunition, Period!

    2. If your GF lives with you then Yes you cannot have any weapons or ammunition, even in a locked safe.

    3. APC makes an excellent point. Frankly, I’d give up the felon and keep the guns.

    4. This has changed. You cannot be denied your rights just because she is there. Ensure that that inaccessible.

  46. So, if i go in to the military, and apply while on leave in Missouri, is a resident permit valid in states with reciprocity while my mailing address is in Missouri, but my physical address may or may not be (will probably not be)?

    1. No, residents in MO only get a MO CCW. If you are n a PCS (stationed) in MO, you are a resident. On leave, you are a visitor.

  47. Ok im moving from gun law capitol Illinois and I want to know when I move to springfield do I need to register my weapons with the police/sheriff . from what I read it seems like a no but just want to double check myself

  48. Can a out of state gun permit holder purchase a gun in Missouri?

    1. Yes, maybe… Fedlaw allows long gun purchase & possession anywhere, handgun purchase but take possession in your home state. via local FFL. Some states forbid any out of state purchases…. Gotta know your state, the intended state and fed law. In MO a CCW does not alleviate any purchase requirements

      1. You can buy it out of state but you have to have it sent to a licensed dealer to get per session of it in Missouri. Or it was like that 3 years ago

      1. Sam, best if you provide the statute you are using- as it is, MO law states:
        571.087. Purchase in Missouri by nonresident, permitted when. — Residents of any state may purchase firearms in the state of Missouri, provided that such residents conform to the applicable provisions of the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, and regulations thereunder, and provided further that such residents conform to the provisions of law applicable to such purchase in the state of Missouri and in the state in which such persons reside.
        Federal Law states that long guns may be purchased outside home state (if that states laws agree), and possession taken, but handguns may be purchased, but the transfer/possession must take place at a local dealer in your home state…. 18 USC 922…

  49. I heard you will be able to get a life time CCW. When does that go into effect. I am about to renew mine but will wait if this is coming soon

    1. Since 2017 If I recall. Beware that some states do not recognize that form of CCW permit-

  50. Are you able to carry a loaded Ar15 style rifle with high capacity magazine in your vehicle? It would be concealed and I also have my CCW

      1. If the AR15 style rifle just had a standard magazine, would it be legal to carry in your vehicle? I have the same question about a loaded shotgun (concealed or not) carried in your vehicle. I have my CCW

    1. Yes. There are no “capacity” limitations or specific regulations in Missouri regarding any specific weapons. I carry my AR-style pistol loaded with a 30 rd mag and 1 in the chamber in my car. No problem. In fact, I have a folding adapter on it and keep it concealed in a duffel bag.

      And you don’t need a CCW for any of that, so long as you aren’t leaving the state of Missouri or entering a prohibited area with it.

  51. I live in Missouri but just moved and cant get a drivers licnese till i get mail to my missouri address can i still concealed carry even tho i live in missouri but have a illinois drivers license

    1. Yes, you can. That’s what Constitutional Carry means. It means you can carry concealed without a permit. Period. Full stop.

      Doesn’t matter if you’re a resident or passing through.

  52. So I have been doing research as a first time gun buyer for hone defense, but I haven’t seem to get a straight answer yet.. so what is the legal age to purchase a handgun from a retailer in Missouri?

    1. 21yrs old to purchase but can own at 19 & get ccw at 19 if take hunters safety course,this is my understanding from what I’ve read & heard

  53. I read somewhere that missouri is a state that had made it illegal to enforce federal gun restrictions. It said missouri is protecting the second amendment by giving back the citizens of missouri unadulterated rights to own guns. Is there any truth to this? Thank you!

    1. That bill has passed the Missouri Senate, but has not passed the rest of the way yet. But, if passed, the bill would allow Missouri to reject and not follow federal laws/regulations previously made. This would, I would assume, the federal ban on fully automatic weapons, the need for a federal tax stamp to purchase a suppressor, or anything else federally mandated.

    2. I read the same, but goto a recent podcast from Missouri Firearms Coalition and it hasn’t made it to the floor yet because of them being on spring break. In other words #fakenews

      1. Not exactly “fake news”. It simply hasn’t made it all the way through the process, yet. Let’s see if they blow it off in the next session before we call it ‘fake news’.

    3. Yes this is a bill that’s going thru the house but haven’t heard of it passing yet

    4. They have presented a bill SB 367 for Missouri to have and enforce only its interpretation of the second amendment and void the federal regulations. As of April 2019 it has yet to be passed.

  54. I just moved here from Los Angeles and would like to know if I can use my California DL or passport to purchase a handgun here in MO?

    1. To buy a handgun, you have to be a legal Mo. Resident and DL with Mo address is the most common way of doing that. As a new Mo Resident you will need to get a new DL within so many days anyway. I think non-residents can buy long arms legally.

  55. I will be moving to Missouri from California in August. What do I need to do to have my gun legally in MO?

    1. Be able to own a firearm according to the federal regulations. That’s it.

    2. I moved here from California a year ago, back then I only had 2 guns, now I have 8. Waiting period for buying a firearm, 25min. Welcome to the Midwest! It’s glorious here!

  56. If I’m in he military do I still need to do the required 8 hr course for the ccw?

    1. Most likely they will accept your military training in lieu of most of all of the CCW course. However you will have to check with the permit office to be sure.

    2. Pablo, in MO you need a trainers certification and that requires the full 8 hrs of class time and a live fire familiarization and qualification. In MO you apply to the county sheriff where you live, they have a list of approved trainers. You obtain the training, then bring the training certification to the SD, proceed from there. There is no provision for a short cut etc.

