North Carolina Gun Laws

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North Carolina gun laws are considered permissive with a “Shall Issue” policy. There are no restrictions on calibers or magazine size and limited restrictions on open carry. Concealed carry permits are only issued to residents who must be 21 or older and have completed a firearms training course. Exceptions are made for military personnel who are posted in the state. A permit to purchase a firearm is required if you do not have a concealed carry permit. Applications are processed at the county level by the local sheriff’s office.

North Carolina CCW Quick Facts

Carry In Vehicle YES
Must Notify Officer YES
Carry In State Parks Allowed YES
No Weapons Signs Enforced YES
Open Carry Permitted YES
Carry In Liquor Establishments YES
Constitutional Carry NO
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permits in North Carolina

Gun Laws

State rating
states that honor
a N.C. permit
state permits
N.C. honors
states not
honoring permit

North Carolina CCW Dashboard

total active ccw
permits in North carolina

Gun Laws

State Rating
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Cost of
a ccw permit

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with permit

North Carolina CCW Reciprocity


  • Permit Honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Residential permits only
  • Issuing state

How Reciprocity Works in North Carolina

North Carolina will honor concealed carry permits that have been issued in any other state. There are 38 states that will honor a North Carolina permit, 6 of these states will only honor the residential permit.

North Carolina Reciprocity Agreements

North Carolina has signed reciprocity agreements with 36 other states. An official list of these states can be seen at the Attorney Generals website.

North Carolina Reciprocity State's

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
states & Districts

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Districts & Territories
District of Columbia, New York City, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island

14.145.24 - Reciprocity Laws

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North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit


  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • You have completed an approved firearms training class, (minimum 8 hours).
  • Be a resident of North Carolina for 30 days preceding the filing of the application.
  • Be a resident of the County application is filed in.
  • Be a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident alien.
  • Does not suffer from a physical or mental infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun.
  • Has not been convicted of an impaired driving offense within three years prior to the date on which the application is submitted.
  • Has not had judgment continued for or free on bond or personal recognizance pending trial, appeal, or sentencing for a disqualifying criminal offense.
  • Is not currently or has not been adjudicated or administratively determined to be lacking mental capacity or mentally ill.
  • Federal Law Requirements

North Carolina Gun Policy

Shall Issue

Permit Issued To

age required
cost of
CCW permit
Years Permit
is valid

North Carolina CCW Permit Forms

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North Carolina: Places Off-Limits for CCW

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North Carolina state flag

Places Off-Limits in North Carolina

  • Law enforcement office or facility
  • Detention or correctional facility
  • A building or part of building housing in which there are state offices.
  • Any public or private school building or bus, campus, grounds, recreation area, athletic fields or other property used or owned by an educational institution.
  • Schools, public or private, all levels including universities. Gun can remain locked in vehicle, if you have a permit.
  • A curricular or extracurricular activity sponsored by a school
  • Any places of assemblies such as a picket line, demonstration, parade or funeral procession. Carry at a parade or funeral is now allowed if you have a permit.
  • On any private premises where notice that carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited
  • State Capitol Building, the Executive Mansion, the Western Residence of the Governor, or on the grounds of any of these buildings
  • Any place alcohol beverages are consumed or sold, - applies to restaurants if posted.
  • Any person consuming alcohol or under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol.
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

Places Allowed in North Carolina

  • State parks
  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicle
  • Parade (with permit)
  • Funeral (with permit)
  • School campus (with permit) - must remain locked in vehicle, cannot be carried on school grounds.
  • All areas of the state - except those listed as Off-Limits.

Pointers: North Carolina CCW

North Carolina Gun Sales...

Private Sales
A background check is required for private handgun sales but not for long guns. To purchase a handgun a person must present either a pistol purchase permit or concealed carry permit and be at least 18 years old. The pistol permit can only be obtained from the local sheriffs office in the county the applcant resides in. Before issuing the permit the sheriffs office will conduct a background check on the person requesting the permit. 

The conditions can vary between the 100 or so counties in North Carolina with some requiring waiting periods, proof of moral character, a reason the permit is required (self defense, hunting, collecting or target shooting) or a limit on the number of permits applied for. A fee of around $5 is usually charged for the permit.

Purchase permits were originally introduced as a way to prevent minorities from obtaining handguns and are a relic of the past which has never been removed from the law books.

Dealer Sales
Handgun sales through dealers are the same as above with a pistol permit or concealed carry permit being required. The main difference is you would need to be at least 21 years old to buy a handgun. You can still purchase a rifle or shotgun if at least 18 years old from a licensed dealer.

History Of North Carolina Gun Laws


Learn North Carolina's Gun History


The Pistol Purchase Permit law was slightly modified in 2004 to allow anyone with a valid concealed carry permit to use that to purchase firearms.


In 1995 North Carolina changed from a May Issue state to Shall Issue.


The Pistol Purchase Permit law was slightly modified in 2004 to allow anyone with a valid concealed carry permit to use that to purchase firearms.


A new law passed in December, 2011 saw North Carolina honor all permits from other states.


In March, 2012 a US Federal Court declared North Carolina's ban on concealed carry when emergency powers are in force as unconstitutional. Hence, you can now carry a firearm if emergency laws have been activated.


October, 2013 saw places that were off-limits become legal for persons with a valid concealed carry permit. You can now carry into a place that serves alcohol or attend a parade or funeral with a firearm if you have a permit to carry. You can also enter school grounds with a weapon provided it remains locked in a vehicle.


In 2015, the ability of local authorities to regulate gun laws was restricted with a new preemption law which gave the state full control over gun laws. Local authorities were left with a few limited situations where they could still issue ordinances directed at firearms.


A bill to introduce permit-less carry was passed in the lower house in June, 2017. It is now up to the Senate as to whether this will become law.

North Carolina Concealed Carry Laws

north carolina state capitol building
North Carolina state capitol building

North Carolina Gun Laws To Know

YES - Without a permit
A person without a CCW permit can carry a loaded handgun in a vehicle if it is not concealed and visible, and they have no felony convictions. The current definition of concealed is if the handgun cannot be readily seen by a person approaching and the gun is readily accessible. A handgun under the front seat or in an unlocked glove box or console is illegal. A handgun openly displayed or in a locked glove box, locked console, or in the trunk is lawful. If you have a permit from North Carolina you may carry a loaded concealed handgun within a vehicle.
YES - Without a permit
Open carry is legal in North Carolina. You may not carry in places listed as Off-Limit areas and local governments can place limited restrictions on open carry in some locations. The Law
160A-189 - Firearms
153A-129 - Firearms
YES - Must Inform Officer
North Carolina gun laws state that you must inform a law enforcement officer you have a firearm when approached on official business. You are required to carry your permit at all times during which the permittee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun. The Law 14-415.21
North Carolina does not have constitutional carry yet. In 2017 a bill to introduce permit-less carry passed the lower stages of the house so we are still waiting to see if it actually becomes law.
It is legal to carry in the following areas;
  • State Parks: YES - 14-415.11(c1) (Concealed handguns only)
  • State/National Forests: YES
  • State Wildlife Management Areas: YES - 14-415.11(c3)
  • Road Side Rest Areas:  YES - 14-415.11(c3)

If the restaurant is not posted with a "No Weapons" sign then it is OK to enter.

