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Updated April 6, 2019:

Updated November 19, 2018:


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mark woodward

Mark Woodward

Mark Woodward

Texas is classed as a "shall Issue" state with the law regulating ownership of firearms to any person at least 18 years old. Texas gun laws do not regulate the possession of firearms so any person, no matter what age, can possess a firearm as long as they are not a felon. To purchase a handgun a person must be at least 21 years old if buying from a federally licensed dealer. Licences to carry are issued to both residents and non-residents with a 4-6 hour training course required. Open carry is legal provided the handgun is in a shoulder or belt holster.

Your guide

Mark Woodward

Texas is classed as a "shall Issue" state with the law regulating ownership of firearms to any person at least 18 years old. Texas gun laws do not regulate the possession of firearms so any person, no matter what age, can possess a firearm as long as they are not a felon. To purchase a handgun a person must be at least 21 years old if buying from a federally licensed dealer. Licences to carry are issued to both residents and non-residents with a 4-6 hour training course required. Open carry is legal provided the handgun is in a shoulder or belt holster.

Texas is classed as a "shall Issue" state with the law regulating ownership of firearms to any person at least 18 years old. However, Texas gun laws do not regulate the possession of firearms so any person, no matter what age, can possess a firearm as long as they are not a felon. To purchase a handgun a person must be at least 21 years old if buying from a federally licensed dealer. Licences to carry are issued to both residents and non-residents with a 4-6 hour training course required. Open carry is legal provided the handgun is in a shoulder or belt holster.

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Quick facts

Carry In Vehicle SEE DETAILS
Must Notify Officer NO
State Park Carry YES
Gun Signs Enforced YES
Restaurant Carry YES
Constitutional Carry NO
See Details
See Details
total active ccw
licenses in TX
States honoring
TX license
CCW licenses
TX honors
States not
honoring TX license

Texas Reciprocity Map

  • Issuing State
  • TX license honored
  • TX license not honored
  • TX residential license only
  • Issuing State
  • TX license honored
  • TX license not honored
  • TX residential license only

Texas reciprocity guide for LTC licenses

All non-resident permits from states that Texas honors will be accepted in Texas as long as the holder of the permit is at least 21 years old.

Texas has signed reciprocity agreements with 31 other states which can be viewed at the Texas Department of Public Safety's website.

States that will honor a Texas LTC licence

Resident Licences
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Non-Resident Licences
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Handgun licences Texas will honor

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New York City, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming

States that will not honor a Texas LTC license

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington.

Washington D.C.
Rhode Island - Only permits issued by the Rhode Island Attorney General will be honored by Texas
Ohio - Permits must have been issued or renewed after 3/23/15 to be honored in Texas.

411.174 - Non-resident licence

Overview of the Texas LTC license

texas state flag
Texas state flag
  • Issue policy - Shall Issue
  • Issued to - Residents & Non-Residents
  • License Fee - $40
  • License Valid - 5 years

Pistol license Overview

The Texas License To Carry (LTC) is issue to qualified applicants who are at least 21 years old or 18 if in the military. The license is also required if a person wants to carry a handgun openly. Previously the handgun permit was called a Concealed Handgun License CHL however this was changed to License To Carry (LTC) in January 2016.

Applications for a license are handled by the Department of Public Safety who require first time applications to be made online. There is a fee of $40 with the license being valid for 5 years.

Non-Resident Licenses

Non-residents can apply online for a Texas LTC or mail in the forms. The application will need to contain the following;
  1. A color copy of your state drivers license or ID card. There must be a copy of the front and back.
  2. A handgun proficiency certificate that is not more than two years old.

Texas Non-Resident License is valid in:

Handgun Training

All applicants are required to complete a 4-6 hour instruction course set by the state and taught by a licensed instructor. The cost of the courses varies but on average are around $100-$125. Course topics usually include state gun laws, handgun safety, liability and conflict resolution. There is a written and practical part to the course with the practical qualification requiring 50 rounds of ammunition to be fired. Once the course has been passed the instructor will supply a Certificate of Training (CHL-100) which the student must submit to the DPS.

Requirements to qualify for a Texas LTC license

  • Is a legal resident of this state for the six-month period preceding the date of application under this subchapter or is otherwise eligible for a license under Section 411.173(a);
  • Is at least 21 years of age; or at least 18 if you are a member or veteran of the US Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard or was discharged under honorable conditions.
  • Has not been convicted of a felony;
  • Is not charged with the commission of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or equivalent offense, or of an offense under Section 42.01, Penal Code, or equivalent offense, or of a felony under an information or indictment;
  • Is not a fugitive from justice for a felony or a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or equivalent offense;
  • Is not a chemically dependent person;
  • Is not incapable of exercising sound judgment with respect to the proper use and storage of a handgun;
  • Has not, in the five years preceding the date of application, been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor or equivalent offense or of an offense under Section 42.01, Penal Code, or equivalent offense;
  • is fully qualified under applicable federal and state law to purchase a handgun;
  • Has not been finally determined to be delinquent in making a child support payment administered or collected by the attorney general;
  • Has not been finally determined to be delinquent in the payment of a tax or other money collected by the comptroller, the tax collector of a political subdivision of the state, or any agency or subdivision of the state;
  • Is not currently restricted under a court protective order or subject to a restraining order affecting the spousal relationship, other than a restraining order solely affecting property interests;
  • Has not, in the 10 years preceding the date of application, been adjudicated as having engaged in delinquent conduct violating a penal law of the grade of felony; and
  • Has not made any material misrepresentation, or failed to disclose any material fact, in an application submitted pursuant to Section 411.174.
  • Federal Law Requirements

texas LTC license to carry

How to apply for a Texas LTC license

Follow these steps to obtain a permit

  1. Download the application form or submit an online application.
  2. Schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. All fingerprints must be submitted through L-1 Enrollment Services
  3. Applicants must also complete 4 - 6 hours of classroom training and pass a written exam and then pass a proficiency demonstration (shooting). The classroom training can be done online.
  4. Once training is completed you must submit a Certificate of Training to the Dept. of Public Safety to complete the application.

