South Carolina Gun Laws

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South Carolina gun laws operate on a Shall Issue policy at the state level. They allow for the issue of concealed carry permits to residents and non-residents, provided non-residents own property in the state. Exemptions are given to military personnel posted in the state. Applicants must be 21 years or older, have 20/40 vision, and completed a firearms training course. South Carolina does not honor non-resident permits from other states.

South Carolina CCW Quick Facts

Carry In Vehicle SEE DETAILS
Must Notify Officer YES
Carry In State Parks Allowed YES
No Gun Signs Enforced YES
Open Carry Permitted NO
Carry In Liquor Establishments YES
Constitutional Carry NO
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Gun Laws

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South Carolina CCW Dashboard

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Gun Laws

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South Carolina CCW Reciprocity


  • Permit Honored
  • Permit not honored
  • Residential permits only
  • Issuing state

How Reciprocity Works in South Carolina

South Carolina will only honor residential permits from other states. For your permit to be honored the state must be on the state reciprocity list and you must be a resident of that state.

South Carolina Reciprocity State's


Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming
California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington


  • Idaho - SC only honors the Enhanced permit
  • Mississippi - SC only honors the Enhanced permit
  • North Dakota - SC only honors the Enhanced permit
  • South Dakota - SC only honors the Enhanced permit
  • West Virginia - Must be 21 years or older.
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South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit


  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • You have completed an approved firearms training class.
  • Reside in South Carolina, or if a resident of another state submit proof you own property in South Carolina.
  • You have not been convicted of a violent crime that is a felony.
  • You must have actual or corrected vision of 20/40.
  • Are not a person who, by order of a circuit judge or county court judge of South Carolina, has been adjudged unfit to carry or possess a firearm.
  • Federal Law Requirements

New York Gun Policy

Shall Issue

Permit Issued To

Residents, Non-Residents*
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Cwp permit

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South Carolina: Places Off-Limits for CCW

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South Carolina state flag

Places Off-Limits in South Carolina

  • Law enforcement office or facility.
  • Detention or correctional facility.
  • Courthouse or courtroom.
  • Polling place on election days.
  • Any publicly owned building or property without permission from persons in charge.
  • State Capitol building or grounds. CWP permit holders can leave their firearm locked in a vehicle.
  • Office of or the business meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or special purpose district.
  • School or college athletic event not related to firearms.
  • Daycare or preschool facility.
  • Place where federal law prohibits the carrying of firearms.
  • Church or other established religious sanctuary.
  • Hospital, doctors office, medical clinic or any building medical services are performed in. Unless given permission by employer.
  • Place clearly marked with a sign prohibiting the carrying of a concealable weapon on the premises.
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

Short and Headlines are Best!

  • State parks
  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicle
  • All areas of the state - except those listed as Off-Limits

Pointers: South Carolina CCW

Training class tips
Carry in restaurants

South Carolina Gun Sales...

Private Sales
No background checks are required for private handgun or long gun sales. The law does not allow firearms to be sold to anyone that is prohibited from possessing firearms under South Carolina law.

The purchasing process is fairly easy in South Carolina. To buy a handgun or long gun you will need a CWP Permit, or have a NCIS background check.

No CWP Permit
You will need to fill out ATF form 4473 and then the dealer will commence a background check. The background check will return one of the following results;

  • Approved
  • Delayed
  • Denied

With a CWP Permit
If the buyer has a CWP permit then they will need to complete form 4473 and then the purchase can begin. 

South Carolina Concealed Carry Laws

south carolina state capitol building
South Carolina state capitol building

South Carolina Gun Laws To Know

YES - Without a permit
If you do not have a CCW permit but can legally own a firearm then you are legally entitled to carry the firearm loaded in a vehicle as long as it is placed in a closed glove box, console or trunk of vehicle. If there is no trunk then the firearm can be placed in the luggage area enclosed in a container and secured with fasteners. If the firearm is found in any other place such as in a purse, under the seat, on the seat, you will be charged. The law is very specific on where the firearm is placed.

With a permit from South Carolina or other recognized state, you can carry a loaded concealed handgun in a vehicle on or about your person.

The Law
16.23.20 - Exceptions to unlawful carry 21.31.230 - Carry between vehicle & accomodation
NO - With or without a permit
Open carrying a handgun in South Carolina is illegal. Even if you have a concealed carry permit you still cannot legally open carry in this state.
YES - Must Inform Officer
South Carolina gun laws require you to inform a law enforcement officer you are carrying a firearm when approached on official business. You are also legally required to carry your permit at all times during which the permittee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun. The Law 23.31.215 - Issuance of permits
South Carolina does not have constitutional carry.
It is legal to carry in the following areas;
  • State Parks:       YES - 51.3.145
  • State/National Forests:     YES - 51.3.145
  • State Wildlife Management Areas:     YES - 123.203
  • Road Side Rest Areas:     YES - 16.23.420
You can carry a firearm into a restaurant if you have a CCW permit, but you are not allowed to consume alcohol. If the restaurant has posted a "No Weapons" sign then it is illegal to enter.

"Yes" or "No" states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol.

The Law 16.23.465
South Carolina gun laws give the force of law to“No Weapons” signs. There are legal penalties for entering a private property or business that has posted these signs.

GunsToCarry recommends that you do not enter a property displaying a “No Weapons" sign whether the law is for or against signage. If asked to leave a property and you refuse to do so then you are breaking the law and put yourself at risk of being charged.

The Law 23.31.235 - Sign Requirements
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
(Art. 1, § 20)

Off-Limits Statutes

Other CCW Statutes

South Carolina CCW FAQ's

frequently asked questions on south carolina gun laws

South Carolina CCW Contacts

Law Enforcement Division SLED


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed


Address 4400 Broad River Road

CityColumbia, SC29210

Phone (803) 896-7015


Updates & Data Sources


  1. Is there a handbook that has all the laws in it? Can I buy one somewhere. In case I can’t access my phone. I would be very helpful to have an actual copy of the laws.

  2. I moved to South Carolina from Ohio. It says that an Ohio permit is honored in SC for Ohio residents. Do I need to get my permit replaced/renewed before it is time since my residency changed, in order for it to be honored?

    1. Your drivers license from sc makes you a resident and you must take a class and get a SC CWP in sc to be legal. If you still have an Ohio DL you can use the Ohio CWP.

  3. what does Delayed mean when a background check is made? I just moved to SC and own a home and have a SC drivers license.

    1. Section 25.6(c)(1)(iv)(B) – Delayed response provided to FFL:

      (B) “Delayed” response, if the NICS search finds a record that requires more research to determine whether the prospective transferee is disqualified from processing a firearm by Federal or state law. A “Delayed” response to the FFL indicates that the
      firearm transfer should not proceed pending receipt of a follow-up “Proceed” response from the NICS or the expiration of three business days (exclusive of the day on which the query is made), whichever occurs first.

      (Example: An FFL requests a NICS check on a prospective firearm transferee at 9:00 a.m. on Friday and shortly thereafter receives a “Delayed” response from the NICS. If state offices in the state in which the FFL is located are closed on Saturday and Sunday and open the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and the NICS has not yet responded with a “Proceed” or “Denied” response,
      the FFL may transfer the firearm at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.)