"Yes" or "No" states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Some restaurants may be posted with "NO GUN" signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. If we have indicated a "Yes" then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.

The Law

North Carolina gun laws give “No Weapons” signs the force of law. There are legal penalties for entering a private property or business that has posted these signs. GunsToCarry recommends that you do not enter a property displaying a “No Weapons" sign whether the law is for or against signage. If asked to leave a property and you refuse to do so then you are breaking the law and put yourself at risk of being charged. The Law 14-415.11 - Scope of Permit 14-415.21 - Punishable as Infraction

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; and, as standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they shall not be maintained, and the military shall be kept under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power. Nothing herein shall justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons, or prevent the General Assembly from enacting penal statutes against that practice.”
Art. 1 § 30

no weapons sign in north carolina

Off-Limits Statutes

Other CCW Statutes

North Carolina CCW FAQ's


North Carolina CCW Contacts

Mecklenburg County Sheriff


Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Address 700 E. Fourth Street

CityCharlotte, NC28202

Phone (704) 336-3665


Updates & Data Sources


The information contained on this page is not legal advice but is merely a starting point for your own research. It is up to you to decide what the best course of action is for your circumstances. We are not lawyers, if you'd like individualized legal advice, we'd be happy to refer you to some law practices with known firearm specializations. It is crucial that you understand the law before you carry a firearm. Also, remember that just because a statute may clearly say one thing or another, that doesn't mean all members of law enforcement know it. That also goes for lawyers and even judges too.


  1. If I have my concealed weapon permit in Florida can I get a concealed weapon permit for North Carolina through the mail

  2. If my husband has his permit and conceal to carry do I need a permit and conceal to carry if he buys a pistol for me?

    1. No matter how the purchase is made, only if you intend to conceal your pistol do you personally need a CHP.

    2. He can use his CCP to purchase a pistol. If he give it to you, the pistol would need to be re-registered into your name. You can lawfully open-carry that pistol if registered to you and you qualify by age and not a felon, but you can not carry it concealed umles you have a CCP in your name.

      1. Correct on open carrying the pistol, but there is no registration of any weapon except a fully automatic machine gun in NC.

      2. There is no pistol/firearm registration in the state of NC.

        To the previous question, if you plan on carrying a concealed weapon, you have to have a permit regardless of who bought it. Your husband can gift it to you only if you can legally own a firearm, can pass a background check or if you have a valid NC CC permit.

  3. Is there a limit to how many guns you can conceal carry with your CCW? Asking since my wife open carries but I have my CCW. I always have her store her pistol in the glove box but wasn’t sure if that was okay.


    1. No limits on how many pistols you want to carry. I actually carry two just by habit (and prevent from keeping one or both of them in my vehicle). One in my pocket, the other on my hip, sometimes both concealed, but sometimes one and one.

  4. Can I take and use my husband’s gun when I take my conceal & carry class? Meaning do I need ANY type of permit to transport the gun in my car if the gun is in plain view and NOT concealed to & from the class? ANY I for of guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!

    1. Personal opinion, but based on what I believe to be solid statutory interpretation, which is that anyone who is of the proper age and is not a prohibited person can temporarily possess a handgun in NC. I believe the age is 18 for handgun possession, but if not then it’s at least 21. If you have it in a gun case or bag in the trunk (inaccessible to you) then you’re good. Alternatively, you can have it in plain view somewhere that is accessible to you and you’d technically be open-carrying, which is permissible.

      Lots of people who don’t have concealed carry permits transports handguns to the range every day. They are stored in an inaccessible place in the vehicle, which is fine. You just can’t have it concealed in an area that is accessible “about your person.”

  5. So there’s no permit needed for open carry, so how “open” does it need to be? Can I carry IWB as long as I don’t cover the grip of the gun?

    Or if I carry OWB and have a satchel hanging so no one can see the gun, is that “concealed?”

    I guess I don’t quite exactly know why open carry is okay, but concealed needs a permit.

    1. Open carry means, within reason, holstered, and secure, but no worries about how much print there is. 100 percent open is totally lawful.

      Apply for your NC CHP so there’s no issues, it’s great for out of state reciprocity anyways…

  6. I just moved to North Carolina from Indiana. I have my Conceal and Carry permit from Indiana. What do i need to do to legally conceal and carry in North Carolina now that i live here? It says NC honors Indiana’s permits so does that mean i am good or do i need to notify anyone?

    1. I was wondering I’m visiting North Carolina in vacation as I live in Virginia. I have a ccl in the state of Virginia could I carry in my vehicle and bring my AR with me or is that illegal?

    2. Definitely get in contact with the County you moved to in NC and understand their laws concerning either open or conceal carry. They may recognize/honor the “Out of state” license but if residing here in NC. YOU’RE going to most likely have to requilify under state law.

      1. There are no “county” laws in NC regarding concealed and open carry. All firearms laws in North Carolina are NC State laws. The only thing controlled by the County Sheriff is approving/issuing Pistol Purchase Permits and Concealed Carry Permits.

        Once you move to NC, establish residency and get a drivers license, you will need a permit from NC as in most cases, you permit in the state you moved from is no longer valid (in most cases). My example was moving from Illinois. As soon as I got a NC drivers license, my Illinois permit was no longer valid. I had to open carry in NC until I was able to secure my CCP.

    3. My understanding is that if you’ve moved to NC and are now a resident of the state you will need to get a NC permit. Technically, your Indiana permit is invalid as you are no longer a resident of Indiana. You must meet NC’s requirements to concealed carry.

    4. I have a Florida and have my permit and I have reprocity in NC to conceal carry. In NC you can open carry as long as you’re legal ( you having a permit says you are good) but don’t need the permit to open carry, only if concealed. Some places have no weapons signs so look for those as well. And that is for both open and concealed. Hope this helps.