If you are making the application by mail send your application to;
Texas Department of Public Safety
Concealed Handgun - MSC 0245
PO Box 4087
Austin, TX

Out of state residents must supply a color copy, front and back, of your state drivers license or ID card. A proficiency certificate not greater than two years old from a course approved by the DPS. Non-Residents can make applications online or via mail. Application for a Handgun License

How to renew your Texas LTC license

  • Handgun license renewals can be submitted 6 months prior to the expiration date of the license.
  • Renewals can be made up to 12 months after the expiration date of license.
  • Renewal applications made after 12 months from the expiry date will be treated as a new application.
  • From the 1 September, 2013 renewal applicants no longer have to attend a training class.
  • Renewals can be made online
  • You will usually be notified about 6 months before your license expires to renew it.

Schedule of fee's for a Texas LTC license

Application ConditionsOriginalRenewal
Active Judicial or Probation Officer$25$25
Retired Judicial Officer$25$25
Active Military/Peace Officer/Correctional Officer/County Jailer$0$0
Retired Peace Officer/Federal Officer$25$25
Senior Citizen$40$35
Veteran (Honorably Discharged)$25$25
State Fee Schedule

Essential forms for a Texas LTC license

Off-limit places in Texas for carrying a firearm

Places listed as off limits apply even if you have a Texas license to carry.


  • On the premises of a business that derives 51% or more of its income from the sale or service of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption
  • On the premises where a high school, collegiate, or professional sporting or interscholastic event is taking place
  • On the premises of a correctional facility
  • *On the premises of a hospital or nursing home
  • *In a permanent amusement park
  • *On the premises of a church, synagogue, or other place of worship
  • *At any meeting of a governmental entity
  • It is an offense to carry a handgun if the person is intoxicated
  • It is an offense to carry a handgun un-holstered and in plain view
  • Members of criminal street gangs are prohibited from carrying a concealed handgun
  • It is an offense to carry a concealed handgun if a person is involved in criminal activity
  • Polling places on day of election
  • Premises of a Racetrack
  • Secured area of airport
  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.

* The sections marked with an asterisk (*) do not apply if the person was not given effective notice under Section 30.06 or 30.07. (And must be posted with approved signage)


  • State parks
  • State and national forests
  • Road side rest areas
  • Vehicle
  • All areas of the state not listed as Off-Limits

Texas gun laws & statutes

texas state capitol building
Texas state capitol building
All the most important Texas gun laws you should be aware of are listed below. Make yourself familiar with these laws before carry a firearm.
Summary table
SubjectHandgunsLong GunsNotes
Carry permit requiredYesNoPolicy is Shall Issue.
Purchase permit requiredNoNo
Registration of firearmNoNo
Open carry allowedYesYes
Background checks on private gun sales requiredNoNo
Magazine size restrictionNoNo

Rating of gun laws

Rates how friendly Texas gun laws are compared to other states.

Texas gun laws you need to know

Vehicle carry

(With no pistol license)

Any person who can legally possess a handgun can carry it within a vehicle.

However, if you do not have a Texas license to carry or a firearms license from another state that Texas honors then the firearm must be concealed in the glove box, console or other area but not on your person.

If you do have a LTC license then you can open carry in a vehicle if the firearm is in a shoulder or belt holster. And you can conceal carry in any mode you desire.

Penal code 46.02

Open carry

(With no pistol license)


In order to open carry a handgun in Texas you will need a LTC license.

If you do have a LTC or other state license Texas honors then you can only open carry if the firearm is in a shoulder or belt holster. These are the only ways Texas law allows a person to open carry. The police also have authority to ask for your license to carry when you open carry.

Penal code 46.035

Must inform officer

(On contact by law)


There seems to be a bit of confusion here with some websites claiming you need to inform a law enforcement officer you have a weapon. The fact is the law does not mention this and you are not legally required to inform law enforcement you have a weapon. However, the law does require you to hand over your firearm licence and ID if requested to do so by law enforcement. Please watch the video on traffic stops for more clarification.

Sec. 411.205 Requirement to Display License

State park carry


It is legal to carry in the following areas;

State Parks:    YES  
State/National Forests:    YES
State Game Management Units:    YES
Road Side Rest Areas:   YES

No gun signs enforced


Texas gun laws give "No Weapons" signs the force of law if they meet certain criteria. There are currently three signs that are legally enforced in Texas to prohibit carrying of weapons, an image of each of the signs is displayed below. Note that any other no weapons signs such as the traditional circle with a line through it are not enforceable or legally binding, the sign must be exactly as those pictured below to be legally enforceable.

Any establishment that derives more than 50% of their income from alcoholic beverages is required to post the 51% sign. Even with a LTC license you are not permitted to carry in these establishments.

Sign 30.06 bans concealed carry

Sign 30.07 bans the open carry of handguns

51% Sign bans carry in liquor establishments

Restaurant carry


"Yes" or "No" states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Some restaurants may be posted with "NO GUN" signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. If we have indicated a "Yes" then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.

Penal code 46.03

Constitutional carry


Texas does not have constitutional carry.

"Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime".
(art. I § 23)

Off-limit statutes

Other CCW statutes

Miscellaneous laws

History of Texas gun laws


First Texas law against concealed and open carry enacted.


The first concealed carry law is signed by Governor George W. Bush


Law modified to clarify carrying on premises where alcohol was served. Also established 30.06 signs as the only sign that could be used by property owners to ban carry. And removed nursing homes, hospitals, amusement parks and places of worship and government meeting where carry is automatically banned.


Restriction added that prohibits the carrying of a firearm within 1000ft of a place of execution on the day a execution is scheduled to take place.


The rules on licensee's from other states and reciprocity are relaxed.


Licences can now be renewed every 5 years instead of 4. Military personnel can now obtain a license at 18 years old and license fee's are reduced for military and seniors.


The license fee for veterans is reduced by 50% and a private auto is classified as "premises under control". The retreat requirement from the Castle Doctrine bill is removed seizing of firearms during any disaster is prohibited.


Suspension penalty for failing to display your license to law enforcement is removed.


Carry of handguns in boats is legalized and employers can no longer prohibit their employees from storing a handgun in their car on company parking lots.


Training classes are reduced to 4-6 hours and campus carry on colleges is blocked.

Texas licensing offices

Quickly locate the office where you can apply for a License To Carry (LTC).

Texas Department of Public Safety


Address 5805 North Lamar Blvd.

CityAustin, TX 78752-4431

Phone (512) 424-7293


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Frequently asked questions on Texas gun laws

The research


The information contained on this page is not legal advice but is merely a starting point for your own research. It is up to you to decide what the best course of action is for your circumstances. We are not lawyers, if you'd like individualized legal advice, we'd be happy to refer you to some law practices with known firearm specializations. It is crucial that you understand the law before you carry a firearm. Also, remember that just because a statute may clearly say one thing or another, that doesn't mean all members of law enforcement know it. That also goes for lawyers and even judges too.


