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Carry In Vehicle SEE DETAILS
Must Notify Officer NO
Carry In State Parks Allowed SEE DETAILS
No Weapons Signs Enforced SEE DETAILS
Open Carry Permitted NO
Carry In Liquor Establishments YES
Constitutional Carry NO

Permit Information

New Jersey gun laws are some of the most restrictive in the United States. It is a “May Issue” state so a person must demonstrate a justifiable need to carry a firearm. In reality it acts more like a “No Issue” state for regular citizens as permits are very difficult to obtain. Some of these restrictive laws are being tested in the courts. Permits are issued to both residents and non-residents. A firearms training course is required for new applicants and they must be at least 21 years or older.

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New Jersey Reciprocity Map

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New Jersey CCW permit recognition

  • Permit honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Residential permits only
  • Issuing state

New Jersey does not honor permits from any other states.

New Jersey CCW Permit

New Jersey is a “May Issue” state.
Residents only.
The permit is valid for 2 years.

  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Is a person of good character.
  • Has demonstrated he or she is familiar with the safe handling and use of handguns.
  • Has demonstrated a justifiable need to carry a handgun.
  • Have references from three persons who have known applicant for a minimum of three years.
  • Federal Law – Prohibits the following persons

Off Limit Areas

Where You Can Carry

  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicle
  • All areas of the state – except those listed below

Where You Cannot Carry

  • Casino
  • State Parks
  • School, college, university or other educational institution
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

Details on New Jersey Gun Laws

New Jersey Contacts

New Jersey State Police
Firearms Unit


Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Address P.O. Box 7068

CityWest Trenton, NJ 08628

Phone 609-882-2000



  1. Can you share with us how you accomplished that in NJ. Under what reason was this issued. Were you shot at, threatened. or??

  2. For a New Jersey carry permit you must be at least 21 years of age. Is there and ago limit as to being too old? I can not find an answer to that question in the New Jersey carry laws??

    1. Can I buy a holster for my handgun to use to practice my draw in my house if I live in NJ?

      1. Yes, NJ gun or carry laws do not prohibit you from purchasing a holster. Its all about “where” you are when both are in your possession simultaneously.

  3. Can you openly carry a rifle in a state Forrest without a concealed carry permit? I can’t find anything on rifles aside from hunting, and it only refers to muzzleloaders. I’m trying to do some night time hiking and land navigation but want to be prepared to survive if I encounter a bear at night.

    1. No you can’t unless you are hunting, have a valid hunting license, and the season is open.

  4. I ride a motorcycle. When I go thru Illinois I disarm, seperating ammo/clip from pistol. I lock one in one bag and one in the other. Is this legal in NJ? Also, can NJ law enforcement determine if I have a ccw issued from another state?

  5. I live in Boston now but I’m originally from NJ and still have family there. I obtained my Mass concealed carry license a few years ago and usually carry one of my small semi automatics when I leave the house. I have been back to NJ for visits, but I leave my guns in my safe back in Massachusetts when I’m in the state visiting my family. I feel angry that the permit I worked to obtain in Massachusetts is invalid once I drive across a state line. If my driver’s license is valid in NJ, then my gun license should be valid there too. I didn’t suddenly become a criminal while out for a ride in my car and crossed over a line on a map. New Jersey’s gun regulations violate the US constitutional provision that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Restricting law abiding citizens from their right to keep and bear arms means that only the criminals are able to walk around carrying their illegal firearms leaving ordinary citizens defenseless.

    1. I agree Jim… Our drivers licenses are vail throughout All 50 states… So should our permits…


          1. you’re right. The gun laws here are horrible and most don’t even make sense.

          2. Obviously this guy has less brains than a spent 9mm shell. Only an idiot like that would cheer about having LESS rights.

          3. “Ronald Rump” is obviously a big P who is the type of person who should never own a gun because he has no idea that they are an invaluable asset when a criminal has your child at gun point. New Jersey laws are irrational and empower criminals to do as they please, while tax paying law abiding citizens are left defenseless against said criminals.