  4. Just a heads up to anyone recently submitting electronically for their SC CWP through Identogo. Mine was submitted on July 24, 2020. 28 days later, I received my SC CWP in the mail. So, plan on at least a month waiting for it here. I live near North Charleston, SC.

    1. Mine too 45 days but that’s only because Identogo forgot to submit my DD214

  5. Can I wear a health mask and carry a weapon if I have a CWP in SC

  6. Is it a violation of SC CWP guidelines to wear a mask while carrying concealed?

  7. Hi. I live in SC and I was granted an Emergency Order of Protection on 6/17/20, because of abuse and threats on my life by ex., and have been told that SLED would issue me a CWP (or whatever it may be called) in my situation. Is that true? Of course checking with them I will do as well, but just for now, could you advise me on this?? My b.g. is perfect and vision, citizenship, etc…. thanks!! CC

  8. Can i carry a rifle in a backpack, with the upper and lower receiver separated? Without a permit?

    1. You can carry a long armed cocked and loaded duty the safety off if you want.

  9. I’m a truck driver and I don’t go any further than the Midwest and I don’t go to the north east states. Am I allowed to carry my hand gun while I travel?

    1. Make sure to get a CWP and for the most part you’ll be fine. Even Illinois lets you have a loaded handgun as long as it stays in the vehicle and you have a permit.

  10. Can I open carry my hand gun on my personally owned private property?

    1. Yes, you can open carry on your own private property.

      SECTION 16-23-20. Unlawful carrying of handgun; exceptions.
      It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, except as follows, unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law:

      (8) a person in his home or upon his real property or a person who has the permission of the owner or the person in legal possession or the person in legal control of the home or real property;

  11. I live in NJ, I want to relocate to SC, I have a hand gun and a couple of rifles, can I bring these with me (along with my NJ Fire Arms Purchaser ID card) when I move? I do not want to carry so I would not need to apply for a carry permit in SC but, is there anything I would need to do anyway, such as let local authorities know I have brought fire arms in from another state? Would I need to obtain any kind of new permits?

    1. SC does not register any firearms. SC does not have any purchase permits for handguns or ID cards for long guns or ammunition. You do not need to report or register your out of state weapons in SC. Remember if you ever need to report a gun stolen, it is up to you to voluntarily maintain an inventory of your guns with make, model, caliber, and serial number. That information is not going to be on file with the authorities in SC.

  12. How would I go about getting a gun permit in SC if my husband is active duty military stationed in SC but our home of residence is another state.

  13. My husband is in the military and we are stationed in SC but our home of residence is another state. How would I, as a spouse go about getting a permit for SC?

  14. I’m current Law Enforcement , if I retire in good standing and under congress HR 218, which allows me to carry in any state, if I choose to retire in South Carolina, what do you recommend on what I would need to apply for and what i don’t need to apply for.

  15. I have 30 year old misdemeanor arrests . Nothing bad . And I was refused my CWP . I still hunt . And do all I can as a citizen. I am law abiding for 30 years. At what point do I ever expect to be honored for that as a tax paying citizen who is active voter and caring about my community ?

  16. S.C. I have been charged with a 3rd degree misdemeanor. SLED now wants to revoke my cwp before I even go to court. Isn’t this a violation of constitutional rights and due process of law?

  17. I’m moveing from Kentucky to South Carolina is my Kentucky permit and training transferable to get a South Carolina ccw permit?

    1. I think you have to turn your CCW Permit back in from Kentucky , and take a CCW class in South Carolina

    2. No, you must go through the process. It is easy and beneficial due to the fact the gun laws and self defense laws are different in both states

  18. i live in Alabama, have had a ccw for 15 years. Can i carry my gun on me in South Carolina with a Alabama permit. From the documents i found as long as the visitors state honors S.C permit, they will honor ours. Am i wrong?

    1. No you’re find, but you cannot carry it open and show print.

  19. If I recently moved from another state and currently reside in SC with a girlfriend but am pending a change of address can I purchase a firearm? Also, will being charged with a misdemeanor drunk in public (non violent offense, walking home from a bar) in another state prohibit me in any way from purchasing and/or obtaining a concealed carry permit for a pistol or the ownership of a long gun?

    1. Traveling from Alabama to North Carolina thru South Carolina. I have a carry permit from AL. What are my requirements traveling thru SC with my handgun?

      1. See US Law Code 18 U.S.C. § 926A

        Put simply, if you’re traveling through a 2A-hostile state without stopping, and you’re legally allowed to possess your firearm in your home state and in your destination state, and you pack your unloaded firearm and ammunition in a locked hard-sided container in your trunk, you’ll have the Federal Safe Passage Act as a defense available to you.

  20. Can someone from NC with no cwp carry a handgun in the glove box or console of a truck?

    There are two sticking points here. SC law says that without a cwp, a handgun can be carried in the trunk or closed glove box or console. Does that include someone from out of state if they are otherwise legally authorized to possess a handgun, or is that only for SC residents?

    Sticky point number two. SC law says that glove boxes and consoles are considered a trunk if there is not one otherwise. But it says for trucks, the trunk is rear of the back seat. Who the hell is going to have a handgun sliding around the bed of their truck?

    1. It’s my understanding that while in SC unless u hve a cwp from a state SC recognizes then ur handgun needs to be in a glove box or center console. It can be locked n loaded as long as it’s in the console or glovebox as for long guns in SC I have a qaud cab truck n I carry a long gun in the floor behind the seat

    1. You are allowed to carry concealed or openly on your own property in SC and any other persons property that u hve permission from owner to do so

  21. Are south Carolina gun carry laws any different for handicap people

  22. Your answer to the question regarding regulation on carrying a rifle in moto vehicle is incorrect. No laws in SC that prohibit open carry of long guns in public or in motor vehicles.

    1. Absolutely correct. Long guns are open carry in SC. I asked several county deputy’s and sherriff where I live they know I go for a walk n take my weapon with me lol

  23. I bought a handgun and I left it at a friends house and the police come in and arrested my friend and charged him with having a gun during a violent crime how do i get my gun back

  24. If I have 2 non violent felonys one in k.y. one in Ohio but reside in South Carolina and am off supervision in no trouble anymore can I get my concealed permit ?

  25. If you own a pistol and get caught with it wouldn’t that be a felony or misdemeanor if you are between 18-20 trying to prove a point

    1. I got caught with a micro drako (always pistol) when I was 17 and got charged with unlawful possession of a weapon just a misdemeanor

  26. I live in SC, can I carry a pistol on my property to the mailbox, legally?

    1. Yes u can. U can carry anything u want in SC on ur own property. Doesn’t matter what or how u carry it. I had to call the sheriff’s office a few weeks ago n when they showed up I had a 9mm behind me n a 12ga around my neck in the front as I walked right up to the officer with my hands visible

  27. So my daughter lives in NC. she is active military. I live in SC and have my CWP. My daughter has asked me to transport her weapons to her in NC. I have a 4 door truck with no tool box in the bed. Is it legal for me to transport her weapons to her in NC? If so, how would I transport them?