  1. Excuse me, but I’m pretty sure that a new law has passed and that this page needs to be updated.

    1. I live in Missouri, where we don’t need a permit to carry, open or concealed. I will be in Texas for a couple of months taking care of my father. My question is, can I carry in Texas with a Missouri ID, but no permit or license?

      1. I’m a Concealed Handgun owner by requirements years ago.
        I paid for 10 hour classes, finger printing, registering etc.
        So if the new law in Texas says anyone can carry now, then I insist on all my fees I paid into the system. All the new gun owners don’t have to go through this.
        This is unfair!!

        1. Do you realize it is more advantageous to have an LTC because it allows more places to carry? Besides, people are still getting LTCs at the same rate or higher.

      2. I was just reading up on updates of gun laws and saw only this info.
        “ if you do online concealed carry license class you can carry a gun while here even though you are not a resident of Tx. I did not see that you could carry openly . You do have to have a shoulder holster or waistband holster.
        Hope that helps.

  2. I plan on visiting texas for two days and I would like to bring my firearm. I live in Mississippi and i dont have a license to carry because its not required for my state. Is it ok to take it to texas concealed in my car?

  3. I live in Arizona and travel for work. I’m gonna be in Texas for a month and a half. Working. I would like to bring my handgun but I don’t want to bring it if I cannot have it holstered and on my hip concealed or not. That being said, would I be able to carry my gun in Texas?

  4. It hard to keep up with all the regulations in every other state. I guess that is why God let us live in the greatest state in the U.S.A
    Love Texas

  5. Wrong. You must show your license to a cop if asked for ID amend are carrying

    1. So, here’s the trick. You are NOT required to inform them that you are carrying if pulled over, for instance. However, if they ask to see your LTC, then you are required to provide it. FYI, when you give them your driver’s license when pulled over, they will run it in the computer. It will tell them you if you have an LTC. They’ll come back and ask if you’re carrying. If you say you are, then they’ll ask to see your LTC. Kind of complicated, but that’s how it works.

    2. Did you even watch the law shield video? He’s not wrong. Go look it up in the penal code like the lady from Lost shield said it is a law if you are licensed and they ask for your identification that you hand it over but there is no punishment and if you are not licensed you are not required to state that you have one in the vehicle if they ask it’s always the smart decision to say yes if you have one.

  6. I’m going to pursue legal advice, but was curious if any of you had some insights. In TEXAS I know you can open carry rifles/long guns, and I know you must have a license to conceal carry or open carry handguns, but…

    …Are you allowed to carry, for instance, a backpack rifle, which would obviously be concealed, in Texas without a license? For instance, a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 or Ruger 10/22 Takedown or other folding/takedown rifle?


    1. I have a question…. Let’s say a man approach us with a gun and you have a gun with license on you can you shoot him for defense? If yes what are the chances of going to jail or so ? Need a answer ASAP !

  7. I live in Texas and need to drive to Montana and plan on having a loaded gun in the car with me. I have a LTC issued by Texas. Are there any states I need to avoid between Texas and Montana?

    1. Colorado may be an issue. Colorado is a Residential License State l. If pulled over while traveling in my opinion.

  8. Hello, I am a 57 yr. old female from Atlanta Ga. I am licensed to carry here in the state of Ga. but I will be traveling to Texas in the next few weeks. Does the state of Texas honor Georgia LTC and will I be able to carry my holstered pistol?

    1. Yes as long as you are allowed to legally carry concealed or open in any other state Texas honors the permit to carry

  9. In the section titled “Texas reciprocity guide for LTC licenses”, Pennsylvania is on the Non-Resident License honor list. But in the very next section “Overview of the Texas LTC license”, Pennsylvania is NOT listed in the “Texas Non-Resident License is valid..” list. Was Pennsylvania left off the 2nd list by mistake or is the Texas Non- Resident LTC No longer valid in Pennsylvania???

    1. Why does Texas residential Lassens only mean, like for Colorado? We travel a lot of the states and I’ve never seen that before thank you

    2. Yes it has been established that nothing specifically prohibits carry while wearing a mask so it is legal

    1. Yes. It MUST NOT be visible from outside the vehicle. It should not be ON your body. You should keep it separate from your registration and insurance. Penal Code 46.02. I highly recommend you get your LTC though. It’s TOO easy. You can take my class online, and then take a 1 hour course at the range with a qualified instructor.

      1. When I bought my gun,.the man said they have to automatically.register it. How can I find out if it is still registered and I have no paper stating that it is registered. Thank you patriciamclelland289@gmail.co.

  10. A comment just came across FaceBook that your handgun license is void if you are wearing a mask. With so many voluntarily and forced to wear mask during this COVID 19 time, is this true?

  11. I live in Oklahoma we have constitution carry can I travel in to Texas with my gun

    1. If I don’t have an LTC/CHL and have my sidearm in my truck does it have to be absolutely out of sight or can it just not be on my person. For example I want to get a holster/mount that goes under my steering wheel.

      1. Without an LTC the firearm has to be concealed inside the vehicle, not on your body. If you do have an LTC, it can be open or concealed in your body, if it’s not on your body, it should be concealed in the vehicle.

  12. I had a non violent felony conviction over 50 years ago which was reduced to a misdemeanor then dismissed by the court. However, felony convictions aren’t deleted from the FBI database even though is was dismissed. I had a Florida CCW license which was initially denied but granted after I submitted court records and explained the situation. It has since expired. What are my avenues to obtain a Texas CCW when I move to Texas next month?

  13. I had a non violent felony conviction over 50 years ago which was reduced to a misdemeanor then dismissed by the court. However, felony convictions aren’t deleted from the FBI database even though is was dismissed. I had a Florida CCW license which was initially denied but granted after I submitted court records and explained the situation. It has since expired. What are my avenues to obtain a Texas CCW when I move to Texas next month?

  14. I had a non violent felony over 50 years ago that was later reduced to a misdemeanor and then dismissed by the court. I was able to get a LTC in Florida after I presented paperwork from the court and explained the situation to the licensing dept. It has expired. Will I be able to get a LTC in Texas after I move there?

  15. Do you need a carry license to open carry a long gun in texas?

  16. Can i carry a concealed firearm in my vehicle without license to carry?

    1. Yes. It MUST not be visible from outside the vehicle. It should not be on your body. You should keep it separate from registration and insurance papers.