        1. Troll or douche. Same difference…
          I don’t like to wish ill of anyone but I hope one day you have that moment you realize you wish you had a tool to defend yourself. I just hope no one you care about gets hurt.
          You I don’t care if Bubba makes you his gimp.

    2. I live in Newark and the first chance I get I’m moving to another state. This state is straight up communist and I didn’t realize it until I looked into buying a gun. From what I see, the only people allowed to obtain a permit or buy them for personal ownership are cops, which is certainly not good. They are certainly quite proud of their abolishing of 2A rights for the law abiding and, as you said, the criminals laugh themselves to sleep ignoring the gun laws or any other laws for that matter.

  6. something must be done about NJ trampling on the Constitution and stripping US citizens with their rights!!

    1. Everyone must file suit against the State to defend their 2nd Amendment Right.
      Enough suits and they will get he message. You do not need a lawyer all you need is a legal brief outlining your rights under the Constitution and you do this as a PRO SE.
      Learn the law and defend your lawful rights.
      Take a legal course in your local community college such a legal research and writing. Costs near nothing and pays back great.

    2. Real Time Immediate Solution:: = The US if full of other states that may have laws more appealing to your lifestyle.. Hey maybe try putting down roots somewhere more suited for y’all! The world is big Go Explore… No seriously GO!

  7. I live in New Jersey and I constantly have to work in Camden and Trenton as well as other areas that are not all that great with my 75 year old father and multiple times we have been in situations where criminals have been around us with guns out pointed at each other I personally was pistol-whipped I still have the scar above my right eye through my eyebrow so criminals are allowed to protect themselves because they don’t care but law-abiding citizens we’re not important who cares if we get hurt or die in New Jersey! I don’t understand how NJ law supersedes the Constitution It’s absolutely ridiculous!!

    1. Agreed, have to push for less gun restrictions. Younger people are being indoctrinated to think that having the guns causes violence, but criminals will always find a way to smuggle weapons, unless there is a totalitarian government in place which exactly what leftists want. Please start voicing our displeasure with becoming a Sanctuary state and all this undocumented funding and labor loopholes like the professional licensing. Governor Phil Murpy yesterday, I believe, just signed a bill giving $6,000,000+ of taxpayer money to a fund for lawyer and legal supporting illegal immigrants facing deportation and criminal charges. So if an illegal commits a hate crime or faces deportation, now it’s also payed with our money to help them get of any trouble!

    2. The US Constitution does not give you the right have a gun. Try reading it. It gave farmers the right to bear arms against the British, and the US the right to have an army. So unless you are serving our Country or fending off the British, you have no such right. Plus, the US Constitution is a framework for Democracy, it grants no absolute power to citizens (that includes ALL amendments). Just because someone else breaks the law, does not give you the right to do it. Should we all be allowed to drive 100 mph on the highway, because some other idiot does that ? Allowing every angry a**hole with a grudge to be armed is a very bad idea. We leave that to the professionals in this state. But feel free to “cross state lines” into someone else’s state anytime.

      1. Either you cant read or you cant comprehend the information and rights set forth by the Constitution. It most certainly says shall not be infringed….it is there to provide for EVERY US CITIZEN to protect against tyranny of our government against us. Learn to read

    3. The criminals aren’t protecting themselves. They’re on the offensive/hunt against the law abiding among us and they have the blessings of the state government to do so.

  8. they will literally tell you to leave the state if you’re in danger before they’ll give you a permit and everyone’s probably better off leaving New Jersey anyway!

  9. So I live in Texas right now and just bought myself a M&P 2.0 compact 15 rounds, i am military and planning on living in NJ for about a year and a half in August will i have any problems and if so what kind of problems ?