  57. Do I have to show proof of completing a training course? I notice on the application it has a check box certifying that I have taken the class. But do I have submit any kind of certificate? I took a class many years ago, got my ccw, then let it expire. The place I took my class is no longer in business. Do I have to take it again? Or can I just certify that I took it by checking the box?

      1. There is an affidavit required to be submitted with an application. If your old one is still on file, them perhaps not. It would be a good thing to have a refresher as frequently training is always beneficial to all.

  58. I have my Illinois CCL and know that the state of Missouri honors the license. When in MO, do I go by what your firearm laws are or is it slightly different from a residents?

  59. Your information is incorrect on carrying where’s a place that has no guns sign only licensed and that’s the key word licensed to carry is exempt if you have a license in Missouri there are several places did you have privileges let someone without a license does not

  60. Can a convicted felon own, shoot a compound bow, bow hunt… or bow hunt with a crossbow with a doctors written letter for exemption for physical disablites in state of Missouri?

  61. If I had non violent felonies in another state over 20yrs ago can I buy a gun or get permit in mo

    1. No. Federal Law dictates that any conviction of a felony crime, as well as any conviction of a domestic violence crime is a disqualifier for possession of arms/ammunition.

  62. I bought a pistol in Arizona back in 2011 from an individual while I was out there working and I have had it for 8yrs now and I live in Missouri . Well long story short is I was pulled over in Kansas City for a traffic violation And I told the officer I had it in the car and now they are keeping it until I can show proof of ownership . How do I go about doing that 8yrs later I have no idea how to contact that person I purchased it from. Can anyone tell me please ?

    1. Ask family/friends to vouch for you and it in a signed, notarized letter, perhaps a range photo of you and it from the past . Get a lawyer( the expensive way- and they know that your firearm is not worth the retainer). Not sure why they would think anyone carries a bill of sale etc for any personal non titled property with them, Can you prove the tool set or any other “stuff” in the vehicle is yours either?

    2. You aren’t required to tell law enforcement you have a gun in MO. I hope you learned your lesson that no good deed goes unpunished.

    3. GET A LAWYER. You don’t have to show “proof of ownership”. That’s utter bullsh*t.

      I didn’t keep my receipt from either of my two pistols, nor do I have all the receipts that went into building my AR-style pistol. LAW-YER. Now. Get one.

    1. The law states that 19+ can legally carry without a permit. Some municipalities require a permit to open carry though.

  63. I have a CCW from Oklahoma and now reside in Missouri. What do I need to do to transfer my ccw to Missouri?

    1. You simply go to your county of residence Sherriff’s office and begin the process. They will tell you that you need a certification of training, and provide a list of instructors or even schedule for one that they conduct themselves. Once completed, you pay your fees and fill out the application, they run background checks etc and w/in 45 days issue you a MO CCW License. No, the fact that you hold an OK license does not help speed the process.

  64. I have an illinois ccw license i know that Missouri honors it but when i am in Missouri do i follow Missouri’s laws or illinois

    1. Missouri’s. The state your are in has jurisdiction over you regardless of where you are from. You abide by the states laws you are in.

  65. I’m 19, can I buy a handgun and conceal carry it without a permit. If I cant buy one, can I be gifted one and then conceal it?

    1. You cannot purchase a hand gun until you’re 21, because that’s federal law.

      In Missouri, you can carry at 19. So, yes, if it’s gifted to you or if you purchase from a private seller, then you can legally carry.

  66. At the age of 18 I plead guilty of riding in a vehicle without owners consent I received 1 year probation my sentence was to be expunged. My question is am I able to have a gun. When I do a record check it is clear.

    1. The Gun Control Act (GCA), codified at 18 U.S.C. § 922(g), makes it unlawful for certain categories of persons to ship, transport, receive, or possess firearms or ammunition, to include any person:
      convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;
      who is a fugitive from justice;
      who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act, codified at 21 U.S.C. § 802);
      who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution;
      who is an illegal alien;
      who has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions;
      who has renounced his or her United States citizenship;
      who is subject to a court order restraining the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of the intimate partner; or
      who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

      1. The question is in their probation. Typically it’s a felony but since they were given probation they were likely given a plea deal. If it’s a suspended imposition of sentence there isn’t a conviction. If it’s suspended execution then there was. I would always contact a lawyer on this case by case issue as falsely or incorrectly fill out out a background form is a felony.

    2. I can only speak on my experience..
      I was convicted of a felony 25 years ago.
      I got it expunged 5 years ago.
      Every lawyer i spoke too.. says if expunged you can..
      In the the last year i have purchased several guns ( i got into 3 gun competition)
      The first sale was delayed.. meaning i had to wait will the FBI looked deeper into what they saw. 20 hours later the dealer called and said i can pick up my gun..
      Since then i have bought a few more with no delay..

  67. I will be visiting some family in missouri while im on pcs leave from the military, can I purchase a handgun in missouri and get it the same day?

    1. Ryan,
      I assume you are not a MO resident… So, here is MO law concerning nonresident purchases of firearms.
      571.087. Purchase in Missouri by nonresident, permitted when. — Residents of any state may purchase firearms in the state of Missouri, provided that such residents conform to the applicable provisions of the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968, and regulations thereunder, and provided further that such residents conform to the provisions of law applicable to such purchase in the state of Missouri and in the state in which such persons reside.

      Under federal law, a nonresident may purchase a handgun elsewhere, but the handgun must be shipped to an FFL in the home state where a 4473 transfer must take place….

  68. If you were arrested for 4th degree assault domestic violence but the prosecutors didnt Pursue any charges can you still purchase a firearm?