  17. On the map above what does the yellow “Texas residential license only” mean?

    1. Using Colorado as an example (from https://www.dps.texas.gov/RSD/LTC/Legal/Reciprocity/index.htm)
      Colorado – Reciprocal
      Effective May 17, 2007 Colorado will only recognize permits issued to residents of the issuing state. Colorado no longer recognizes permits issued to non-residents. Additionally, Colorado will only recognize permits issued to residents of the issuing state who are 21 years of age.

  18. I live in oklahoma but I have friend that haven’t been shooting and texas and they do not want to drive up here. can I carry a ar15 to texas and if so how should i carry it.

  19. Can you have a loaded gun stored in your bag if your riding with someone else ?

    1. 19 yr old, Texas resident I ’ve bought a pistol through a private sale am I legally allowed to carry it concealed within my vehicle, off my body and out of sight, with NO CCL and NO LTC?

  20. What licenses do you need to have a gun behind the counter at a gas station

    1. If you are the owner or employee with the owner’s permission, no license is required. You must be legal to own or possess a gun. In other words, not a felon.

  21. I have a question on the work history of the background check for your carry license I know it goes back 5 years but does it matter if I worked for myself those 5 years?

  22. Can I purchase a handgun and bring it to the shooting range/certify with my gun of choice before I have my Liscense?

  23. Gun laws in Texas regulate the sale, possession, and use of firearms and ammunition in the U.S. state of Texas . The Texas Department of Public Safety shall issue a License to Carry a Handgun to an eligible person. The license permits the concealed or open carrying of a handgun. Vehicle carry is allowed without a license if the firearm is not in plain sight. Texas has state preemption of gun laws, so local governments can not further restrict or regulate the possession or use of firearms. Texas does not restrict NFA weapons that are legally possessed under federal law. The state does not require background checks for private sales of firearms.

  24. if a business sign says no guns and does not have texas 30.006 is it legal? IE Simon shopping center in El Paso.

  25. I didn’t see this question so here goes: I have a LTC in Texas, can I carry my gun is a concealed carrie purse??

  26. If I’m visiting Houston for the weekend do I have to have a permit to open carry ?

  27. Your see details sucks! Only takes me to comments. Nothing on laws! Fix it!!#

  28. Can I travel say to Oklahoma City from Texas with a hand gun in my vehicle.

  29. So what do I do before I enter a state that doesn’t reciprocate Texas gun license carry

    1. Must lock weapon in trunk ,unloaded and ammo separated from weapon

  30. I no organ does not honor Texas chl but if I go there and my gun is with me will I be in trouble if I just keep it put up in my truck

    1. Texas doesn’t honor Oregon License, but in Texas law you can have a firearm in your vehicle, but it must not be visible.

  31. I have an 18yr old daughter, my question is can she have a handgun in her car???

    1. Shotgun yes hand gun no. You have to be 21 to carry a hand gun

      1. Wrong!18 for handguns and long guns. In order carry in public you need LTC which in 21 in Texas. She can get an outstate permit.

        1. You can not carry or purchase a hand gun until 21 years of age but you can by a shot gun or rifle IE long gun, I sell the every day

      2. Join the discussion…That is not true. Having a handgun in one’s car is NOT carrying it.

    2. From what I know, if a handgun is gifted to her, it is legally hers. She would be allowed to possess it overall. I don’t know the legality of her having it within her vehicle. I imagine she could, as long as it is out of sight. You do not need a license to have it in your car.

    3. She can carry a handgun in her vehicle. You have to be 21 to purchase a handgun, but anyone at any age can be in possession of a handgun unless they are a felon.

    4. Yes. LTC (Texas License to Carry) and other CWP is not required to carry in the vehicle out of sight. There is no age restriction for firearm ownership in Texas, but you must be 18 or older to purchase a rifle, or 21+ to purchase a handgun.

      1. You can purchase a handgun in Texas from age 18 to 20 from an individual, but NOT from an FFL. You must be 21 to purchase from an FFL.

  32. Is the state of texas so broke or money hungry that you recognize states concealed weapon licenses that do not recognize ours? Political or just crappy management? If I can’t carry my family and I don’t visit. I’d be just as happy if every one from the 14 states that don’t honor our license can stay home or go unarmed.

    1. From Texas , with love:
      SUCK IT! First ,learn correct grammar and secondly, if you have a problem with Texas, stay the heck out!!!

    2. They’re all democratic states too. Ironically, they have the highest murder rates yet you can’t protect yourself when visiting.

  33. I have a TX LTC . I need to update my address to STL MO. Just getting a chance to do it been over 6 months. Will it be a issue?
    I’m traveling from MO TO NY by car. I will go thru IL , OH , IN ,PA ,NY. Then I will take a flight back to STL MO.
    Should I fly from PA ? Any advice?

  34. Recently wrongly charged in Texas UNLAWFULLY CARRYING A WEAPON-CA…..what does the “CA” stand for?

    1. California. Did you catch a felony in California or domestic violence charge? Those convicted of a felony anywhere are prohibited from possessing a firearm in Texas.

  35. Do the Texas gun laws apply equally to air pistols? Thanks.

  36. NEVADA will NOT honor a Texas LTC, the agreement is unilateral (we honor theirs, they do NOT honor ours)

  37. Is it illegal to have a gun in your vehicle when you drive onto a school parking lot with no sporting events taking place?

    1. No. You can have it in your car and even up to the front door but can’t enter the building with it.

  38. If I carry large amounts of cash for a living am I allowed to carry without a license.

    1. If I’m not mistaken in the state of Texas if you don’t have a LTC then you are most certainly legal to carry your weapon from your house to your vehicle and conceal it in your vehicle. When you arrive at your place of business and that business allows you to have it on the premises then you can carry it in with you but can’t carry it on you concealed or open during your work day. If need to deposit money during the day or before going home then same applies, carry to vehicle, conceal it, Not allowed to carry. End of business day same applies going home.

  39. Can I carry a hand gun while fishing on a riverbank or lake with out a LTC

    1. No, you may not. Whether you are carrying a handgun concealed or openly, you must have an LTC to do so. You CAN have a handgun in your vehicle in a concealed area such as your glove box or console without having an LTC. But if it is on your person, you can not without the LTC.

    2. Yes, you can because Texas Penal Code 46.02 “unlawful carrying of weapons” and 46.03 “places weapon prohibited” both have a nonapplicable clause in 46.15 section 3. And lawful fishing is included.