    1. High capacity magazines are prohibited in NJ pick up a couple 10 rounders if you plan on any range shooting or you will probably be arrested and the firearm maybe confiscated the magazine certainly will be.

    2. You can only have 10 round mags now. The pistol it’s self is fine but you should preemptively apply for a nj firearms id. You do so at your local police station in the town you reside in. It takes a month to 3 months depending on the department to process and issue the ID card.

  10. Does NJ have a Firearm ID Card law that you have to have such card in your possession to own or buy any weapon or ammo or even have possession of any firearm without a Firearm ID Card?

  11. I know I can’t carry in New Jersey but can I keep it locked up and separated from the ammo while I am in a hotel and staying for a couple days

    1. Nope. The second amendment doesn’t exist in NJ.
      You are federally protected of you are driving through, only stopping for fuel or the restroom, but it’s worth noting that people have been detained and even arrested for doing so in NJ.
      You cannot legally possess your firearm in NJ if you don’t live there and have proper paperwork.
      I moved to PA from NJ and my parents still live there. I have to leave my firearm at home if I go visit them.
      I’m really hoping Trump comes through with nation wide constitutional carry.

      1. In trunk, locked in a case, separate from ammo, with no side trips.

      1. yes, as long as you remain on your own property and do not threaten or “brandish” your firearm, i.e., don’t scare the neighbors.

  12. I live in ny and also stay in nj I have a NY state and my city gun license for my business before I come to nj I dis arm my gun put in a lock safe inside my Truck their I put my Clicks with the bullets in another lock Box then put the key in from the first lock box then lock it up I read this in the NJ State Law on gun carrying A fire on in New Jersey if you do not have a New Jersey license is this correct

  13. Federal officers fall under LEOSA and the law states they can carry in all 50 states, so what if someone under LEOSA get stopped in NJ then what? will they still be wrong?

    1. Hi, I’m a federal law enforcement officer who lives in FL. I am originally from NJ so I frequently go back there. I carry my firearm under LEOSA all the time, including in NJ. State laws are not allowed to supersede federal law, which LEOSA is federal law. They can not legally stop a qualified law enforcement officer from carrying under LEOSA. However, LEOSA only allows an officer to carry without a state issued CCW. The officer must still follow laws regarding ammunition capacity. It DOES exempt officers from restrictions on types of ammunition like hollow points. Hope this answer helps.

      1. So state law cannot supersede federal law? Why is NJ then usurping the constitutional “right to bear arms”? It’s a “may issue” state, and it’s impossible for the average citizen to get a concealed carry permit. Maybe you should come here and uphold your federal oath to protect the constitution against the tyrannical NJ elitists.

        1. NJ is terrible for law abiding citizens
          We will never be able to carry legally in NJ

      2. NJSP website specifically mentions hollowpoints as not being allowed despite LEOSA. You’re better off with Critical Duty, Critical Defense or ammo of that type.

  14. What if I’m coming to visit family in New Jersey? The state I live in has concealed carry for anyone without a permit as long as you are 21+ And have not been convicted.

    1. nope simple answer if your not from NJ you can’t bring a fire arm into NJ, nor is there any legal exception that would allow you to do so.

      1. wrong.,,,ish
        you can bring whatever weapon you want into NJ as long as it is compliant with NJ law, like the Assault weapons law and yadda yadda, and no mag over 10 rounds, as long as you carry it in your trunk in the prescribed manner and you are not making any stops on route to family. the thing is i dont know if thats just for moving into the state or not, i just moved here again like 2 years ago, i brought all my guns with me

        1. in a prescribed manner like you said only to travel through new jersey if new jersey is your point B you go to jail

    2. do NOT carry any type of firearm in communist new jersey …. BUT concealed whistles are ok to carry … maybe …. but its just better to stay out of retard new jersey all together

  15. What If I’m moving to Florida or any other state for that matter how are you supposed to transport your legal firearm there, if you can’t drive with it?