  69. Good Afternoon, I am a Conceal carry permit from AR. I will be traveling to St. Louis to visit my brother recently released from prison and felon. Is it legal for me to conceal carry in presents of my brother? I am legal to carry but would that present a legal problem for him if we were searched or detained. He is concerned that my conceal carry weapon could violate his parole. I have requested information from an attorney but they want to secure a fee. Any help or direction in this matter would be great… Thanks… retired 20+ yr AF MHeister

    1. Mike;
      I doubt there is a clear cut answer to your question. A felon may not possess arms or ammunition, but you may. As long as you are in possession of your weapon, he is not, but a police officer will make his own determination if there is interaction-I personally would hesitate to hope a cop would not decide to arrest and let the DA/PA make the final call.

      Thanks for your USAF Service ( from a retired Army type)

  70. i have a Assault 3rd Degree – Pursuant To Subdivisions (1), (2), (4), (6) { Misdemeanor A RSMo: 565.070 } can i buy a gun?

    1. Hard to tell from the statutes, 565.070 has changed apparently since your situation. Best to ask an Attorney as the details of your situation are not given. If a domestic assault, conviction then No, under federal law.

    2. is that considered domestic assault though, because it sounds like its not since it does not involve family, kids or any of that?

      1. W/O clear explanation of the charges you were convicted of, espc as the statute you referred to has been updated since, we only know that you state you were convicted of a 3rd deg asslt… IF it was a MSD conviction related to domestic partner etc then it is a federal disqualification. W/o you telling us what the specific charge was, you be best served by having your attorney explain it. You could search for the ATF form 4473 online and see if you can answer all the questions it asks.

  71. 18 and in the military, getting my CCW makes it legal for me to concealed carry but what about open carry?

  72. Can you go and purchase a firearm with a pending felony but not guilty by the courts yet or on diversion/ probation ?

    1. ATFE Form 4473 ( Over the counter transfer form) question 11b asks if you are under indictment for a felony or a crime punishable by more than a year in prison? If you answer YES, the seller will decline to proceed. If you answer NO and indeed are, then when the Seller runs the transaction through NICS and it comes back as “do not proceed” due to a record of a pending charge, you could be prosecuted by the Feds or state as a prohibited purchaser… If it comes back as “Proceed” and you purchase, you are just doing wring knowingly and should be ashamed for circumventing the law. Do Right.

      1. I think that even if you are convicted of a felony as long as it is a non violent felony you should be able to open carry and be able to defend yourself and your family I was convicted of a felony for driving with no license 3 time since I was 16 I’m 36 now I went to prison instead of doing probation i went with two legs and left with one and infection now I’m in a wheel chair open carry is only way I can defend myself and my family I have no violent crimes the worst I have done is driving without a license

  73. Are you allowed to buy or be in possession of a firearm in Missouri if you have misdemenors from 16 years ago

    1. Yes, as long as you don’t have a current warrant for misdemeanors, they won’t stop you from owning a firearm.

    2. As in most questions- it depends- are these misdemeanors for domestic abuses/assault? Simple assault, speeding, DUI , theft -it depends. If your MSD is a Lautenberg violation, then no, you may not possess arms or ammunition…. see , it depends.

  74. What are the penalties in Missouri for carrying concealed in a bar or establishment that serves alcohol for over 51% of their business?

    1. RsMO 571.030- a person carries unlawfully…. 571.107 restrictions- including a premises that serves alcohol as more than 51% of their business….

      Now, it is rather obvious ( or is it?) which premises garner more than 51% of their business from alcohol????

      Example- local bar serves lots of lunches and dinners, but after 9pm, the grill closes and booze is the al la carte business, so is it lawful to vary there prior to 9 pm or not? I don’t knw the answer, but I do not frequent any places that serves booze as a main part of their business model- but that is just me. I carry everywhere, but I do not go everywhere.

  75. In process in moving to mo from texas me and wife both have ltc (ccw) in Texas will be wanting to get it in mo. Is application and our state issued ltc card from texas and payment suffice to receive our mo ccw card?

    1. No. TX and MO laws differ enough. When I go to TX, I have to be familiar with TX CCW laws and vice versa. You’ll need to obtain MO training certification, then apply for the license. I would expect no different from any state, as self defense laws can and do vary considerably. Enjoy the training, get your license, in the meanwhile, carry under your TX paper.

    2. I can’t answer your question directly, but Missouri has reciprocity with Texas so you are allowed to carry under that permit until you establish residency. Missouri residents can, but are not required, to obtain a CCW permit due to constitutional carry. Any resident legally allowed to own or posses a firearm may carry it concealed without a permit. A MO CCW permit allows you to carry in states with reciprocity and a few other minor benefits.

      1. A MO CCW License provides much more than a few minor benefits. Example- a premises has a “posted no firearms” sign. You have a MO CCW license, you carry- no problem, a ticket at most ( unless you become an arse) if detected; no CCW license, you enter and are detected-can be arrested and prosecuted for a felony…. Minor? Not in my book.

  76. Why does Missouri honor states like Oregon, Washington, and Nevada? When they will not honor Missouri.

    1. Because MO legislators recognize that doing so would not help visitors from those states while in MO, Our policy is to be the bigger person…. However, the MO AG has conferred with every states AG regarding CCW reciprocity, some are just stupid little folks or their laws prohibit reciprocity…

  77. I took a CCW class earlier this year and received the certificate , but never have applied for my permit . Is there a expiration on the class or can I still apply for my permit.

    1. Jeff,

      There is no expiration date for the training certificate. You should be good to go.

  78. If I live in Texas but visit MO. For the summer am I legally allowed to conceal carry without a permit, as a 20 year old, non residence?

      1. Umm, Certainly a person can carry a concealed weapon lawfully…. However, the 571.107 restrictions fully apply. Whereas a holder of a CCW license may carry into these premises and not be charged with the crime of illegally carry a concealable weapon, a non-licensee who so does is guilty of a felony crimes….

        “Permitless concealed carry” went into effect on 1 Jan 2017.