  28. What if I am moving TO SC from another state and I have my license to carry in that state (MA)? I am also a licensed NRA pistol instructor, if that even matters!

    1. It’s my understanding that sc does not honor a cwp from another state.

      1. I have had my CWP’s about 6 years and often carry concealed. Has SC recently passed an open carry law?

        1. Yes, however, it does not take effect for another 60-70 days or so. When it goes into effect SC will be an open carry state and will no longer require (or even issue if I remember correctly) CWP.

      1. I am a cwp holder and i live in sc can i open carry as long as my fire arm stays holstered.

    1. Just make sure u hve a valid sc fishing license in ur possession n are not in a place to specifically prohibits it. I do it all the time when I fish I open carry it.

  29. Hello, I live in South Carolina and you have “no background checks”.
    I thought that checking for felony arrests was considered a background check. Am I wrong?

    1. SC is a shall issue state it’s tricky bc u can make a deal with another person in SC be it cash or trade for a weapon. There’s no background check needed for two private persons to meet n make a deal,but if u buy any type of gun from a ffl licenced store it goes go threw a background check. I have done it both ways a few times

  30. So I know it says 21+ for a permit, is Active duty military an exemption to that?

  31. If I have my CWP in SC, am I allowed to buy a handgun in NC and walk out with it the same day or do I still have to have it shipped to ffl dealer in SC like I would without the CWP?

    1. no. You will have to purchase the firearm in NC and have the dealer transfer it to your licensed FFL dealer in SC,

  32. Is it legal in SC to carry a loaded AR15 pistol in the vehicle with a CWP?

    1. If it is over 12″ in measured from any dimension then you can’t legally carry it concealed on your person. Over that length I believe it is considered a long gun.

  33. Need to update the open carry information for SC per 16-23-20 #4 ….

    SECTION 16-23-20. Unlawful carrying of handgun; exceptions.

    It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, except as follows, unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law:
    (4) licensed hunters or fishermen who are engaged in hunting or fishing or going to or from their places of hunting or fishing while in a vehicle or on foot;

    It is in fact legal to open carry while engaged or going to engage in the act of legally hunting or fishing in South Carolina. I personally think its a bad idea to open carry on the way to hunt or fish i.e. strapping it on before you leave home stopping at the convenience store etc. but putting it on when you get out of a vehicle at location of hunting or fishing and wearing while in the act of hunting or fishing is cool.

    1. If you are 5, 10, or more miles away from your hunting or fishing spot, you cannot carry the gun on or about your person and qualify under the hunting & fishing law. You have to be expressly in the area of your hunting or fishing to qualify.

  34. I am currently a CWP holder in NC and moving to SC, does SC require me to go thru the classes to carry or do they transfer NC CWP with application and fingerprints??

  35. If I move does my cwp permit have to match my current residence in order for me to carry

    1. If you do not want a hard time . The law is must match . This is why you send in copy of your driver’s license the state of sc will use your picture from license for cwp .

  36. What are the laws on using firearms in a residential neighborhood ( subdivision)?

  37. I’m a sc resident with a cwp,I drive a commercial semi truck and don’t leave the state. Is it legal for me to carry concealed in the truck? I don’t see anything in the federal motor carrier book saying it’s illegal.

    1. Daniel, I am a driver with a cwp also. You are correct that the fmca doesnt address the issue, as cwp is a state law. I carry while driving, but you must observing the following: your companies rules on firearms (personally, Id check the handbook instead of asking around), you must be able to legally carry in states that you travel to/through, and you must follow rules while on shippers/receivers property. Hope this helps

      1. Thanks martin,I don’t leave SC and I only drive to farms so I should be could,my employer told me he don’t care if I carry.

    1. Apparently not dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of you have to have a permit to open carry

      1. That is not correct. You can’t open carry a handgun in SC with a permit–there’s no such provision. The only way you can open carry is on the way to fishing/hunting grounds and possessing a valid hunting license. There are no laws prohibiting open carry of long guns.

  38. I just want you guys to stop calling a magazine a clip ! A clip feeds the ammo to the magazine and the magazine feeds the firearm. Oh how simple is that!!!?

    1. Personal peeve as well, I would have jumped on the recruits for incorrect terminology

  39. What if I’m just coming in for 3 days I have my consil carry for ar can I keep it in my car

  40. I have tried searching for laws about open or conceal carry on your property. I didn’t want to open carry on my property and a passerby calls 911. What are the laws being on your own property? Thanks for any info.

    1. No. SC do not honor any other state non-resident ccw. You must be a resident of that state and the state must be recognized by SC with a mutual agreement. If your state do not do background checks or do not have the same standards as SC you cannot carry in SC. You must be a property owner to get a SC Non-resident permit with training.

  41. Can ANYONE tell me if a cwp holder in SC can legally carry the mossberg shockwave 410 loaded in their vehicle for self defense, not hunting, purposes?

    1. In short the answer is YES. However, you still have to abide by the lawful transportation clauses. Such as you wouldn’t be able to pick your child up from school if you transported it in this manner. Additionally, the Shockwave is a shotgun (long gun) and by definition does not meet the definition of a concealable weapon.

      (5)“Concealable weapon” means a firearm having a length of less than twelve inches measured along its greatest dimension that must be carried in a manner that is hidden from public view in normal wear of clothing except when needed for self-defense, defense of others, and the protection of real or personal property.”

  42. Let me add to the wait time for cwp in SC. I’m a female shooter who went through the cwp course, finger printing, and paper work filling with my husband. We went to our sherrif’s Dept for finger print to make sure they would be accepted by the cwp permit officials. I mailed both of our packets at the same time. Almost exactly 90 days later, my husband’s cwp comes in the mail. Three weeks later I get my entire packet returned telling me I need to make sure I go to a sc sherrif’s Dept to get finger printed because those I had submitted were not legible. The ones I submitted clearly stated that the agency that took them were from L————- county SC sheriff’s dept. I was furious that they waited 15 weeks to tell me I had to be fingerprinted again. I went back to the sheriff dept and got finger printed again, and after an additional 3 months, I finally received my cwp. So, based on my experience, the wait time was around a total of 7 months. That was in 2016, so if they have cut back on their staff, we’ll then Good luck, and I hope you’re blessed with lots of patience!

  43. How is that Indiana honor South Carolina but South Carolina doesn’t honor Indiana ccw ?

  44. If locked up for unlawful carry and the firearm is in your name could you still get you cwp?

    1. Unlawful carry and unlawful possession are different. If you legally own a pistol but do not have a CWP then the charge should be for unlawful carry. That’s if you carried in the same manner as the laws that govern CWP holders. Unlawful carry in this case would be a misdemeanor and you shouldn’t be going to jail for it.

  45. My parents live in SC, no CWP. I left 2 pistols with them while I was living in Japan. Are they legally allowed to possess them in their home? They don’t ever plan on carrying. I just want to make sure I’m not going to get them in trouble.