  7. If I reside in NC and do not have a CCW from NC but have a non-resident CCW from Virginia, can I conceal carry in NC?

  8. So I don’t have my ccl yet. They have stoped taking applications at the moment due to covid. I’m driving a long distance by myself with my kids. My husband wants me to take his gun what is the proper way to carry it without getting in trouble ? Like can I have it out in my front seat and it has to be unloaded right?

    1. According to what was listed above, you can carry a loaded pistol in your vehicle if it is visible to anyone approaching your vehicle (on the dash, in your passenger seat, in the cup holder.) If it is not visible (in the glove box or under your seat) and you do not have a ccw, it is required to be locked.

    2. You can just have it in the vehicle. You can ride with it concealed but if you get stopped it needs to be put in plain site for the officer. Most likely up on the dash in the windshield. It doesn’t have to be unloaded.

  9. Does open carry mean that I can have a in waist holster, as long as you can still see the gun? My shirt would be tucked in so that you can see it. But it would not be totally visible. You would still see that I am carrying a gun?

  10. Do I need to register a gun in NC that I have registered in another state?

    1. You don’t need to register any guns in NC unless it is a machine gun.

      1. Bradley is correct on this. No reg needed unless it’s a machine gun.

      2. I need to slightly correct myself. There are no NC firearms registration requirements in the State of NC. However, any NFA items (pre 1986 machine gun, suppressors, short barreled rifles/shotguns, etc.) do require a Federal Government/ATF tax stamp (application and $200/per). As such, that NFA item is now registered with the ATF but not with the state of NC.

  11. Do I have to have a separate permit for each gun I plan to purchase?

    1. Ask your sheriff but when you request a pistol purchase permit, I don’t think it limits the number you can purchase at that particular time. If you purchase today and then 30 days from now you want another, you would need a new purchase permit. If you get a CCL, you don’t need purchase permits.

      1. Bradley correct on this as well. And a CCW permit easiest way to then purchase w/o needing a single use purchase permit.

  12. So even tho you have the 2a on your page clearly saying dont infringe y’all infringe anyways with the laws that are passed. Yet the deffinition of infringement is to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another infringe a patent. 2 obsolete : defeat, frustrate. intransitive verb. : encroach —used with on or uponinfringe on our rights. the passing of laws of a right are illegal or even vaild laws. Sooo my question why do they pass laws when the laws isnt legal??

    1. Yes if you have the serial number of the firearm and it is registered in NC then they can run it through the computer and see who the owner is. BTW a officer might run the numbers on your gun even if you are legally caring. CCW, or open to make sure that it is not on the stolen list.

      1. There are no state firearm registration requirements for NC. If you posses/purchase an NFA item, it needs a tax stamp and approval from the ATF.

  13. Generally, the laws of the state in which you are carrying are the only laws that apply. If NC recognizes your permit, then you are subject to the laws of NC permits, not the laws of the state where the permit was issued.

  14. I live in South Carolina and I do a lot of work in North Carolina if I have a concealed carry permit in South Carolina where do I need to keep my gun when I’m traveling in North Carolina I’m awake

    1. You can keep it wherever you want, including on body, with a valid SC CCL. NC reciprocates with SC if it is a resident license.

  15. If I mount a locked handgun safe to the side of my console of my car, would that be considered lawful without a CCP?

  16. We will be moving from NJ to NC within a year. How do I transport my guns, handguns and rifles, without breaking any laws? I don’t want to purchase anymore so what permits do I need to apply for?

    1. Put them in your locked trunk for travel. You don’t have to register them here. NC.

  17. I moved to Columbus NC about four years ago from Indiana. I have my lifetime concealed carry license and I have been told two conflicting answers as far as if my license is valid here, some say yes and some say no. What is the correct answer? I am getting my CCP here in NC but was curious

    1. If your drivers license is NC, your permit in Indiana is no longer valid but verify with Indiana. I had the same issue moving from Illinois.

    2. I was told by the Johnston County sheriff’s office that my PA concealed carry permit was good here until it expires. Then I would need to get a NC permit.

  18. If a cop took my gun because I was charged then but now I can have guns, how can I get my gun back from the sheriff’s Dept legally? I live in Henderson county nnc

  19. I am a 19 year old gun owner, if I were to be gifted a hand gun Without a purchase permit, could I be cited for carrying a gun that is not officially transferred to myself? For example if someone were to buy a hand gun and give it to me or even sell it to me without permit and I were stopped by a police officer and it was not concealed in my vehicle would I be in the wrong? Hope this makes since, I’m just starting to learn handgun laws and plan to take my CCW class soon despite not being able to obtain my permit until I’m 21. Also planning on purchasing a handgun privately as soon as the county starts selling purchase permits again due to COVID-19

  20. I live in NC and own a handgun, but do not have a CCW. I understand that it is legal for me to have the handgun openly visible in the car. However, if I stop to go in a store and leave the handgun in the car, can I conceal it at that point in order to deter thieves? Then un-conceal it when I return to the car?

    1. Unload it and lock it up (console safe, glove box, etc.). when you return to the car, reload and open carry. If you are going to do that, I would invest in a under dash/steering console holster for retention. You don’t need your gun flying around when you hit the brakes. GumCreek has excellent options

    2. Bad advice Bradley. To the OP, don’t leave your fire arm in your vehicle, but if you must (say a courthouse entry) LOCK it in your glove box. NC is very weird about this, locked is OK, but under a seat is “considered” concealed, which is bad if you don’t have a permit.

      No one is gonna take the time to unload it, lock it, go in to a gas station for five minutes or whatever, then come back to the car and load it up again. Just relax, and either lock it away (loaded fine) or just OC. And apply for a permit, once you do, you can then conceal, at least legally.

      1. I’m sorry JAC, what piece of my advice was bad? The OP does not have a carry permit so if he has a firearm in the car, he can’t take it with him when he leaves the vehicle unless he open carries. His only other option is to unload it and lock it up. If they lock it up and it remains loaded, it is now a concealed firearm and they are breaking the law..

    3. You can conceal it while you’re riding. You just have to take it out and make it visible if you get pulled. Just place it in your windshield if you get pulled. You’ll be fine.

  21. If I bought a pistol from a very good friend of mine without any papers, purchase permits, or background checks at all, can I get into any trouble for transporting it openly in a vehicle? Furthermore, could I open carry said pistol?

    1. If you don’t have a CCL, you will be in trouble for owning it. With a CCL, the background check has been completed and it would be a lawful private sale. Without one, you need the background check.

      1. Sorry Bradley, gotta correct you again. He is fine, OC ina vehicle, or even on person, is fine and legal in NC. And there’s no registration or trace back to how the pistol was purchased.