    1. I recommend UPS, FedEx, or driving around NJ. If you decide to drive through NJ, don’t do anything to get stopped. If you are stopped, good luck.

      1. You are federally protected if you are driving through, only stopping for fuel or the restroom, but it’s worth noting that people have been detained and even arrested for doing so in NJ.

    2. you can drive with it but must be kept unloaded at all times and ammo and gun must be locked up separate from one another hope that helps

      1. So ,, can i use it to defend myself? Given that i have the time to go to my trunk , unlock, load, and fire it under a attack? Hopefully the only event that I’m in danger is ine where I’m by my car, that is if it’s even legal to defend myself. Or would you recomend pepper spray or a wrench instead?

        1. HELL NO lmao if you have time to do all that you have time to simply get away.. you will go to jail forever lol

        2. I just moved out of NJ to AZ, you effectively do not have the right to self defence in NJ. To defend yourself or a loved on in NJ, you or they, must be in “imminent danger”. If you are in imminent danger, you MUST try to escape before you defend yourself, even if that means climbing out of a window. If you have the time to load a weapon in NJ you will be at risk of jail, because you should have used that time to escape, not load your gun.

  16. If you live in a private gated community in NJ that the police do not patrol, can you carry in that community. What if I just want to show another resident my firearm and he is not able to walk to my home.

  17. This is completely wrong New Jersey’s carry permit is a “carry permit” if you are one of the 662 people who actually have a carry permit in New Jersey you can carry open or concealed … New Jersey’s permits are NOT concealed permit .
    I know for a fact as I’m going through litigation right now

    1. What do you mean a concealed carry permit does not allow you to carry? If it’s issued from New Jersey?

    2. you can’t carry in New Jersey you go to jail only law enforcement officer can carry in NJ and some lucky ordinary citizen with a lot of money you go to jail

    3. Actually there are around 1,200 active permits right now in NJ. To give all of you perspective on NJ I have concealed permits from other states. I am going to write the permit number for each state that I have a permit for then NJ where I live. Utah 4,922,161 / NH 202,015 / Florida 1,871,883 / Arizona 8,213.230/ ready for it here it is NJ 19,567.

      1. And the deaths per capita by guns is higher in NJ than Utah, Florida, AZ, NH. go figure.

        1. That’s because the CRIMINALS are the only ones with guns, ILLEGALLY I may add. God help us law abiding citizens as we are done for if a CRIMINAL wants to harm us or our family as we CANT DEFEND OURSELVES because some LEFT WINGLIBERAL thinks that by not allowing the LAW ABIDING CITIZEN HIS/HER RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. I would like to know what I fought for in the military!!!

          1. Left wing liberals like myself full support the right to conceal carry and I have permit in FL to do so. Do not lump all left wing liberals as anti gun. The 2nd amendment gives you and me the right to bear arms, like pistols and assault rifles. Try to have a more open mind

          2. I’m sorry, but you make no sense. If you continue to vote for anyone who does not adhere to the constitution, which is every single democrat nowadays, you are voting to remove your 2nd amendment. For you not to see that is simply denial, or worse; delusion!
            I suggest playing chess for a while, that will teach you how to think ahead.

      2. Can you share with us how you accomplished that in NJ. Under what reason was this issued. Were you shot at, threatened. or??

  18. Can a NJ resident with a Utah CCW permit, leave the state with the weapon separated and locked in their vehicle and drive to a state that recognizes the non resident permit ” aka Delaware or new Hampshire/Vermont, and carry once in that state. and before returning to NJ to separate and lock the weapon up.

  19. To everyone unfamiliar with NJ gun laws:
    Mere possession of a handgun in NJ is a FELONY. One can only possess a handgun in NJ with a NJ carry permit (which almost no one has), or through a small number of exemptions (in your house, or in the trunk of your car going directly to or from the range or gun store – and yes, they do mean DIRECTLY). Do not have a handgun in your car in NJ unless you are going directly to and from the range or gun store. It doesn’t matter that it’s unloaded and locked in the trunk. You are still committing a felony. 10+ round magazines are also a felony.
    There are no misdemeanor gun charges. All are felonies with real prison time attached.