      1. You said any one could have them at home what a person was convicted of Nonviolent crime had nothing to do with firearms

        1. Depends. If felony or in prison for more than a year. You would have to petition a judge

  46. ok i have Two questions nobody can completely Answer the first one relates to campus carry , i do realize it would be wise to walk into a school or pubic building , but i sometimes pick up my child from school , ive read the law a million times and maybe just interpret in another way but it states that if the gun is locked in a box in a fastener in rear most seat i will be fine as a CWP holder otherwise im screwed ive asked many friends and law enforcement cant answer it sometimes they dont even know the law , 2nd question is vehichle carry it also says i can put my gun in any open or closed container or under front seat mounted so if i get pulled over and my gun is laying in a map pocket in door in a holster or laying in a holster on top of an open console why would i be charged

    1. As a former public school teacher in SC, I was told that CWP holders can have them in their locked vehicle in a shut glove box or storage container out of sight in the vehicle. Again, if you leave your vehicle, the gun stays in the locked vehicle and not visible to anyone that might walk past your car or truck. Doors must be locked and gun must be in an enclosed compartment within the vehicle with the compartment shut. We were told that was also the law for all SC CWP gun owners on all PUBLIC school grounds, not private schools. For that reason, I begged my college age children to get their cwp on their 21st birthday so they could have weapon in their glove box on campus parking lots.

      1. College campuses do not allow weapons in vehicles or on school grounds to include the parking garage. Do not advise your kids to do something they can be arrested for and ruin their college career. Every university should be contacted, campus security, to be advised of thst schools policy. I can’t name 1 university in SC that allows Guns on their property. Your weapons has to be secured prior to entering school grounds and the vehicle must be locked if you exit the vehicle. Anywhere you have been autorized to carry, glove compartment, console, trunk, luggage space is fine. The weapon has to be concealed can not be in plain sight. Unless you have been given prior permission, in writing, you should not ever have your gun on your person while on school grounds.
        As for your open or closed container carry, your weapon should never be obvious to the eye of anyone walking up. It should be able to sit down inside or lay down so that it is not in plain sight. As for why they will charge you for it laying in an open spot that is on top of the console, you can call them and ask. I have a suspicion it has to do with access of that of a child or unauthorized person from the back seated area. Not sure.
        I’m an instructor so hopefully some of this helps. SLED is happy to take calls any time to clear these questions up.

        1. Guns in Schools in South Carolina
          Last updated September 19, 2018.
          South Carolina prohibits any person from possessing a firearm on any premises or property owned, operated, or controlled by a private or public school, college, university, technical college, or other post-secondary institution, or in any publicly-owned building, without the express permission of the authorities in charge of the premises or property.1 A separate state law prohibits any person from carrying a firearm on his or her person while on any elementary or secondary school property.2

          Concealed weapons permit holders are generally subject to these prohibitions, but a permit holder may keep his or her firearm inside an attended or locked motor vehicle on school property if the gun is secured in a closed glove compartment, closed console, closed trunk, or in a closed container secured by an integral fastener and transported in the luggage compartment of the vehicle.3 Permit holders also are prohibited from carrying a concealable firearm into a school or college athletic event not related to firearms, a daycare or pre-school facility, or the office or the business meeting of the governing body of a public school district.4

          In South Carolina, district school boards must expel for not less than one year a student who is determined to have brought a firearm to a school or any setting under the jurisdiction of a local board of trustees.5 The one-year expulsion is subject to modification by the district superintendent of education on a case-by-case basis.6 Students expelled pursuant to this section are not precluded from receiving educational services in an alternative setting.7

        2. You can definately have a weapon in your car, in a glove box while in school property, as long as you are a CWP holder.

  47. If my wife and I purchased a hand gun from Walmart approximately 25 years ago, is the hand gun registered?

    1. There is no such thing as gun registration,that’s a democrat ploy to take up guns !you give the permit to the gun dealer ,he keeps it from now on 10 yrs + but no registration ever happens ,you have a receipt ,cops usually ask is gun registered to you ,meaning is it stolen! Yes you are the original buyer who is legal to own the weapon ! But no such thing as gun registration

  48. I’m 19 and was wondering if I can have a 30-30 in a gun rack in my truck unloaded with safety on. If not how can I carry it

    1. If ur 19 yes. A 30/30 is a rifle aka long gun. U can keep it in the truck loaded if u wanted to

    2. Still legal in SC to carry long rifle in widow gun rack. No one does it any more for the obvious reasons but it is still legal.

  49. With a SC CWP, can I vehicle carry with my pistol in an open holster attached to the driver’s seat between my legs?

        1. I agree, he can in his vehicle in SC, but he cannot open carry outside the car.

      1. South Carolina Gun Laws To Know
        Vehicle Carry

        If you do not have a CCW permit but can legally own a firearm then you are legally entitled to carry the firearm loaded in a vehicle as long as it is placed in a closed glove box, console or trunk of vehicle. If there is no trunk then the firearm can be placed in the luggage area enclosed in a container and secured with fasteners.

        If the firearm is found in any other place such as in a purse, under the seat, on the seat, you will be charged. The law is very specific on where the firearm is placed.

        With a permit from South Carolina or other recognized state, you can carry a loaded concealed handgun in a vehicle on or about your person.

        The Law
        16.23.20 – Exceptions to unlawful carry
        21.31.230 – Carry between vehicle & accomodation

        1. If you have cwp can be under seat but please do not have were others may see like in window

    1. Nothing in the law says that is an authorised carry. Your weapon has to be concealed. So if you chose to put it there and you are pulled over, you need to cover it and notify the officer it is in your lap. They may provide headway for that as on the body carry but safely I’m going to say No! If pulled you need to put it in the door panel or console area before police officer comes up. Your gun not be out in the open.

      1. If pull over do not do not be moving anything around . Put hands on the wheel wait for officer to ask you for your id please. The officer does not want you moving around or reaching for anything.

  50. I noticed that open carry is not permitted. Does this include outdoor activities like horseback riding on trails? Being from Nevada, open carry is permitted. Coyotes are a real danger. We carry a pistol for them and snakes. Is this allowed in SC?

    1. if you’re on your own property or have the permission of the owner, you can

      1. George, where does it give specific permission to open carry in your own yard? I’ve heard it was allowed but I want to read it personally.

        1. It does state you can open carry on your own property or any where else if the property owner gives you permission.

        2. SECTION 23-31-510. Regulation of ownership, transfer, or possession of firearm or ammunition; discharge on landowner’s own property.

          No governing body of any county, municipality, or other political subdivision in the State may enact or promulgate any regulation or ordinance that regulates or attempts to regulate:

          (1) the transfer, ownership, possession, carrying, or transportation of firearms, ammunition, components of firearms, or any combination of these things; or

          (2) a landowner discharging a firearm on the landowner’s property to protect the landowner’s family, employees, the general public, or the landowner’s property from animals that the landowner reasonably believes pose a direct threat or danger to the landowner’s property, people on the landowner’s property, or the general public. For purposes of this item, the landowner’s property must be a parcel of land comprised of at least twenty-five contiguous acres. Any ordinance regulating the discharge of firearms that does not specifically provide for an exclusion pursuant to this item is unenforceable as it pertains to an incident described in this item; otherwise, the ordinance is enforceable.

    2. This board proves that our gun laws are so complex that the average law abiding citizen could commit a crime unintentionally.

