How to store guns safely in your home

Firearm safety is a serious issue. Of course, you can’t simply leave your guns lying around at home. This leaves them vulnerable to theft from burglars or misuse from children. Safely storing your weapons can be accomplished via a number of methods. Each has a certain number of advantages or is best for a particular size of firearm.

Use a Gun Safe
Using a gun safe is, by far, the best method for safely storing your guns in your home. A good gun safe is tough enough to protect your guns even from determined burglars. Gun safes are made of thick steel and can only be opened by their combination, digital or key lock, none of which a burglar should have. Drilling through a gun safe is unrealistic for most burglars.

Gun safes allow for organization of your firearms and can be combined with a good dehumidifier. This can extend the lifespan of your firearms and ammunition and allow you to keep them in top-tier condition.

Gun safes are also great for keeping your firearms away from kids, so long as they don’t know how to open the lock. Gun safes can even be bolted into the ground to prevent burglars from stealing the safe entirely for opening later.

It’s important to note that you can only bolt your gun safe into the ground if you own your own home or you have flexible renting. Be sure to search for rental apartments and homes with flex ownership if you plan on securing your guns as thoroughly as possible by bolting the safe to the floor.

Gun safes are fantastic for storing pistols or sidearms, but you can also get certain large safes that can fit rifles or other larger guns without issue.

Place Guns in Hard to Reach Places
It is also a good idea to place your guns in hard to reach places if you don't currently have a safe or cabinet for them. Children get into everything, and this can, unfortunately, include your firearms. However, children are also shorter than many closet shelves or other high places. These are excellent spots to stash your guns and guarantee that your kids can't accidentally use them to injure themselves or others.

In addition, should you decide to store your guns up high, you need to be able to reach them relatively easily in case of an emergency. But, you should also store the ladder or step stool that you use to reach them in a spot that is not well known to your kids so they can’t bypass the height restriction.

Use a Gun Cabinet
Finally, a gun cabinet is a great way to securely store your guns. While they're not as durable as proper gun safes, gun cabinets can also be locked and prevent kids or many burglars from reaching your firearms. They are typically much taller than a normal gun safe and have shelves where you can put ammunition or accessories to keep them organized and separate from the firearms themselves.

Gun cabinets are great for storing in a closet or a garage, since they take up more space than many gun safes. They are also best used to store rifles or other larger firearms. While you can store smaller guns, you’ll need to make sure that your chosen cabinet has an appropriate mounting rack.

Overall, storing your guns safely in your home can be accomplished from either of the three methods above. For the best results, we’d recommend buying and installing a durable gun safe. This is the best protection you can afford for your guns no matter their make or model. Good luck!

James Forrester


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