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Vans shoes (Checkerboard Authentic)

The Authentic is the shoe that has stayed true to its roots and has not changed since its 1966 origin. Now it has become a classic for any casual occasion.

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The North Face hiking shoes (Vindicator)

Lightweight, durable and breathable, the Men’s Vindicator is a high performing shoe for all-day hiking. On the upper part, the velvet suede is both soft and durable, shaking off the scuffs and scrapes your feet inevitably encounter on the trails, while a gusseted tongue blocks stones and other debris from creeping in and a reinforced […]

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Nike’s new Air Jordan

Nike has come up with a new version of its Air Jordan rubber shoes. The new version of Nike’s Air Jordan dubbed XX3 will soon be available. Nike’s new Air Jordan XX3 sneaker, limited-edition shoe, will be available in the color combination of white, blue, and gray. It is made of earth-friendly materials that has […]

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