      This question is tricky because there are a ton of variables that could come into play. If you are on personal property with permission from the owner then you can carry however you want. But let’s say you’re riding on federal or state land that is also used for hunting. If you had a CWP then you could carry concealed. However, if you are engaged in a hunting, fishing or a shooting activity then you can carry open. It would all depend on how you answered the authorities questions. One could easily claim that they were trail riding to a spot to safely shoot targets. If you claim you’re hunting then you need a valid hunting license and it better be open season.

      1. Can not carry on wma land . Only can use rifle or shotgun on most wma lands please read rules for wma lands. The rules can really get you on mwa lands becareful please.

  51. I live in SC. I have a CWP. My son lives in PA. What state do I apply to to give me a permit to carry there in PA. I want to say I need to apply to New Hampshire but I am not sure.

    1. PA used to honor New Hampshire Resident and Non Resident permits. They do not honor non resident permits any more. They do have a non resident permit but you have to take the class in PA.

      1. i have a non resident pa permit, n o class is required. just go to a place that gives out permits, fill out paper work, photo wait half hour , you will get permit

    2. PA. but you may have to own property like in SC, the further north you go or toward detroit or chicago, the harder it will be to even own a handgun

  52. I was convicted of habitual offender DUS in 2005 which is considered a felony, and also misdemeanor criminal domestic violence in the same year. Is it even possible to re-aquire my right to bear arms again? I have my right to vote but it’s very confusing on how to even know how to find information on where to look. Sled?????

    1. you can own a ball n cap but i wouldn’t carry it dui isnt a violent crime but you’d better check. you can’t carry a firearm anytime you are drinking so you gotta problem

      1. Never mix alcohol and firearms. However the possession of a firearm while intoxicated is legal. The use of a firearm while intoxicated is illegal. Use includes discharge, brandishing, presenting, etc.
        Refer to the SC Title Code for additional information about use.

    2. You can only own a cross bow or compound bow. But some felony charges dismiss all rights to bare any arms. So best to get professional answer with your local authorities.

  53. I have a CCW permit from Alabama and looking at the list I think that South Carolina doesn’t recognize my permit, am I correct?

    1. It shows on the map that it does. Your in the Blue as Tn also is and I’m here in SC now.

  54. I have owned a farm in SC for over 12 years ,all of my wife’s family are SC residents, I have a Florida CWP how do I apply for a SC CWP

  55. I am from NJ and now I live in NC part of the year. I have my rifle with me and I target shoot. I want to travel to SC to the 707 target range. What are the requirements of me to do this? I have my permit to own from NJ with me.

  56. In sc, is it okay for me to keep my firearm in my center consol?
    Its an old 2001 van so that consol was placed in between the front two seats. Its big, so its not like i can take it , out and try to conceal it that way.

    1. You can in SC, dash pocket, center consol or the trunk of the vehicle. You can’t have it on school grounds though,.

      1. If he has a sc cwp he can have it in the consol if it has a lid that shuts in the parking lot of a public school. He cannot take it out of that consul on school grounds, and he must lock the doors of the van if he has to leave it. However, if you don’t have a sc cwp, no gun may be in the vehicle when you roll into a public school parking lot.

  57. If I moved to South Carolina from North Carolina is my CCP still good in SC, if not what do I need to do to get a South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit?

  58. Traveling from Mississippi to South Carolina .. have Mississippi permit .. can I carry my gun in my car without getting in trouble

    1. Yes you can, in traveling from Ky to Florida and back. All states within the region accept the ccdw permit.

  59. Have a question – what provisions under south carolina law would allow the police to take your concealed carry permit without a conviction? The crime was not a violent crime – not domestic related – not a treat of bodily harm – not alcohol or drug related.

    1. No it doesn’t, however you can get a PA non-resident License to Carry Firearms fairly easily. I am a SC resident and have family in York County and it didn’t take very long at all. I did need to go to the County Sheriff’s office for a picture though.

    2. I just realized I answered that backwards for you. Short answer: No, you cannot carry in SC with a PA issued LTCF.

  60. I have a question. If the United States Constitution allows an individual to carry a firearm openly. Then why the South Carolina among several other states take it upon themselves to remove that right? I don’t understand how that’s not an egregious violation of the Constitution. The Constitution should overrule any state laws. As it was meant to be a blanket Constitution that protects all citizens in the United States. I firmly believe not having the right to open carry has contributed to thousands of homicides that could have been prevented or at least mitigated if someone had been carrying a firearm. Because the concealed weapons permit is an extremely difficult thing to get a specially for anyone that has any sort of past. Like I myself have minor misdemeanors from over 7 years ago that prevent me from getting a concealed weapons permit. And that’s just ridiculous not to be able to protect my family due to that.

  61. Quick question ! What’s the laws on guns as far as clubs or bars in South Carolina? If the place has no signs saying u can’t have one ; can you ? Long as you are not drinking?? I looked for this but no luck on answers !!

    1. You can carry concealed (no open carry) into eating establishments or bars as long as (1) you have a valid SC cc Permit or a CC permit from a state that is reciprocal with SC; (2) you consume no alcohol on the premises; and (3) there is no sign prohibited concealed carry for the premises.

  62. I think it’s crazy how Alabama recognizes a SC permit, but they don’t recognize an Alabama permit. That’s bull! The whole permit thing is crap anyway. The 2nd amendment says I have the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR arms. That sounds like a permit to me! By making me purchase a permit is infringing on my rights as an American citizen.

    1. It’s because Alabama doesn’t require any firearm training to obtain their permit

  63. I recently received my CWP after almost 5 months. The waiting period states up to 90 days. What it doesn’t state is that it does not include weekends or holidays. This needs to be stated in the waiting time information. I was quite surprised when I called to see if my application had been processed. I had been a Federal government employee of which I retired from, for 21 years and numerous background checks that were completed periodically. My question is this, why does it take so long?
    I have family in Pa. and they were amazed that it took so long since they were able to go to the courthouse and receive their permit the same day.

    1. I know how you feel – I’m retired military, held a TS security clearance for 20 years, had had a CCW from Colorado and then Kentucky for over 20 years, have never been arrested/charged with any crimes, and it STILL took over three months to get my permit issued when I moved here. Crazy…

    2. They have a small crew processing the applications and the wait is 90 days. Presently they are starting an online renewal process with the same people that do TSA, CDL Hazmat, Twic Cards, and TSA Pre Check credentials. This is supposed to take only a few weeks when it gets going well.

      1. I took my CWP class in Oct 2017, Did not put my paperwork in the Mail until Dec 2 or 3, Just got my Permit in the Mail Today!

  64. They should at least have a system that one can call in to check on their application status. 90+ days is for the birds as is the cost . They treat our 2nd amendment rights here as a privilege. And thats just WRONG.

  65. is it illegal for an 18 year old to own a handgun and keep it locked up in their home?

    1. You are legally allowed to own a handgun at the age of 18. Although, you would not be able to purchase from a licenses dealer until the age of 21. Private sales still can be conducted with a person who is 18+.

    1. misdemeanors will need to be expunged, time lapsed, or official override from the judge.

