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Carry In VehicleYES
Must Notify Officer NO
Carry In State Parks AllowedYES
No Weapons Signs Enforced NO
Open Carry Permitted YES
Carry In Liquor EstablishmentsSEE DETAILS
Constitutional Carry NO

Permit Information

Montana gun laws operate on a "Unrestricted" and “Shall Issue” policy. The laws compared to other states are very permissive. Permits are issued to residents only who must be at least 18 years old. Concealed carry without a permit is legal if you are outside a town or city and engaged in any of the following activities, logging, mining, railroad camp, fishing, hunting, hiking, farming or backpacking. Applications are processed on a local level by the county sheriff’s office.

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honor a montana permit
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Montana Reciprocity Map


Montana CCW permit recognition

  • Permit honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Issuing state

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Districts & Territories
New York City

Montana CCW Permit

Montana is a “shall issue” state.
Residents only.
The permit is valid for 4 years.

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have been a Montana resident for six months
  • Be a US citizen or permanent lawful resident
  • Demonstrate familiarity with a firearm
  • Have a valid form of photo ID issued by the state, such as a drivers license
  • Federal Law – Prohibits the following persons

Off-Limits Areas

Where You Can Carry

  • State parks
  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicles
  • All areas of the state – except those listed below

Where You Cannot Carry

  • Any room where alcoholic beverages are sold, dispensed and consumed.
  • Any building that is leased by a local school district and used for instruction or student activities.
  • Portions of a building used for state or local government offices and related areas in the building that have been restricted.
  • A bank, credit union, savings and loan institution, or similar institution during the institution’s normal business hours. It is not an offense under this section to carry a concealed weapon while;
    • using an institution’s drive-up window, automatic teller machine, or unstaffed night depository; or
    • at or near a branch office of an institution in a mall, grocery store, or other place unless the person is inside the enclosure used for the institution’s financial services or is using the institution’s financial services.
  • On trains.
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

Details on Montana Gun Laws

Montana Contacts

Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office


Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Address 2550 3rd Ave. North

CityBillings, Montana 59107

Phone (406) 256-2929



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Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson

We moved to MT and are waiting 6 months to apply for CCW permit. My wife and I have both had pistol classes in the past (I took the NRA sponsored Utah pistol class, wife took an NRA sponsored pistol class in WA state.)
She possesses a WA state CCW permit and I possess a WA state and UTAH CCW permit.
Question: Do we have to take the basic pistol class in Montana in order to obtain a MT CCW permit?


I just moved here also, receiving mine ( ccw ) a few days ago – As long as your Washington permits are still valid it should be more than enough to show proficiency

Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen

actually, montana law states that you may not possess a firearm in an establishment that makes more than 50% of it’s revenue from the sale of alcohol. and banks allow open carry in the state. but since both are private property…it is completely at the owner’s discretion to waive the rule. my bank knows i conceal carry and happily encourages it! same with most of the bars in town. i don’t drink, but i go in to play the keno machines and the owner told me he WANTS me to be armed in his place!

Paul Hoglund
Paul Hoglund

Hello, I have no doubt your friends in the bars and bank have no problems with you carrying concealed, but your perception of Montana Law on the subject is completely incorrect. Below, I’ve quoted the relevant section of the Montana Code Annotated (2017). “Montana Code Annotated 2017 45-8-328. Carrying concealed weapon in prohibited place — penalty. (1) Except for legislative security officers authorized to carry a concealed weapon in the state capitol as provided in 45-8-317(1)(k), a person commits the offense of carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited place if the person purposely or knowingly carries a concealed weapon in:… Read more »


Your information on Montana is not accurate. I suggest that someone from your organization carefully review Montana CCW law and compare with the information on this Web site. OR e-mail me and I’ll tell you what is incorrect.


Are you sure that being a US citizen is a requirement? The MT DOJ website says that lawful permanent residents can get a concealed carry permit too.


Is it legal for a 18 year old to openly carry a handgun in the state of Montana under state laws if the firearm is gifted or bought from a private seller and is legally owned by the 18 year old?


Better to ask your local sherif. But yes it is legal in montana for an individual under 21 to possess a handgun. The ccw can also be obtained at 18. I’d encourage any individual age aside ro complete the ccw course.


Yes. In fact it’s legal to openly carry a handgun at 15 by yourself as long as its a place you can openly carry for everyone. From 0 through 17 years of age you are of course under your parents responsibility. If under 15 you can openly carry as long as a parent is with you. MT has no age restrictions on firearm possession. Concealed carry is also permitted by everyone with a permit outside of cities/towns (not all towns/cities are incorporated as such). Also, it doesn’t matter how you obtained the firearm when carrying..gifted, inherited, privately purchased, etc.