        571.030. Unlawful use of weapons — exceptions — penalties. — 1. A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons, except as otherwise provided by sections 571.101 to 571.121, if he or she knowingly:
          (1) Carries concealed upon or about his or her person a knife, a firearm, a blackjack or any other weapon readily capable of lethal use into any area where firearms are restricted under section 571.107.

    1. Missouri law does not differentiate between residents/non residents in this matter. If you are not a prohibited person federally , you are lawfully entitled to carry w/o a license if otherwise not in violation…

      571.030. Unlawful use of weapons — exceptions — penalties. — 1. A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons, except as otherwise provided by sections 571.101 to 571.121, if he or she knowingly:
        (1) Carries concealed upon or about his or her person a knife, a firearm, a blackjack or any other weapon readily capable of lethal use into any area where firearms are restricted under section 571.107;

      Note the law says “Person” not “resident”….

      Best thing though, is to obtain a CCW license from your home state, while in MO, enjoy all the benefits of a licensee vice non…

  79. We The People need to petition our Congress to repeal the Gun Control Act of 1968!!!!! Demand change to allow non violent felons to own and possess firearms for the protection of person, family, and country!!!!!

  80. I am a 20 year old active duty soldier from Missouri. When I am home on leave are there counties or towns I may not open or conceal carry in? If so is there a list somewhere I can access? Any help would be appreciated

      1. Sean;
        Thanks for your service ( from a retired Army Major). No, there is no comprehensive list of what you are asking. When home on leave next time, get your CCW license and be done with the tomfoolery of idiots in the villages! With a CCWL, pretty much the state is yours, regarding concealed carry. Personally I do not recommend open carry except for when afield hunting… In the meantime, study the laws via the links posted in the threads on tis forum…. Gotta know the laws personally.

    1. The only two municipalities that you are not allowed to open carry without a CCW permit are Kansas City, Missouri and St. Louis, Missouri. If you have a CCW permit you may open carry. The interesting thing is you can carry concealed without a CCW permit in those jurisdictions. The maximum fine is a $35.00 citation. Hope that helps.

  81. People keep telling me I can’t carry ammo in the car in the same spot as the gun is that true

    1. yes you can. also In the firearm . carry loaded is legal- Illinois has separate gun ammo law

  82. I know this may be a stupid question, but here goes. I am 18, and for my 16th birthday my dad bought a Ruger 9E for me. although he had to purchase it under his name and all that. So here is my question, since I’m 18 can I legally open carry, or is the age for open carry 19 like the age to obtain the CCW? thanks for any help!

    1. Christian, I’m sure someone more informed will eventually answer your question; but, from what I read here, you should not carry, open or concealed, until you are 19 years old. Then you can get a CC permit and will not be in danger of going afoul of any local ordinances (especially if you live in the suburbs of St. Louis or KC). Hopefully your dad taught you the proper and safe use of that Ruger, but if not, please get the proper training. Good luck and be safe.

    2. You have to be 19 years old or 18 and in the military brunch to legally carry. It’s on the requirements if you read it.

    1. Yes. You sound like you need to attend a CCW course and become much more familiar with the whole equation.

    1. Isaiah,
      Sounds like you have a CCW license, right? Did the instructor(s) not thoroughly teach you the laws concerning who may carry concealed? I recommend you review the materials they provided, and go to the web links you can find in previous messages on this forum and read the laws. Print them and learn them, they are the thin line that prevents you from likely becoming a felon….

      If you have not undergone the certification training, I recommend you find a local instructor ( your county Sherriff has a list of certified instructors, or they even have officers/attorneys that offer instruction, and get training.

  83. I just bought a handgun from a legal gun shop.they ran a background check and i signed paperwork saying its mine i bought it and i am the owner only my responsibility for it.with the make model and serial #.Do i need to get a permit for it.i have safety training a holster for it.Can i carry it on me without breaking the law?

    1. Yes, But you can only open carry it if you don’t have your CCW but if you do have your permit you can choose which ever concealed or open.

  84. I am 18 and just joined the military at basic training we took firearm safety classes, do I need to take the CCW class as well? Thank you.

    1. Thanks for your service! No, you still need to complete the required training and certification to apply for a MO CCW License, search for RSMO 571.11, it is the required training for a MO CCW.

  85. So opon reading this there is no difference between getting your ccw permit compared to constitutional carry.

    1. Author

      A CCW permit will allow you to travel to other states with your gun. If you do not travel interstate then there is no need for a permit.

    2. One add’l thing of note comparing Constitutional/permitless to licensed carry: Fed Law concerning carrying a loaded firearm in a school zone (18 USC 922q)- contains a specific exemption from violation is that the person carrying/possessing a loaded uncased firearm is one who is licensed by the (a) state, as in a concealed carry license…. Constitutional carry does not protect one from the onerous school zone law- I doubt a person can move about in a city of any size without being within a 1000 foot radius of a school, public or private.

  86. Mo. will legalize marijuana,once the Mo. General Assembly resumes in June of 2019(?)
    Will a prior marijuana conviction(misdemeanor) interfere with obtaining a CCW permit ?

    1. MO will not legalize MJ per se, it will allow the prescription use of MJ for medical reasons. MJ is still a schedule 1 controlled substance per federal law and use thereof is a technical federal firearms disqualifier. As far as a conviction in the past- the local sheriff is the only one who can answer that for you.

      1. I have a medical problem that,I assume, will qualify me as a recipient(prescription) for a Marijuana License.
        You say, that Mo. will NOT legalize MJ “per se”.
        But that was not my question.