  66. If you accidentally reveal your weapon and someone witness the this is it against the law in non open carry States.

    1. it is illegal in SC to do so but usually you will just get a warning. But an officer of the law can charge you at their discretion .

    1. long guns are 100% legal without a license. just dont take it to the banned places

  67. If you are open carrying it might make a thief think twice about robbing you

    1. you will also be placed under arrest in s.c. for doing so . I know Im former law enforcement and think that concealing is more dangerous than just plain constitutional carry. but that is open for debate.

  68. Can I open carry to and from hunting and fishing?
    Years ago I used to carry my shot gun on a rack in open view is this still legal ?

    1. Yes, you can carry your long guns on a rack, as long as they are not loaded and the ammo is separated from the gun. Although, you must clearly show you are traveling to and from a hunting grounds. Not possessing a hunting licenses, off season, or anything of a clear indication that you would be going to or returning from a hunt would be unlawful.

    1. EDIT***a SC resident that is 18 years of age. (Being under the age of21) *

      1. Yes. 18+ can purchase from a private seller of a handgun and or long gun. Although you would not be able to purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer, you could how ever purchase a long rifle from a dealer.

  69. I’ve lived in sc my whole 36 years or living and until I saw someone walk into Walmart (ignorantly with their gun in open carry state ) standing in line talking to his friend and a child behind him reaching for it without him paying attention. Made me totally rethink this topic! concealed has the element of surprise and safety!

  70. I only open carry when deep woods camping because I take it mostly for “bear” defense. It is also almost imposible to conceal a large caliber high capacity hand gun and have it readily accessible in a moment’s notice. Seconds count in the woods where I could be the one surprised! I am moving to SC and have to deal with it if I want to backpack camp there, any suggestions?

    1. I’d call the South Carolina park rangers and ask their opinion. Concealed carry laws and open carry laws generally deal with being in public locations in which groups of people congregate and less to do with agricultural and hunting laws, but I’d still err on the side of caution. I know when I went backpacking with a group of friends up in North Carolina, the park rangers had absolutely no trouble with me carrying a 12 gauge for Bear defense… But that was also North Carolina. But a park ranger won’t snub you for asking something like that – if anything, they probably would appreciate it!

    2. You are legally allowed to carry open carry on state park grounds, only during a hunting session. You can open carry on private grounds.

  71. Strange question here. If only federally licensed dealers are required to initiate. a background check, then if I purchase a gun from a non federally licensed dealer then I would not be subjected to a back ground check correct? I’m am just inquiring because I am not sure if I would or would not pass a background check. I had some trouble with the law and was on 2/yra probation. I complied and then was released. It was for felony, but my probation officer told me that I had no felonies when I was released. I know for a fact that I was change with a felony. That was all many many moons ago. I just believe that with the world we live in today that it might be necessary and the smart thing to do to arm myself in some fashion. Hell all I want is something small anyways. Something slightly bigger than .22, maybe a .357. I have just barely started looking at guns but know that I probably should have one. The police are not your friends these days and they side with the actual criminals in to many instances.

    1. I’d pay for your own background check. They’re not hard to get since employers run them all the time for applicants for employment. There are companies that can run one for you, especially if you are doing it on yourself (just like you can run your own credit report). If the felony shows up, you can’t own a firearm of any sort, anywhere, at any time without having the felony expunged by the charging state (and I’m not sure if that clears the firearms apsect). If it doesn’t show up, then all bets are off – buy away! Err on the side of caution, though – felons caught with firearms, especially when attempting to carry, don’t get fairytale endings.

    2. You could have your local police check your background. If the seller or purchaser would think that you may have a criminal background the sell should not take place. Both parties are held accountable.

  72. Does South Carolina recognize and have a reciprocity agreement with CCW issued from the state of Penna?

    1. Pennsylvania is NOT on the list of reciprocity with South Carolina. There is a map that shows states that do and do not honor the CCW of South Carolina. I looked this up because my family lives in Pa. and it kinda sucks traveling alone.

  73. as a tourist traveling from Pennsylvania to south Carolina what do I do about protection since pa is not on the list for receprocity

    1. Pepper spray, ball bat, jujitsu, or get close to Chuck Norris. Just don’t carry a firearm on your person. In your car, unloaded, with any ammunition in another area of your car and in the designated locations noted up above, you’ll be good there – but definitely not on your person.

    2. You can carry in South Carolina you just can’t open carry. And you can’t have it on your person. But you can keep it in your car in the glove box as long as it’s not visible

  74. Is it illegal to travel from Georgia to WV with an unloaded, locked up AR15?

    1. P.S. I would be traveling through SC, NC, Virginia and then home in WV…

  75. If you have a cwp and the handgun is in the holster can you put your concealed carry in anywhere you like in the car? Or it has to be in the center close console and glovebox?

    1. Concealed carry, is a very powerful word. especially “carry” in order to follow the law as CWP holder the gun must be concealed and in your possession. If you are not carrying, the handgun can still be loaded, but must be in a lockable storage area. The new amendments state that a handgun can be loaded and placed in a center console, but does not necessarily have to be locked, just lockable.

    2. I spent about an hour debating the concealed law with a highway patrolman after I presented him my CWP and told him my pistol was in my backpack located in the back seat. We wanted to cite me for unlawful transportation. The law states that the firearm must be concealed on or about the person. I finally convinced him that I was lawfully carrying when I started calling my backpack a purse. Here is a link to case-law if you’re interested about the definition of “about the person”.

  76. I am a Indiana resident with a license to carry in my state. I am getting ready to make a trip to South Carolina and I see that they do not honor Indiana permits. I believe from what I have read on this site that I can have my weapon in my car as long as it is in the glove box or the trunk, and not on or near myself. I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly as I do not need or want any kind of trouble.
    Thank you

    1. Glove box or trunk and I believe it has to be cased in the trunk. Cannot have a loaded clip in it or a round in the chamber, and any loaded clips have to be in a separate location of the car such as the center console. And do not have the gun under your seat – that’s one I’ve heard to be a big no-no for non-SC permit holders.

      1. Stephen, please do not give out information if you are not positive that it is correct.

        The law on vehicle carry is, as stated above. “If you do not have a CCW permit but can legally own a firearm then you are legally entitled to carry the firearm loaded in a vehicle as long as it is placed in a closed glove box, console or trunk of vehicle. If there is no trunk then the firearm can be placed in the luggage area enclosed in a container and secured with fasteners.

        If the firearm is found in any other place such as in a purse, under the seat, on the seat, you will be charged. The law is very specific on where the firearm is placed.”

  77. Mailed my South Carolina CCW application on March 30, 2018 and it was received on April 2, 2018. It’s well over 90 days that processing time that’s stated by law. I sent an email inquiry and finally answered the phone at SLED. I was told that it was going to take more time to process because of a new processing system? State law mandates that applications are to be processed within 90 days in SC but who enforces that and what are the consequences for a permit not processed in due time? I’m confused. Is there anybody out there having the same issue?