    2. The short answer is yes and no. Yes you can both open carry in a car or on your person without breaking the law. No you don’t have to tell them the details of how you aquired the gun. They may run the numbers on it to be sure it’s not on the HOT LIST but if your cooperation goes a long way when interacting with law enforcement agencies.

  22. Since my WA. State CCW is valid in North Carolina, can I use it to purchase hand gun? I am military station here with a home of record of WA.

  23. I will be coming to NC from PA for an extended period of time. Can I bring my guns to NC and possess them, shoot them etc if I am not a NC resident?

  24. I live in KY and want to buy a pistol in NC. Can someone tell me how to do this?

    1. Simple. You can’t unfortunately. It would have to be transferred to an FFL in your home state. Same would happen to me if I wanted a pistol in your state of KY.

  25. I am a Honorable Discharged Military veteran and have my DD214……In some states if you are a veteran you do not have to take a gun safety class in order to get a cc permit .. Is that also true in NC. ?

    1. Sorry Bernie, but you still need to take the course. I was told that my current PA permit was good until it expires and then I will have to take the course. I too am ex military.

  26. I am from Tennessee and I don’t have a permit. I bought my gun from a gun dealer. Am I allowed to carry this gun with me as long as it’s not concealed?

  27. NC – are you permitted to carry CW in the house of another if you have been invited and have a permit?

  28. I see that NC is a open carry state I presume that of course means any weapon handgun or long gun. But my major concern is I’m a SC resident but travel around NC some times so does open carry of a handgun also apply to me as a non resident or is it for state residents only.

  29. I’m from GA working in N.C. I had a ccw permit in the state of GA which I let expire but in GA I can still carry a handgun in my vehicle concealed and do not have to tell law-enforment that I am carrying in my vehicle what does N.C. say about me carrying my handgun in my vehicle when I’m here to work because I do not leave home without it I carry it for self-defense only if the laws states that I cannot carry in N.C. while working in the state I will not be able to work here anymore because the way the world is now my life or the the lives of my employees is not worth it

    1. If you don’t have a permit, GA or NC, you can’t carry it loaded and concealed in your vehicle . You can however open carry it in your vehicle

  30. What restrictions on carry and possession of firearms have been lifted concerning military officers and or other honorably discharged veterans. Exactly what are the laws applying to this group ?

  31. Can you please tell me the rules of goifting a gun to an 18 year old in North Carolina

  32. I am traveling to arkansas i have my ccw permit in nc can i carry my pistol concealed the whole trip or do i have to open carry the whole trip

  33. In the State of North Carolina, do Active Duty Military members permanently stationed in NC need a Concealed Weapons Class in order to obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit? In most states military members do not need a concealed weapons class in order to obtain a concealed weapons permit, however I have been searching for information on this even emailing the civil division at the sheriffs office. Please clarify this for me.

  34. Question, if I am a veteran recently that recently moved to NC do I have to take a class to get a CCW license?

  35. I had a handgun confiscated because of an alleged incident and the charges were later dropped by the accuser. The handgun is “marital property” at this point,. .and I have the property sheet with my name on it, that I need to retrieve the handgun from local law enforcement. I was told that I had to have a permit to pick up the handgun. I’m not buying it from them. I am not asking to carry it. I am not asking to carry and conceal it. North Carolina is an open to carry state.,..Why would I have to have a permit to pick up a piece of property they took from me, from my residence, and issued me a property sheet with my name on it, and have nothing against me that would otherwise render me ineligible to obtain said property.?

    1. As strange as it sounds a pistol permit is required prior to the transfer of a pistol irregardless if buying, selling, gift etc. With law enforcement taking your weapon as evidence they legally “took ownership” of the gun so in order to transfer that ownership back to you, you would need a pistol permit even though you aren’t actually buying it back. Hopefully this clears it up.

  36. Maybe someone can help me with this because I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere. Is there any law in the state of North Carolina, stating that open carry of an air-soft or BB gun is illegal? I have one that I’d like to carry for self defence for a couple of reasons, the main being that it is not lethal and I would not have to worry about having anybody’s life on my conscious. I plan to buy a holster but I want to have more information about it before I invest in anything to carry it on my person while out in public.

    1. It is not illegal to open carry a fake firearm. However it is extremely dangerous to present yourself to the public as armed in the event a situation arises you quickly become the biggest threat to any assailant. If you aren’t prepared to take a life, don’t present yourself as if you are.

  37. I currently have my CCP through the state of Pennsylvannia. My husband was just stationed in NC. I know that NC honors PA’s permit. Will I need to get a permit through NC when we move? or can i use my PA one

    1. If you become a resident of N.C. you must obtain a permit through the Sheriffs Office.

  38. If I have a gun permit in North Carolina can I buy a gun in New York ?

  39. I will be traveling from Ohio to Florida for vacation. I have an Ohio CCW. Can I have my gun as I travel through West Virginia, Virginia, N.C. S.C, GA. and FL?

    1. I know ga and fla are in state residents only for ccw but open carry is allowed for your trip.

  40. I do not yet have my conceal carry permit, and work in a small repair shop, as one of two employees. I know that the wording of the law is that you cannot carry a concealed firearm on your person, except on your own premises. My question is, does “your premises” include the business? The lease for the space should be under the business name and not an individual, if that helps.

  41. Husband and I are NC residents. He has his conceal carry handgun permit, I do not. If we are traveling in NC with his gun concealed in the glove box, is it legal for me to drive the car with his gun in the glove box as long as he is in the car with me?

    1. Don’t do it. To avoid this problem my wife got her concealed carry permit also.

  42. How do you carry your long gun (shotguns/rifles) from your house to your car…or your car to the range without “concealing” it? My long guns are in soft cases that don’t lock. I might argue a long gun case is not concealed but it prob is.

  43. I have a pistol purchase permit in NC. I want to acquire a handgun from the family of a deceased licensed gun owner in another state. How do I go about transferring ownership and transporting handgun from decedent’s state to my state of residence, NC?

    1. Can’t do it private party out of state. Going to need the decedent’s estate to transfer it to an ffl in their state, have that ffl send it to a local ffl, can use the purchase permit to acquire it from the local ffl.

    2. You’ll pay maybe $30 on each end (at most) to the ffl’s and shipping plus whatever you purchase the pistol for.

    3. just go pick it up, NC does NOT register firearms. If your family member left you a gun, as long as it’s not stolen, you’re fine. Some people like to make it complicated… Now for instance if you were purchasing a gun from someone I’d have them write up a bill of sale and sign it stating they sold you the gun with it’s serial number on the paper. My sheriff’s office told me no purchase permit is required just get a bill of sale to cover your ass lol. Also you can call them at any time to ask them to run the serial numbers to make sure it’s not stolen before purchase.