    Anyone interested should read the law here:

    Every NJ resident who owns a handgun is technically in violation of the law listed above (NJSA 2C:39-5). They are only able to have the handgun through exemptions listed in 2C:39-6.

    TL;DR – KEEP YOUR HANDGUNS THE HELL OUT OF NJ if you don’t want to wind up in prison.

  20. To anyone from outside NJ thinking of bringing a firearm into NJ — just don’t do it!

    By car, by flying in, by hiking in, even if you are just trying to pass through. There are too many gotchas in NJ’s laws that they can get you on, and more restrictions are added frequently. NJ law is written as a total ban, with a few “exceptions” that allow for possessing a firearm. Simply possessing a 10+ magazine, without a firearm anywhere near it, is now a felony. No hollow points, there’ s a list of banned firearms, they ignore federal transportation laws… If you need to bring a firearm into NJ, consult with a NJ attorney familiar with the NJ law. But then still don’t bring any firearms into NJ.

    1. I was unaware that hollow points are a ‘no-no’? I have them, and buy them from just a plain old gun shop. I still have the 15 round mags in my lock box, but I only use the 10 round at the range.

      1. I guess in theory they’re illegal, but they’ll only really get you if you have some other stuff they’re gonna get you with anyway (a’la Tony soprano)

      2. The 15 rounds magazines try to go to a gun shop that turn them to 10 rounds if not you can be in trouble

      3. Hollow points are technically not illegal, but treated the same and a firearm. Only to and from the gun store and shooting range, otherwise you go to jail.

        1. Also noteworthy, each bullet is a separate felony.
          Buddy of mine got 11 felony charges for having a firearm with 10 hollow points in it.

    2. I’m not a police officer, are hollow points legal for me to possess?

      “Yes. They are legal for purchase and possess in your home or on land owned by you. They are legal to possess and use at a gun range. They are also legal to possess while traveling to and from such places. Ammunition lacking a hollow cavity at the tip, such as those with a polymer filling, are not considered to be hollow point ammunition. An example of this can be seen with the Hornady Critical Defense / Critical Duty, Cor-Bon PowRball / Glaser Safety Slug and Nosler Inc. Defense ammunition.” – NJ State Police FAQ #13

  21. Hi. I am a Pennsylvania. Resident with a CCW if I travel into New Jersey with a weapon that is unloaded and locked in a container in the trunk and any ammunition ammunition is locked in a separate container in the Trunk is this permissible?

    1. No. Only if you’re going directly to or from your home, gun range or gun store. In short, it is a felony in NJ.

      1. This is small comfort to anyone who spends 2 years in prison for making a wrong turn.


      3. You are watching too many John Wayne movies you come to NJ with your CCW and if they the police stop you and found out that you are carrying your firearm they don’t care about your unconstitutional law you will go to prison you just talking from anger that you can’t carry in NJ

  22. I have a friend, from SC who’s 26 year old son was traveling thru NJ. [towing a boat for work] about a month ago. Pulled for taillight out on trailer. He had a pistol in center console. He did not know the rules [laws] He voluntarily informed the officer that it was in center console. He was arrested and is due for trial on Dec 10th. He is looking at real prison time. Does anyone have any advice , other than get a good lawyer.


    2. Tell him to ask for a conditional discharge. They’ll keep your pistol but you won’t lose your license. I went through this already.

    1. I am a senior, former NJ resident now living in NC. I am an active range shooter and I have a NC carry permit. I rarely visit NJ but when I do I leave my guns in NC. To be perfectly honest I favor NJ gun laws becase statistics show that there is less gun vololence in NJ than many of the Carry states including NC While it is true that criminals can get guns easily in NJ they also can get them in NC from friends who live in the “Hood” but can buy guns legally. You can argue all day but facts are facts, more guns equals more gun violence. Why do you think I have a carry permit?