    1. I’m currently under the exact same issue as I took my course on March 10th and it was received by SLED on April 12th. I was told by SLED whenever I called to inquire and they said that it now normally takes exactly 90 days or slightly longer because of the new electronic system that they’re implementing. There’s only 4 employees in Columbia that process these applications and they receive hundreds of applications a week, having to check every single letter of the application and also background checks and what have you. So if you haven’t received any notice or returned application due to any error, you’re just in the waiting game and you’ll receive your permit in due time. Although I think the fact that they have only 4 employees doing this is the real bottleneck, I’m imagining that the new electronic system is supposed to help with that.

    2. Found out this morning that the 90 days does not include weekends or holidays. Per the person that answered the phone. Even though the law clearly stated 90 days and no mention of holidays or weekends. This potentially adds another 30 days of waiting time without a holiday being considered.

      1. I was told the same thing about holidays and weekends when I called to find out why I’d still not received mine, but nothing about new system delaying processing. When we took our class, the instructor stated that we needed to submit our applications before a certain time because SC would be implementing a new system.

  78. Do I need to take a training course , having a lifetime ccl from another State . I’m buying a house in Lexington South Carolina.

    1. Yes sir, I believe you do. I am on the same boat also moving to Lexington area from Texas.

    2. Yes. We just came from Florida and he has his there. If you have not taken a course within the last 3 years you have to take the course and apply.

  79. If I’m CCW from another state, Illinois, can I carry in South Carolina ???

    1. You’ll definitely need to apply for the SC CCW. Not only did you relocate (which voids your prior CCW anyhow), Illinois doesn’t even reciprocate.

    2. Idk the answer, but welcome to SC from a former IL resident (small town just northeast of Champaign)!

  80. I just move to SC, I have CWP permits from CT(Res), NH(NR), FL(NR). I am also retired Army Officer 24 Years(DD214), NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA Basic Pistol Instr, Firearm Home Safety Instructor. Do I need to take training in SC for my CWP or will I be exempt?

    1. According to what I read from above, you will not have to take the full training only a part of it. I know I read that because that applied to me as well.

  81. When a person doesn’t have a CCW permit and transports a firearm in a glove box or console are they required to notify law enforcement of the weapon? From what I read only a CCW permit carrier is required to notify law enforcement.

    1. As soon as the Officer who pulls you over runs your tag, he will know if you have a permit or not. You MUST inform him FIRST THING before chit-chat or he will not be happy. He might ask if you have a weapon or he might not, but you do not need to inform him if you have no permit. Always be truthful, the LEO’s appreciate that.

    2. Always a great idea to inform, regardless. No law enforcement likes a surprise, if you catch my drift. But as for ‘duty to inform’ laws, it depends on the state legislation. SC is a duty to inform state, so if the permit holders are required to inform, I imagine non-holders don’t have an excuse beyond gross ignorance.

  82. I moved to SC from Virginia several months ago and I’m currently a permanent resident of SC. I have a conceal carry permit from VA that is valid until 2022. Is my conceal carry permit from VA still valid in SC or do I need to get a SC conceal carry permit? I know that VA & SC have reciprocity but does the fact that I’m now a SC resident negate my VA CC permit?

    1. It does. Your CCW is only valid if you are a resident of that state, regardless of reciprocation. Reciprocation simply means if you visit a state that reciprocates to the state of your residency (the one of which you have your license in), they’ll honor your permit to carry – BUT under THEIR the laws and legislation. So know the laws of the states you visit! But if you relocate to another state, you surrender your carrying permit of your previous residency and must reapply for the permit in which you now reside.

  83. I’m from Indiana and will be traveling to South Carolina. I have a permit in Indiana. Can I leave the gun loaded in my car?

    1. Yes you may. Stated specifically in the rules. Glove box or center console. Must inform officer by law.

  84. If I move to sc and have a carry license in ma do have retake courses and or what is the process to get a sc license? Thnxs

  85. Does an electric company count as federal property? Can you have a gun in your vehicle while there? At the VA you can’t even have one in your car, and I’ve never actually gone to the power company to pay a bill, but certain circumstances have required me to do so for this month.

    1. The electrical company it self is not a federal entity, although check for legal signs and postages.

  86. Under “other ccw statutes” – “23.31.215-reciprocity” , states that in-spite of non reciprocal states, SC automatically recognizes NC and GA ccw permits. Am I understanding that correctly? Provision does effectively recognize GA/NC ccw as reciprocal in SC?

    1. Author

      Yes, that’s what the law says so they have to abide by the law. I am not sure why they have automatic recognition for those two states.

  87. From a legal perspective I am looking for some clarity. I am a Uk passport holder married to an American we only spend a few months a year in the USA.
    The wife owns both a hand gun and a shot gun- all registered to our S.C. address.I am not resident of the state nor am I the registered owner of our property however I often drive our truck with the firearm either locked in a case placed in the back of the truck or in the centre console.
    Is this a violation?

    1. Author

      Please read the section on vehicles and then in statutes 16.23.20 section 9. The question is can you legally possess a firearm without being a US citizen and I would suggest you seek legal advice on that point. You need to get a definite answer because if you are charged it would have serious consequences for your trips to the USA.

  88. I haven’t seen anything regarding long guns except it is legal to open carry a shotgun or rifle in sc. I’m not gonna test this theory until I am exactly sure of everything, and still don’t plan on walking down the street with an ar strapped to myself. I have wondered tho about a legal 18” shotgun loaded on the front seat of the car, it won’t fit in a dash, and no, it’s not a sbs (short barreled shotgun) it’s 18” barrel and a 5” talon hand grip I believe is the proper name. It’ll hold 8 rounds 12gauge pump. It won’t fit in the dash, but god forbid a cop walks to my car and it’s barrel down beside me in my seat. What’s the deal with long guns carrying in car or down Main Street?

    1. Author

      We have been mainly focused on handguns but will increase the long gun content if that’s what readers want.

    2. I am also wondering the same thing for nearly the same situation. I have also noticed that long guns are acceptable (I’m sure that it can only be done in authorized locations), but I’m curious about the where, when and how.

      What I’d like to do is be able to go for a hike with a full-sized shotgun slung to my front (or rear). Yes, I’m sure it would be easier if I get a hunting licence and hike during hunting season in authorized hunting areas. Even so, why must I (and anyone who’d like to join me) to be so limited in timeframe and locations, all the while putting myself (and my party) to be walking around in a live hunting area?

      1. Carrying a long gun in your cabin is completely legal. Although, it must be unloaded and separate from its ammo’. At the same time, you would only allowed to do this traveling to and from a state or private hunting ground and would have to display true meaning of doing so. You can not legally drive around with your long guns day in and day out displayed in the back window of your truck.

    1. Publicly waving or showing a weapon in an aggressive or dominant manner. Causing fear to surrounding people.

    2. Brandishing is not only by motions deemed ‘agressive’; revealing your firearm in any means to the general public also falls under the definition of brandishing, either intentional or unintentional. If your shirt either fails to hide the shape or entirety of your weapon, that is a form of brandishing known as printing. Having your hand sitting on your weapon even though it’s hidden under your clothing is also considered brandishing. The idea is for the general public to have no knowledge of your position as an armed civilan, hence why it’s called ‘concealed carry’. They don’t ask/know, you don’t tell.