        1. Use of MJ (via state allowed prescription or not ) is a firearms disqualifier per federal law. MO has long been very clear on defining “prohibited person”- it is what the federal law says it is. So, use MJ “legally” if you want, but be aware that you would also have to declare your use of illegal ( per US law) substances if you wish to purchase arms, US Code 18 chap 92X covers the violation of law by users of controlled substances ( sched 1) and possession of arms/ammunition; regardless of what a Med MJ state law may say.

          I am of the opinion that anyone who has a med MJ authorization/permit etc will likely find that county sheriffs will not be overlooking that fact when processing CCW licenses. They are sworn to uphold the laws and the constitutions of the state and nation…. Habitual use of drugs is a disqualifier for possession of arms, let alone concealed carry. Your opinion may vary.

          1. Being a veteran, former prosecutor and your fellow citizen, common sense tells me that no one should carry a firearm while CURRENTLY under the effects of ANY “mood altering” substance like: alcohol, marijuana (legal or not), opiod drugs, tranquilizers, sedatives, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, etc, whether legal and prescribed or not.
            I could not live with myself if I accidentally harmed an innocent person at any time, but ESPECIALLY if I was a little loopy from pain pills or the like.

    2. Use of MJ (via state allowed prescription or not ) is a firearms disqualifier per federal law.

    1. What’s an “extension clip”? If you mean magazine extensions that add capacity, MO does not discuss anything in law regarding capacity of magazines. Carry what you want. For the record, magazines contain ammunition in a ready to fire condition, clips ( like the strippers or enbloc of M1903s and M1 Garands, carry ammunition for insertion into a magazine, with the Garand enbloc serving as both clip and magazine once inserted..

  87. Hello, I have a few questions that I’ve tried to research and answer myself, but can’t seem to find clear answers on.
    I am very respectful of LEO’s, so these are serious questions and I’m trying to obey all laws. I do NOT currently have my CCW in Missouri, I’m operating under the “open carry” umbrella.
    #1: can I have a firearm in my vehicle, with mag intact and 1 in the chamber? does it have to be in glove box or can I have it on my person like this? or does it need to be unloaded & mag separate from firearm? if separate what is distance? does it have to be in a locked compartment?
    #2 Am I required to notify an officer of a firearm in vehicle, for say a simple traffic stop, when I’m not asked to exit the vehicle? or is it the very first thing I should announce? with hands on steering wheel
    #3 Can I conceal carry into just “a bar” ( NO food, NOT a restaurant)
    Thank you

    1. You are NOT required to notify the Officers if you get pulled over.
      Yes you can carry it on you in the car fully loaded.
      Please read the bulletins on top they have everything you need for open carry or if you have ccw or when you’re in a vehicle and other states that support MO

    2. carry loaded concealed or open is legal in mo.,no requirement to notify when stopped. loaded is recommended . not legal in a bar

  88. Can i, a arizona resident, buy a shotgun from an FFL dealer (Bass Pro) in the state of Missouri and take possession in Missouri or does the shotgun have to be shipped to an FFL dealer in Arizona?

    1. What did Bass Pro say? They are the responsible party, if they won’t sell it to you, then you cannot buy it. AFA federal law, a nonprohibited person can by a long gun anywhere in the US, subject to state laws. 18 USC 9xxx code cover these topics. MO Statute 571 covers the sale of firearms in MO.

  89. I am reading online that you don’t need to do anything for an address change in MO in the same county, but I called my local Sheriff’s Office and they said I DO need to come in and get my permit updated, bring documentation, etc. Sounds like a hassle. Who is correct?

    1. *571.104. Suspension or revocation of endorsements and permits, when — renewal procedures — change of name or residence notification requirements — military personnel, two-month renewal period.    8. The person with a concealed carry permit, or endorsement issued prior to August 28, 2013, shall notify the sheriff of a name or address change within thirty days of the change. A concealed carry permit and, if applicable, endorsement shall be automatically invalid after one hundred eighty days if the permit or endorsement holder has changed his or her name or changed his or her residence and not notified the sheriff as required in subsections 5 and 7 of this section. The sheriff shall assess a late penalty of ten dollars per month for each month, up to six months and not to exceed sixty dollars, for the failure to notify the sheriff of the change of name or address within thirty days.

      Notify the SD, comply with their request for documentation, and get a current CCW License. You ought to have your DL/CCW documents updated as both are required by law. No need to complicate matters if you ever need to show your credentials to a Deputy or LEO. It is just good relations with your local LE folks. If the Sherriff is happy, you’ll likely be happy.

  90. My concealed carry permit just expired on 10/7/18, which was 7 days ago. Do I need to take the CCW class again, or do they give you a grace period after the expiration date like they do with your driver’s license? I’m in St. Charles County and none of my information has changed since the permit was first issued, if that matters. Thanks!!

    1. You do not need to take training again. I just renewed mine last month. But since Missouri passed the latest gun law for us almost 2 years ago (almost, but not quite “Constitutional Carry”) knowing the specifics about what is legal and not is a bit blurry. I am presently looking to take some additional classes offered through a gun range to update myself on some things.

      Regarding the grace period question I think there is one, but do not know the specifics about it.

  91. So it says you need to be 19 years of age to obtain a ccw permit, but as of January 1st you no longer need a permit to conceal carry so I would assume that means 19 year olds can conceal carry in Missouri without a permit right?

    1. No you need ccw permit for concealed carry.
      You can open carry with out a permit. Please read The bulletins on top.

  92. I just want to know if you own land in Dekalb county mo, what are the stipulations in making a small shooting rage on 1.3 acers? And nothing but farm fields behind.

    1. You can call the city and ask if your address is within city limits and ask if you can shoot on your property, just make sure you have a good back stop like a big mound of dirt.