      1. Your also safer in New Jersey from the harms that beset you from pumping your own gas. Dumb laws dumb state.

      2. Why don’t you move back to no since you favor their laws. That the problem, y’all move down her to escape the cesspool that y’all created only to bring it with you. Please leave

      3. There is no such thing like gun violence. That is some kind of an anti-gun propaganda that you are trying to pass over here. If you think there is no shootings in NJ go visit Newark, Trenton, Camden, Paterson, Irvington etc. There is more shootings in those towns than in entire NC. Finally if you so miss NJ gun laws go right back to NJ.

        1. I live near Trenton but my “life isn’t in danger” lol

  23. NJ is the 2nd or 3rd worse gun ownership state. Other states you can purchase handguns w/state ID, NJ requires you to request a permit for each handgun you expect to purchase. And you can only purchase one every 30 days (w/permit). Now I’m here collecting guns, but i’m discouraged to so so by these NJ state laws. I’ve missed out on multiple handguns because of these laws. I am so on the verge of leaving- 4 more years unless a blessing comes my way sooner.

    1. NJ is the 2nd worse state behind NY.
      Thats why for every person coming into NJ 2 are leaving.
      State needs to be split in half. Commie lib tard freaks in east jersey & Honest hard working people in the west of jersey.

  24. Basically, from what you can research NJ does not recognize any other state CC permit. My question is if you are traveling through NJ and lock the unloaded weapon in your airline approved case in your truck and separate the ammo you should be OK? However, you are allowed to carry in rest areas, or service areas? What about an Interstate Hotel?

    1. The only way to transport a weapon through NJ is in a lock box in a trunk. Do not attempt to carry anywhere. No rest areas, service areas or any hotel. Unless one has NJ CCW one may not carry.

    2. I live in this horrendous state and when it comes to gun laws and you are from another state traveling through I would, by any means, find another route and bypass nj all together if you can.

    3. Separate the ammo from the firearm, to be blunt you can have firearm-locked and ammo-locked in the same area. Infact, you can have firearm-locked and ammo -locked/secured in the same bag. NJ does not recognize CC from other states, so you are not allowed to carry in rest areas, service areas or ANY area, period.

    4. No carry from out of state permit holders anywhere in NJ- they do not recognize out of state permits! They barely recognize their own (not enough issued to have an idea what the actual permit looks like

    5. Nothing is ok in NJ except that u can purchase anything in the cities illegally.


  25. I have a TN gun license to carry (open and /or concealed). What are the restrictionsof carrying it there? What about carrying it in vehicle?

    1. No NJ carry, period. They do not recognize out of state cc permits/license

    2. If u are not a resident of NJ do not put anytime of gun in your trunk. U will go to jail. All commie state and commie politicians.

  26. I live in PA and my family and I like to hike the Appalachian Trail on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River. Is that considered State Forest or State Park? In my letter to apply for a concealed weapons permit I said due to recent events in news and the fact that I hiked a lot in New Jersey and vacation a lot in New Jersey at the Jersey shore, I would like to feel comfortable that I can legally defend and protect my family any life and death situations should occur. Am I waisting my time even trying to apply for permit in New Jersey?

    1. You’re wasting your time. The only people who get approved for CCW permits in New Jersey are politicians, judges and the politically connected. The entire “justifiable need” system is set up to deny virtually all citizens the constitutional right to carry a firearm in the state. The state is very secretive about what is necessary to be approved and who has carry permits. Essentially the only way you would even be considered is if there is an imminent threat to your life and even that is no guarantee. And from what I’ve read there’s only 1200-1600 permits approved annually.

    2. If you are in NJ, you can not carry, period. NJ dies not recognize out of state carry permits. You would be in violation, and yes it’s a state park

    3. Welcome to NJ it is the state of NO. I don’t think u can pick up a stick in NJ to defend yourself.
      NJ needs to be split; NJ & West NJ.