      Sec. 46.15. NONAPPLICABILITY.
      (a) Sections 46.02 and 46.03 do not apply to:

      (3) is engaging in lawful hunting, fishing, or other sporting activity on the immediate premises where the activity is conducted, or is en route between the premises and the actor’s residence, motor vehicle, or watercraft, if the weapon is a type commonly used in the activity;

      1. Jon, a firearm is not commonly used in most fishing save for a few, like gator hunting. He’s standing in a river, so he would need an LTC to carry on his person.

  40. Can I get a Texas permit if I live in Minnesota but I live in Texas for months out of the year

  41. If I have an assualt charge on my record from 2005. Not sure what class. Think is was a C , could be a B. Told me it was like a ticket. Their word against mine. Plead no contest, to just pay fee and be done with it. Can I still get a LTC? Charge was from 2005, but shows closed date of 2012.

    1. If it was a felony charge, then you’ll be denied. Convicted felons are prohibited from possessing a firearm in Texas. Lifetime ban.

  42. I recently moved to Texas. If I don’t have my LTC yet, can I still buy and keep a handgun in my home?

    1. You can also keep it in your vehicle in an enclosed area such as your glove box or console, without having an LTC. The LTC refers to carrying a handgun on your person.

  43. I am a correctional officer. I received training on weapons and did have to qualify. I also took a class outside of the job on weapons , the tx laws , did pay and had to qualify with a class instructor for a LTC permit. I sent in all paperwork. I was in the process of moving to a different town so the LTC Office stated it would be better to wait for a LTC ID until after i moved . Sounded reasonable. Once i moved i sent the updated TX DL. I then inquired in Feb. 2019 why i had not received my LTC and i was told i needed to also fill out the DPS updated address form. I did. I then called to inquire that i had not received my LTC permit then i was told it was mailed to the address of where I was told to wait and not have the permit processed. I was assured they were mailing it to the correct address. I did not receive the permit. I was then told since twuce the permit had been sent that they would send it more one time and then i would have to receive a new LTC permit number. To no avail. I still have not received my two time qualified LTC permit. I went on line to report the permit lost and seen where online the fee is $25.00. Why should i pay if i have never had the permit in my possession.

    1. Because they would have to reissue the license and license number, just like a drivers license.

  44. if you owe back child support in texas and currently paying on it, can you get your LTC?

  45. I have to go back and forth 4 times to get my handgun registered between the gun shop and the precinct. ny sucks .

    1. I’m from New York and now live in Texas, I TOTALLY agree!

    2. I just moved to TX from NY. I got my temporary license and bought one right away. As soon as my 6-month wait is over, I will get my LTC and a CCW. I’ve been deprived of my God-given rights for far too long. After only being in TX for a month and a half, I don’t know how I managed to stay in NY all my life.

      1. I’m also from new york and trying to get a permit but because I don’t have a drivers license i have been denied does this sound fair to anyone i did give my up to date state ID but still denied can anyone give me any ideas on what to do I’m a female living in corpus christi, texas the area which I live in is real ghetto alot of drugs and violence and i want to protect myself /family…any ideas please share with me

        1. I just moved to Texas everything starts with your texas drivers license. It’s like prof of residences, car inspection, water, elec, handgun ID for license, Doctor ect…

        1. Since the first gun was made… up until now… and into the unforeseeable future.

      2. Don’t need to wait 6 months. I moved here got my temp id the first day. Did my LTC class and application and got my LTC in the mail 12 days later. They don’t ask (at least in my case) for proof of how long you’ve been here just for proof of residency. You’re welcome.

  46. I’m a gun show promoter in California and want to move to Texas and do gun shows there what do I have to do

  47. I moved from Florida to Texas , and I have a conceal weapon permit, am I legal to Carry conceal in Texas even when I changed me driving license?

  48. If I carry a weapon in my vehicle and I am legally allowed to do so, can I brandish my weapon within the confines of my car to deter a would be attacker with no legal consequences?

    1. Unfortunately, various states have laws in regards to how you can have a weapon in your vehicle. Texas is pretty lax, but I would keep the gun unloaded if it is magazine fed.
      The idea of brandishing your gun within the confines of your car is a sticky subject. You CAN have your weapon and brandish it in the event of your life being in danger, BUT you will still likely face charges that will likely be dropped, but police will likely still arrest you in certain situations. The NRA did a bit where a citizen pulled out his camera to film some aggressive individuals who were intending to assault the man and his vehicle. They left when he pulled out his camera but those same people called the police and said he pointed a gun at them. The man was arrested and while charges were dropped, he still had to pay fines and expenses involved because he had a gun in his car and it is simply a he-said-she-said situation.
      I doubt this is a typical scenario and was likely chosen by the NRA to scare people into purchasing their subscription and membership, but in reality you can think of it like this:
      – Is you life or someone elses life in IMMEDIATE danger and the aggressor is armed in some way? Yes. You may face charges but likely won’t in Texas. If you discharge your weapon then that is obviously a different situation.
      – COULD you life or someone elses life be in danger if the situation escalates? Yes. Then again, you may not be charged in Texas, but you are significantly more likely since the situation is a matter of COULD rather than IS.

      TL;DR – Thinking that there is an overall answer to your question is shortsighted. In an honest life or death situation, where you did not need to discharge your weapon, in the state of Texas if your aggressor is armed or is causing damage to your vehicle then you will likely not face legal consequences. “Justified Cause” is the critical bit and people should never just rely on their weapon at the first sign of an issue.

      I’m sure others will disagree with me, but as a gun owner, I can say that this is my honest way of thinking and advise. I am not perfect nor a lawyer, so at the end of the day this is my opinion and you should take it as such.

      1. There is no such thing in Texas law called brandishing. If you need to pull your weapon and don’t use it. You will most likely have no problems if you notify the police first.

    2. You are legally allowed to have a loaded firearm in your car without a LTC, because now cars are considered extensions of your home. If you can articulate that you feel your in serious immediate danger or if your being car jacked or whatever the case then yes you can display that firearm and possibly use it. Look up Texas laws Disorderly Conduct and Deadly Conduct, both of those explain brandishing a gun but as you can read in the law your scenario doesn’t not meet the requirements to meet those 2 laws because your doing it in self defense not to cause alarm or threatening way or putting someone on danger ect ect

  49. Moving to Texas this summer. Can I apply for LTC before I get there?

  50. Can you Cary while driving a bicycle without a license? Is a bicycle under castle law?

      1. JJ- in texas, castle law extends to your car as well (hence his question).
        Matthew- don’t know if that applies to bicycles, tho 😛
        well, that was nice and non-informative of me! *lol*

      2. No it’s not. Your car is under the castle law because your car is an extension of your house

    1. Can you sleep in your bicycle and can you lock it’s doors providing you a modicum of security? No. People have been known to use their cars as their homes.

