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Metrowalk is a commercial 5,000 square meter area that offers a wide variety of products for your shopping. Also housed within the complex are food shops to cater to your palette in case you ran out of energy while shopping.

Occupants in this location

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6 thoughts on “Metrowalk Commercial Complex

  1. Elvie d. Canlas

    I would like to ask if you still house the boutique shop Cecile’s Alta Moda. I went in Metrowalk a month ago and I can’t locate the place. If ever they transferred site, do you have their contact number? Thanks.

  2. tadeus canilao

    Are spaces still available and if so, I would like to have an idea on rental rates, contact persons, requirements etc. Thank you.

  3. MCV

    Hi! Do you have a food space for lease in the area? How about the night market? What’s the operating hours? Please send the details to my email ad. Thanks.


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