  44. I’m moving to NC in the next few months – I’m from Pennsylvania. I understand that NC has reciprocity with Pa for concealed carry permits however my question is: what action must I take with my long rifles/shotguns (if any)?

  45. I will be visiting for about 3 weeks traveling the western part of the state. Can I open carry being from out of state?

    1. In NC anyone, fom here or another state, can open carry a firearm (notice i said firearm because yes you can carry long guns though I do not recommend) in nc given you are 18 and not a fellon.
      So to answer your question yes you can open carry.

  46. Left out the part I was was asking about meant to ask for purchasing a long gun was the purchase permit valid or do they still need to do the background check

    1. No background check will be done as long as you use your purchase permit.

  47. In NC if you have a pistol purchase permit do the dealer still have to do the background check or does the purchase permit suffice?

    1. Purchase permit issued by sheriff will suffice. Background check is done prior to issuing.

  48. I have been told for years that it is illegal to transport a loaded long gun in NC (i.e. to and from gun range). I have had several people recently say thats not true. Has anyone else heard this?

    1. I carry a loaded ar15 in my rear floorboard and have been pulled for speeding, informed the officer of my rifle, as well as my handgun and he didn’t make a deal about it. Told me to drive slower and let me roll.

  49. I took the ccw class and got the certificate but I never applied for my license. Can I still apply for it

    1. Your CERTIFICATION is valid for one year from issue date.
      You must attend and apply for the PERMIT in your current state of residency.
      We offer $50 NC CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUN PERMIT CERTIFICATION CLASSES for all qualified NC residents! Register in our store or online! Saturday and Sunday 1 day classes available to earn your PERMIT CERTIFICATION at MAC GUN WORX!
      Hope this helps answer your question!

      356 W. FRANKLIN BLVD.
      GASTONIA NC 28052
      CALL OR TEXT (704)865-7779

      1. Can you please state the NCGS showing the cert if valid for one year. I can’t find it.
        Do the certificates you provide have an expiration date on them? Mine do not.

    2. I took the class in 2006, successfully submitted the paperwork for my permit in 2010. Nobody asked a single question regarding the time span. I’m former law enf,(NC) but none of them knew, I never indicated anything on the application, everything went through with no issues.

  50. Can I carry a gun concealed on property that I rent for business without a concealed carry permit

    1. You cannot carry a concealed weapon anywhere without a permit.

      1. Hey Dave, Sorry, but that is not accurate.

        As per,

        A. Carrying Concealed Weapons North Carolina law strictly controls the ability of individuals to carry weapons concealed. Except under the limited concealed handgun permit provisions of State law, described in Sections III. B. and C. below, and the exemptions set out below, it is unlawful for any person in this State, **except when on his/her own premises**

        A. MAY I CARRY A CONCEALED WEAPON IN NORTH CAROLINA? ANSWER: No. As a general rule, North Carolina law forbids private citizens from carrying a concealed weapon, either on or about their person, **while off their premises**

        The law does allow you to carry while on your premises. As for carrying a gun concealed on property that I rent, I am not sure. However, you could send an email to the ATTORNEY GENERAL or even your local sheriff’s office.

      2. On your own personal property, you can carry concealed without a CCW premit, but the question asked here, he can not as he does not own that property.

        1. Johnathan, that is also incorrect. Unless it is in his lease that he may not have a weapon on the property, he has all rights to carry on property that he pays for.

  51. 2 part question;
    -i can open carry my rifle unless it’s in a federal building, school or a place that displays a ‘no firearms’ sign, right?
    -what are the specific exemptions for military members stationed in NC?

    1. I would recommend against it, however there is no regulation against it. Open carry draws attention to the weilder. Which is precisely what I personally wouldn’t want. If I ever hadn’t to use my weapon, I would want the shooter not to know what hit him, rather than put a big fat 6 pound 11 ounce, 35.5 inch target strapped to my back.

      1. However idk if there’s is a regulation against it***

    1. NO ONE can open carry in S.C.,
      Open Carry is ILLEGAL in S.C.,
      Only Legal CONCEALED CARRY is allowed in S.C.
      Residents (and non-residents in states with recripocal agreements with S.C.) who are legal Concealed Carry Handgun Permit holders can CONCEAL CARRY in S.C. only.
      NC-CCH Permit Holders may CONCEALED CARRY in S.C.
      * Side Note:
      Due to people trying to use HANDGUN laws in their defense when using various weapons, the laws were changed: no longer referred to as NC-CCW (NC-CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON) due to a change in the law. This law only pertains to handguns, therefore this was been updated to NC-CCH (NC CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUN).
      Hope this helps answer your question!
      356 W. FRANKLIN BLVD.
      GASTONIA NC 28052
      CALL OR TEXT (704)865-7779

  52. I received a 8hr CC Training Certificate on 06/28/14 in North Carolina. I’ve been a MO resident since 07/14/14. Do I have to attend an 8hr Missouri Training Certificate to received CC Permit?

    1. Yes, you must attend and apply for the PERMIT in your current state of residency.
      Hope this helps answer your question!
      356 W. FRANKLIN BLVD.
      GASTONIA NC 28052
      CALL OR TEXT (704)865-7779

  53. Hi there, I have a question. I have a concealed weapons permit from Florida but I have lived in North Carolina for several months, is my permit legal in North Carolina or do I need to purchase a North Carolina permit?
    Thank you

    1. You must attend and apply for the PERMIT in your current state of residency.
      We offer $50 NC CONCEALED CARRY HANDGUN PERMIT CERTIFICATION CLASSES for all qualified NC residents! Register in our store or online! Saturday and Sunday 1 day classes available to earn your PERMIT CERTIFICATION at MAC GUN WORX!
      Hope this helps answer your question!

      356 W. FRANKLIN BLVD.
      GASTONIA NC 28052
      CALL OR TEXT (704)865-7779

  54. Yes I had a concealed permit,,but they took it for misdemeanor charge,assault on a female about 25year’s after I had them for 5year’s when renew them they took them@ my$80.00 should I appeal

  55. What if a concealed carry permit holder is committed for psychiatric observation? And then held longer than 3 days. Will this affect their permit?

    1. It may not affect your current NC permit, but it will more than likely pop-up when you renew. Just be ready with an explanation as to why/what happened.

  56. As Jim John as stated, the “Places Off-Limits in North Carolina” is incorrect when it says “Any place alcohol beverages are consumed or sold”. You can carry in a bar or any place alcohol is sold and consumed. Even if it doesn’t serve any food.