  27. So if your not a resident of new jersey, but you have a license in another state, can you carry it in your car, unloaded, in a secure case?

      1. Just make sure you don’t have any of those evil 11 round magazines or hollowpoint ammunition. Somehow those instantly make you an evil assassin in Jersey.

        1. I have 13 rounds for NJ and when I travel to MASSACHUSETTS MY POINT B through NEw YORK, I TRAVEL UNDER FEDERAL LAW my 7 rounds handgun in a locked case my five 7 rounds mag in another case unloaded and I have a permit to carry as a out of state from MA, Maine ,Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida cover for all east coast prison is a bad place to sleep

    1. Just dont get pulled over..or better yet avoid traveling through nj all together. Find another route.

      1. Even if you are pulled over do not let police search your car it’s that simple

    2. No. Unless you’re going to the range, then back home!! It’s not worth the risk!!!

  28. “Open carrying a handgun without or with a permit/license in New Jersey is illegal. Your permit/license gives you the right to carry a concealed firearm, and you must carry it concealed.
    But note there is actually no law that bans open carry in New Jersey.”


    1. No open carry regardless of whether you are one of the extremely few that are approved for a carry permit. All carrying must be concealed with a ccw but to obtain a carry permit is impossible unless you can demonstrate a true and provable threat to life.

    2. My best guess is that it is illegal to carry a handgun without a license. With a license it is only legal to carry concealed. Therefore, even though they have not explicitly banned open carry, it is not legal because of the other laws dealing with concealed carry. There is a defacto ban on open carry despite the fact that they do not explicitly state that it is illegal.

    3. Basically, the permits are so rare that if you have one you’re probably not going to need it.

      And the may issue is so convoluted that, unless you somehow fall through any small cracks, you’ll never see a permit with your name on it.

  29. I find the law very confusing. What do they consider a reasonable need to own a gun?

    1. Author

      Usually you need to demonstrate that a handgun is required to protect you from bodily harm or death. This law is basically there to prevent most people from obtaining a handgun in NJ.

      1. True. But on the reverse side any thug in the city should be able to get a permit since they by virtue of living in their neighborhood are always in danger of death or bodily harm just walking the street.

    2. A store owner was robbed multiple times, pistol whipped as well. He also cited past aggressions against previous owner… No permit issued. If u want an NJ carry permit, pull out your discressionary check book, know who to pay or someone who knows that person. Permits are issued to the priviledge (financially) few

    3. A T-34 russian tank in ur driveway. Maybe u can have a BB gun but only a single shot.

  30. If you want to conceal carry, then get the hell out of New Jersey. The hypocritical state legislators don’t give a damn about the average citizen there.

    1. A federal law was passed months ago stating that all states must honor out off state concealed licenses. So I applied for NH Non-Resident for $100 and received in by main a week later.

      1. If you believe that, get your lawyers lined up.

        Congress approved that bill. The Senate did not bother to vote on it as they don’t have 60 votes to approve. Therefore it is NOT a law. Trump would have signed it if both houses had passed the bill.

      2. No no no no!

        The national reciprocity act was not passed, see Jim’s reply.

        Even if it was, they’d still arrest everybody anyway because they’d just be able to tie people up in legal BS until they died of old age anyway.

    2. You are right cause NJ is a communist state. Every dumbocrap is anti gun. They are communists. They do not hold up the Constit. except for criminals. Get out of NJ now while u can. Miserable state of NO.

    3. You can purchase machine guns in the cities illegally so there goes gun control.
      Dumbocraps in NJ are commies and don’t abide by our Constit. But follow the criminals like hitler stalin. Thats NJ dumbocraps for ya all commies. Takes 6 months to get a pistol permit or go into the cities and get a pistol now. Dummy state going downhill fast.

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