  93. Is it legal to have a gun in the car at school (college/dorms)? School laws say they can’t be carried, but vehicle laws seem to imply yes as long as not brandished, and “Subdivision (10) of subsection 1 of this section does not apply if the firearm is otherwise lawfully possessed by a person while traversing school premises for the purposes of transporting a student to or from school, or possessed by an adult for the purposes of facilitation of a school-sanctioned firearm-related event or club event” seems to say that If I am dropping someone off there is no issue, but I don’t know how this translates to me as my own driver, and as someone whop will exit his car and leave it on campus (gun still in the car, not on me).

    Does the fact I am from out of state change my ability to legally carry concealed without a permit?

  94. If your under 19 but over 18 and carry concealed what is the crime commited ?

  95. About 5 years ago i had an old felony expunged off my record. It was from over 20 years ago.
    I waited 2 years after expungement then purchased my first hand gun.
    The first time it was delayed 1 day. Since that time i have bought a few more firearms and always get a proceed with sale.
    Do you think i would be denied a CCW?

    1. http://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=571.101&bid=33875&hl=

      “(4) An affirmation that the applicant has not pled guilty to or been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year under the laws of any state or of the United States other than a crime classified as a misdemeanor under the laws of any state and punishable by a term of imprisonment of two years or less that does not involve an explosive weapon, firearm, firearm silencer, or gas gun;”

      Note that the law does not discuss expungement etc- the applicant must affirm that they have not plead guilty…. etc, so if you affirm to that statement, you are in fact lying. You must divulge the fact that you were convicted/plead guilty etc… I would sit down with you attorney and discuss it with them. Note also that this section does not specify “felony” as that is rather variable across the several states. For federal purposes, any crime where the penalty could be more than one year in jail, is a felony. Less than one year, unless stated by the state in question, is a misdemeanor. Just because the NICS system recognizes that you are not a “prohibited person” for purchasing requirements, does not mean MO law enables your Sherriff to approve a CCW license.

    1. You can only conceal carry if you’re 18 and in the military if you’re 19 with a CCW permit you can conceal carry if you’re just 19 with out a permit I recommend you go take the freaking class and get f-omg permit.
      And read the damn Law bulletins know your rights your Do and Don’t. Where u can carry and not carry.

  96. Do you know if swords and longer than 4″ knives are allowed to be concealed the same way guns are with and without a CCW? What about elderly men who want to have a walking sword cane?

    I wrote our Attorney General in Missouri 5 years ago asking about whether or not knives longer than 4″ were allowed to be carried and concealed and the letter I received back said “yes” if you have a CCW.

    Now that we do not need a CCW in most of the state to conceal carry (unless specifically prohibited by various cities), I am wondering if a person could carry a hidden sword without a CCW and if not, what about if the person does have a CCW?

  97. How long do you have to be a resident of Missouri to be able to qualify for a ccw license?

  98. If I have a CCW from NC and it is still valid, Do I need to consider one from MO now that I have relocated to MO?

    1. MO law states that persons who possess a valid license from another state may carry in MO. While your NC license may not have expired, on its face, I would verify that that license is indeed still effective based on your change of residence from NC. In MO, CCW licenses are not issued by the state nor does the state know who may have such a license. It is based on your county of residence and the address at which you reside, If you move, even within the same county, you have to inform your Sherriff and if into a new county, that one as well ( to obtain a new license). We changed our laws to prevent the state from giving out protected by law information on who may be so licensed. This was actually perpetrated by the Hwy Patrol and the Dept of Revenue (who processed the ID cards), in which all CCW endorsements were forwarded to the SS Admin and FBI at their request. In MO, CCW license data is not available outside the SD unless formally requested as part of a valid criminal investigation

  99. I like to walk my dog in a trailer court next door as it is safer than walking on the road as we have no sidewalks. I have a permit to carry. The manager of the court said I scared someone and can no longer walk in the court. I know almost everyone there so they must be new. I have lived at my residents since 1949 and I am 73. Their is NO signs that says no guns allowed. She is new to the job and does not live in Boone County. Who’s right?

    1. Larry, I take it you were open carrying? If so, that is why I will not so do. Okay, so you were on some private property and the manager received a complaint- if he told you that you were not welcome, then stay away- otherwise it is potentially trespass and even worse if armed. While concealed carry even on posted premises in MO is not a big issue unless specifically told otherwise, once told to stay away, regardless of why, you best be listening. Private property rights from there are well enforced.

    1. I don’t understand your question? Why would you lose civil rights because of another?

  100. I’ll be driving through Illinois on my way to Indiana this upcoming weekend. I know that I have to lock up my gun in a box while traveling through Illinois, do I have to lock up the ammo as well or can I leave it in the box and put inside my luggage?

  101. I don’t understand why the expensive lifetime permit is not honored in other states while the cheaper short term ones are. I plan on moving to North Carolina one day. Why can’t I get the permanent permit and then never again worry about renewing?

    1. Author

      I would think that is because every 5 years when you renew a permit they do further checks to see if you have been convicted of any crime. Whereas no checks would get done with the lifetime permit.

  102. What do they look for in back ground checks I have no felony but have been on probation for assault love 30 years ago

    1. (3) Has not pled guilty to or entered a plea of nolo contendere or been convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year under the laws of any state or of the United States other than a crime classified as a misdemeanor under the laws of any state and punishable by a term of imprisonment of two years or less that does not involve an explosive weapon, firearm, firearm silencer or gas gun;
        (4) Has not been convicted of, pled guilty to or entered a plea of nolo contendere to one or more misdemeanor offenses involving crimes of violence within a five-year period immediately preceding application for a concealed carry permit or if the applicant has not been convicted of two or more misdemeanor offenses involving driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs or the possession or abuse of a controlled substance within a five-year period immediately preceding application for a concealed carry permit;
        (5) Is not a fugitive from justice or currently charged in an information or indictment with the commission of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year under the laws of any state of the United States other than a crime classified as a misdemeanor under the laws of any state and punishable by a term of imprisonment of two years or less that does not involve an explosive weapon, firearm, firearm silencer, or gas gun;

  103. So as a 19 year old in Missouri, it is 100% legal to conceal a loaded handgun in your car? I was gifted a glock 17 and would like to start concealing it in my car for protection. Thanks ahead of time.