  57. If a mentally ill person has ever in their entire life either voluntary or involuntarily been checked into a mental health treatment center then North Carolina will not issue any concealed carry permit to this person or you can’t legally buy a gun of any kind. If you decide to lie on your application and you
    do find yourself in a hairy situation one day and you use your firearm and the state does find out that you have in fact been in a mental hospital or a mental health floor then you will be held liable for not only lying on a federal application but, they can also charge you for other crimes also. How do I know this? I have a very good friend currently in Butner prison for lying on a federal application and he was stripped of all his guns, knives and every other thing that the government classifies as a weapon. He’s also serving a 3 year sentence and has to pay a $25,000 fine. That’s the law in North Carolina as of right now.

  58. This is incorrect. You are permitted to carry a weapon to a facility that provides alcoholic beverages (provided there is no sign) as long as you do not consume any alcohol.

    1. “If we have indicated a “Yes” then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.” This is stated in the restaurant drop down menu.

    2. This is correct but the law also states you may not consume alcohol or illegal substance nor have it remaining in your body. Therefore, this applies for a period of time after consumption, which allows your body to dissipate the illegal substance before carrying again.

      Hope this helps answer your question!

      356 W. FRANKLIN BLVD.
      GASTONIA NC 28052
      CALL OR TEXT (704)865-7779

  59. In the state of North Carolina, if you are active duty in the military, can you apply for a conceal carry permit under the age of 21?

    1. No, you’ll have to wait until 21, sorry. Thank you for your service.

  60. Does a NC CCW only allow concealment of a handgun or can you conceal a rifle or shotgun as well? I am referencing concealing a AR under the rear seat of my truck.

      This law pertains to handguns only.
      Hope this helps answer your question!

      356 W. FRANKLIN BLVD.
      GASTONIA NC 28052
      CALL OR TEXT (704)865-7779

  61. Question. With young children in the home, must the gun stay in a safe? Or does the top of the fridge count as away from kids? Tired of arguing and looking for the answer via NC laws.

    1. When you buy a firearm you are notified that it is your responsibility to ensure that minors do not have access to the said firearm and that you are legally responsible if gain access because you failed to properly secure it. While there is not yet a law requiring a safe the law would look at storing on top of a fridge as improper storage as young children are capable of climbing counters or using chairs to stand on. This storage aspect with minors usually doesn’t come into any until a minor commits suicide with said firearm. The parents in such cases can and usually are charged in said events, which further adds insult to injury. I would suggest buying a safe to ensure proper security. They can be rather affordable today like as little as $100. And they can come with multiple quick accessible options such as an RFID card or wrist band that can activate the unlocking mechanism. Also proper education with the young ones can also deter their curiosity. Basically if your children gain access and something bad happens you can be assured the state will respond. Just protect yourself and your family.

    2. Comon cuz Even a 3 years old child can clim on tap of refrigerator locked it homy

  62. I’m 21 from South Carolina I’m going to be visiting Charlotte North Carolina soon. I don’t have my CWP yet . But I do own a pistol am I still allowed to open carry in Charlotte or other legal parts of NC

    1. You’re fine. But remember you’re in Charlotte so don’t be surprised by the double looks you’ll be getting. But it’s all good. I live in the mountains but work in charlotte. Open carry every day.

  63. what a dumb question! REALLY??? You must be the “ill” one to ask a dumb question like that.

    1. No question is dumb rude ass….
      The only stupid question is 1 thts not asked or the 1 thinking it’s a stupid question. …. HOW else do u know if u don’t ask?!?!? Oooo now who’s stupid

  64. I believe that should be determined by a licensed professional or court. Sometimes I would say half my family has mental problems. Just because a person in the family thinks so does not make it so

    1. Is that Virginia or the Veterans Administration. If it the Veterans Administration; the answer is No.

    2. No…
      No schools, gov, fed, national forest or ANY1 with a sign posted on door concealed or not

  65. I am a manager at a gas station in NC. I have an employee that wants to carry his weapon in a holster. It is against store policy to have a weapon on the premises if you are an employee on the clock. Is his rights being violated?? It is always an argument when he his asked to put his gun in his car. Help please.

    1. No his rights aren’t being violated. Your store is allowed to have that as their policy.

    2. No, it is up to the store if it is allowed or not. But that doesn’t mean you’re not a douche for telling him you cant. I mean damn if word of mouth around town was your employees were armed folks might think twice before robbing you.
      Hope that answered your question Manager Douchebag!

  66. Have just a quick question on this.

    “A handgun openly displayed or in a locked glove box, locked console, or in the trunk is lawful.”

    Does ‘openly displayed’ include holsters on your hip that are NOT concealed under a shirt/jacket/ect? (which would be considered ‘open-carry’ outside of a vehicle). Or does this mean it needs to be up on a dash / in a gun-rack?

    1. Just to Clarify… i meant to ask about this as a driver in a vehicle. If i am say, going to a gun-range with a friend, and we both have our fire-arms on our hips, in open-carry fashion, do they ‘remain’ as open-cary. or does it magically turn into ‘concealed’ due to us being in a car and not standing upright in the open?

      1. Nc is vague on “concealed”. It is possible it would be considered concealed on or about your person if firearm is between your body and console or side of seat and NOT READILY VISIBLE and IDENTIFIABLE as a firearm. In a practical world, intent should be determinant, but…I always ensure to remove firearm from my hip and place on ctr console or pass seat, just in case (no ccw) and inform Leo so they are not surprised when they SEE my non-concealed firearm. Don’t want to SURPRISE Leo and it’s common courtesy as they face bad guys with guns all to often.
        Note: Seat belts and trying to draw from hip holstered might be an issue in a self defense scenario. Some people carry holstered under thigh while driving, others do not latch seat belt, and still there is the option of vehicle mounted holsters.

        1. Vague is an understatement 😀

          I actually did an honest ‘look’ for information on it.. even going so far as to ask a state trooper. And his response was “it’d be better to go to a courthouse and read what they have, as there’s about a room-full of various legal wording when it comes to carrying firearms in cars in NC.”

          I may just do what you do.. and let it sit on the passenger seat till i get my Concealed Carry. Just to be on the safe side.

  67. Ok… I’m 18 and I want to purchase a handgun. Is it legal to do so or do I need to be 21?

    1. A background check is required for private handgun sales but not for long guns. To purchase a handgun a person must present either a pistol purchase permit or concealed carry permit and be at least 18 years old. The pistol permit can only be obtained from the local sheriffs office in the county the applcant resides in. Before issuing the permit the sheriffs office will conduct a background check on the person requesting the permit.

    2. Long gun purchase: 18
      Handgun purchase: 21
      Handgun carry: 18
      Yes that means you can carry a handgun at 18, just can’t buy one. In other words you can carry your dad’s glock. Or anyone’s for that matter as long as it’s not stolen. No registering in nc.