      1. As long as they don’t see it. What they guess is in your pocket does not put you in violation of the law.

  89. I would think that a state that gives reciprocity to the state of ga would honor the laws of said state now my problem is that I am not permitted to open carry in sc and by law I can open carry in ga

    1. Author

      Agree, all these different laws in each state are bit of a headache but that’s why this site exists, to try and bring some clarity to a confusing tangle of gun laws.

  90. I have a Concealed Carry permit from Florida where I moved from to Mt Pleasant , SC. Do I have to take firearm training in South Carolina to get a permit here?

  91. Can I have a loaded hand gun in a long term stay at a motel or efficiency apt. without a permit?

  92. Why are the laws so weird and different from California is this supposed to be a joke or something this is so um….
    how do i explain this difficult conversation . I mean yes- without a permit open carry . !OMG JUST WOW!

  93. Not legal to have weapon in the car with CCW seems to be at cross purposes with the whole CCW philosophy. How can this be true.

    1. Author

      Firearms are permitted in vehicles in SC. Without a permit you can still carry a handgun in a car but it must be in the trunk, glove box or console but no other places.

  94. What seems to be the “snafu” in establishing reciprocity between SC and Pa. concerning concealed carry?

    1. Author

      The minimum age for possessing or transporting a firearm in SC is 18, so yes I would say it is illegal.

      1. Hey wayne, thanks for the reply I am in a quandary, my son works and some nights it’s late when he gets off . we are having truble with a gang in our neighbor hood. They have been trying to mess with my family and the police are no help. I’m now armed and need to find away keep my son safe any suggestion would help. From what I’ve read about gun laws as long as he has his hunting license he could transport a riffle or shot gun however hard to use from a car just concerned for his safty as I am planning to move which will take a little time. Thank you for your time , from a single mom Rhonda.

        1. Author

          I understand your situation but I should point out we are not lawyers and do not give legal advice. Keeping your son safe also means from law enforcement. The law is black and white and states 18 years old. If your son is 17 then its only a matter of months to wait until his 18th birthday. Getting a conviction at such an early age would affect his entire life such as obtaining jobs etc, it is not something you want to mess with. Usually just the sight of a firearm is enough to scare a person off. So may I suggest a realistic looking imitation gun and maybe some pepper spray.

          1. So her son pulls out a play gun and his agressor pulls out a Mac-10 …..not good to play that game….bad very bad information

          2. Agree 100%. A toy gun? Oh no. Carry mace and or wasp spray. Aim for the eyes always and run.

          3. Never pull a weapon on someone for any reason other than to fire it. A toy cannot be fired. That is a game with no good ending.

    2. No as long as you can legally possess a weapon , also I think in SC a 17 yr old is considered a adult.
      The only thing that would prevent you from carrying a weapon in your car is a felony conviction or a mental health issue.
      Open carry here is coming soon I pray, not that I need to (look big or intimidating) I just feel as a American the constitution is clear cut.

  95. SC does need to pass its new open carry constitution carry law. If you think this will turn into the wild west you need to look at other constitution carry states. Look at GA for example. We in SC are behind the times on many issues.

    1. Joe, I agree with u, but I feel SC should incorporate their own background check and not depend the idiots in the DC area

    2. Why would anyone want to open carry! To show off “Hey I Got A Gun!” No one needs to know your personal business. Concealed carry is the most practical and safe way to carry a firearm. The only people I know that want to open carry are the ones that want to look “Big”!

      1. Author

        Good point but some states promote open carry by not requiring a permit for it. Whereas if you want to conceal carry you would need to go though the whole permit process.

      2. With open carry the formula changes. You lose the element of surprise and you now are high profiling and may indeed become a target of opportunity.

        1. Element of surprise ? That’s stupid. THE idea of surprise, that means the CRIMMINAL has already started his/her attack or action to harm or Rob. Dumb ! With open carry, recognized in 45 states, its not a matter of ‘surprise’, it’s the element that says, ‘you can clearly see CRIMMINAL that I have a means to protect my family and self. Just as with snakes, wasps, spiders, etc., you recognize these animals that are capable of hurting (you back). S.C. IS out of touch with statistics of violent crime….continually on the rise. I don’t want to surprise the perpetrator, I want them give them visual warning…”don’t f- – k with me. Or the,…don’t start any S.H. and there won’t be any I.T.

      3. No one needs to know , if the sisutation come up , then I’m gonna take responsibility for my action , as well as anyone else ,

      4. There are two thought on open carry, the latter of which I agree. The firs is that an open carry could potentially motivate provocation on the part of the public, or triger paranoid delusion that he or she is a nut job, thereby the target for verbal abuse.

        The second thought, which I favor, even though I choose concealment, is that a weapon brandished for, as Willie Nelson so elequenty put it “for all the world to feel” is certainly an obstacle for a criminals.

        In the end, it’s a a sad state of humanity that we have to defend ourselves drones each other through such lethal means but more importantly, against tyranny. As in the case in Venezuela where I lived during the Chavez takeover. Very few average citizens owned weapons, making it a cakewalk for a criminal to walze in a seize power.

        The aftermath of Venezuela’s hostile takeover, and it’s democratic demise, is horrific still today (2018) as the country has been ripped of law and order, and plumitted into poverty. The poor, which is always going to be the majority regardless of any racial or ethnic category one wishes to formulate.

        In summary, I’m feel a sense of brotherhood with someone who brandished his or her weapon. It lets me know that should the feces hit the air conditioning unit, I have someone else standing with me. My only concern would be, can the use it with any degree of accuracy or is it just an ornament.

      5. Because it can prevent and deter a crime that may happen. I would imagine if I had a plan to attach someone. And I see that they or someone around them has a gun most likely I would not attack. Has nothing to do with looking big or tough or mean. Has everything to do with safety.


      7. Some valid points of discussion here, but U.S. Constitution, 2nd A TRUMPS all of them. Concealed is the perfered method for me… But my shorts won’t get twisted into a knot if I see open carry. Far less of a target if criminals saw and knew that their nefarious intent had consequences. …

      8. Although I agree with you because you have a valid point, I also think that an individual should have the right to open carry if they are able to do so responsibly.

    3. As a north carolina resident I think sc needs to pass open carry. It should be legal period it’s part of the constitution right! It does not say in the constitution it’s your right to keep and bare arms but you must follow 227 different guidelines just for your state plus any other state. Constitution carry should be law and if you pass a ccp permit check take the class you should be allowed to carry in any state without any issues. That was the constitution people got but hurt and put feelings into what was written into law. Long ago.

      Carrying open does not make a person look big if you think that your mindset is all wrong its simply another carry option, it’s a faster draw in a pinch.

      I. 95% of the time conceal carry my proffered method but believe you me if I’m in a hurry or running down to get gas or grocery I will open carry every time. I dont need to look big a firearm is a tool.that fixed a certain prob3lms no different from what a hammer does to nails.

      I hope sc passes this law as I live 15 min from state line pain in the ass to change carry positions to accommodate sc outdated law

      1. I agree. I also live 6 minutes from the state line. It’s the closest and cheapest place to get gas, grocery shop and eat. It’s a pain to change carry for a quick trip.

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