  51. I was born and raised in Texas and still reside here .I was convicted of a felony when I was 17 years old and stupid. I’m 45 now and the Lord was kind enough to bless me with a beautiful wife and four beautiful daughters. My question is, have enough years passed that I can own and or carry a firearm? Am I pretty much screwed? Somebody please help!

    1. The felony does not just go away. You would have to have a court restore your rights

    2. Once you turn 18 your record is cleared and it also depends on the Felony

    3. I have a dwi felony, didn’t hurt anyone or anything like that. Can I get the LTC

  52. Is there anything different I need to know about before I carry in the states that recognize Texas LTC

  53. Of the 36 states that honor Texas LTC are there anything different from Texas laws I need to know about before I travel in these states

    1. Of course…. all states have different laws. Companies like USCCA have great reciprocity maps that show the state laws where you are traveling.

  54. I’m a resident of Texas but my license to carry is from TN. Do I have to change and get my license through TX now since becoming a resident?

  55. Can I conceal carry in Texas with a Tennessee conceal carry permit while vacation

  56. Call me confused. Here’s what I read (an excerpt from Tx Penal Code 46.035): NO
    In order to open carry a handgun in Texas you will need a LTC license.
    If you do have a LTC or other state license Texas honors then you can only open carry if the firearm is in a shoulder or belt holster. WHICH IS IT? What is the VALUE of having a LTC then in TX(where I’m a LEGAL Resident? Seems more valuable in other states?
    ALSO. Quest # 2: If I TRANSPORT a LOCKED weapon in a Non-easily Accessible location through the “BLUE” states will I be OK? Define exactly “LOCKED” and “INACCESSIBLE” please (though I can make an educated guess). Thanks for the help.

    1. I RETRACT THE FIRST PART OF MY COMMENT! I GROSSLY MISREAD THE RULE! I would still appreciate some comments on my 2nd question.

    2. You don’t need to lock a weapon in a car in Texas. If you’re legally allowed to possess it you can have it loaded and within reach. Texas honors Tennessee permits so you can carry normally here as well as in Tennessee. Shoulder and belt holster is just the kinds of holsters they want you to have if you’re going to OC.

  57. In Texas. No you cannot legally carry a firearm on your person without a LTC. Except Long guns.. Yes you can have it in your vehicle in the glovebox or console without a LTC. Yes you can carry concealed or unconcealed in your business or on your property without an LTC. Yes if in a hotel or Motel you can carry it in a bag, and have it in your room without a LTC. Castle doctrine applies in your vehicle, hotels, and motels. If you discharge that firearm in a self defense situation get an attorney.

    1. looks like someone hasn’t actually read the laws on the books for age requirements to own a handgun and have it they’re possession.

    2. Check out ( Texas law shield ) it’s a MEMBERSHIP that covers all states. Dues are cheape , lawyers 24/7 . You can call anytime and ask a Lawer on duty any questions about any state . If you discharged you weapon you will be instructed on what to do next . Thay will setup all notifications ,cantacts,bell if needed. And will be representing you , I’m not a sales person I have them also my son and wife are on my covered family contract. I’m retired I pass through a lot of state , some need you round separate from you weapons ect….call takes 5min you no what to do. Google it see for your self..

  58. Is it legal to conceal carry on your property, to and from your vehicle, and conceal carry in your vehicle without a ltc?

    1. You can conceal or open cary on your property , to and from your car to your house, and in your car without a LTC

  59. An I carry my gun in my backpa k to work if my boss allows it but i dont have a permit to carry

    1. If you dont have a license to carry a weapon then it is illegal even if your boss permits it

      1. It is legal to open carry without a permit, you cannot conceal carry without a permit. In a vehicle you can carry on yourself with a permit, without a permit it must be in the glove box.

        1. Please Jesus do your research you are very very wrong an obviously do not have a license to carry.

        2. Nobody use this mans advice, unless you want to get arrested.

  60. Can I buy a gun and practice shooting before I go for A license to carry

    1. Yes,you can ,but you can not carry it on you,unless you are transporting it to your home ,car ,or to go shoot at a range or event.

    1. It means you have to be a resident if Texas Permit to be Legal in Florida. Texas Issues Resident and Non-Resident Permits Like Florida does.
      However a Florida Non-Resident Permit is Legal in Texas even if you are a Texas Resident.

    1. The law requires any person open carrying a handgun to have it in either a belt or shoulder holster and they must have a LTC license.

      1. No, to open carry you do not have to have a LTC, must be worn openly on belt or shoulder holster

        1. You have to have your LTC to open carry a handgun in Texas. Which is why they changed the name of the license from CHL to LTC. You can however open carry a long rifle with no license.

        2. David. Seriously. Open a book. Read. And educate yourself. It’s very clear you don’t have your license. Stop giving misleading information. Smh.

  61. My busy is coming to texas from arkansas to hunt and there they have constitutional carry, can he conceal carry in Texas, will texas honor arkansas’s constitutional carry right

    1. Yes the law is reciprocal meaning Texas will honor your home state laws. As long as the two state have a compact agreement.

  62. I’m moving from Mississippi to Texas soon. Right now I drive back and forth. Is there anything I need to know regarding the laws in Texas as far as carrying in my vehicle?

  63. We own a towing business in a rural county in Texas. Is it legal for us to carry a gun in our truck without a license?

    1. Yes you can. Under Texas law you can legally carry in any vehicle, you just cant carry outside of the vehicle unless going into a gun range or your home.

  64. What would be needed to carry a handgun on yourself,your vehicle and not have a problem when asked about it?

  65. Are there exceptions to the written or the field portion of the coursework if they are an NRA Certified Firearms Instructors who is moving into the state, and/or has a current concealed carry permit from a state that doesn’t have reciprocity with Texas, but who also has a Non-Resident Carry Conceal Permit from Utah – and the person in question is also an honorably discharged veteran?