  68. Hey, I’m 18 years old. Can I get a concealed carry permit in a state that allows 18 year olds to carry concealed, and then come back to NC and carry concealed? Will they honor that? Or since the law in NC is 21 years old would it be illegal?!

      1. No it is not. you need to honor each state’s concealed carry laws of the State you our in. It is elagal to conceal at 18 in n.c.

  69. I have a Virginia CCW license. I have a relative in Wilmington that we visit regularly. The wording is vague about the vehicle carrying. Is it legal to carry my firearm in my IWB holster while driving my vehicle through the state of NC? And where should it be placed if left in vehicle while entering a no gun zone store? Thank you.

    1. NC recognizes All other states Ccw. However u are subject to NC Ccw regs, so you have duty to notify any officer you come in contact with that you have ccw and carrying. At this time ask how officer would like you to proceed. NC requires that u have ccw and state or fed id on your person at all times when carrying ccw. But ask b4 reaching for your credentials would be good. Leo has some discretion especially if you are not a perp, but you have a duty to notify here in NC.
      Reasearch NC ccw regs and you should be good to ccw in NC with valid VA ccw.

    1. Military ID will NOT work unless you are actively involved in any US Military duty that would warrant you carrying your firearm for the sole purposes of your military activity. Otherwise in any off duty capacity you must abide by the current NC carry laws.

  70. Can a out of state homeowner have a rifle or shotgun kept in their home in nc

    1. There is no issues with legally obtained firearms being kept on your property whether you are present or not. The laws are actually more loose if you own the property. People without a concealed permit can carry concealed on their own property and if you meet the land size requirement, you may discharge your firearm in a safe manner (private range on property).

  71. I keep seeing ads on Facebook for concealed permit class online, is this for real and is it acknowledged as legit in the state of NC.?

    1. No. You must successfully complete an approved CCW training class conducted by a certified instructor.

    1. We as a nation have lost the bump stock battle and from what I know, they are no longer sold. As a state we have the ability to protest and still allow bump stocks here but I do not know any firearms dealer that wants to risk it. What I would suggest is a binary trigger, they are much better in my opinion.

  72. I possess a NC CWP. What are the recommendations for managing a weapon in a vehicle when traveling through a non reciprocal state such as IL. Is it acceptable to simply make it visible and not within reach.

    1. If IL does not recognize NC’s CCL then you’ll need to obide my the transportation laws covered under the Firearms Protection Act(FOPA). This means the gun and ammo both need to secured (in a locked case) and then placed in the trunk. Also, FOPA does protect you if you stay overnight in that state, so you must pass through IL and not stop for the night.

  73. I just brought a gun with my permit but i dont have a cc permit can i ealk around with my gun in a holster in nc without getting in trouble with the law

  74. Is my wife covered under my CONSEALED permit is I happen to leave a weapon in my vehicle.

    1. No, each individual must possess a CCW permit in order to carry concealed legally.

  75. Is a permit required every single time that I wish to purchase a handgun in NC? If not does the permit have an expiration date? Thanks.

    1. Yes, you need a new one each time you purchase a handgun. Permits Are good for five years from date of issue. They take about 14 business days to obtain, so buy a couple if you are buying even just one handgun.

      1. If you have a concealed carry permit you do not have to buy a permit your license allows you to make a gun purchase

    2. Yes, you have to obtain a pistol purchase permit each time you buy a handgun. However, if you get a CCW permit, you won’t need to have a purchase permit, as your CCW acts as a purchasing permit, as you had to submit finger prints, and go through all state and federal agencies for a background check, and have to pass that for the CCW to be issued.

  76. can somebody please tell me how many guns are you somebody allowed to own a hundred

  77. How does a hand gun permit with a couple? If one of the persons has a permit, can the other use the hand gun and if so where are they allowed to use it.

    1. You can NOT purchase your Significant other, Wife or anyone else a pistol. In order to purchase a handgun, a background check must be done.

      1. Not entirely true. I can purchase a gun & give it to my wife, family member or anybody for that matter. The only way this can be a potential problem is if the person you give it to is not legally allowed to possess a firearm. To answer Peter’s question of who can use a gun, anybody can. There are obviously restrictions on where you can use one but nobody has to ask permission from any government authority to use a gun for legal purposes. If that were the case, the numerous stories of children as young as 12 years old defending themselves from home intruders would have legal problems. This is the problem with having so many gun laws. People start asking questions that should never enter anybody’s minds. It should be a simple matter of common sense when you need to defend yourself, not worry about what any particular law states.

    2. If I buy a gun with my permit and my fiancé uses it but has never had a permit is that okay?

  78. Hello; I am a retired NY State Trooper and prior to retiring, applied for my New York State Police/Pistol permit which state on the license that I am authorized to possess and carry concealed firearm. I am moving to NC and wanted to find out if my permit will be honored in your state or if there is anything I need to do on my end prior to moving.

    Thank you

    1. Glad your moving south. Please don’t vote democrat here. They made New York too expensive to live and they’ll do it here.

    2. Tom You can apply for the Federal LE permit and carry it anywhere. Thanks for keeping Us safe trooper. I am moving back to asheville soon. Hendersonville or Asheville are beautiful places to live.

  79. If I do not have a CCP, and I want to transport my pistol to a practice range, is it legal to carry the pistol in the rear of a station wagon, unloaded and locked in a travel safe? Is that considered concealed? Am I allowed to conceal the safe in the trunk with it locked? or does the safe have to be out in the open? Thanks. Please be specific

    1. You will be fine in NC. Concealed by NCDOJ definition is on or about the person. In the back of a car even not locked up can not be looked at as concealed due to it is not readily available. Further to your point, even if it was loaded it can be beside you as long as it is in plain view. Remember NC is an open carry state without any permits. That said getting a CCH is a good thing, It takes away lots of things that otherwise you would be worrying about. Hope that helps.

    2. To be concealed it has to be in Your lunge area (Where You can lunge, grab it and use it immediately) In Fla just place it loaded in the glove compartment but it needs to be in a casing/hoster and the compartment shut. I lived in Asheville and they have some stupid laws. Here I can go in a bank/theatre concealed but there dont do it. You as a LE should go and find out about the LE permit to carry ANYWHERE. Its a federal permit and no one can arrest You and thanks for keeping Us safe Trooper!