    1. Nick;

      Indeed, if you are federally able to possess a firearm, and you are 19 YO+, you can carry a concealed, loaded handgun in your car in Missouri. You can carry it on your person too, except in places that are on the prohibited list ( state, and federal- both found on these pages if you scroll up). If you are a MO resident with a CCW license, or are a permitted non-resident from another state, you can carry even in the places that are prohibited BY THE SATE, as the law clearly states- RSMO 571-107. I have posted links to the MO state laws so you can and ought to read them, print them, study them and be able to articulate them so you know the laws you are about to be carrying a concealed firearm under.

  104. Some confusion regarding interaction with peace officers- during a traffic stop or other interaction with police may they disarm you (for any reason) unless you are being arrested?

    1. Short answer: No, but there is an exception for suspicion. 21.750 #3(2)(c) – “In the absence of any reasonable and articulable suspicion of criminal activity, no person carrying a concealed or unconcealed firearm shall be disarmed or physically restrained by a law enforcement officer unless under arrest;”

  105. There has been a recent display of rifles being discharged at a North City gas station. Please correct me if I am wrong but being permitted to carry does not allow anyone to open fire publicly just for the sake of firing a round, correct? Looking through this website, I was unable to find a law that states you can or cannot. I am just looking for clarity since there seems to be people that are blaming the open carry laws allowing ccw citizens to demonstrate this behavior. Thank you.

    1. 571.030. Unlawful use of weapons — exceptions — penalties. — 1. A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons, except as otherwise provided by sections 571.101 to 571.121, if he or she knowingly:

      3) Discharges or shoots a firearm into a dwelling house, a railroad train, boat, aircraft, or motor vehicle as defined in section 302.010, or any building or structure used for the assembling of people; or
        (4) Exhibits, in the presence of one or more persons, any weapon readily capable of lethal use in an angry or threatening manner; or
        (5) Has a firearm or projectile weapon readily capable of lethal use on his or her person, while he or she is intoxicated, and handles or otherwise uses such firearm or projectile weapon in either a negligent or unlawful manner or discharges such firearm or projectile weapon unless acting in self-defense; or
        (6) Discharges a firearm within one hundred yards of any occupied schoolhouse, courthouse, or church building; or
        (7) Discharges or shoots a firearm at a mark, at any object, or at random, on, along or across a public highway or discharges or shoots a firearm into any outbuilding; or
        (8) Carries a firearm or any other weapon readily capable of lethal use into any church or place where people have assembled for worship, or into any election precinct on any election day, or into any building owned or occupied by any agency of the federal government, state government, or political subdivision thereof; or
        (9) Discharges or shoots a firearm at or from a motor vehicle, as defined in section 301.010, discharges or shoots a firearm at any person, or at any other motor vehicle, or at any building or habitable structure, unless the person was lawfully acting in self-defense;

    2. The discharge of firearms is an exception to state preemption. The city would be within it’s rights to pass an ordnance governing the discharge of firearms within their limits, so long as it doesn’t run afoul of other items that are in fact preempted by state law.

  106. I have a cousin who has several mental health issues and has to have a payee for his social security disability check as well as has been in and out of mental institutions, is he legally allowed to own any type of gun?

  107. I travel a lot for my work. Is there a “permit” that I can get if I need to show that I am able to carry concealed in Missouri. I understand that it would only be good in reciprocal states. I can’t find any information on this. So my question is, for example, if I am working in South Dakota, which recognizes our laws, and want to carry concealed, is there a permit that I can get without having to pay all of the money to go through classes? I am a former LEO and have all of that documentation with me when I travel.

    1. Keith, Are you retired LEO or otherwise in good standing? If so, LEOSA ( LEO federal authorization for concealed carry ANYWHERE) may apply. I ask because every LEO who is eligible knows that they are- kinda part of the gig.
      Unless you have a MO CC license, then you are not necessarily lawfully able to carry in any other state( unless they allow unpermitted/constitutional carry)- reciprocity is for licensees, not residents, again a former LEO knows this….

  108. If a person was released from prison in 1986 after serving 7 years for 2nd degree murder can they have a firearm in their home or in their possession in Missouri.

    1. Author

      As you have a felony it is very unlikely you would qualify for a firearms permit. I’m afraid the passing of time does not change anything with felonies, they are with you for a lifetime. Your only option is to petition the court for your rights to be returned.

    2. If felony is still on record I would definitely say no. Even if it’s been expunged, its probably a good idea to check your local Law Enforcement first and get something in writing. I wouldn’t risk going back to prison, on the word of the internet.

  109. Can a convicted felon be given a permit once off probation for 5 years in Missouri?

    1. Author

      The problem is you will not qualify under federal law. You will need to go back to the state court and apply to have the charge taken of your record if you can do that in Missouri.

  110. If I am at someone else’s property who has no rights to pick up my 11 yr child who was staying there after she called me and male becomes violent and makes physical contact with me hits her dad and refuses to let her leave. Do I have the right to stand my ground. For all our safety?

    1. You always have a right to defend yourself. However I think it wouldnt be wise, legally, if you go there knowing you or your child could be in danger. Deadly force should only be used as a last option if your life or another’s is immediate danger. If you can leave, do it. Or dont go at all. Otherwise call police.

    1. In MO you can only use deadly force against a “forcible felony.” Unless it’s your castle, you could only intervene if robbers are armed or assaulting/harming someone.