  66. If I have child support deliquency but am currently showing a paying status can I get my LTC?

      1. Brett that isnt true at all. Child support has nothing to do with anyones rights to bear arms or have a LTC.

        1. GC §411.172. ELIGIBILITY.
          (a) A person is eligible for a license to carry a handgun if the person:

          (10) has not been finally determined to be delinquent in making a child support payment administered or collected by the attorney general;

        2. Yes it does genius it needs to be paid. Do your research before you tell anyone about anything that relates to Texas carry laws.

  67. Question I am 21 years old Male in the military so I travel a lot I am taking a trip to Florida and want to know if I am allowed to do open carry or concealed carry when doing my time there if I need to apply for any classes (which in my time frame not completely possible) and any forms that I need to submit

  68. Why does Texas honor a LTC from Illinois but it is not reciprocated? I travel a lot for work and my Texas LTC allows me to carry openly. I carry concealed when away from my native state but I’m worried about having it concealed and getting stopped in Illinois. I guess I just don’t understand why Illinois is the only central state not reciprocating a Texas license.

    1. Illinois was the last state to allow CCL and they are snobs, run by democrats who don’t want us to have guns at all, and they think we are superior to everyone else. That being said, thank you to the states that reciprocate ours and I am sorry to those we do not.
      Illinois reciprocates only while in your personal conveyance (aka your vehicle but not public transportation) and while you are in your dwelling (even temporary like a hotel room) but not in between. So, walking from your car to your hotel room, you must follow the laws governing those without a carry license…..unloaded, in a case and separate from ammunition.

  69. I want to know can an apartment complex violated my right to own and have firearms in my apt. I am a LTC holder and my lease is up for renewal. They however have now added a provision where residents cannot have firearms in their apts. I feel this is definitely overreach on tier part. The area I live in is not high crime but there have been incidents of assault and theft on the property. They do not have security and complex is on a relatively quiet street at night as far as road traffic.

    1. As a conceal carrier, you are privelaged to carry in your dwelling. They can not deny you rights to carry

    2. Not true. If your lease states you cannot have weapons you must follow their stipulations. Regardless of LTC. You can carry outside of your home but if something happens you can get in trouble. Please educate yourself. You don’t have to live there. Therefore you have to abide by their lease conditions.

  70. Why do texas honor washington state license, when washington state does reciprocate it?

  71. I am an 18 year old girl in Texas. I want to purchase a handgun to keep in my car Incase of an emergency I would have it locked in my center console. Is this legal?

    1. Yes it is. However, it is not lawful to openly show the gun in your vehicle unless you are actively using it for defense. Also, the law permits you to conceal carry the firearm in direct straight route to and from your place of residence, hotel, or business vehicle where applicable.

      1. You only need to be 18 to claim ownership of a firearm. You do however, need to be 21 to purchase a firearm from any licensed dealer.

      2. Wrong you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun from a federally licensed dealer… however you can be 18 and buy a handgun privately.

  72. This is my question. It says to get a chl you have to legally purchase a firearm? Being I’m 20 I cant purchase from a licensed dealer, however I can legally purchase from a private seller in texas. So could I get my chl?

  73. I know its legal for a felon to open carry a muzzleloader in texas, but what about concealed carry? Can a felon conceal a muzzleloader deringer?

  74. I recently moved back to Texas , from Florida, and have a Florida license to carry. I know Texas honors that license, but is that still the case if I am now a resident? I will get the Texas LTC but my current license doesn’t expire for a few more years.

    1. I’m in the same situation. I know that Texas and Florida have reciprocity. So I’m assuming that moving to Texas from Florida that I’m ok for concealed carry? And open carry of a handgun is allowed in a hip or shoulder holster except where prohibited and where a proper “no gun” sign is posted? (I don’t go to those places). Thanks in advance!

      1. Similar situation here. Have a Utah LTC and am temporaryly in Texas for busy yet leased a house. Called the DPS office Texas and was told yes my utah LTC is good here in TX under reciprocal law because I’m temporarily here. If I am planning on staying I would need what was explained above. Texas DL and LTC.

    1. I don’t think it’s illegal and entirely up to the instructor conducting the range portion of the LTC course. Call the business or instructor that you’ve chosen for the LTC class and ask..

  75. Does anyone know on the shooting portion of the test how far you need to be able to hit (yards) and where to hit? (I know center mass but is the target a person target with 7,8,9 and the black middle?)

    1. A total of 50 shots are fired during the range qualification test. A score of 70% or greater is required to pass, or 175 points out of a possible 250 points. The target used is a B-27 target, which is a human-shaped silhouette target that measures 45″ high and 24″ wide. The 5 point area an oval that goes from the nipples to the belly button, the 4 point area is pretty much the entire chest, and anywhere on the sillouette gets you 3. You shoot from 3 distances, 20 shots at 3 and 7 yards each, and 10 shots at 15. These are all measured slow shots that are timed. If you can hit the side of a barn, you should pass.

    2. You have to hit in the black, max distance is about 15 yds. I forget the number of misses allowed. Its not difficult.

  76. Are these adds we are seeing for online LTC courses legitimate? It seems way too good to be true.

    1. They’re probably for the Virginia non resident license which I have it’s accepted in Texas. The online class takes all of 15 minutes and no range time. It’s 100 fee and takes about 3 months. Some people don’t like it as they see it as a loophole but if you’ve grown up shooting I see no point in range time although I get the other side of the argument. But short answer they are real google Virginia non resident chl

  77. I’m retired military. Does the state of Texas require me to complete the range portion of the training?

    1. Unfortunately, yes. I qualified sharpshooter with pistol in the Coast Guard, and I still had to take the stupid class. The qualification is super easy though, you’ll be upset with yourself if you don’t get a perfect score.

    2. It is required only if you do not have a current qualification card form active duty, so us retired folks have to shoot but it is way to easy to follow instruction at the range, heck we ran ranges.