  80. So I recently renewed my CCP and have seen some changes in the laws. My main question is if a company has a no firearms policy is it still legal to leave my firearm in my vehicle while I’m parked and working inside? I seen some states have a parking lot provision that allows people to do so. Ive seen conflicting information and called local sherrif dept and they referred me to this page. Still not sure. Thanks

    1. Here’s the thing, if your company owns the property the parking lot your car is parked on, I would abide by their policy. Because, should you decide to carry your weapon in your trunk locked up, and someone found out, it may cost you your job.


    1. NC, is an open carry state, meaning, as long as your weapon is visible at all times your fine, loaded. As far as your car, it also has to be visible, like sitting on the passenger seat or center console. Should you get pulled over, notify the officer immediately of the firearm in the car.

  82. Is it legal to enter an ABC Store as a customer with a concealed weapon? The store is owned and operated by the Town of Calabash NC. There is no sign Prohibiting weapons displayed.

    1. No, as the abc stores are run by the state, it’s considered a state agency. Therefore making it illegal. I just googled that because I wasn’t sure.

    2. North Carolina CCW Quick Facts
      Carry In Vehicle YES
      Must Notify Officer YES
      Carry In State Parks Allowed YES
      No Weapons Signs Enforced YES
      Open Carry Permitted YES
      Carry In Liquor Establishments YES
      Constitutional Carry NO

  83. So I am military I am stationed in South Carolina and I have my SC CWP but I am still a legal resident of North Carolina. My CWP has my SC address and it shows valid with military I.D. So am I covered when I go back home to NC or since I am technically not a resident of SC do I need to apply for my NC permit as well?

    1. I know, because I just happen to be reading up on that myself, on states that will honor a CCW permit issued in NC. Since you have a SC issued CCW permit, NC will honor it.
      Google states that will honor SC issued CCW permits, there you will find a complete list. But, since you are a NC resident, and to cut down on any confusion you might want to check on getting your permit issued in NC. For instance, SC will honor a NC CCW permit but only if your a resident of NC.
      Some people will go to another state to get their CCW permits because their state makes it difficult or impossible to obtain one, but, if they’re not a resident of the issuing state other states may not honor it.
      I say that because you have a SC issued CCW permit, but you’re a legal resident in NC, since you’re not a resident of the issuing state other states might not honor it. Like I said NC will. But given your situation, I would Google states that honor SC issued CCW permits.

  84. My dad gave me a 9mm for my birthday. I’m 29. Do I need to register it or anything? I plan to eventually get my concealed carry but for now it’s just for home defense.

  85. I am a Kentucky resident. KY allows open carry without a permit. I will be traveling to NC at the end of July. Am I allowed to open carry without a permit since I am not a resident?

    1. Google it, just search can you open carry in NC if you’re not a resident?

  86. Question: I currently have a CCW permit from Virginia and is not expired. Just moved to NC in April. Do I need to get a new CCW permit in NC even though my Virginia one isn’t expired? Thanks .

    1. No , currently, Virginia honors CCW permits issued in NC, and vice versa. What I’d recommend, is checking with the local Sheriff’s office, where you’re going to be living, before your current CCW permit expires, and see about renewing it in NC.
      I’m thinking what you might have to do, is, you’ll have to take a CCW course and apply for another CCW permit in NC.
      Now, I’m not for sure about that, but, to cut down on confusion you might want a CCW permit issued in the state you are residing. Main reason is, some states will not honor a CCW permit if it’s issued in one state and your residing in another.
      For example, SC will honor a CCW permit issued in NC as long as your a resident of NC, but if you’re a resident of NC, and you have a CCW permit from a different state, SC will not honor it.

  87. I live on the VA/NC border but am a resident of VA with a VA CCW. Can I get a gun permit to buy a pistol in NC from a licensed gun dealer?

    1. I know from researching what states will honor CCW permits issued in NC, VA, is one of those states.
      Google states that will honor a VA issued CCW permit, if NC is on that list, and I’m pretty she they are, you should be able to use your CCW permit, to purchase whatever handguns you want.
      I’m not saying for sure, you can, just research that. Also, if you know the gun store you want to buy the gun from, just call them and explain your situation, I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you for certain.

  88. What procedure does a resident of NC use to “pass on” or “give” his gun collection to various relatives ? Most of them are NC residents but there may be an out of state relative as well . All the relatives are gun owners and possess a cc permit from their state of residence . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Most believe that you can grandfather a handgun with no legal action but a friend of mine had an issue with that. His father grandfathered him a handgun when he was 18 which he proceeded to open carry. One day he was stopped by a police officer because he did not appear to be 21 so they wondered how he obtained the firearm. They ran the serial number, found it was registered to his father, and detained him until his father came to explain. When his father showed up he explained to the officers and they allowed them to leave with no issues but suggested that if ever passing down a handgun to a family member, to have them get a name transfer to avoid any legal issues. It is as simple as your relative gets a pistol purchase permit, the two of you go to the courthouse with the permit, and have the name transferred over.

      1. Again–this all depends on the state. Many (most) states have no registration of handguns. Some require it. I live in Tennessee and we have no gun registration. A resident could not “register” their weapons, even if they wanted to do so. Other states require it for every weapon, as you have alluded.

  89. This document says SC and Fla only recognizes residential NC cwp, what is a residential permit.

    1. Author

      You need to be a resident of the state where the permit is issued. In this case you would need to reside in NC and have one of their permits.

  90. I live in Greensboro NC and I was charged with a DWI in January of 2013-I was sleep driving after I had gone to bed and had taken an Ambien. I applied for renewal of my CCP afterward as it was due to expire. I had not gone to trial and had no prior charges or convictions for anything. My renewal was denied. The reason that I received for the denial was that I had been arrested and charged with the DWI and that it was pending. Was the denial based on the arrest an actual legal stipulation within the requirements for obtaining or renewing your CCP?

    1. You can’t obtain a cch permit within three years of a dui/dwi. That said there is a stipulation that if you are awaiting trial for an offence that would cause you to be ineligible to get a cch permit then you will not be able to obtain/renew until after the case is settled. If cleared no issue, if found guilty you will have to wait three years for a dui/dwi.

  91. I am a legal owner of a handgun but don’t have a CCW yet and my question is: Is it legal/illegal for me to have my loaded/unloaded firearm laying on the passenger seat while driving?

    1. Author

      Yes it is OK. It is illegal for the gun to be concealed in the vehicle. But as long as it is in a place where it can be seen that is legal. Dont put it under the seat or in the glove box.

        1. A handgun openly displayed or in a locked glove box, locked console, or in the trunk is lawful.

  92. I will be visiting the outer banks beginning this Saturday. Your site states a NY CC permit is honored in your state. I have read the ruses and just wanted verification that I will be considered legal in your state.

    Thank you
    Dave Oakley
    Palmyra NY

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