    1. As I undestand it, constitutional carry law pertains Missouri residents only. If you have a CCW in another state you should be fine to carry here.

    2. *571.107. Permit does not authorize concealed firearms, where — penalty for violation. — 1. A concealed carry permit issued pursuant to sections 571.101 to 571.121, a valid concealed carry endorsement issued prior to August 28, 2013, or a concealed carry endorsement or permit issued by another state or political subdivision of another state shall authorize the person in whose name the permit or endorsement is issued to carry concealed firearms on or about his or her person or vehicle throughout the state.

  111. I have an Illinois CCW. Is it legal to conceal carry in St. Louis?

  112. I will soon be taking a trip into Missouri and Arkansas.

    I have a CC permit in Oklahoma and carry daily, everywhere I am allowed.

    What are the requirements for carrying in both Missouri and Arkansas?

    1. You should be fine in MO as long as you keep your valid CCW permit on you. You could call MO Highway Patrol to verify.

  113. Hey my name is Jenna ok so let me get this straight I live in cass county Missouri I do not have a ccw. Does that mean I have to keep my gun concealed at all times or can I open carry?? I’ve been reading so much I’m confused I want to get everything covered correctly

    1. Jenna, you always need your concealed carry permit on hand to carry concealed. You now open carry anywhere in MO that doesn’t have an ordinance against it.

      1. To clarify, you can OPEN carry without any permit anywhere in MO that doesn’t have an ordinance against it, except prohibited places.

        1. This is not true. You do not need a CCW to Conceal Carry in MO.

          1. Missouri became a constitutional carry state in January 2017. No permit is required to openly or conceal carry a firearm

  114. Is it legal to open carry a handgun if you are 18? I know you can legally own one at 18 and the OC law does not include a minimum age so is the minimum age just the age of possession for OC?

    1. I wish someone would answer this, i mean if the government doesnt state the law and doesnt make it clear to the entire general public why should we 18 year olds be charged for conceal carrying if we didnt know we couldnt, it says 19 year olds can apply for ccw but last year the law was passed that u dont need one so does that apply to 19 year olds as well or do we still have to go through 8 hours of training and apply for ccw?

      1. Have similar question, what law is being violated for an 18 yro that concealed a firearm on his person

  115. so for some reason these laws confuse me a bit, so im 19 and am looking to purchase a handgun for self defense i would like to practice and lawfully carry but im not 100% clear on the law of it well being ok… I guess my question is, is it ok for me and if so how do i go about purchasing one and if able to obtain a ccw how would i go about that as well?

    1. Federal law requires someone to be at least 21 to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer, but only 18 in most places to buy a long gun. In some states — mostly rural places with a strong tradition of hunting — you can buy a rifle at the age of 14 or 16.Feb 16, 2018

  116. Can I carry a handgun registered to my husband? I have a concealed carry permit from St. Louis county.

  117. What if you took the ccw and have not went and gotten a permit does the paper expire

    1. Author

      Do you mean you have done firearms training? Most states have a time limit between doing a course and getting your permit but I cannot find any info on that for MO

      1. Once you take the ccw course it is good forever. I took the course and a year later I finally went and got my ccw license. I live in clay county,that is the policy here.

  118. I have a slightly pressing question. My step daughters father recently passes away in NY. He had a small collection of handguns (7) all of which were permitted and registered. My step daughter woul like me to “hold onto them” until she gets the required NYS permit. What is the protocol for transferring them to me without being placed on the ATF list for acquiring a large amount of handguns in a short timeframe?

    1. Author

      Please read this;
      Penal Law Section 265.20 (f) allows the executor or administrator of the estate
      of a deceased pistol license holder fifteen (15) days to lawfully dispose of the
      deceased’s handguns. If they are not legally disposed of within that time, they
      must be surrendered to any precinct of the Suffolk County Police Department
      or to the Pistol Licensing Bureau. After legally disposing of the firearm(s), the
      executor of the estate or a family member of the deceased must surrender, in
      person or by mail, the deceased’s pistol license with a document showing the
      disposition of the firearm(s) to the Pistol Licensing Bureau. If the weapons are
      in the possession of the Police Department, one of the following documents
      must be obtained before the firearm(s) will be released:
      1) Copy of preliminary letters of administration or testamentary.
      2) Copy of letters of administration for testamentary.
      3) Certified short certificate.

  119. Can a public official carry a firearm? I.E., can a member of a board such as 911 serve as a police officer and carry a gun?

    1. Author

      You would still need a CCW permit and you would need to check with your employer to see what their policy on firearms is while you are at work.

    1. Author

      Zoo could be off limits if it is classified as a gated amusement park, you would need to check with them. Cities such as St. Louis are not permitted to enact gun laws for persons with a permit. They can regulate the open carry and discharge of weapons for persons without a permit.

  120. Under the MISSOURI Requirements section, I believe you have mistakenly typed MICHIGAN in 5 different places. And I don’t understand why Michigan’s Contacts and State Police HQ info is listed on the Missouri page.

    1. Author

      Thanks for pointing that out. We used the Michigan page as our main template to save time and just typed in the facts for Missouri. It seems that some of the Michigan data never got deleted.

  121. Your website is wrong. YES, you can open carry in Missouri without a permit or CCW.

    1. Author

      Thanks for pointing that out John. You are correct, open carry is legal in Missouri. We try to be as thorough as possible but mistakes do creep in and we appreciate people pointing them out to us. This page is due to be completely updated and redesigned in a few weeks and I’m sure the error would have been detected then.

      1. Yes Missouri is an open carry state but in some municipalities for instance St Louis City you can’t open carry unless you have your CCW permit if caught open carrying in St Louis you will receive a ticket

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