  78. Is it legal for a small business owner to open or conceal carry at my place of business without a LTC

    1. They actually covered this in our LTC course. The answer is no license required but only one employee at a time. Not more than one unlicensed person at a business at a time is allowed to carry was the the instructor stated…

  79. Where can I carry if I have a motorcycle and no ltc? Can I put it in my backpack or side packs?

    1. In a back pack is concealed on your person without a LTC… I’d think that a permanent storage container affixed to the motorcycle would qualify for the no LTC needed but I’d ask a cop thats a major eff up if not allowed on a MC as it has no enclosed cab…

  80. What about the right to keep your gun in your automobile in a parking lot at work if the employer doesn’t allow guns on thier property

    1. Can I change my Florida permit for Texas Premier

    2. 12. Can I store a firearm in my vehicle at work?
      You should check with your employer. Generally, if you hold a license to carry a handgun or
      otherwise legally possess a firearm, a private or public employer cannot prohibit you from
      storing your firearm or ammunition in a locked, privately-owned motor vehicle in a parking lot,
      parking garage, or other parking area the employer provides for employees, except as allowed
      under Labor Code Sec. 52.062.
      This limitation on employers does not apply to situations covered by Labor Code Sec. 52.062
      which include 1) any property where possession of a firearm or ammunition is forbidden by
      state or federal law; 2) a vehicle owned or leased by your employer; 3) a school district; or 4) an
      open-enrollment charter school or private school.

  81. Is there any provision for training credit for military, FFDO, training that qualifies you for a CCP in most other states?

  82. I just moved to San Antonio Texas from Miami Florida I still have yet to get a Texas ID but looking to purchase a firearm do I need a concealed to have the firearm on my belt in a holster?

    1. It is now called a License to Carry instead of Concealed Carry Permit and you have to have one to carry a handgun either concealed or openly.

    2. You do not need a conceal handgun license to purchase a gun. But you do need a TEXAS state issued ID or driver‘s license to buy one.

      To answer the second question, you can open carry in Texas.

      1. You cannot open carry in texas without LTC.
        You cannot purchase guns without Texas ID.

  83. I just moved up here to Texas from Miami Florida don’t have a Texas driver’s license or ID yet but looking to purchase a firearm a handgun do I need a concealed weapons license to wear it on my belt in a holster??

  84. Can a person with LTC permit sit at the bar area in a restaurant while carrying?

  85. Where is the statute allowing Twxas business owners who carry cash to carry a concealed weapon without a liscence?

  86. I am going to drive from Texas to Illinois and leave the vehicle there. I will be flying back to Texas from O’Hare in Chicago. With the current LTC rules in Illinois, do I need to know anything special. Illinois does not recognise Texas LTC laws. Or would it be smarter and wiser to fly back to Texas from Wisconsin that does have reciprocity with Texas?

  87. Does anyone know if my current CCW (LTC) from California will meet the requirements for the Handgun Training portion? I’ll be moving there in 6 weeks.

  88. With the growing popularity of ar-15 and now “ar-9” pistols, given their size, how could those ever be open carried with a LTC? Shoulder and belt holsters just won’t work.

  89. My spouse is a retired police officer from another state. He does have his qualifying certificate. Is there any requirements in Texas for him to carry his gun? We will be there for a month.

  90. Do federal law enforcement officers require a conceal carry when armed with their off duty weapon

  91. I’m from ga and license to carry a concealed firearm can I purchase a new gun in tx now that I’m a resident here or do I have to get my license in tx now that I am here now

    1. No license is required to purchase a firearm in Texas. As far as I can tell, your valid Georgia license should allow you to carry until it expires, but you should confirm that with DPS.

    1. That is incorrect; to carry a concealed handgun outside of your own property or motor vehicle, you must have a valid License to Carry in your possession.

  92. I have a NC concealed carry permit and just moved to Texas. Do I have to start over from the beginning? Or is there a transfer process?

    1. As far as I can tell, your valid North Carolina license should allow you to carry until it expires, but you should confirm that with DPS.

  93. I have a NC concealed carry license and will be traveling via airline to Texas for a few weeks of vacation. I will not be traveling with my registered gun. Can I legally carry a friend’s or family member’s registered gun while in Texas?

    1. Yes; a license recognized in Texas (whether from Texas or another state) permits the license holder to carry one or more handguns, regardless of whether they are registered in another state.

  94. Does being in the military change any of the rules, for me being 20 I can’t buy a hand gun normally?

    1. Matt, you can get your permit st 18 (military), but you wont be able to buy from a licensed dealer. Although, you can be gifted a pistol or private saler

  95. Is concealed carry limited to a belt or shoulder holster in texas? Or can i pocket and ankle carry?

    1. You can conceal carry any way you want with an LTC, but can only open carry in a holster on your waist or shoulder.

    2. You can concealed carry in any manner you see fit. It is open carry that is limited to shoulder or belt holsters.

  96. Can I leave a handgun in my car at all times if I am only 18 yr old? Not to carry around but to leave in my car.

    1. Yes, according to TX current castle doctrine you are legally able to possess a firearm in your home or vehicle as far as my interpretation goes

    2. I concur with J Lewi; I don’t see anything in the law prohibiting motor vehicle carry by someone eighteen years old.

  97. Say if my grandparents were to buy me a shotgun, rifle,or a handgun could i gave it in my room for self defense even tho im 16?

    1. By my understanding you can own a firearm in Texas at any age, but cannot purchase a handgun until 21 and a long gun at 18. So you can purchase a firearm until you’re old enough but you can own and posess a firearm right now. You can’t carry a handgun until licensed to do so.

  98. Texas penal 42.06 does not apply while operating a vehicle
    Or watercraft. You can legally conceal carry without permit.
    However you do have to have a license if you want to open carry even in your vehicle.

    1. Your firearm must be concealed in your vehicle and not on your person unless you have a LTC

  99. I am an Illinios Firearms Instructor and Private Detective how do I go about getting a CC License for Texas and a Private Detective License.

  100. I moved to TX from AZ. I have a TX DL now and a CCW from AZ that still valid for another five years, can I carry with my AZ license in TX now that I reside here?

    1. Yes you’re good it has reciprocity. I’m in the same boat, but I never got my ccw in Arizona.

    2. As far as I know, and have been told by Texas Tax Commission Office themselves, that once you get a TX DL, your CCW is null because you are now a resident of Texas. I moved from Utah to TX and was told my CCW doesnt mean @$%& anymore.

  101. I’m going to Texas this summer and will be 18 can I take my pistol with me and can I carry it as I walk around and can I keep it in a rental car?

    1. You can bring a handgun, and keep it concealed in your motor vehicle, but you may not carry it outside of a residence or vehicle.

  102. What is the definition of a person carrying a handgun in his back pocket or her back pocket you can plainly see it and they have a concealed handgun license or an open carry handgun license

    1. If the handgun is visible, it must be in a belt or shoulder holster; if it is concealed, it may be carried in any manner.

  103. If you are able to pass background to purchase a firearm it should be attached to your driver license and be the end of it. All this other stuff taxes child support fishing hunting license all costs the state to lose money for the game industries.